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  1. It would be nice if you can add new textures and tree models in feldmap mod to make things more realistic/beautiful.
  2. look how much time it takes to micro away from the pikeman and my cav died anyway, in 0AD time play a big factor. I feel pikemen is buffed too much. and even after hitting too many javelins pikeman is barely touched. watch the second video. pikeman is reasonably strong but still getting hit by javelins and eventually dies I had to micro hard though and wasted lot of time killing one pikeman.
  3. ok will try that. but we can see the outcome of the new balancing changes in games we play, we should not shut eyes to that. also we should consider the opinion of players who has been playing this game for years, if they don't like the direction of balancing changes then we should not go that direction.
  4. I think we should play test the changes before finalizing them
  5. I don't think it is a good idea to make cavalry inferior to infantry. cavalry in history was superior to infantry if we change that for sake of a stupid balance issue 0AD will be a stupid game to play. I feel stupid playing with this new version if stronger units are useless in battle. if we are trying to make cavalry = infantry then reduce the food cost of cavalry 50 food 50 wood cav would make sense then. also why they die too fast?
  6. I don't like this new version after playing for a while. can I vote again?
  7. I think latest version has made the game harder. I prefer cavalry to be more effective but the new version made them weak, may be we should add more speed to them?
  8. another easy option is ask the needy player how much resources he/she needs and send them so that he can train units himself
  9. I think we can copy the gameplay of AOE4, that is, when melee attack buildings they attack with fire, we can bring this as a purchasable upgrade from barracks or fort. I don't know it if is historically accurate but we can bring a new upgrade to archers/ranged so that they can attack with fire arrows.
  10. I've been talking about fire damage to buildings for a while now. With torches and units carrying vases of tar. yes I think 0AD cannot ignore fire damage too long. eventually it will be added in game.
  11. I think this is needed else cavalry can easily rush, I want towers strong, else what is the point of making the purchase. I will reduce cost of sentry towers. make it easy to capture in p1 will be good for the rusher. I personally beginning to like this mod and OP players are also doing same OP stuff they were doing with a little change in strategy. also reduce cost of champs, I think 0AD needs more champion battle. winning with village phase units is not very rich feel about the game. we need more colorful battles. also it will be better if we can purchase higher rank units or purchase new techs specific to unit like in AOE4 from barracks like we do to cavalry, one more suggestion is add fire weapons to units to destroy buildings may be we can give it as an upgrade or tech from fort. this new feature can counter the turtle players. we should counter turtle using a new tech, making towers useless is not a good way, people will stop using them, we better introduce a new tech like fire attack by units to take down buildings like it is in age of empires
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