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  1. yeah, kushites buildings are so cute: pyramids, camps and a huge temple ... wonder diversity are indeed beautiful, also ptolemaic libraries are cute. another interesting building for diversity are apartments, I forgot to research who made the first proposal for this building but thanks !. I don't know why only carthaginians have it, since romans had very crowded cities, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insula_(building) also, I am pretty sure other civilizations had it too, like persians and ptolemies who also had huge cities.
  2. maybe something like a "defensive mod" for the great aspect of community games in which trading, defensive walls, defensive siege could be valued. but I also agree that a25 favors speed and aggressiveness and to counter it a bit, proposals like that could help a bit, thanks @MirceaKitsune
  3. I like the idea, since this alpha, aggression became the main focus, I miss the old days of walls, trading, defense and so on ... now most games I play within 15-20 min is over
  4. thanks for the info, I will look it up, I am using mac right now, I also use linux
  5. I see what you are saying, I happen to spec some games with Muted2021 and his account variations (Muted2020, Muted...). He seems to be sending huge messages to all the players, thats cause players to drop and himself in the process. I unmask him to the players in game and he stopped, seems like he did not want any trouble, but you said he continued doing it, so, idk... This is not the same as the DDOS guy, but still worth looking at. I forgot to record him and my suggestion is to limit message size, if that is possible.
  6. @Pacha A gaia wonder in a wonder game would mean gaia win? ... but nice idea
  7. make sure to make them bare chested and shaved like in the movie ... and manly manly man
  8. @Herly what a nice voice ... nice tuto, perfecto hombre
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