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  1. I think we should promote 0AD as much as we can or find funds for this project.
  2. replays are not visible, may be I can play with AI or let AI play and make a video of that it will be funny if I add commentary for that though! so may be I shouldn't add commentary.
  3. I will try this, hopefully @seeh can do that too, I know that he is using the compiled version of the game.
  4. so If I select units and give order to move and deselect the units, lag will be less right?
  5. I run the game using vulkan in GT 1030 I had to install graphics driver for vulkan game working fine.
  6. I find this is relatable to 0AD and a piece of advice "don't watch any other videos of this man" he is a story teller and a fake guru, but this temple is remarkable motivation for everyone working on something it took 135 years to complete this temple. 0AD took > 25 year and still going forward.
  7. phase 4, in fact I had a dream of going to phase 4 in my sleep, My army was super awesome in that phase.
  8. DOS is a real thing in 0AD, someone or some code is definitely destroying hosted games To check if DOS attack is real thing and it is not game bug, one of our 0AD player Levai hosted a game using his static ip server. the game run extra smooth and we didn't get a DOS attack. I assume there is someone deliberately trying to cause problems in the lobby. We experienced close to zero lag in privately hosted game.
  9. rather than adding new civ why we are not thinking about a new phase.
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