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  1. Thanks for your reply. Do you know where I can download the development version of the mod? I cannot seem to find it on mod.io and it is not in the repository of mods neither. Also, I would like to try out Alpha 24 but I can't find where to download it. Can you point me to where you can download it please?
  2. I have tried out Delenda Est. I think the idea of hiring slaves is interesting, but it increases the length of gameplay as well because it takes longer to enter phase 2 from phase 1. I have noticed that they added Thebans, Chinese,Epirotes and another Roman. I would say that in general the civilisations are much more balanced in Deleda Est. There is no more tier ranking in my opinion, although some factions do retain their specialties.
  3. Another key building of the Chinese faction is their government centre. Government Center: They become available since town phase and can train ministers and research certain technologies for free (although they do take 90 seconds each). I would recommend building this as early as possible and then get the free upgrades as these can really help you get through town phase and also influence your later games. Civil service (Guanliao): All technologies and and buildings -10% cost -10% build time or and research time. Higher levels of civil service take more and more time o
  4. I will do some analysis of the 3 new civilisations added in Terra Magna Mod, as well as some of the potential strategies. In the first few posts I will focus on Han Chinese as they are so unique and have a very complicated structure tree. Han Chinese: Has many unique units, structures and technologies to research. High dependence on farming and stone. Can consume a huge amount of resources but also very powerful if played with the right strategies. Village Phase: Player start with 1 archer cavalry and the rest are just the classic 2 ranged, 2 me
  5. I am afraid I do not quite agree with Valihrant. I do not think Britons and Gauls are strong civilizations because they lack variety of units and their rams do less damage than Persian or Roman rams. Their ships also cannot garrison catapults and are not on par with Carthaginian ships in firepower. Their warships are no more durable than Roman Quinquereme. However, they do develop pretty fast, so they are strong in the early phase.
  6. Millenium AD mod: 1. Anglo-Saxons: Quite similar to Britons and Gauls Strengths: Very proficient at farming, so could boost the initial population quickly Cavalry can be trained from cavalry stables, which are quite cheap. This allows a continuous supply of cavalry troops. All buildings offer a population capacity increase Village phase buildings cost wood only. This saves up stone and metal for later use. Weaknesses: Only siege weapon is ram. Buildings are not particularly durable. Weak navy. 2. Byzantines: Quite simi
  7. Terra Magna Mod: 1. Han Chinese Strengths: Has the most manoeuvrable catapults in the game - the Chinese catapults do not need to be packed or unpacked, and their small size allows them to sneak through gaps between buildings. Furthermore, they do not have a minimum range. Wide range of infantry and cavalry, especially their unique crossbowman and crossbow cavalry. Their unique Government centre can train ministers (units with high capture attack and can boost workers) and research technologies. Chinese archers cost 40 wood and 50 food each - 10 wood cheaper than
  8. These are for the original 0AD civilisations in Alpha 23. I concluded the following from my personal experience playing 0AD. If you disagree then please comment below. 1. Athenians Strengths: Hero characters offer great technological gains Slingers and hoplites are decent in mass formation Navy can be excellent Weaknesses: Has access to neither rams nor elephants - this makes siege very difficult. The Athenians must rely on catapults and bolt shooters for crush damage. 2. Britons Strengths: Economic bon
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