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  1. Is it possible for me to try your new Kiara AI? I would like to play against it and see how strong it is.
  2. True point. The troop diversity of Macedon depends on mercs but they are used very rarely to my knowledge. I only employ their archers in extreme circumstances where I need to outrange other players. I have never used their javelin cav, because of its price. Explain what you mean?
  3. Might cause OOS error if mods are different. In your mod a swordsman might have 15 hack but a vanilla swordsman have 9 hack. There will be errors if your game state is different to the host game state. This is only applicable for gui mods and art mods, not mods that introduce new civ or changes stats. I really like this, and I want it as well. I am not sure how to program the lobby though. I like this but some players think that violates their privacy. A difficult one. Also you can spam emails as well. I have 6 email accounts Yes! I would love a stronger Macedon. But curently you can spam spear cavalry and let them fight alongside your champion cavalry and train Phillip II hero as well. The cheaper spear cavalry can be used as meatshields and let the champs do the real damage. A good suggestion. Maybe Macedonians could be given infantry spearmen instead, but I need to consult the historians about this. However I can do just fine with pikes and spear cavalry... hmmmm in A25 metal cost is less of an issue. Mercenaries costing wood...that makes them too similar to citizen units. But I think instant-train mercenaries would be a good idea. Fix the maps and not the unit? Just play on autumn Mainland or desert mainland or Meditarranean Mainland instead of some nub map with nub biome. I like this. Mercs are too useless right now. I can see where you are coming from. What do you think about ships attacking buildings and land archers shooting ships? Perhaps we give ships a negative bonus against units so ships cannot kill units that easily but still attacks everything.
  4. He has no second account. I created a second account for SVN testing purposes and I wasn't banned.
  5. Reza-math has been muted, which is quite inconvenient for him to host TGs. If @user1 @triumvir can unmute him or offer a reason why he is muted/banned that would be appreciated. He is a good player and we don't want to lose him. @Stan`
  6. I will attach the replay files here: commands.txtmetadata.json
  7. A very strange behaviour of the petra bot: it sends women to chop wood at my base after a rush. I don't think this is a strategic masterpiece...
  8. Are you planning to implement these as a champion unit, or just replace the citizen-soldier models?
  9. damage1.xlsx Proportion of damage absorbed (out of 1) = 1 - e ^ ( ln(0.9)* armour value ) @nani
  10. watch my video and seeh's video: Just copy paste the commands into terminal and hit enter. That simple.
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