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  1. I have been watching your video about the mod..and love the concept... I have also been working on one like yours, base on Europe and the Mediterranean. Been 2 months designing it, and planing to make a lot more, all base on real Historic battles and real geographical places. When is that your mod is going to be ready??? I want to download it and check it out...and it will work for version 24??? Because that is what I have so far. Here is a preview of mine.


  2. I like your mod...love the music too... ...I have been playing like for 5 months now, and decide to make a scenario too.. At first, It was design for 8 players, but issues with the population, and the game freezing, forced me to make it for 5 players instead, with the other factions becoming buffer states...As you, I am also working on a scenario base on the map of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. I have named O AD Empires at War... Hopefully it will be published soon.. here is how is looking so far.
  3. Hi Yekaterina. ( Kate) didn't know you were a lady, sorry about that. I am from Miami, Florida.
  4. Hi Yakaterina, I like it, cool concept.... Just one small suggestion on the Thracians...make all the roofs of all buildings, the same color... About those Illirians, I think that those guys did some piracy for some time under a Pirate queen, I watched a Kings and Generals video in Youtube, telling the story.... It will be great to make an scenario base on that war... The Roman Republic end up sending an Army to Illiria to get them.....anyway...is looking nice.... I like them.... .I am new to the game, and fallen in love with the Atlas Editor. Been playing and experimenting, learning and at th
  5. My Top RSG have been Age Of Empires, Rome Total War, and Warhammer 40, Down of war, first series...with the Ultimate Apocalypses mod...and now post 2020, 0 AD because of the constant evolution in to making it better by its own community... I. find that fact about 0 AD, something very cool.
  6. Hi, I would like to see a faction representing the Ilirians, The Pirrians, the Numidians, The Phoenicians, and the Germanic tribes...I Like the Gauls and Britons, but I also would like to see the Germans as well as their own faction in the game,
  7. Cuales son los herrores que consideras que se pueden mejorar con la facción Ibérica??? Te pregunto por qué estoy aprendiendo a jugar con ellos y con los Persas y Macedónicos.
  8. Los diseños se ven muy bien, el escudo me encanta.
  9. Love the idea...sound very dynamic and will make the game more interesting with new strategic options...I like it!
  10. Hi wraitii, thanks for the reply. I see that you are listed as a programmer...so let me take the time to congratulate you, and all your teammates as well, for making such a great Game. Thanks for sharing the link....So far I'm still working on the map design and polishing the visuals and some small details here and here. I would like to send you guys a copy of the map so you guys can make it better and fix any mistake you may find...I will appreciate a lot, if you can take the time to provide me with instructions about how to find the right folder, and send it to you guys. Thanks.
  11. Hi Asterix....Love your name....it bring good memories...I used to collect those French comics as a Kid...they were real fun, thanks for the reply and for sharing those links. For what I seen, look like Version 25 is going to be Epic. Thanks a lot.
  12. I also will appreciate if anyone let me know, about the compatibility between 0 AD version 24 and the coming version 25 I saw today at the news section of the official 0 AD page... I would like to see if the scenario made on version 24, will work on the coming version 25. Here is another pick with Carthage and The Iberian Peninsula. Thank you all for your time and attention.
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