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  1. Maybe--I'd have to do the math to see. The metal trickle idea came up somewhere else recently. I'm not a fan. Metal is tricky because the res isn't very helpful in early game and is only helpful late game in large amounts. An injection of metal in the middle game, though, can provide a strong one-time eco tech boost that can push a player pretty far ahead. So the bonus is either a very good one-time boost because it allows you to get the p2 eco techs immediately after phasing OR it provides too little metal in late game (or too much of a useless resource in early game). I think a more direct and balanced way to provide a metal bonus would be to provide a discount of something like a 10% metal discount on techs (and/or soldiers).
  2. The Mechanical Innovation sounds good. Standardized Currency seems very weak.
  3. Those buildings can be lost which would expose them. But yes, that is why I originally envisioned it all occurring outside of structures.
  4. It makes them vulnerable. If you lose the building while units are being trained then you just lost the building (and whatever time) and the res for the citizens is refunded. If you lose the men then you lose the resources too. The point is to create a cheap, but risky, alternative way to make champs.
  5. My point is that if you want something unique then it should be unique and not a copy of what already exists. What you're proposing is derivative of what already exists--it's basically the same thing but easier and for a bigger benefit. Make it unique.
  6. We basically already have that with garrisoning CS hoplites to rank up. If a unit is garrisoning or whatever to rank up then nothing else matters. No one does it. There's also basically no downside of doing that because it is the same cost as CS with all the upside. Defenseless sounds much more interesting to me
  7. Maybe instead of garrison it is an aura outside like a temple so that the unit is vulnerable. Could also have a garrison option that is safer, but slower. We probably also have them train with one another (like with healers) so that they don’t need to be right next to a building. (This probably lends itself to some cool wresting art animations)
  8. My two cents and some suggestions for improvement: Sounds like fun I like this a lot too. Very unique and helpful. I'm not a fan of getting rid of things that work and this seems like a change just for change's sake. I don't see anything wrong with the current bonus, which is very useful but not OP. The gold proposal also sounds very difficult to make useful without being OP. If the trickle is high enough to eliminate a need to gather metal for p2 techs then the bonus will probably be OP. If the bonus isn't strong enough to do that then it will provide almost no benefit. If you want to include some gold proposal then providing some gold discount for techs seems much easier to balance and more useful. Not a fan of deviating from standard stats for common units. It makes the game more difficult to learn and harder to balance. If so desired, I would introduce differences in the form of techs like "grain gather +20%; attack -10%" This seems really difficult to balance. Making them free seems it could make them very easy to spam and OP (i.e., build three extra houses at very start and train 30 Spartiates so that at min 6 you have an unbeatable army--enemies also can't do anything to stop this type of spam bc it just requires time, which no rush can stop). If the training is super slow then I don't think anyone will bother to train them because they will take up too much pop space without providing any benefit. My suggestion is that we create an alternate way to make spartiates. All history texts tell us that Spartan citizens used to train all the time to becomes spartiates. Why don't we create a male citizen that does nothing but can train himself into a spartiate. This way the male citizen just takes up space and resources (I would set cost to 50 food) while being vulnerable to attack. This would provide a new, unique, and cheap way to get champs. But this also avoids the "too easy to mass" problem because they will be super vulnerable while "training" out in the open and the loss would costly.
  9. Eco Techs. Military techs. Heroes. Siege. Other p2 buildings like temples and markets. Basically every reason why you go p3 now. Most players don’t win now because they got p3 champs. All those current ways to win will still be possible
  10. I think we’ve seen people claim all three in this one discussion. That suggests either there are a lot of charlatans or people just don’t know
  11. It's pretty clear no one really knows...it's just one person guessing versus another. Even so, all the civs have such deep histories that you can justify almost anything with some historical context. At some point, this is just a game that we all play to have fun. Absent any glaring historical inaccuracies, gameplay should be taken into consideration.
  12. Yeah, I am not saying I am not concerned about chariots becoming a problem--it is certainly something that we should be on the look out for. What I am saying is that we haven't seen them become a problem yet and, like with fire cav, I am concerned that potential problems are actually caused by the hero (Boudica) and not the unit itself.
