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  1. Hi Stacie, yes, I have been working 2 years so far on this map because I have a lot of work responsibilities that take a lot of my time. But on my free time I have been researching ancient history and geography videos in order to recreate the struggles of the Roman Republic, 0 AD Stile, and make the map as possibly close to Central Southern Europe and The Mediterranean as the game editor engine permit me, As a personal hobby. I will be publishing the map here in the forum for anyone that like it, to download it as soon as is finish. The Rise of Rome campaign will require a lot of strategy for any player, as they will have to fight 2 active AL players and a lot of Gaia units from many buffer states that players will encounter while expanding across the map. Capturing strategic ports and cities will be a most to keep expanding. As a Roman player, you will have to fight Samnites and Greeks in the south of Italy and many Gaul tribes in the norther territories of the Italian Peninsula at the start of the game. Rome will have to fight also the Carthaginians in Sicily, Spain and North Africa, so the Siracusans , The Iberians in Spain, Macedonians, Greeks and Spartans, in Greece, Selucides in Anatolia and Palestine, the Ptolemies in Egypt, and lot of Pirates and Mercenaries in North Africa. if the Roman player dare to cross the sea from France to England, he will also fight the Britons. Expect a lot of battles in this map. Lot of sea battles , amphibious attacks, and sieges. This campaign will be a fun experience for all players, new and old alike. It makes take you a few days to finish it. The map Is Gigantic. Players can also modify the map to their own taste, and experiment with new campaigns to play with other players or share with others using this map. I look forward to seeing new modifications made by other map designers to the original one I did. Here is a small preview with some info about some of the locations and factions you will encounter playing 0-AD Rise of Rome. Any Ideas or suggestions are always welcome. Thank you all for your time and attention.
  2. Hi Lion, What about Adding the Rise of Rome campaign map...I will be posting the campaign soon for everyone to play it. You can play the campaign on solo mode as The Roman Republic, or modified the settings for up to 8 players. The map can also be modified to fit everyone personal taste and be use for many other scenarios, like the Roman Civil war or whatever pop into your mind. You can add other mods to it as well to make new scenarios base on many Historical situations in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa. Creativity has no limits for the creative mind.
  3. No soy un experto, pero puede ser que tu versión del juego no sea compatible con la de otros jugadores.En realidad no se...pero tal vez sea eso. La ultima version del juego hasta donde se , es la 25. Yo todavía estoy en la 24.
  4. Yes, they can. I also made 3 crossing for troops to cross from one land mass to another. Ships can cross between them as well. One is from the Italian tip to Sicily, the other one is from Galipolli in Macedonia to Anatolia, and the other one is from North Africa to Spain.
  5. Hi everyone, just came to share these pictures with you all about the 0 AD Empires at War, Rise of Rome campaign. I have been working on this Gigantic map for this campaign. The Campaign is made for a solo player, but it can be set for up to 8 players if your PC have the power to push so many units at the same time. My PC can do up to 3 active Al so far, Plus the Gaia player. In this campaign, you play as Rome, and have to defeat all faction and conquer the Whole map. You will have to fight Gauls, Carthaginians, Samnites, Greeks, Spartans, Ptolomeans, Seleucids, Macedonians, Britons, North African mercenaries and Pirates, Capture Catafalques, Cities, Ports and Towns to expand your empire and conquest the Ancient Mediterranean, Southern Europe, Anatolia, Palestine and North Africa. The Map is gigantic, so expect a lot of hours of play, many Epic battles and skirmishes. The enemies you will encounter are not easy to defeat as many may believe at first, so a lot of Strategy for battle hardened players will be a most in order to defeat them. So far, the Tests I have been running are working fine, no error so far. Making all these Factions and units to behave as closely as possible to their own Historical situations 0 AD stile, have been a Challenge for me, so to keep the campaign balanced as well. But is something I did with a lot of Love and passion for this game. I do really admire and love the design and the hard work so many of you, game designers, had put to make this open source Universe possible. My respect and admiration is with you all for such an outstanding job. I will be publishing the campaign soon, here at the Forum, for you all to download and add to your collection of maps, scenarios and campaigns. Here are some pictures I want to share. Thank you all for your time and attention.
