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  1. As a deep music lover, and a musician, I can say that today there's not a more uncomfortable place to sit than the place reserved to whom who truly appreciates music. Can you see yourselves spending your life listening to thousands of albums, just to argue to a random dude about the fact that "a 13 minutes song is unlistenable lmao"? Well, I wouldn't like to. But that's my life. It's not something new to say that art has become a product of commerce under the section 'entertainment' over the last century, but the impact that this had on the various fields is something more ignored. While literature and movies (that with music are the 3 most popular forms of art by far) still conserve some respect by their users, music has going down in a hole of disrespect and violence. Before I speak about how this disrespect is practiced by the nowadays typical listener and producer's behaviours, I would like to say why in my opinion music became the most disrespected form of art. We will all agree saying that every form of art needs a certain amount of attention to be understood and appreciated: if you want to evaluate the beauty of the production of an artist, you forcibly have to experience it. Naturally, every art has a different mode of fruition: A movie, asks you to stay silent on your chair and watch it. A book, asks you to stay silent on your chair and read it. A song, asks you to stay silent on your chair and listen to it @#$%ing start dancing eheh I want to have fun xdxd Films and books require a certain and obligatory amount of attention given by their mode of use. It doesn't matter how much you lousy and silly director want to make a silly and lousy work to sell more tickets: people will still have to find a reason to overcome their laziness, sit and watch it silently for X amount of time. It doesn't matter how much you silly and embarassing writer want to write a silly and embarassing book to sell more copies: people will still have to find a reason to overcome their laziness, sit and concentrate on your words. That's why movies are more popular than books: less efforts needed in appreciating them. And that's why dumb people that don't care about art are forced to admit they are ignorant about them: they don't want to spend SO MUCH time and energy > they don't watch movies or read on a daily basis > they have no reason to pretend they know something about it. And there's no way to really cheat, there's no way to watch a movie without watching it or to read a book without reading it. But music is so kind! If you want to, you can listen to music even when you are doing your work. You can listen to music at the supermarket, at the gym, in the hospital, in the elevator, every@#$%ingwhere you want to. It just requires your EARS, while your eyes and your hands are free to do whatever you want. While your mind is free to pay attention to something else. So yeah, here we are: all the people in the world spend most of their life hearing music everywhere and all the time. That makes music easy to sell, easy to enjoy, the general required attention is near 0, so you can literally sell the same prototype-song over and over and no one will even realize. And the real tragedy: the average casual listener will think he loves music, will think he's really passionate about music, he literally listens to so much genres. More delusional than a seventeen y.o. communist. In reality, he just listens all day long to entertainment music. The same song, over and over again: different title, different words, 80-120 bpm, 4/4 time signature. He's just the final part of the chain of a big sociological research investment, designed to give him exactly what he wants and what he already likes. Guys, I beg you to break the circle: stop listening to music while you do something else. If you truly appreciate that artist, respect him and listen to what he wants to say to you. You would be surprised that maybe he doesn't really have nothing to say at all, and you wasted so much time with a moron. And that's exactly what you just did reading this. Would be better to avoid to commit the same mistake again, uh?
  2. I think it is a self-evident truth. Would be like saying "if you have to do the impossible to achieve something, you can't"; or "you can achieve only what's in your range". The point is that what falls inside the group of the achievable things change following your skill/abilities/knowledge, so technically with endurance and patience a prior beyond-our-limits-thing can eventually be achieved with no overextension. Because our limits are defined by our "power", and our "power" is not fixed. I think this was missing in your interpretation, but it's crucial in order to preserve the dynamic of how our range of possibilities changes. To just say "don't try hard" could be taken as a general excuse to give up on difficult achievement, which is offensive to ourselves. Also, I don't think Laozi was proposing that kind of passivity, which really looks more like resignation (a thing that I often felt from your thoughts). Surely he was more oriented to push the reader into the typical eremitic/ascetic kind of life, avoiding the circle of desires and passions. So avoiding to overextend should mean to live a simple and virtuous life, freeing you of all the egoistic desires etc. Which is a thing shared by most of the traditional spiritual doctrines and that I agree with. So nothing to do with our every day conduct and our every day problems, all such things are simply considered useless and dangerous. I would've agreed with: So don't try hard, 'cause if you have to try hard to succeed you have already lost. All that requires overextension is just a desire that comes from the slavery of your soul: live your life virtuously and simply, achieving things won't give you happiness, there's nothing to be reached, even kill the focking Buddha if you meet him on the streets etc. etc. 'cause happiness is renouncing to this tension towards anything you don't already have. I think this could be a more correct interpretation of the quote.
