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  1. So there are evidences for spearmen, swordsmen, javelineers, light cavalry, heavy cavalry, slingers. The most common symbol for the Lusitanians is the lunula: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lusitanians#/media/File:Lúnula_lusitana_de_Chão_de_Lamas_(M.A.N._28589)_01.jpg
  2. @Lopess @Duileoga Sadly I don't have the time to give advices on a new mini-faction, I just got a new job and I am really busy for the following months. Furthermore I am already helping Europa Barbarorum's team, which is time-consuming. In addition, Spanish is not my mother tongue and I am still learning it. Finally, I don't know enough the Iberian peninsula to rely on memory. So basically I could help mostly by relying on reading, for which I am not in the best position in this context. In the future, I can ask Trarco if he wants to participate here. I can simply remember you that t
  3. By the way, that the same for any civilization. Nobody uses a dagger to cut animal parts if they have access to a knife. Same for the Celts:
  4. At least a knife not a dagger: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/335940453439160489/ https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/335940453447051027/ https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/335940453446548736/
  5. I am in favor of the inclusion of a Chinese faction (warring states or Han dynasty). I am simply expressing here my support in case someone is interested. Xiaolian: It is the concept of filial piety and incorruptibility introduced by Emperor Wudi (Han dynasty) and Dong Zhongshu for the election of high officials.
  6. Celtic women, did they fight? English subtitles available:
  7. They have been replaced in Europa Barbarorum II (I see you took your inspiration from EB1), now the Parthians and the Seleucids have access to: Payadag i Kardakan / Persian Heavy Spearmen These men have been trained and carry uniform equipment, making them more reliable than other eastern infantrymen. Equipped with thureos shields and spears, they provide a strong infantry line, which levied men would not be able to hold against organised opposition. Historically the Hakhamanishiya had always promoted a common education, in theory open to everyone, but only the nobility cou
  8. Le guerrier gaulois de La Gorge-Meillet https://musee-archeologienationale.fr/le-guerrier-gaulois-de-la-gorge-meillet Le guerrier gaulois de La Gorge-Meillet retrouve son visage https://musee-archeologienationale.fr/le-guerrier-gaulois-de-la-gorge-meillet-retrouve-son-visage
  9. It was more about the current situation with the Iberians mixing references from different cultures and peoples. Notably the Iberians have Viriathus as a hero. I suggested in the past either to make at least two different civs or to more clearly distinguish the other peoples in the Iberian roster and building tree.
  10. I know, I found the old wall model in the game editor. Indeed it is impossible to make a real rampart for the moment. I am sharing the video simply because this is something I found cool. For the bonus I suggested as a unique tech for the Gauls, this is not really important that the current wall in the game is not a true murus gallicus (anyway only a few people knows the difference).
  11. Interesting 3D model showing how a mixed type of rampart was built (mixture between Altkönig Preist walls and Murus Gallicus rampart)
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