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  1. found this night and this morning. screenshot:
  2. that's really impressive. i not really quite understand how it works (but not tried testing actually that). i did som thinks using autoKey and autoCiv mod (see my signature) what b:8 does? did you tried autoKey? if yes then you still prever xbindkeys?
  3. The reason why they ban archer civs is because archer civs are too overpowered. of course, many talked it before. motivation is to have fair play in all (civs, resources, ...?). the most radical way to do this, make all this same.
  4. need disagree. nearly every day i found a TG they command not to use archer CIVs
  5. ==>tried Just_Spec ==> but most of the hosts adds my anyway to a Team. Easy help workaround is set your rating to 794 or so. That helps really good for stay spec. ( https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/25943-n00b-ranting-rating-system )
  6. very good for learning and helps decide what upgrade to order, is a context information <-rightClick. most time i learn looking replays. please enable rightClick (to the upgrades already in the batch . see Screenshot 2 icons top).
  7. my example pic was from the nearly end of the tower building process. maybe use same pic's. if tower is creased down to lower then 10% healthy (the point it could not be garrisoned again. ). ok then its could maybe confusing maybe som players if they looks identically to a tower not finished building. but I find that negligibly bad.
  8. That means, the condition of admission as a, later not confused, player, are first experiences with (suitable) RTS games (i only played MegaGlest before). a mod that makes messages, as a response to events, configurable ... would be nice if that is easy to do. prob not easy
  9. now i understand. I think that's unnecessarily complicated. I would take it out, e.g. in A25. a matter of taste, of course. of course i think more from the direction of a newcomer. Conversely, if <10%, all people have to go out. Maybe that is already the case ==> or send message to user: "buildings under 10% health can't be manned" or "this building is actually not strong enough to go in" ( helps learning feedback)
  10. Is it normal that sometimes they are Buildings that cannot be manned (temples, towers) after they have changed hands? Prob not. But in this game, Video Minute 16:42. https://youtu.be/nnBJ7wAN1z8?t=1000 commands.txt metadata.json info.txt
  11. Okok i replaced few times a24 ==>a25 in some JS-Source (in autoCiv mod). less error and space to click all buttons. But was not able to use my user.cfg . not helped: Anyway i copied ~/snap/0ad/201/.config/0ad/config/user.cfg to ==> .... /0ad/binaries/data/config/user.cfg but autoCiv used shortcuts from the default.cfg rest of it works quit great UPDATE: created+copied local.cfg put all of my user.cfg into. ==> not errors, everything works !! :
  12. Linux (kUbuntu). I tried enable AutoCiv in A25. copied mod from snap folder: .... snap/0ad/206/.local/share/0ad/mods/autociv/ ==> ... 0ad/binaries/data/mods/autociv/ canged 24 to 25 in mod.json, set "dependencies": ["0ad=0.0.25"] ==>now its running, but with many JavaScript Errors (they hidden some buttons). I not so professional with Linux, probably easy to solve for good, long time, Linux Users.
  13. that means: 1. exit-button (or other ways to exit the window? Alt+F4) ==> 2. quit dialog so whats the meaning of exit? exit is != resign. so exit is what? i not native English speaker. i suspect option b is redundant. guess is not necessary to say extra again (but sometimes asking two times is better ;). A is: 1. Exit=>2. quit dialog=>3. No(not exit)/Sumary(exit or not?)/Yes(exit) B is: 1. Exit=>2. quit dialog=>3. No(not exit)/Yes+Sumary/Yes(exit) yes i like A most now. i vote for B or Maybe rename it to 'Exit-Dialog'
  14. whats the alternative to 'B' skip Sum&Quit ? it skips Sum and not Quit? you wrote its ' the quit dialog' ? that means user already read and pressed Quit? if yes then use D i think
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