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  1. Buenos días o tardes; (Mercado mochica , em proceso) Disculpen las molestias*
  2. -I like those animals -¿Do you now how to make the animations ? -¿If i send you the models , could you animated them? Sorry for the inconveniences*
  3. Good morning or afternoon; -¿Do you like my animals models? I can send you them (blender format) Sorry for the inconveniences*
  4. Good morning or aftrnoon; -¿Are you saying that it is possible that we will see the Mayas it in the next alpha?, -If so, when I can, I will dedicate all the efforts I have. Sorry for the inconveniences*
  5. -Las bonificaciones y tecnologías especiales deben compensar eso.
  6. Buenos días o tardes; -Por mi parte yo ya casi terminé con ellos ( igual tengo que hacer algunos iconos ) y @Lopess está incluyendo las actualizaciones . Creo que deberían ser @wowgetoffyourcellphone y @Stan` quienes nos digan que falta para considerar "Finalizada" y "Apta " la facción Lusitana. Disculpen las molestias*
  7. Good morning or afternoon; -The lusitanians are Indo-european Pre-celtic ( like the Vetonians ) and mixted them with the locals peoples and created the "Cultura Castreña" . The iberians was docen of tribes native of the east of the Iberian Peninsula ( not indo-european). Sorry for the inconveniences*
  8. Good morning or afternoon; -¿Do you like the Lusitanians mod? Sorry for the inconveniences*
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone i sent you the models , tell me what you think. Sorry for the inconveniences*
  10. ore... @wowgetoffyourcellphone -We could put 3roof colors to make 3 German Cultural Regions (but with the same and new models); Elbe Germanic ( light yellow roof) -Suebi - Semnones -Marcomanni -Hermundun -Chatti -Langobardi. East Germanic(brown roof) -Goths -Vandals - Burgundian . Rhine Germanic (grayish roof) -Cheruscan -Bructeri - Frisians -Angrivari -tencteri ¿?
  11. -I also found these maps; One idea; -We could put 3roof colors to make 3 German Tribes (but with the same and new models); Suebi ( light yellow roof) Goth (brown roof) Cheruscan (grayish roof) ¿What do you think? @wowgetoffyourcellphone Sorry for the inconveniences*
  12. More references for the original yellow; @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Genava55 @real_tabasco_sauce @Mr.lie @Obskiuras @Lopess @Carltonus Sorry for the inconveniences*
  13. my best reference; -I think that with slightly browner ceilings and slightly beige walls, better? (
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