  3. Amazing despite the issues! Thank you so much, I was lost without it.
  4. Will we have an update for the current alpha? I'm ready to pay in nature.
  5. I don't think they were good soldiers. We know for sure that one of the challenges the young spartans had to face during their "training" for being hoplites was the "crypteia/κρυπτεία". They had to go out in the night and find helots, with the only task of killing them and stealing their food. They were literally used as meat for training, and that makes me think of a more or less null and void military preparation among them. An ancient greek historian, Mirone di Priene, even said that the helots "too physically similar to a spartan in strength and vigor" were killed with no hesitation. As far as I remember, but I can't give a precise source, when called to the military duties helots were usually equipped with a pike but without armor (lol). Sometimes they were also slingers, or simply used to bring food to the soldiers in the battlefield. Hope this can help, finally my 5 years of ancient greek classes in high school are showing some utility lmao
  6. because politics and geography are different fields. That's why after Brexit no one organized some cargo ships to transport England far away in the Atlantic ocean. ...despite the fact Scotia and North Ireland would be very happy about it.
  7. Per aspera ad astra. And the Pope already joined our fight! I like the fact that the article shows a picture of a bag made of crocodile's leather. That's being part of the ecosystem too, satisfying the fetish for luxury objects some people have. Thankfully I will never see a crocodile in my garden like some people in the USA do, so I'm okay with their presence in the world. No hate for crocodiles.
  8. Since some days ago Frinsong started to express very heavy opinions about islamic religion in the lobby (it is a religion made by a pedophile, it should be forbidden in the west etc.). Then he started to join matches, write those things and quit. Would be good to ban him. If it is not enough, he even wrote multiple times "add hommini" instead of "ad hominem". Can someone please stand up in the name of islamic people and latin speakers?
  9. Actually Sparta's army had also slingers, a role reserved to helots. Would be also very cool to consider a new unit based on the figure of the "aulos" players. Aulos is a sort of flute, and those players had the role to guide and keep orderly the formations of hoplites through their music. They were highly respected among the population. They should have an aura and could give some bonuses only to infantry set on formation. Something similar to the Trumpeters of the Gauls. "It was a sight equally grand and terrifying when they marched in step with the rhythm of the flute, without any gap in their line of battle, and with no confusion in their souls, but calmly and cheerfully moving with the strains of their hymn into the deadly fight. Neither fear nor excessive fury is likely to possess men so disposed, but rather a firm purpose full of hope and courage, believing as they do that Heaven is their ally." Plutarch, The Parallel Lives (Chapter II, section III) "And then there was the clash: the Argives and their allies advanced impetuously and full of anger, the Lacedaemonians instead advanced slow and at the cadence marked by numerous flutists placed among them not for reasons of religious worship but to be able to march in step with that rhythm and so the ranks would not get confused, which often happens to the great ones when they go to the assault " Aulio Gellio, Noctic Atticae (I, XI, 1-5) Could also be considered to add a new figure to the Temple: the oracle. Among ancient greek civilization was very common to make animal sacrifices towards the gods before engaging a battle, to determine their will. We could add the possibility to train this figure inside the temple, who can use hunt to make those sacrifices. These can give positive or negative response, in a completely random way, with a consequent temporary bonus (or maybe a malus if response is negative) for the army.
  10. This is an amazing content @cl2488 My gratitude for sharing it, and my respect for writing it. Outstanding job
  11. @user1 Instead of resigning, like gentlemen usually do, HOI leaved the match. commands.txt metadata.json
  12. valii left the match forcing me to search for his units. Also the bot didn't count me the win, for some mysterious reason. commands.txt metadata.json
  13. Basiliskos left the match instead of resigning. @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  14. I resolved all the problems rebooting my Mac, incredibly. Thanks to everybody for the answers! Your support is amazing.
  15. Thanks for the reply @Gurken Khan Yes I meant Mac OS. I didn't get any update yesterday. I know how to give permissions to the users, but not to the apps. How can I do that on Mac? I tried so search for guides on the internet but I only found the guide for changing the permissions of the users. However now the data of my profile and the settings remain saved (after I erased a bunch of file to have more free space), but the hosting problem is always there.
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