  6. Hi guys, here is a picture of the Empires at War, Rise of Rome I made , using the 0 AD Scenario Editor...I have been working over a year on it, and posted some pictures of how is looking, for you guys to see, and I think is finally done, after more than a year making it... I really would like to share it with you guys, but I don't know how to upload , so any help from any of you that know how to do it is welcome...The map is Gigantic, and It represents Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, the map and the factions can be modified to your own taste as you like. The scenario I made for this map is set for 4 players, Rome, Carthage, The Gauls, and the Seleucid Empire. You can play any of them or set them as AL players as you like. I make the map to look as close as possible to the real Geographical shape of Southern Europe, The Mediterranean sea, Northern Africa and the region of Palestine and the Anatolia peninsula, and the map is packed with gaia factions that will attack and defend their small buffer states from all All main players including the AL bot. So as you move across the map expanding your empire you will also encounter Sasanids, Gauls and Germanic tribes, Greeks, Spartans, Macedonians, Iberians, Britons , Ptolemaics , Desert Pirates and mercenaries. The map have cities and ports that represent real cities and towns from that age that need to be capture or destroy for their strategic value and a lot of resources for all player to capture and keep expanding. You can set this map as you like...I usually play with the Roman Republic...so that's why I call it Rise of Rome, but you all can play and set the scenario as you like, Hope you guys enjoy it , and if possible, make it better than what I did...I am pretty sure many of you will, and I see forward to that. I just need advice on how to upload here for you guys to play and get it tested, and fix it from any errors if you find any, and make it better... May the Only true God be always by our side... ....You can write me to my gmail account. charliechill17pr@gmail.com. Thank you all for your time and attention.
  7. Hi everyone just came to say hi, and to share some Pictures of the Empires At war Rise of Rome 0AD Scenario that I have been working on for almost a year... Just have some talks with Lopess, a Brazilian moder, I meet at this forum. to join forces and make this scenario a Solid 0 AD Game scenario for all you guys to enjoy and play, or modified as you like, with the Roman Republic as the main protagonist, and it's chronological history of conquest and expansion across the whole Mediterranean Sea and Central Europe. Here, I'm sharing some pictures with some remarks, so you all can get an Idea of how it is coming so far. Share your ideas and opinions, all criticism, good or bad are welcome, specially suggestions...and thanks for sharing. Remarks are in Spanish, so to those That don't speak Spanish, I'm sorry guys... But that is the language I used to communicate with Lopess who speak Portuguese, too...and I send pictures to him first and now I'm sharing them here...but you guys get the idea... Peace and prosperity be with you all. Thanks for sharing, guys.
  8. I am a Gringo from Miami Florida, from Cuban exiles extraction, so that make me a Latin, I speak English and Spanish fluently, can understand some Italian, Portuguese and French, and if have a hard time, I use the translator from Google...So Im cool about communicating with people from other cultures,and Actually enjoy doing so. I like to meet people from all cultures and nations, and the translator if a great tool for doing so. I love History with a passion, especially military History. Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Napoleonic age, World War 1 and 2 are topics I really enjoy among many others. I do really love to learn about other cultures and their Historical experiences as a civilization. As a gamer, I love Age of Empires, Rome total war, and Napoleon's Total war. And Now 0 AD...I do really love the Job you all have done to give life to this game. In my personal life I am a Commercial Graphic designer that own a small print shop in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, a very lovely tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.
  9. Yes, I think you are right... The Units that I am using to represent the Ilyrian Pirates and North Africans mercenaries are a mix of many units from other factions, and I have them under the Gaia player. About the Trees I want to delete, they are no actors...they are entities...I been using the editor for almost a year in order to make the map, and I can tell easily went a unit is an actor, or an Entity... I have learned a lot by Trial and errors...so I know they are entities, but don't know how to eliminate those, actors are easy, but entities are not...or at least it looks that way for me so far....but thanks anyway.
  10. Don't know why...but I select the area, press delete, so + and delete ..but they don't go away, the actors trees do, but not the entities ones. Thanks anyway. Will try tonight as soon as I get back from work. Thanks.
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