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  1. Hello; @wowgetoffyourcellphone -We can removed the "library"(the technologies would pass to the palace) and the "colony", leaving only 6 special buildings in a total of 25 playable structures. New concept; new pyramid icon; @Lion.Kanzen ¿What do you think?
  2. Hola; Cambios que pidió @Lion.Kanzen; .Plumas en mayor cantidad y más colorido. .Figuras zoomorfas y antropomorfas. .Joyería de jade (pendientes y collares) Unidad remodelada; Líder;------------------------------------------------ --------(Aj Payal) Aspecto; (Las plumas ya no indican color de facción, ahora son decorativas a diferencia de la mayoría de uniades) (El color de facción lo indica el casco , el borde de la ropa y los nudos de la Pica"lanza larga") Los cascos llevan máscara de ; Felino Cráneo Reptil Cánido (El sombrero lo llevará otra unidad del editor de escenarios) comparación; Icono para la unidad; -Líder;------------------------------------------------ --------(Aj Payal) ; ¿Qué opina?
  3. @CovenantKillerJ -I didn't realize it, but @Lopess can change it. You can ask or tell me about the appearance of the units, animals, buildings, icons and other aesthetic things.
  4. This was my idea; @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Lopess @Lion.Kanzen @Trinketos @Stan`
  5. @Lopess está un poco atareado , @Lion.Kanzen ¿Usted podría hacerlo? ¿Primero cambio los sombreros por los nuevos modelos y luego vos se encarga de hacer los ajustes informáticos...? Disculpe las molestias*
  6. -Se va a parecer un poco al del "Templo Mayor", pero intentaré hacerlos lo más diferentes y bonitos posibles.
  7. -Thanks for the translations and your criticism. -I have a little more variety, but they seem too different from each other and it is possible that they do not look like the same unit. (feathered headdresses, proto-turbans, hairstyles...) ,and from all that variety I made a unit "Cortesano"(courtier/member of the court): -If you want to choose 3 ... and I will remodel them.(weapons ,texture of the war unit etc...)
  8. Special Buildings; icon-Library icon-Big temple icon-ball court icon-observatory ( @wowgetoffyourcellphone already debugged this icon ) icon-palace icon-Mayan colony icon-pyramid icon-square ¿What do you think? @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Stan` @Lion.Kanzen @Lopess @Trinketos
  9. my idea was something like this; All buildings;
  10. Hello; @wowgetoffyourcellphone -I like the idea. -I made a unit for the scenario editor a long time ago("Porta estandartes"-Banner charger), maybe now they're worth it to you. -In addition to being more cultural and less generic (You can change the colors since there is a very large variety). references; (I think the references are not copyrighted,) -¿What do you think about the idea ? Sorry by the inconveniênces*
  11. ¿Se refiere a que solo 1 de 4 lleve sombrero?
  12. -By the end of that period they started wearing hats, it is the only playable unit that I included with that outfit. As it does not seem to have been used much, I only put it on one unit wearing hat. Sorry for the inconveniences*
  13. I think the reference are from the first century, but since there is also in the game boudica (-60 AD) for the Britons, I included some things from that time for the Mayans.
  14. ¿You mean follow these concepts? Small Temple ; Big temple;
  15. Hello: -I had the same idea, I fitted the buildings, the one with the thatched roof would be a reference to the previous period (middle preclassic); @Lion.Kanzen @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Trinketos
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