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  1. I actually don't mind criticizing the US for their hypocrisy on human rights. You can add their stance on the UDHR to the stack. I am not pro-US. But I also don't follow most of the Left wing views on the US. Especially their obsession on the US, putting them responsible for everything bad happening in the world. And your multiple messages gave me the feeling you have similar views to far-left politicians like Jean-Luc Mélenchon (France) and Pablo Iglesias (Spain). People I abhor because they use the US as a scarecrow to defend dictatorships and authoritarian regimes.
  2. You are really misplaced for saying this. You barely objected to Lion claims, mostly when it was about the green policy. From the first page of the previous topic, you have written almost exclusively criticisms about the US. You never objected anything to AIEND when he was defending the CCP. Furthermore I posted a video about an Exxon lobbyist being caught on camera, you liked/thanked the video. I edited the message to add another video, demonstrating how a youtuber has been used by the Chinese government to deny the Uyghur genocide. You removed your like. So... you have double standards too. I continue to think you only want a place to rant about the US.
  3. You can rename the title of the thread to "please leave me a place to rant about the US" Seriously if you want to talk about the US and their dirty history, no issue with that. But don't use the current situation in Ukraine as a pretext to do it. Go straight for it, without trying to justify it with the current situation in Ukraine. I find it really awful to do that when it is part of a speech used to relieve a belligerent of responsibility. Your whataboutism really bothers me.
  4. Forty-five nations pledge to coordinate evidence of war crimes in Ukraine On Thursday, 45 countries at the conference in The Hague - headquarters of the International Criminal Court (ICC) - signed a political declaration to work together on investigations into war crimes in Ukraine. Those countries included European Union states as well as Britain, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. https://www.reuters.com/world/west-seeks-coordinate-evidence-war-crimes-ukraine-2022-07-14/ A poster made in 1944 by the political movement Nasjonal Samling in Norway. A good analogy for the continuous usage of the US as a scarecrow, a fallacious argument.
  5. I simply scanned the file with virustotal, that's a habit I have, especially with SVG because you can hide malicious script in it easily. But in this case I think this is a false positive. I just don't think the script is really necessary, you can see the svg without it.
  6. seems to doesn't like the SVG Pan script inside the SVG file
  7. And activate MFA / 2FA, this is mandatory those days...
  8. An old thread but relevant: Edit: Personally I would say it is not the polygon count the issue but the texture resolution. 2000 is good enough with better textures.
  9. If you read the beginning of the page, it says: "Agis, on seeing this, with the royal cohort, which was made up of his bravest men, I. plunged right into the dangerpoint of the fight, and cutting down those who resisted most bravely..." There is also the account of Diodorus Siculus, suggesting in this case he did kill some enemies: Diod. 17.63.4: An interesting event occurred in connection with Agis's death. He had fought gloriously and fell with many frontal wounds. As he was being carried by his soldiers back to Sparta, he found himself surrounded by the enemy. Despairing of his own life, he ordered the rest to make their escape with all speed and to save themselves for the service of their country, but he himself armed and rising to his knees defended himself, killed some of the enemy and was himself slain by a javelin cast; he had reigned nine years.
  10. Agis III at the battle of Megalopolis: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015008158407&view=1up&seq=21 "Strabo (XV, 724) gives the treaty between Seleucus and Chandragupta, in which Seleucus ceded certain provinces and gave the Indian a daughter or niece, receiving in return 500 elephants." https://www.jstor.org/stable/626263 that's the motivation for the bonus
  11. The other solution is that training Leonidas bring immediately another king (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leotychidas_II), the same with Agis III (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleomenes_II). While Brasidas (not being a king but a general) wouldn't bring a new one. The other king could have a generic model. Or, the two kings system could be simply a bonus if the hero dies the player got a large discount for the next one.
  12. "always flanked by" I am not sure of. But yeah athletes were considered for the royal guard.
  13. Good idea. That would be unique. Olympic champion? Not sure if it is a proper name.
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