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  1. Not entirely. At the final day, I have time, as well at the 17th. At oct 1st I might be able to play at the very end of the slot
  2. I'm searching for at least 1 teammate. I'm weirdJokes, 1930 rated and would prefer the saturday group. In the sunday group I'd need to play both matches at the 17th.
  3. Maybe Legion_X can unite with the E-team. Just a suggestion
  4. Maybe the E-Team can find new players... The rule with the bots is still better than to exclude some players of the bigger team from the match...
  5. Well well. This is the replay of the match of a part of team noob vs a part of the e-team. commands.zip
  6. Isn't it a bit harsh to remove them for not appearing 1 time? Or what did they do? And what's the 5th player for? I thought we have now a solution for cases where the team is not complete. And imagine 5 players of a team want to play, then one cant, thats not good neither.
  7. - Restricting the time span might make it harder to find a date, not easier. The time span could be helpful though, if the teams have difficulties finding an agreement - i like Alre's idea with the 3v3 and 2v2 but not his idea with the forfait - The teams should also be able to select the civ of their bots - if a team member gets replaced, it shouldn't be replaced by a stronger player, to keep it balanced
  8. Legion X vs Team noob. My team has been complete, but 3 players of Legion X didnt show up, so according to the rules it was 1v1. Seems like a change of this rule is on the way commands.zip
  9. No. Spartiates get 25% extra health from their unique upgrade. Silver shields only get 10% for health and damage each. Matches can be won by melee units indeed. Its not like ranged units always decide.
  10. Plus, they have weird mustache and have a side parting haircut under their turbans. Redesign please
  11. Check out the rank of a very low rated player and then you see that there are like 50k players in the list
  12. Be careful, its riding archer could still be somewhere close, trying too shoot at you with horrible accuracy
  13. What about organizing the tournament in a way which doesnt make discord necessary?
  14. Not cool that you have access to the teamchat of our team, as you are in the opposite team.
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