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  1. Don't think that that is necessary. But the other benefits are: - Marking player ratings which are provisional with a question mark - removing those players from the leaderbord - Inactivity makes rating more provisional, so after some time the players disappear in leaderbord
  2. Don't reinvent the square wheel ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinventing_the_wheel#Related_phrases ) Just learn from the rating system of Lichess.org, a free chess website
  3. No point of resetting ratings for each alpha. The alphas are similar after all.
  4. Sure that the ship damaged the units directly instead of only by explosion damage? I think fire ships should damage all units and structures again, like in good old A23 If ships get damage on close range, its logical if other units get it too.
  5. - don't decrease rating, because playing no rated games doesnt mean that the skill decreases - if a player doesnt play rated, increase the uncertainty of his rating - if the uncertainty is too high, mark the player rating with a question mark and remove him from the leaderbord
  6. Maybe nerf ships? They kill soldiers like crazy. I dont see why their arrows should make 35 damage...
  7. Helos in an epic 4v4! What is he going to do with his britons? HellosOfAMatch.zip
  8. In A23 and A24 pikemen cant be in a phalanx neither. But they have the Syntagma, which is different to a spearmen phalanx. Has the syntagma been removed? Edit: Maybe what you discovered is an editor bug?
  9. Thats already implemented, press J by default If my idea gets implemented another hotkey for storing could be implemented, even though the following case would be rather rare: You want your soldiers to store the resources, but then they waste time with repairing
  10. It would be an improvement if repairing would have higher priority, and if workers automatically store their wares when repairing a dropsite.
  11. Found in A24, but maybe also valid for 25, who knows.
  12. - worker eles cant be garrisoned in CCs if standing at the corner - units in formations often fail to gather resources, to be garrisoned, and to be shown as idle - athenian docks cant train soldiers without the iphicrates tech even this does not match the description of that tech - some people cant host games in the lobby, and others cant join matches of certain hosts - multiplayer matches often crash for no apparent reason - groups can fail to build buildings if some members are standing on the constructionsite - workers dont take the closest resource to the dropsite, but the closest resource to their last resource
  13. I'm against changes. Cavalry archers are not too weak. It might be more realistic if they can also shoot while moving... but its bad for the game, because that would be totally OP and annoying.
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