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  1. Sorry guys (and Trashy) I didn't want to get you into trouble, I just saw this type of game title and decided to make an example of it. And yes, the elephant was cute
  2. This is not a matter of Profanity, but of Trolling: Culprit: Trashy This is why I suggested a length limit!
  3. I see a new 0AD Youtuber /Streamer on the rise! Well done to the-x aka Björn Bär!
  4. If you use discord then the admin can ban whoever is talking over you
  5. Nice one, but Yekaterinburg did not exist 2000 years ago. However, it is still a good name.. I will do that after some play testing.
  6. Thank you for naming it after me! Let's commit it and implement into A26? By the way, there is a city called Yekaterinburg located in Perm province of Russia, and it has similar geography to your map.
  7. Love it! Finally Mainland has some water for navy. 1 suggestion: make the shorelines less steep so that docks can be built there.
  8. I have played all of these games before... Started sniper 3D when I was 14 PUBG at 15 Call of Duty at 16 lol me
  9. Real Estate Traffic Permit Transfer of Responsibility Ordinance? i don't know what this is. lol. But I doubt anyone will use that as a name... I hope not. If you don't like the char limit then I guess human monitor is necessary.
  10. This dude is 1404 now?! He joined the lobby about 1 month ago and played his first lobby game with me and Jofursloft. From cosmic noob to 1400+ in month is impressive. And, yes, the dude was rude. Anyways, game titles are a big loophole as there isn't much length control or content filter so they can come up with whacky names like this. It should be limited to a certain number of characters. For game titles, I think something in the form: 'TG >1200' (8 chars) '1v1 ~1600' (9 chars) '2v2 <1300' (10 chars) would be sufficient. It is difficult to fit squeeze a personal insult of any severity into merely 10 characters, so that should solve the problem. The longest English word I can think of is Buckminsterfullerene (20 characters) so there is no reason why a game title should be longer than that.
  11. In A24 I was able to win an undermanned battle with jav cav + spearmen without full upgrades. I had 3/4 of the number of my enemy yet I still decimated their army. And it is easy to play as well, no need for great micro. Just set enrollment point close to the front line and click on cav and spearmen in their respective barracks. In A25 it is less effective because the game is faster paced and there is not enough time for the cavalry to arrive before all your melee are dead. But if you are able to hold the line then it is still devastating for the enemy.
  12. You do a Kushite build order and I do a Cart one or Macedon one? Used to like the Macedonians but no preference now.
  13. Ey chill ! I will rush you more often then Expect different types: archer rush, javelin rush, swordsman rush, cavalry rush, P2 push, mercenary rush... all are good strategies for TG.
  14. Yes! Cavalry javelineers can be used to replace infantry javelineers. They are more cost efficient (in terms of wood) and offers more attack and health, so why not! If I get Kush, Carthage I will be using these as my main ranged force. About cavalry archers, they are only deadly in P1 and P2. In P3 it is hard to do damage with them but it is very effective at making your enemy ragequit
  15. ^ lol both of you are better at rushing than booming... @LetswaveaBook @Player of 0AD Care to play a boom contest with me? Even if you can beat my build order, there is still Havran, ChillaOfVanilla, christoffel symbol, chrstgtr, berhudar, juarca and NoobDude to steamroller you in booming if you forget to rush them. So, rushing is great in A25 if you encounter any of these guys.
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