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  1. Players don't build regularly build army camps this alpha. This alpha army camps can't produce siege and as a result are only only useful if they can shoot arrows at enemy units. That means that camps are only useful if they are placed in an area that will be the center of fighting. Except it is difficult to place buildings somewhere there is constant fighting since your builders will get killed in the fight and the defending player can more quickly spam to a location in their own territory. This ticket (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3668) will also make army camps less useful because the ar
  2. Many people are having difficulty when trying to download and install mods, which make them less played. How can you add a mod to the download mod/install list in the game menu? Specifically, I want to have Vali's mod added
  3. It is better to start them off at the difference that make sense to balance the units and then offer speed tech. Otherwise you just make archers OP until a jav based civ can afford the tech. Units should start balanced without techs and end balanced with all techs. @ValihrAnt’s mod balanced archers well.
  4. Making a game purposely annoying shouldn't be a result of intentional design. Palisades should be much more expensive than they are now, which is about as close to free as you can get from a resource cost and build time perspective, and much more quickly destroyed. Area damage to palisades has been suggested many times by many people and it makes total sense to me.
  5. Turn times are a problem even when the defender doesn't have archers. Rushers are unable to do hit and run attacks now because it takes too long to turn around rushing units and defenders only have to hit h to kill rushing units. If the problem was only archers then players would still effectively rush non-archer civs but that isn't happening. As I have said elsewhere, though, you are correct that archers make the problem particularly acute.
  6. I believe there are three main reasons why no one rushes in a24. Increased rotation times: Higher rotation times makes it more difficult to do hit and run attacks. This is distinct from dancing. Before you could attack and quickly turn away. Now, you attack and have to turn around slowly before running away while the defending player only has to hit h to begin fighting. This provides a major advantage to defending players Slower training times: Slow training times means it now takes longer to train units, so defending players are more likely to have a barrack to produce defending
  7. Just providing feedback on the mod itself--I played a couple games on the mod and I am a huge fan. Game is much, much more balanced, and a lot of fun. A lot of the strategies that disappeared in a24 like rushing are possible. I encourage everyone to give it a try.
  8. This is another solution to a different "problem" that we don't know will work. Reverting to old train times will work to fix the problems that were introduced in a24. What you propose is a larger change to the whole meta, which is fine to propose but an entirely different topic. Any larger changes to the meta should be made from a point that already know works (i.e., a23 training time) and merits of your proposal should be considered within that context.
  9. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/search/?q=spam&quick=1 And, a ton of players complain about spam in game and in lobby. That is just to say the meta is to be efficient, which is kind of like saying the meta is to kill enemy units or to kill enemy CC's because, well, of course, it is. There is clearly less diversity of gameplay strategies now--that is indisputable. Regardless of what individually or collectively actually caused it, @ValihrAnt mod clearly addresses the current problem, and thus is clearly an improvement. As for the need for the a more incremental ap
  10. This isn't true. The current meta is worse because it allows for one good strategy--you to make a ton of barracks, spam, and boom. If you do not make a lot of barracks then you float a ton of res (which is inefficient) because of the long training times. In other words, a25 only allows for one good strategy--put down a lot of barracks and spam. In a23 more winning strategies were available with rushing and quickly phasing up. We've all played it, and the vast majority of people are upset by these changes. The people who complained about spam last alpha are still complaining. And, p
  11. I agree. Spam isn't a problem in and of itself--it is a strategy just like any other. It becomes a problem when it becomes the dominant strategy because it is both the best and easiest strategy. Multiple strategies should be encouraged. Eliminating a strategy is frankly just a lazy way to change the meta by limiting player choice advancing what should be the true goal--to encourage multiple strategies. If you want to encourage other strategies then make other strategies better. Player choice should also be fostered, stifled.
  12. It worked before. It does not work now. If you want something changed then you should make a proposal that modifies what did work instead of keeping what clearly does not. Bad changes shouldn't be kept just because they are new. Players, including those who proposed the current train times, believe the current alpha’s changes are a step back. Moreover, the current alpha still allows spamming—just make more barracks—so it doesn’t to even address the problem you wanted to solve
  13. Two main things. First, longer training times mean that rushes come much later. This means the defensive player is more likely to have a barrack to produce from, which makes it easier to defend against rushes. I think this should be fixed by reverting training times to previous levels. And second, increased turn times makes it harder to do hit and flee attacks. This is particularly troubling for cav rushes. I think this should be fixed by lowering turn times, especially for non-hero units. The whole reason why turn times changed was to reduce dancing except al
  14. This. But there should also be some incentive to rush in P1. Everyone making all women at the start isn’t good.
  15. Even increasing loot would be a huge meta change--especially late game when you are near constant fight. I honestly don't know if it would work. It's a tricky problem to solve. Separately, I talked to Vali in the lobby and he agreed that he didn't think his proposal would work because it did not consider barracks like I pointed out.
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