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  1. Time zones are tough for some of us in the Western hemisphere. Can you do tomorrow at 0:00 CET (18:00 EST)? We should be able to do that.
  2. I do not consent to any team with fpre.
  3. Chill, dude. Nothing is capital 'w' Wrong with your video. Alekesu posted a video to help teach players how to boom and be less vulnerable to rush. 1-I assume both videos were made with the intent of teach and there was no opponent so map size is irrelevant. 2-If a player did an early rush of you with men then you did not have enough men to counter. If someone did an early rush on you with cav you could not counter. If a player did a cav harass on all your berries (which alekesu did not have) you would've lost all food production and many women (and therefore the game). 3
  4. Less women early. Can counter rush.
  5. Here is a more realistic build order with an explanation of how to do it (I know this number can be improved because I did it once in about 14:30 with a similar build order, so tweak the build order around to maximize your build). There is also thread out there with how quick you can reach max pop too, but I think most people cheated and did it with all women (not that it would've made a difference after like 100 pop).
  6. Game 1: Chrstgtr Game 2: Chrstgtr Can one of the observers post the replays. The filepath isn't accurate on Macs and I cannot find the replays since the last OSX update/A23
  7. My presence has been requested by Palaiologos. Americas
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