  13. At the end of the day, chariots haven’t been OP in a25. In the absence of a problem, a nerf can only do harm by making a unit ineffective (i.e., see all the unit types that no one builds because their not worth their res inputs. I would also argue that a 11% decrease in dmg is material, especially when compare to CS’ total dmg stats I don’t think good raiding has anything to do with it because many Brit players are never raided and still don’t spam chariots. Even if raided, garrisoning women for a few seconds has a marginal impact on food production by min 20. Compare this situation to Iber where Iber can be all but destroyed and then comeback with a medium sized fire cav army a few minutes later that ends up winning the game. There is simply something different about fire cav and chariots and I don’t think comparisons are useful because of how different players use the two units.
  14. Yeah, I get that. I’ve just never seen anyone actually make a case that chariots in and of themselves are OP. All statements seem to be “they have the same stats as fire cav, which were OP.” But we know that a big part of the fire cav problem was the hero that made them so easy to mass. That problem isn’t present with Brits. It’s a fair topic to raise, but I haven’t seen them ever become a game-breaking problem and my only my concerns with chariots come when they get paired with Boudica. Fire cav start becoming a problem even before they are massed (ie, having like 10 in your normal army will start to really turn battles) whereas chariots only become a problem when you have boudica paired with them, which only really makes sense once the chariots are already massed
  15. It’s still a 11% nerf to something that hasn’t been shown to be problematic. Whereas fire cav were hugely problematic
  16. I honestly don’t see a problem with chariots. They’re not made much now (much less abused) so I see no reason to change them. If anything, I would adjust Boudica speed bonus
  17. 150 metal is still way faster than 100 food and 50 wood. 1-food is the slowest gatherer resource 2-it requires upgrades for only one resource type 3-metal mines take a long time to deplete whereas wood is quickly chopped down. As a result, players must build multiple storehouses to always be close to wood while they only need to build two storehouses for metal mines. This means that collecting wood costs resources (the cost to build storehouses), time (the time spent building storehouses), and shuttling time (the amount of time wasted when units walk from the wood to the storehouse). These costs are almost nonexistent for metal.
  18. I think making all civs play the same is undesirable.
  19. +1 Isn't this a huge area of improvement, though? I thought the calvary straight lines that contain a bunch of overlapping units was one of the improvements in a26
  20. How do we install this? It is a .patch file, which I have never seen before. Putting it in the mod folder doesn't work. This will open up some cool new build orders.
  21. He wants something that is perfectly fair. Albeit, boring. Bal maps is still essentially mainland with equal res that are randomly distributed.
  22. I don't think an extra cav will be that big of a deal in team games, but you're probably right for 1v1s. I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean Persia would start with 2 cav, 1 spear, 2 archers, and 4 women? I tested that a little bit and it seems fine at first glance. It does seem like it will create some unique build orders, which I think is your goal and would be nice. It also creates a nice defense tradeoff like you mention.
  23. I already said I'm talking about team games. In team games, 2 cav isn’t enough to do an effective rush, especially if you are in the pocket. No one, especially pockets, will fear a rush just because there is a Persia on the enemy team. If there are extra berries, you’ll definitely be faster with a normal start. If there are no extra hunt/berries, you’re faster with a normal start. If hunt is hard to get (because it is spread out, limited, and/or far from the CC) then you’re better with a normal start. In a situation where there is good, easy hunt then you’ll be basically the same speed unless you want to rush, I’m which case you’ll be slightly faster. My point is: the proposal takes a slow civ and the makes it slower in the majority of situations. This does not mean that you can’t have two cav at the start, though. If you want two cav units at the start, you can easily modify the proposal to give an extra cav unit at the start (like how Maurya has an ele and Kush has a healer). This alternative will open up other build orders and doesn’t risk making Persia’s boom very slow.
  24. What do you do after you run out of chicken and there is no extra hunt? The standard four women is much, much faster because it is already has women on berries and already has the berry tech with no wasted units. It is how you are set up for the future. The regular build gets you there faster with no waste and waste and there is no drag moving forward. The regular build also gives you the flexibility to build an extra cav unit at the start and not be any slower because of it. This starting configuration is just going to be slower.
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