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  1. People have been losing full network access for long periods of time. Both on their playing computer and other network devices. People have also tracked network activity and seen data consistent with DDOS. It also attack certain groups of people—specifically those that play in the higher level games. it is a bad actor(s)
  2. That is Pesem. He comes around with a variation of names every few years. He didn’t say anything like that or his usually complaints about how the game is getting worse and worse. I doubt it is him
  3. Just got done playing a game. Muted2021 (999) joined and then my connectivity immediately became bad. I lost connection like 7 times in a row where I also lost internet on the computer. He frequently spoke to me like he knew me (I have zero replays with him). He also spoke frequently to Aslan. Just general troll behavior. He then spoke in lobby like a troll responsible for attack. Before game could end it was all Ddosed (Aslan host). when I accused him of being the DDOSer he said he wasn’t using anything 3rd party software and then talked about my ISP he also trolled weird jokes in a different game and then joined reza’s host
  4. This King of the Hill talk has happened a lot. I think it's a good idea. I would also like a Capture the Flag (Relic) mode. That would encourage more fights instead of just turtling. Maybe something like relics in the middle of a map that have to be moved to a designated area that favors the other team. The current relic mode either has too many relics or becomes a case where the capturer parks the relics in a secure area.
  5. There are lots of games where the ally can't come fast enough before it is too late because too many buildings and men are lost. If it is strong side vs. weak side or a good rush on the edge then it can quickly become GG. It should not be that way, and it wasn't that way in the past. The one exception to it not happening in the past was in a23 when a mace player would rush p3 for quick siege with some other factor like a good rush on the edge player. Before it was a strat choice that came with a lot of tradeoffs, but those negative tradeoffs no longer exist while the quick spamming of siege does.
  6. No. Ptol is one of many good civs. Ptol. Watch the games with the most skilled players to see what is actually OP vs. well/poorly used in other games. Ptol, Carth, Gauls, Iber, Romans, Sparta, and Persians are all frequently played at more or less the same frequency indicating that ptol is in fact not OP. Other civs just need to get slightly better.
  7. Let’s just add it to romans. Combine it with the new proposed housing bonus for romans. And then we are back to having the brits/Gauls that everyone misses from a23
  8. It’s more important now that all civs have siege factories and can quickly spam siege (change from a23) and that turtling doesn’t automatically save you (change from a24). Feld has a patch to address (if desired). Better fix (if desired) seems to be to address the changes that made quick knockouts possible. The anti-turtling changes from 24 to 25 seem fine to me. I’ve never been a fan of the proliferation of siege factories to all civs (change from 23 to 24). Most seem to disagree with me, though. A good fix might be to make siege train times longer, so first single push GGs at minute 15 are less common (this could also allow for differentiation by making one civ have quick train times, which would make their role similar to mace in a25). As an aside, I think this comment gets to how some games end to quickly now. I agree—there are too many min 15 GGs. Ive been in too many games where my ally lost CC and all before my side did anything. It’s definitely an improvement from a24 that had endless fights, but I don’t think we are at the happy middle we used to be at in a23.
  9. Everyone seems to agree. But no one seems to care much.
  10. That just means the balance is off. Spear cav should do a little better against cav than it currently does. If spear cav got the same DPS as sword cav plus the counter bonus then there is no reason to make sword cav. Again, just means spear cav should get a slight buff to dmg to be better against cav (i.e., a bonus multiplier buff). That would keep intact the structure of sword cav as being a good melee cav unit, jav/archer cav as being good range cav units, and spear cav as being the anti-cav cav unit. Changing all the other stats just makes balancing more complicated (and more likely to be screwed up) because multiple variables will be changing at once. That would mess with inf vs cav balance a lot (which needs a little work, but not much for generic sword cav) -------------- People in thread need to remember that a general buff to spear cav dmg will also make roman cav rush OP. A dmg multiplier buff against cav seems like the obvious solution.
  11. Because it is supposed to be the counter to cav with its anti cav bonus. If spear DPS is better then there is no reason to ever make sword cav instead of spear cav.
  12. This is obviously wrong--raiding doesn't need to be OP to be viable, and even if a unit isn't OP under defensive structures doesn't mean that it won't be OP in the open map. OP units existing is a problem. This has nothing to do with turtling. If nothing else, look at the forums to see how poorly balanced a24 was because of archers.
  13. It might be nice if there was a way to direct ranged troops to target specific enemies. For example, selecting troops and then holding A + using the cursor to select an area would result in those troops targeting that specific area first. This could let players use their archers to target other far away archers without having to manually click on every desired target. This would introduce a nice new potential element of micro for the players that want a more intense gameplay. And it would also help eliminate some of the pike/melee meat shield complaints that we frequently see on the forum because it would allow players to use their ranged units to shoot over enemy troops to the player's desired goal.
  14. It just seems similar to familiar techs (ie, champ research tech now and the old merc upgrade tech).
  15. It looks fine. It's probably pretty good boost, but it doesn't look "special" in the same way that celts' building pop bonus was "special" or mace's siege workshop was "special" in a23. It's the totally unique civ aspects (like the celt house bonus) that I think are the most fun, but are also the most difficult to come up with (in fact, in a23 not all civs had something like this). I very quickly scanned your other civs and something like the helots for Sparta would be more in line with what I am thinking of. Or even Maurya getting 2 heros. One thing I think about that would fit this, would be a civ that is almost just a raiding/nomadic civ. But that becomes very difficult to articulate into a particular bonus.
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