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  1. My ratings, based on resources (creating a resource gives a point, sending resources to allies too, destroying gives a point, capturing resources which are buildings gives almost 2 points (not exactly 2 because you often cant keep the building), basic loot is considered (its hard to consider the loot which results in units carrying resources))
  2. If someone will play only 1v1 vs much weaker players, the player can get easily a very high "rating". So you can think that its rather like a win rate than like a rating. Just saying
  3. What about a mod which leaves auto-queu on if its on instead of disabling it if a unit cant be trained?
  4. Carthage, Celtic embassy In A25 every civ can train every unit in an embassy which carthage can also train
  5. I care because I like the game ; ) The levels are useful for techs and heroes which increase armor. If you want to check out which upgrades your enemy or ally has on his army, you check out the level number so you can quickly see which upgrades are in place. Its easier to keep in mind than just the percentages. The levels are linear numbers, the percentages are not linear.
  6. Thats exactly what happens. Just dont touch anything xD
  7. @Sp00ky First of all turn of random differences between units in the graphic settings. That way at least all unit types have only 1 look which you can better learn than the look of all the different variations. And I can recommend you the BoonGUI mod because it increases graphics of projectiles a lot so you can actually see them. Much better projectile sizes, not realistic, but the main game should adapt them.
  8. Every time when a unit limit is reached or when there are not enough resources, the auto-queue gets not only paused but disabled. Dont think this is a feature. It's a bug. When I turn autoqueue on, I want to have it on instead of being forced to re-turn it on all the time. I train a seleucid or ptolemy hero: Autoqueue turns off. Im running out of metal: Autoqueu of mercs turns off and turns also the autoqueu off for non-mercs. Just 2 examples Id also wish that there would be an option which makes auto-queue the default
  9. I play very often with AIs and they often send help to their allies (for example me) even when there is no flare. So just if somebody flares and gets help it doesnt mean that the help comes because of the flare. I think the AI doesnt even receive the flare, it might just ignore it.
  10. Dont forget that there are also merc cavs which are also spearcav (carth, ptol, sele). They might be less dangerous than jav merc cav even though they are melee troops while the jav arent.
  11. Sorry for writing off topic. But all spearcav needs +1 hack and pierce armor, also the champs. Currently spearcav champs are a much smaller thread than swordcav champs and javcav champs, even the pers / sele ones.
  12. Hard to say... Maybe the Persians or the SeLoseCids...
  13. Snipe the resign button : P No, you can actually spam traditional hoplites and super cheap jav mercs.
  14. Wrong... For example dakeyras, Philiptheswaggerless and me like them. Most underrated civ ever xD
  15. Just play with the ceasefire option? 10 minutes for example No. The game has already some diversity: Some soldiers cannot gather metal and stone (cavalry, mercenaries, champions) - this makes the game more interesting. The citizen soldier conception is big fun to play
  16. You are assuming that you can login with your wildfiregames username even though they are independent from the accounts which are used for entering the lobby. Just create an account if you havent done so yet?
  17. The command "back to work" has a flaw: The woodcutters will not go exactly back to the location where they have been, at least not all of them. Some will search a new tree instead which is close to their current location, and not close to their original location. For example if they have walked some distance during a fight this can be very annoying as they will chose their new trees in the middle of nowhere. Same problem occurs with pushing orders to the front of the queue Maybe it also happens with other resources, not only trees
  18. Hes not joking (at least I tested this with the ptolemies which are similar to seleucids) Maybe the limit exists because the 2 civs have military colonies, but it's super weird that the limit doesnt exist if you have a hero and that there is no information about this
  19. The mod works with Alpha 23, but not with alpha 24, 25 or 26. The closest mod which we have for A25 is the feldmap mod.
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