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Sunday Pro Games 1v1 Tournament Main Thread


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Missing Replays (replays in thread are of the wrong game)

Week 1 : @Stockfish vs @ffm

Week 2: @Stockfish vs @Pudim


here are the clean week 2 replays (except Stockfish vs pudim)


and here, again, are the clean week 1 replays (except Stockfish vs ffm)

replays week 1.7z

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Hi guys,

Thank you all to be a part of this. 0 A.D. has a great community. SPG 1v1 Tournament is finished. Today, we proudly announce our Champion. Congrats @Stockfish


Special thanks,





and all other participants.


You can check the first post for the replays, brackets, commentaries and the final leaderboard.


Have fun!


@camel @Boudica @ffffffff @JC (naval supremacist) @Unknown_Player @borg- @chrstgtr @Lefo @Pudim @Philip the Swaggerless @Stockfish @PhyZik @itrelles @nani @Hannibal_Barca @LeGenDz @phoenixdesk @LANDLORD @kizitom @mord @user1 @elexis @Stan` @SaidRdz @Emperior @Emacz @Dunedan @Ivaylo @yilmazgng @go2die @MorTak @Imarok @sarcoma @Lion.Kanzen @D_D_T_ @R4PT0R @Servo @Itms @coworotel @badosu @sphyrth @wowgetoffyourcellphone @faction02 @feneur @Issh @PrincessChristmas @RolandSC2 @Jofursloft @CAGD_lulofun @HirnWolf @Dakara @thankforpie @mgx @ffm2 @andy_beauty @King_Soly @Ammaz @carthage

 *** If you want to be in the notification list, or not, send a PM so I can add/remove your nick.

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On 11/25/2019 at 11:02 AM, Stockfish said:

JC, how many ban time is left to you?

ah my old stockie  ,   just go outside and say his name 3 times   " JC, JC , JC "     then follow the biggest star above your head, don't forget your stick as you getting old,   i will land on earth for his birth : the 25th of december  ( check over your shoulder that user1 is not following you )



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10 hours ago, JC (naval supremacist) said:

Ah, mi viejo calzoncillo, solo sal afuera y di su nombre 3 veces "JC, JC, JC" y luego sigue a la estrella más grande por encima de tu cabeza, no olvides tu palo cuando envejezcas, aterrizaré en la tierra para su nacimiento el 25 de diciembre (verifique por encima de su hombro que user1 no lo sigue)


wbR8BgUsLjN-LHl2DUmREm6f2mQ.jpg & f = 1 & nofb

25th december right?

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