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    "the greatest error is not to move. The greatest error is to be paralyzed by the fear of failure" 16.03.2020

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  1. Next 0ad games i upload maybe at the 13th of a month. I switched internet contract. No flat rate anymore. Now Volume Contract that Ends 13th and restarts then. ( Available until: Monday, 03/13/2023 23:59 - CET ). So logically depending on the rest of the day is left. 15 € for 10 GB. That's enough for me for maybe 10 days. Let's see. #### Measured speed: Internet speed 25.3 Mbit/s download speed 10.9 Mbit/s upload speed Latency: 20 ms, server: Frankfurt ( just connected via smartphones and data USB cable (10 €) ) #### Last years i have used a flat-rate: 162 Mbps download speed, 38Mbps upload speed, Latency: 15 ms Server: Frankfurt paid an average of €47.5 a month (including sales tax, I got the sales tax back later). Now with this Volume Contract I have more flexibility and who knows what will happen next. I can cancel this monthly and with the other contract it was every 2 years! So if I don't listen videos or music much, I can apparently get by with 1 GB per day. Let's see. Now I have more flexibility and less stress
  2. https://ko-fi.com/plango/goal?g=0
  3. Walls that would be 1.5 meters high (maximum). Then it would be easy to understand intuitively. maybe as dirty quick fix or/and as a mod.
  4. # Suggestions for 0 A.D. when watching as spec/observer a game ints nice that game not stops when i look details of building, units, ... sadly thats different when running a replay. means also sadly running a replay while recording a video the games stopps. should not.
  5. idk. i always press the z button (german keyboard). btw i guess most have to work today. not far from Silvester
  6. maybe. BTW i think it works good. was very good to see how she (a really newbie) use it. I didn't see any error here. I think she was happy with that.
  7. yes i hope @chocapocahas time (i was writing him / some PM's)
  8. please ping always also @user1 with such a report.
  9. I think that should also be uprated directly on yt. just done.
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