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  1. I have been watching the episodes back to back while on lockdown. And I'm in absolute love with the show. I have never seen something so well done. The characters, the scenery, the clothing, the details, the action, the drama, I think is a Million times better than Games of thrones or any other show that follow a medieval setting. And what impress me the most is that it is not an American TV show nor an English-speaking one, but a Turkish one, I also like the way they portray Islam and the historical characters, the intrigue, the treason, the politics of the age, the sword fights... That show has it all. I love Ertogrul. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Just came to say Hi, and to recommend you guys to check this show...If you are in to history ,adventures, sword fights, politic, espionage, war, romance, mysticism, culture, traditions, Templar Knights, Mongols, Nomads, Saracens, Byzantines, Crusaders, This is the SHOW... The series was made by Turkey, and its production quality is 5 stars, I have been following the show, and I'm in love with it...I thought it was so good that I should share it here with all of you guys. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did....By the way, I keep polishing the Empires at War scenario and will publish it as soon as I feel is right for launch. Thank you all for your time and attention.
  3. Is all cool and Dandy with me... Thanks!
  4. Actually, I was born in the US, I come from and old family of Cubans and Catalans, very hardcore catholic and traditional people. I move to Puerto Rico a few years ago an opened a business down here with my Puerto-Rican wife, well we are not marry, but been together for a long time. The Puertorrican people I have meet here come in all skin colors and shapes, and the ones that have become my friends, tend to be very smart, well-educated, most have their own businesses, and most tend to be very conservatives in their social behavior. So that is all I can tell you about Puertorricans because of my personal experience among them. To be honest, that calle 13 and all those names you have been mentioning, I hardly know who they are. I am not in to modern Puerto-Rican or modern American pop culture. I do listen to old Puertorrican Salsa, ( I love it) and Old English-speaking bands like ACDC, Pink Floyd, Gun and Roses or ZZ Top and the likes, My tastes and views about movies and shows is from another age different to the one today, too. .... But I don't think is right to keep talking about myself, My intention on this discussion was not aimed at that... I was just asking about how good is the mod and what It looks like, out of curiosity, that's all. Any way, thanks for your time and attention.
  5. I didn't know about the two gender mod... How does it work??? How does it look??? Does it have a figure of a warrior dress like a woman or a woman dress like a Swordsman, or something like that??? Just curious... I belong to a culture that is considered today as conservative, or primitive by modern generations in the USA, and English-speaking countries. Not offense intended to no one... Just asking out of curiosity. How the mod look?? What can anyone tell me about it??
  6. I agree 100 percent with that statement Leo, For me, you nail it with that one.
  7. Please everybody...don't go woke...please...that the last thing I want to see on such a cool forum as this one.
  8. Hi Lion...May be someone should make an Alesia campaign map, or a Tuntenberg forest one, or a whole Battle campaign for Southern Britain and have the Romans as the invaders and the Britons as defenders....something like that. I happen to like those Late Romans Legionaries design too...they look real cool. Just saying.
  9. Se ven muy bien, cuando lo vas a tener listo?
  10. Hola Duiloga...una pregunta ¿ Esos modelos de Los Lusitanos los hicistes tu???? Porque se ven bien cool!
  11. Hey Jaimele....Is that Alesia???? It reminds me of it.
  12. Hey guys...if you all are in to SCIFI, specially in to Star Trek ... Why not a Mod about the first ANUNAKIS and the Sumerians??? Do any of you remember Age of Mythology??? Well, I envision something like that, but in a very far way pass...some 12,000 before the flood. With this Aliens landing on earth, building a few colonies all spread around planet earth and then, put them to create the first Human hybrids by mixing their DNA with the native neanderthals to create the first Humans in order to be use them as slaves and soldiers, and then going to war with the other Colonies... I read a couple of Books talking about such theory by a guy named Zacharias Sitchin, back in the 90's, An scenario like that will blow everyone's mind. And it will be cool if it can have a few spaceships and alien tech, combine with ancient tech. It will be cool also to see the Humans worshiping The Anunakis as Gods, and building temples for them in order to get their favor at war against other human tribes and their Alien Gods... Something wild and crazy like that... I don't think that a game like that with such background Story, have ever been made...and it will be great, if someone makes such a game possible ... Just saying.
  13. Saludos, Lion Kanzen....Te estoy enviando un mensaje en privado.
  14. Well, Yes, The Carthaginians are the only faction with an elephant stable at the beginning of the Empires at War scenario. But if that is all that will affect it. No problem then.
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