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  1. Feature Request: Display rate of completed matches in the statistics, and then the percentage of those won games.
  2. Maybe it works well if you right click on a soldier (which will be killed by the formation, which searches new targets then) - but thats not really the best way to control a formation. The H key is very common. The attack move is also bugged for formations.
  3. Another bug: Chose a training building or a training ship, ctrl+rightclick on it (this will set the ralley point on itself, so the unit will be directly garrisoned) and train a unit. No "unit-has-been-trained-sound" appears. Feedback: I think that its a pointless restriction to forbid cavalry to be garrisoned in barracks. Barracks were very helpful because you could easily garrison a lot of cavalry in them so they gained experience. Whats the point of forbidding cav to be garrisoned?
  4. By the way, the bug might have already existed in A25 but I forgot to report it back then.
  5. Another bug is the behaviour of soldier formations which you stop with the "halt" command (h) - some of these soldiers ignore hostile soldiers and try to capture buildings, and some randomly try to attack soldiers which are far away, rather than attacking close enemies.
  6. Locking corral animals by age is a mistake
  7. Will the player ratings of A25 be migrated to A26?
  8. Yes, really. The ele hero is just an ele hero, Hannibal is much better. The cav hero isn't super helpful for ranged cav, as they are no tanks. I definitely prefer Athenians. SeLoseCids can't keep up with their traditional hoplites, cheap javelineers and their awesome hero plus sword cav...
  9. Their aluminum constructions are cheat buildings which just cost a bit of metal
  10. I just saw the company car of Polish 0AD players like Noobdude, @Emperior and @Dizaka!
  11. I did I tried this year Yes. As corral animals dont have 8 slots, you can't operate corrals with inf/women. Yes
  12. That doesn't convince me. A low limit on corral animals can make corrals impossible to run with infantry or women. Or can you convince me that I'm wrong about that?
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