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  1. So we break healing rate and repair rate to prettify some numbers? I suspect people like @chrstgtr are only bothered with those numbers because they have to look at them regularly for checking the opponents upgrades. If they weren't reflected or only accessible via other means, like entity model changes or let's say changes to the spy interface they couldn't be bothered. If you want to go ahead with this please also state how you intend to handle healing/repair It’s just not intuitive, which makes the game inaccessible to new players. It doesn’t impact me much. New players will ask me questions all the time that are like “what wins—one spear or one jav?” That shouldn’t be a difficult question and we shouldn’t need to play the game for hours to have an intuitive feel. Even though I know how units perform against one another, I can’t guess what units stats are and that’s probably a problem. its not probably not a problem for anyone commenting here, but I think it would be good for new players.
  2. Yeah, I'm not suggesting changing the actual balance. Just that health should be the biggest indicator. And then things should have something like 10 armor standard for piece and hack and that can be slightly increased or decreased. Right now the values are all over the place, which makes looking at stats impossible to understand Unfortunately, this would be quite a math project.
  3. We should just rebase all the health and armor, so that a unit's base armor and health points are more representative of the true health. Right now, it requires a lot of calculations (or gameplay to get a feel for it). Stats should be more intuitive. @letsplay0adwe can do this without changing any of their values...Just make it more intuitive to read by looking at health.
  4. I would imagine that units revert to their normal behavior if theirs orders are now longer available—so same as now. If there units are chasing one unit in the back then that is the players issue to micro. I’m not trying to automate the game. I also imagine that range units would be the ones getting ordered to target specific units types I would see this as possible in what j suggest—you select all u it’s you want to control and tell them what to do, which is the same as now but you can tell them to target a ubit type instead of just and individual unit. Again, not trying to automate the game-just trying to give control to the player and avoid the problem where players have to click a 100 times to do this now.
  5. Same reason why some people want some version of an 'attack ground': melee units don't deal as much damage as the ranged units. Melee units also have more non-attacking time because they have to walk up to the enemy to do damage whereas range units can just slightly change their aim and continue attacking without having to walk up to another unit. Additionally, Range units tend to 'overkill' melee untis because melee units have a tendency to walk to specific a fighting point whereas range units form a line. So what I am suggesting will pragmatically mean that more units are being shot at because two lines of range units may form where the units shoot at the unit standing directly across from them. The reason why the meatshield winner wins is because once a player loses their meatshield then their range units, which are more susceptible to damage, will get quickly overrun. Basically, I am just trying to propose an alternative to the attack ground debate that occurred in another thread where no one could agree how an attack ground should function (i.e. range units shooting randomly within an area vs range units targeting specific units in an area vs. etc.).
  6. Any thoughts and opinions on whether players should be able to target specific unit types? Players are already able to do this for their own units (i.e., double clicking on a jav cav will select all jac cav on the screen). But players are currently not able to select which enemy units they attack aside from doing it one by one. I envision somewhere where units will target the closet unit type within their vision, so basically the same thing as now, but units will ignore all enemies but the type that they've been told to fight. Such an option would help with the meatshield targeting issue where all archers target the closest couple of spears while ignoring all the jav inf standing behind the meatshield. It seems like it would also create better symmetry in what you can select with your units vs what you can select of your enemy units.
  7. I’d prefer it only be CS. I have concerns that that’ll make champ spear cav OP, especially because there is a tech for champ spear cav with Sele and Persia.
  8. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4506 people just can’t agree. If nothing else, I think the 2x multiplier should be implemented since there is agreement in that
  9. It would be nice if there was a runaway option whenever charging is implemented. Otherwise, it will be all offense and no defense.
  10. The only other thing I really have to say is that a lot of people (too many in my opinion) see problems in the the current game and want to create their own ‘perfect’ game from scratch. But everyone has a different idea of perfect and everyone can’t have their own perfect game that everyone plays. At some point, someone will be unhappy. We have what we have and unless you want to be like Wow and create your own game from new cloth then revisions can’t forget everything and become something brand new. Change will be gradual and frustrating because it isn’t anyone’s perfect game. But it’s also worth noting that there is wide consensus that this slow gradual change is an improvement from where we came. It’s not ‘perfect’ but let’s appreciate that it is ‘better’
  11. Just want to say, we appreciate you, Stan. Lots of toxicity has been around the last 18 months or so and it’s easy to forget about good people like you.
  12. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4515 Cost was increased and experience needed to promote was increased.
  13. I liked the way it was before where a double click select all houses from the same civ. You were still at risk of deleting your own houses if you were the same civ, though. Otherwise, I can’t think of any principled way to avoid what you describe (which I agree is annoying)
  14. Could you not just give them an aura that makes close enemy units slow?
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