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  1. first pages of this topic, are these your study material, I can't see any jokes here.
  2. it will be great if he learn the game better and play like OP and put more content in youtube, he got a lot of fans
  3. Some NOOB Video Editing from me using openshot.
  4. Alistair Findlay RANTING ABOUT 0 A.D. !!!
  5. so you are the only girl in planet earth playing 0AD.
  6. Regicide is for quick games and it's fun and players can play a lot of games in the time taken for one conquest alone. and new players have a chance to win a game with a bit of luck. unlucky if you get Cleopatra of course, I am worried about players who get acharya Chanakya.
  7. Minecraft videos got 1 trillion views in youtube. its a stupid game, why do people like it? I don't understand.
  8. I saw it yesterday when I took screenshots of nani's game
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