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  1. I'm sitting in an airport and I am bored. Hope u like the song xD
  2. English translation: Risen from CC and facing to the woodlines, let us serve you till the GGs, Mainland, united fatherland. Rushes are to be defended against and we fight them with slingers, for we must succeed that the sun shines more beautifully than ever shines over Mainland. Stone and metal be granted Mainland, our fatherland. All civs long for success, give your hand to the M gicro. If we are in danger of our lives, we beat the 2v1 (Two V One). Let the light of success shine, that never again a mother weeps her nub. Let's boom, let's rush, spam and push like never before, and trusting in our own strength, an OP player rises. Mainland youth, best aspiration of our people united in you, you will be Mainland's new life. And the sun beautiful as never shines over Mainland. Original German: Auferstanden aus CC und der Holtz zugewandt, laß uns dir zum GGs dienen, Mainland, einig Vaterland. Rushes gilt es zu zwingen, und wir zwingen sie mit Schleuderen, denn es muß uns doch gelingen, daß die Sonne schön wie nie über Mainland scheint. Stein und Metal sei beschieden Mainland, unserm Vaterland. Alle Civs sehnt sich nach gelingen, reicht den Micro eure Hand. Wenn wir lebensgefahrlich uns einen, schlagen wir des 2v1 (Zwei V Ein). Laßt das Licht des Gelingen scheinen, daß nie eine Mutter mehr ihren Nub beweint. Laßt uns boom, laßt uns rush, spam und push wie nie zuvor, und der eignen Kraft vertrauend, steigt ein OP Spieler empor. Mainland Jugend, bestes Streben unsres Volks in dir vereint, wirst du Mainland neues Leben. Und die Sonne schön wie nie über Mainland scheint. Adapted from: Auferstanden Aus Ruinen (DDR) @MarcusAureliu#s
  3. It had been loud, so that you know what's going on and there is more immersion What can we do to bring back @LetswaveaBook?
  4. This is something that I've always wanted since A24! xD thanks for making a dream come true! Btw pls share your source code
  5. A23 had great sound effects and battles. At least we can get the sounds back. I've already done some of the restoration in the AbstractGUI mod but would be good to implement it in vanilla.
  6. Check out what imperial Japanese did to other Asian countries including Australia. Not any better than Nazi, even if the number of deaths is less
  7. Strangely, it is always the Germans who are hyper sensitive to any sign of Nazi or anything that evokes Nazi, not these victim countries. Maybe it's because of the language barrier? For example i saw that Wendy of Israel doesn't really care about JC's Nazi remarks but it's the German specs who get super mad.
  8. Seems like an undefined parameter or some parameter that the game cannot recognise. Maybe check your starting condition files and the civ files, especially the section which talks about Starting units.
  9. JC should check balance and remove cosmic teammates before the game starts, instead of complaining at the end. Regarding appreciation for Nazi and Hitler, he should keep his thoughts to himself and not express them in 0ad lobby. There are many Germans here who will be emotionally upset by this topic. I myself consider Hitler as purely a historical character, similar to Scipio Africanus or Vercingetorix. I'm not offended if he expresses his appreciation for nazi or Hitler. But one must consider how the German players would feel.
  10. I just cannot understand why player profiles don't display the number of team games and unrated games played
  11. Tu es belle comme les étoiles brillantes.


  12. @G.O.A.T I have also suggested many times you should add a short explanation for each account, but you are still ignoring me. A simple example: Yekaterina = güzel_kiz (because same IP and similar playstyle) This makes people feel less insulted and there will be less hate.
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