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  1. Exactly. So Norse_Harold is enforcing rules that do not exist, hence an abuse of moderation powers. Two innocent people have been harmed by this abuse: I have evidence of him griefing people's forum accounts. You can also prove that these users were not me by checking IP access history. 1. NitroVicky https://wildfiregames.com/forum/profile/39571-nitrovicky/?tab=field_core_pfield_17 This user was attempting to make improvements to the AI and Norse banned them half way, just after they published some kind of improved bot. We lost a potentially better AI due to mere suspicion. 2. inzhu https://wildfiregames.com/forum/profile/40829-inzhu/ look at all of their signatures. Since when is discord outlawed by WFG? In addition I saw this inside a 0ad discord server: at least 2 new players are being persecuted just because Norse suspects they are me. as far as i know there was no trial or hearing of any kind. Norse always claims to have evidence to me on Element but never presents anything. I am 100% certain that he is lying about the evidence because these 2 accounts are fundamentally not mine. I would urge other moderators @Silier @Itms @Dunedan @maroder to step in and review the cases. If these people (and more that I wasn't aware of) are indeed guilty of something then sure, do what is necessary. However, committing libel on people and disrupting their accounts without any solid proof or virtual court is the act of dictators in authoritarian regimes, which is not what we want in 0ad. It's even worse to hold back evidence. Due to the absence of any other moderators, Norse Harold has unchecked absolute power, and there is no way to for any of these innocent people to appeal. These players were likely contributing something useful and Norse just turns them away simply out of his own suspicions. We are losing the already small player base and staff base. This kind of authoritarian, paranoid moderation is much more destructive to the game development and its future than a few smurfs popping up (not even certain if they are smurfs, maybe some AoE players learn quickly) .
  2. @Norse_Harold He does this. He griefed people's accounts before and gives random warning. @Norse_Harold can you explain to me what are you doing? What do you want? Last night at around 1am UK time he was sending me random accusations like you often do. Then in the meantime MarcAurel was spamming me on Instagram asking me if I made new smurfs. To my understanding, Norse believes a player called inzhu is my smurf, so he took action immediately without evidence. Why am I sure that he has no evidence? Because I was away from the game for a very long time. I know what I have been up to these weeks and it's not anywhere near 0ad. I almost forgot about this hellhole until they harassed me at late night last night. The two of them ruined my sleep as this kind of nonsense gives me stress and forced me to remember the painful past. I have received countless ecomplaints about Norse Harold inappropriately banning and muting users. I didn't want to care but last night's harassment lasted for a long time through multiple channels. Norse accused me of random things (that are not related to me) via Element, whenever something goes wrong. He hopes that he can bait me into admitting something or exposing a friend of mine. But sadly I am more clueless than him as he has moderator rights to see more than me and I haven't been near wfg service often, especially not the lobby. To censor me, Norse Harold imposed a rule on my forum usage: I have to send text to him via Element indicating when I visited, why I visited and log out time. He also imposed that forum can only be used for restorative justice work. I want to ask @Stan` and @Itms is this your verdict, and is it justice? If you don't want me to use the forum why not just ban me or impose some technical limit? Or is this Norse Harold overriding you? @Player of 0AD this is why I couldn't reply to you, sorry. To mute his random accusations I deleted Element. On that platform, he called me a "bad influence" and coerced me into contacting random dodgy people on the internet to take down YouTube videos. All of these should be his job. But he coerces me to do it with the threat of increasing the amount of restorative justice work. @Stan` @Itms @Dunedan I ask you all again if you agreed to punish me this way. I feel enslaved by this so called restorative justice. I have decided to not waste any more time on this. It is his job to moderate the lobby and other WFG services, not mine. I will not become his slave. I do not have the responsibility to give him any information, not to mention that I don't know most of the people who he is asking about. However, what I am sure of is he is manipulating people to speculate each others' possible smurf account and report it. He also mutes any kind of complaints. And now you see people being banned just based on suspicion. How is this any different from a totalitarian regime? These methods were the ones used in USSR and North Korea. I suggest we set up a proper legal system where we can have a court or a hearing of some kind before sentencing anyone to anything. Seems like 0ad is becoming Norse Korea with just one dictator. There is no justice system. Many rules are hidden to the public in some draft code of conduct. Norse holds people responsible to that but it's not shown to new users when registering. The drafts are DRAFTS, not implemented ! They are also not in visible places of the forum or any other WFG services. So it's easy for anyone break one of those rules unknowingly. If the draft is approved, at least put it somewhere visible! But @Itms if you have not enacted the draft as new regulations, people must not be held responsible for it. There is no clause in the current forum code of conduct to register more than 1 forum account. Yet at least 2 people have been sanctioned just because Norse suspects they are my alts, without evidence! 0ad will just keep losing players with this kind of dictator in place. Seems like I should cut all communications with all players as well to keep my own sanity.
