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  1. We can ask borg, Valihrant and Feldfeld to design an AI to make it smart instead of just having bonuses
  2. When I played my first match against the very easy Ai I also found it impossible. The reason why Ai is hard for beginners is they rush early with the combination of spearmen and ranged units, which is very hard to defend against. If you could let the Ai rush with only a few ranged units or a just a few spearmen then that would be much easier for the player. The very easy AI and very hard Ai use identical strategies, which is the problem.
  3. Playing against 2 AIs is not always the most enjoyable because you don't get the 1v1 experience. Sometimes we want to practice 1v1 and 1v2 Ai is just not the same.
  4. Currently, the majority of players are much better than even the Very Hard aggressive AI and find it easy to defeat. Therefore, I would like to request the addition of even more challenging AI settings for pro players to practice and experiment new skills on. The current 'very hard' AI consistently makes a few strategic mistakes which slow down its eco and decrease its attacking ability even though they have 56% gather bonus: 1. Using women to mine 2. Not researching upgrades 3. Using men to gather food 4. Not using formations 5. Small pushes - real players often commi
  5. Are elephant archers mighty? They are pretty easy to kill and don't do that much damage
  6. Dear devs, I would like to change my 0AD scaling to 2.0. I have seen the forum article on editing the local.cfg file. However, when I tried this today it did not work and returned an error saying the cfg file failed to load. It then said something like 'Reload() function returns error -1131000' I am using Linux Mint with the snap version build 17 Mar 2021. Please tell me how I can change the scaling as everything is very small right now. Furthermore, can we add a feature where the game scaling automatically tunes in with system scaling? That would be very convenient for Linux u
  7. This does not seem to be related to Suebian Germans
  8. I encountered this error when I installed Delenda Est 24:
  9. Weirdjokes come to my TG now! Carthage is very versatile indeed
  10. Thank you. Can you recommend any software that can block ddos packets? What is wireshark?
  11. As a Carthaginian player I would really appreciate this, as sometimes I really want to save wood in P1 to make more archers. This will make Carthage even more OP
  12. I am experiencing the exact same issue as Tomba. Today 3 consecutive games of mine were attacked, the symptoms are players losing connection to the server and the lobby displays an I/O error. When I was hosting my entire home wifi was taken out; the router indicates no issues and good connection (all green lights) with much data flowing into my home. During the entire time my network infrastructure was fully functional, and my ISP has reported no shortage or formal wifi cut. Therefore it is very likely to be a deliberate attack using DOS method. Can the network forensics find the respons
  13. What is a ballista tower? Why don't I get them in the official release? Will it be added to A25?
  14. I think archers are strong against gaia, because they can take them down from a range.
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