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  1. As long as it stays a mod: pretty interesting!
  2. I suggest that they always start with complete walls. They are the only civ which has no cavalry-counter in phase 1.
  3. I think that the gather rates are fine. The cav is specialized in hunting, so it's much faster, but it can't do anything else. This makes it also possible to replace in the late game the farming by corralling, which rewards skillful play! It's no problem neither that chicken are close to the CC. Conclusion: Just don't change anything
  4. No, nerf the archer civs ; ) They are just 4 so its easier to do that. There should be no top tier, every civ should have same strength as far as this is possible
  5. Archer Civs are already supposed to be OP, so it would be a mistake to make Carth better!
  6. I don't see a need to change the game according to this, so I'm against it.
  7. "Mighty" is an understatement, they are OP. How can they be "pretty easy to kill" and how don't they do much damage?
  8. Better trac down than tracked down!
  9. Suggestion: - Very hard stays at 60% - Introduce "Super hard" (100%) - Ridiculously hard (200%)
  10. Trolls = Elephant Archers? "Slow, but mighty ranged unit"
  11. I suggest to remove "selecting elephant stable" from Alt+Q because of the Alt+Q+Rightclick combo. Bug: Somehow Alt+Q returns from time to time, no matter how often I delete it.
  12. In A23 at the end of that line there was a "not implemented yet". The benefit is that the Mauryan Priest Hero can be garrisoned in the blacksmith, which improves researching. Plus, if you garrison your blacksmith, it will be harder to capture it.
  13. - display in the unit/building informations also unit/building limit, accuracy and fire rate. Maybe also damage per second - don't write there "armor: damage:" but just: "armor:" and display crush armor/ damage at the right, just like in A23
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