  3. Hi @Stan` please don't delete this account I think it will be a good archive for future 0ad users. Just emphasizing. @Norse_Harold
  4. I tested this idea on a replay between Knight and Barcodes. The problem is, if you choose to impersonate Knight, then Barcodes will be unassigned and he will not continue playing with you. He will instead stand idle. So you cannot do it to multiplayer games. This idea will likely work on AI games only.
  5. My idea: find the exact turn where you want to take over, then go inside the replay file and delete all turns after it. Then, you edit this new replay file into a saved game and trick the engine into believing that it's a saved game. I am trying to test my idea.
  6. Chips Brit units would ask you for chips and peas, not American Fries or French Fries. Chinese word: 薯条 but they didn't have potatoes back then. Rice stick was more likely. 江米条 / 年糕
  7. This is one example: reading the same poem in ancient Chinese. Han Dynasty is looking at version one or two. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV15K4y1k7YD? https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1GU4y1L7Zn? The closest thing to this is Klingonese The biggest difference is that all modern Mandarin characters end with a vowel. You always hear a vowel at the end, just like French (you don't pronounce consonant letters at the end). We have to thank the Manchurians for this change. Whereas these ancient Han people add consonants at the end and that made it sound quite discordant.
  8. All of the female units are speaking perfect Mandarin, the official pronunciation that you would see in formal news reports. Half of the male voices have some North-Eastern accent. The other half also speak perfect Mandarin. One might be able to tell that it was a software generating the speeches, however, it is not very obvious and I purposefully chose complete phrases that do not emphasise flaws of the software. This software is being used by many content creators to read out scripts and these voices are widely accepted on all Chinese social platforms. I believe that a native speaker might not be able to generate voices as accurately as the software, because they would be subject to accents and mispronunciations; very few people can speak perfect Mandarin without any regional accent or dialectal influence. The language spoken in the Han Dynasty was obviously not Mandarin, but it's difficult to know exactly how things were pronounced back then and it would make absolutely zero sense to most modern players. It might be closer to one of the southern dialects that most people cannot understand well; there are videos of theoretical pronunciations used in the Han Dynasty but the comments are always "this sounds so scary / frugal / discordant / confusing". On the other hand, if we use Mandarin, everyone can understand what's going on and they would feel more immersion and intimacy with the units. In conclusion, I think the software generated voices are passable. It is the exact words and phrases that we need tweaking.
  9. I personally use a complete overhaul of the GUI with all these features enabled and some more, all in one mod. I am willing to share it with you both versions: they are based on nani's autociv. The main theme has been remade into Honkai Impact style.
  10. India before activating shaved trees: my PC running at 48fps since the beginning ] India after shavedtrees and dark ground: 143FPS! The fps is already nerfed by the screen capture software; it was running at 170FPS on average and occasionally reaching 200+ fps! This is a whole 100fps improvement! @leopard @MarcusAureliu#s no more lag on your stream!
  11. Some screenshots: This is what a rush might look like with all these features enabled. You can see the ranged overlays and the golden projectile. Again, you can choose to only have 1 or 2 things from this, or all of them. New Arctic biome: no more hurt eyes
  12. This is a list of GUI - related mods, each with a specific purpose. You can choose the ones you need and avoid the changes that you find ugly. All of these are lobby compatible and also compatible with both A26 and A27. You may use them in conjunction with Autociv, BoonGUI and any other GUI related mods. The titles are quite self-explanatory; betterfauna colours all edible animals pink, all hostile animals red. This can be very helpful at spotting hunt and avoiding dangerous gaia. darkmode turns the grass ground to a dark grey colour to protect your eyes and reduce distraction. It is very important on snowy maps. goldenprojectiles enlarges the size of projectiles and colour them gold so you can see exactly where the arrows are flying and where they are landing. This can be useful for some high level players @vinme largericons makes the training and formation icons larger and redesigns the bottom panels to accommodate 1080p or larger screens. The icons in the bottom panel of vanilla 0ad is very small because Stan has to cram more and more unit variety into the same panel which is designed for 1024x768 screens. loudsound is necessary because the projectile sounds in A25 and later is too quiet and it's easy to miss a sneaky attack. This mod restores A23 slinger and javelin throw sound effects and some more! rangedoverlay displays the maximum reachable range of your ranged unit so you know where to position them safely. You can disable the overlay with one button in settings page. Shavedtrees makes the trees look like purple cuboids and simplifies the berries. it massively reduces lag by decreasing