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  1. Dude, you've got many awesome mods in there, kudos for the 'local ratings'
  2. Gold ball trophy. You are just too bitter and rude. The bulk of 0ad players enjoy mysticjim's broadcasts, even when he misses several details.
  3. Maybe @Langbart can add to boongui actual unit stats
  4. @Sevda: do you know the trick to kill ptol slingers bypassing the pikes? (I don't)
  5. Maybe @mysticjim @zxphxr or @Kakutstha can make some yt videos
  6. make all units like oversized minions please (or like minecraft characters)
  7. This only works for a mod. Raiding has been a part of 0ad from the beginning
  8. This used to be a problem only when you were flank and your next door enemy had the same civ. Tough luck. The current behavior was introduced in a24 I think (what was the rationale?) and does more harm than good. It's customary to quickly double click and destroy captured buildings to hinder the enemy from rebuilding. And some people play with a default zoom of 300-500 to have more control of his base/units.
  9. ¿Éste sí está bueno? https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filtració_(revelació)
  10. "Destripe" tampoco ayuda https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destripe https://eu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoiler
  11. This is not a thing in many countries. It's equally shocking that you expect the whole world to understand this.
  12. Try disabling TLS encryption settings/options/neworking
  13. https://minecraft.wonderhowto.com/news/redstone-logic-gates-mastering-fundamental-building-blocks-for-creating-game-machines-0135063/
  14. I lived in Moscow in the 90s and was very sad, people really missed the old communist days. World experts were paid change (like $100 monthly salary), scientist couldn't find a job so they became salesmen or whatever, many beautiful girls cleaned toilets or worked in construction (the ones that didn't take the easy road and became hookers), money devaluated quickly, people grew bitter, crime on the rise, a lot of corruption, ... Back in the capitalist world I was in shock, it was like reverse communism, rich and poor pay the same price for rice, healthcare, education or whatever, but its 10 or a 100 times more what you had to pay even under Yeltsin. It's loose change for the rich, but no wonder why we have this ever growing lower class of sheep, I mean folk.
  15. Use Yekaterina's mod (or mine whynot.zip ) Guaranteed you won't miss them
  16. just with 1 account each, u both come play with weirdjokes et al.
  17. Maybe add to add poll Zarathustra/Zoroaster in case one alternative is preferred in some languages over the other.
  18. LOL They copied that too. First I saw (a LONG time ago) spamming champs was boudica's old account. Merov, alekusu and others did the slinger spam. Borg did skiri squads in formation and fanatics too. Vercin's old account did mass archer cav, then liberty too. Mass camels were featured here by xfs and nigel used them a lot. Luzbel had some op combos: skirm cav+spear shield or slingers+blackcloaks. And many strategies they brought from other games and many get reinvented all the time.
  19. @Stockfish: ¿Esos botones que dicen "Inscribe" no deberían decir otra cosa? Me parece que inscribe se entiende como grabar letras en metal, etc. Inscribirse se traduce como register y otras más. O tal vez se quería decir subscribe.
  20. valihrant, feldfeld, borg, vinme, jofursloft, weirdjokes, stockfish and defenderbenny
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