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  1. Germans: "That's cute! Grundstücksverkehrsgenehmigungszuständigkeitsübertragungsverordnung."
  2. If you look in the lobby at a profile (with the search function), you will not see the current rating, only the peak rating. I'm pretty sure that you could see in A23 current AND peak rating.
  3. - in the structure tree: Mercenaries are displayed as rank 1 units, but they are rank 2
  4. - the athenian tech "reforms of iphikrates" says "ships can train soldiers". So why is it required also for docks if you want them to train soldiers? Athenians are supposed to be the weakest civilization, so their docks should train soldiers without a tech. Btw if you train a unit in a ship it should try to garrison in the ship before trying to spawn on the coast. - if tab was pressed: the progress bar of a constructionside is not displayed at all, unless you refresh with pressing tab tab
  5. ... which has been ddosed like 15 min later
  6. Why? Technically its not an aura but a bonus for his formation.
  7. Scipio Africanus can almost match Cleopatra. And he increases capture speed which is also useful. Plus, he is a sword cavarly unit instead of an archer. That doesn't change the fact that the food trickle is insignificant in the late game, except that it has done the snowballing before. If you gain 600 in food in 10 minutes or if you gain 1200 food in 20 minutes is not a big difference.
  8. @LangbartCan I download the mod folder anywhere? Pyromod does not work for me. I'd need to put the mod folder in my mods folder in order to install.
  9. @Feldfeld Can I download the mod folder anywhere? Pyromod does not work for me. I'd need to put the mod folder in my mods folder in order to install.
  10. To me it seems that they can be countered by any other cavalry because they are slower. And by archers & towers That would mean that you would not use Cleopatra, why would you do that... No. Some people say that for example the Iberian team bonus is better than this, and they might be right. Ptolemies are not too OP, for example they lack ranged champions and easy counter against siege and sword cavalry. Not necessarily. Strong pyramids, free starting healer, cheap elephants, decent heroes, pikemen, swordsmen, good champions. And then their mercenaries... Overall conclusion: Dont change anything
  11. Zenobia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zenobia
  12. Only few buildings can be build in ally territory. However you can build big buildings directly at the border to take more space from you ally - if he doesnt have any buildings there. This doesnt work with Athenian Gymnasiums though (They are so big that there is no new space left)
  13. And why do ranged units lag the most? Is it because they calculate which target is the closest to them? Maybe they should just attack a random unit if that helps...
  14. On the archipelago map (nubia biome) we had some fishes on land
  15. Probably your match is more impressive because the AI hesitates to attack the Iberian walls. That's why I had more time to develop.
  16. Here the same with Iberians, but without your little cheat ; ) Playspeed 1x, later 2x Iberians1v5.zip
  17. Is this even a common problem? It should be clear that this not a nice action. As a spec you cannot whisper to a player for a good reason...
  18. Don't forget this one ;-) Spoilers: ChampionBattles.zip
  19. Keep O pressed then left drag (not zero but O)
  20. Archers have been overpowered in A24, but in A25 they aren't overpowered anymore, they are rather weak. They are totally helpless against siege towers, all they can do against them is run away. Though I wouldn't recommend siege towers too much as they are weak against melee troops other than pikemen. Archers can't hurt pikemen very well, so if you have them in front and your own ranged troops behind them, it should be devastating for the archers if they are not in much greater number. Actually you don't even need pikemen, any melee unit can play this role. Melee cavalry can devastate archers very well too. Especially sword cavalry of higher levels. Further questions?
  21. I think that towers are not too powerful anymore. They might have been in A24, but they have been nerfed so much that they are not OP now.
  22. What really should be changed is the accuracy. I tested how many shots a catapult needs for hitting a deer, in some cases it needed like 30 shots! They are so inaccurate, they even miss towers in a lot of cases. That shouldn't be the case.
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