polygon counts. Anyone with non-beefy GPUs and CPUs should consider trying this mod to boost your frame rate by more than 100FPS! @leopard you will need this. Finally. visible mines is for those of you who can't distinguish between the very similar-looking metal mines and stone mines. Just install the component that you want to use. I would recommend using all of them but some of you might value artistic beauty over micro efficiency. These are compatible with A27 and A28, also backwards compatible. However, some were designed for A27 so you might see a few false warnings when you try to run it in A26. Just ignore the error messages, it's always due to the new materials being implemented in A27 that are not yet available. betterfauna.pyromod darkmode.pyromod goldenprojectiles.pyromod largericons.pyromod loudsound.pyromod rangedoverlay.pyromod shavedtrees.pyromod visiblemines.pyromod
  13. GG Firstly I would like to thank Stan and all developers who put their time and effort into building a game that I was able to enjoy for 3 years, spanning across 3 alphas. It has been a major part of my life in these years and has changed me significantly. I learnt much and invested much into 0ad, at the same time enjoyed all the battles and booms. Due to many reasons, I have concluded that it's in the best interest of everyone for me to quit 0ad completely. I have been a flagrant violator of Lobby TOS and a top smurfer, so I do deserve a ban at least. Inside the lobby, nz. has listed me alongside JC, basiliskos and sanafur as the 4 most hated players of 0ad. In addition, there is the spreading false rumour that I am Shyft. Many people actually buy into that and harass me in TGs to retaliate on Shyft. Sadly they have been attacking the wrong person all the time. If you think I am as horrible as Shyft ...I should just disappear from your lives to stop agonizing you... On forums, I have been proposing the same 4 points for 2 years and in the end my ideas were remarked as "strange " and "exaggerated". My proposals to game mechanics changes such as disable unit pushing, instant turn +acceleration and light speed projectile projectile to eliminate dancing were met with heavy resistance. My attempt to contribute to lag reduction was abstractGUI, but that is mocked everywhere for its too abstract appearance. Few use it. Since I am not welcome anywhere in the community, it's time for me to disappear... I will apologize for any unfinished mods and patches. @leopard I'm afraid A27 abstractGUI mod wont exist, but I'm sure you will find other ways of reducing lag like disable eye candy. Finally, a big thank you to all the friends who have taught me gameplay skills and spent your valuable time with me. I wish you all the best and farewell. It's time for all of us to move on. Please forget me then live long and prosper! Vergisst mich! @Stan`you can delete me now, if it pleases you Kate/ Yekaterina
  14. If you use A26, then run A27, A27 will crash with the following error: TIMER| modmod/styles.xml: 21.481 us TIMER| incompatible_mods/incompatible_mods.xml: 621.521 us ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "shaders/spirv/canvas2d.xml" ERROR: Program 'spirv/canvas2d' with required defines not found. ERROR: "USE_DESCRIPTOR_INDEXING": "1" ERROR: Failed to load shader 'spirv/canvas2d' Assertion failed: "0 <= pass && pass < static_cast<int>(m_Passes.size())" Location: ShaderTechnique.cpp:59 (GetGraphicsPipelineState) Call stack: (0x55756fef282e) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x87582e) [0x55756fef282e] (0x55756fe975ef) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x81a5ef) [0x55756fe975ef] (0x55756fe99374) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x81c374) [0x55756fe99374] (0x55756fe99861) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x81c861) [0x55756fe99861] (0x55756fb92506) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x515506) [0x55756fb92506] (0x55756fb2901d) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x4ac01d) [0x55756fb2901d] (0x55756fb274cc) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x4aa4cc) [0x55756fb274cc] (0x55756fe8320c) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x80620c) [0x55756fe8320c] (0x55756fdfd740) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x780740) [0x55756fdfd740] (0x55756fe6029c) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x7e329c) [0x55756fe6029c] (0x55756fdcdc71) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x750c71) [0x55756fdcdc71] (0x55756fbd5ead) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x558ead) [0x55756fbd5ead] (0x55756fbd6529) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x559529) [0x55756fbd6529] (0x55756fbd91c2) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x55c1c2) [0x55756fbd91c2] (0x55756f73270e) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0xb570e) [0x55756f73270e] (0x55756f73733d) binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0xba33d) [0x55756f73733d] errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = ? The cause of Spire-V error is that you deactivated the spirev runtime mod but still trying to use Vulkan renderer. If you edit your user.cfg and add 0ad-spirv inside your enabled mods list, you can get A27 running again. mod.enabledmods = "mod public 0ad-spirv" Hope this helps
  15. it's not 0ad which has screentear but other apps in my system. As soon as 0ad runs, all desktop effects and graphics go super buggy. Doesn't matter whether 0ad is fullscreen or not.
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