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  1. Numidian mercenary of Hasmonean Dynasty (130-63 BCE)
  2. Me neither, maybe a mod would scrap them. Those huge swords for tiny hands remind me of warcraft design.
  3. Emblems or flags not really, I mean not in a way that would be equivalent. But there are local artistic expression and coins that could help. For example the Treveri: Or the Lepontii:
  4. Isn't Arminius a cavarly commander and a Roman eques?
  5. Sure. The Gauls could have the Lepontii with axemen, the Treveri with better cavalry or even the Salyes/Saluvii with a unique building from Entremont and Roquepertuse. The Britons with the Caledonii swordsmen, an Irish/Iverni warrior etc. etc. I can find multiple examples of this kind. By paired techs you mean that the player would have to chose between two tribes (two techs)?
  6. As a complementary info, we reached the same conclusion I think
  7. Sevili Dusios seems to be a reference to bodypainting. I think this is a very weird historical reference to the Dusii from Isidore of Seville, definitely something to change https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dusios Personally I would prefer something related to hp or the regen instead of increased speed for the bodypainting unique tech. you are serious or joking? It makes sense to me. That's a good idea. The Gauls were known for their cavalry and their longswords. Although it would be really nice to distinguish both Celtic civ instead of considering them as a unique g
  8. The only thing is that it is much less flexible. You cannot decide to ungarrison the men, you must kill the chariots for this
  9. Ooh I like that one. Thanks for the constructive feedback.
  10. Currently the Britons are nearly identical to the Gauls, some varieties have recently been added thanks to the work of @Alexandermb with the shields but I really think it should goes deeper than that. Especially if one of the complaint about A24 is the lack of diversity in the gameplay (although the game is much more balanced now). I already pointed out my opinion on the differences between the Gauls and the Britons on the matter of warfare. Particularly the importance of war chariots and of Homeric fighting tradition. But instead of repeating my opinion, I will quote one from an archaeol
  11. https://phys.org/news/2021-03-ancient-genomes-decline-scythians.html Ancient genomes trace the origin and decline of the Scythians Generally thought of as fierce horse warriors, the Scythians were a multitude of Iron Age cultures who ruled the Eurasian steppe, playing a major role in Eurasian history. A new study published in Science Advances analyzes genome-wide data for 111 ancient individuals spanning the Central Asian Steppe from the first millennia BCE and CE. The results reveal new insights into the genetic events associated with the origins, development and decline of the step
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