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    "the greatest error is not to move. The greatest error is to be paralyzed by the fear of failure" 16.03.2020

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  1. from where is this perfect translation voice here in his video is from? i here here a Spanish original voice in background and a very clear perfect english
  2. @Mentula g_GameSettings.gameSpeed.setSpeed(128); in console gives me this error: ERROR: JavaScript error: (eval) line 1 g_GameSettings is not defined @(eval):1:1
  3. this is pretty easy to implement, but needs change the cpp source for me, and possible to 128x . the max speed is (theoretical) also possible to play. https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/97267-play-replay-fast-as-possible/ example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GDMqClaZiE&t=416s
  4. is it working only in games? recording and replay recording works for me in a game (so not everywhere in 0ad) In my first test i tried it before starting a game
  5. i set hotkey ß for start/stop recording and ä for run. but it toes noting when i start the recording by press ä. idk ? what should happen?
  6. wow that sound unbelievable cool. so if we use the git - version the it works for both 26 and 27 i guess? maybe i simly try by myself
  7. ty @Norse_Harold. today i not good this problem. i played TG and 1v1 game. maybe a side-effect with something (i fixed today a mod, maybe a side-effect). or side-effect with last network fix that i was reading today morning here. maybe it was temporarily. but i will check your =>"best setup for hosting is as follows ... " ty UPDATE -> now end of the day and i was in some games also in a big TG without problems anymore . so it seems ok now (and my firewall seems not a problem - lets see).
  8. bugFixed. now very important bug-fix to load the correct map => https://github.com/sl5net/autociv/releases/tag/v0.0.27.2
  9. i have enabled the Ubunto firewall looks working. but sometimes now some problems. i guess it has something to do with this. some players cant join my team-games but about every 3th teamgames is one player how cannot join. thats new for me that this happens so often. and it often join a game and after about 10 or 15 minutes connection to the game lost. then i rejoin but then see joined as observer and see me twice (i thought its also visible in my last life-stream but wasn't. i see life-stream also have stopped ... oh. hmm ) that has happened about 3times now. i wonder that enable a firewall has so much effect. hmmm. as example this TG from today attached (BTW seems no problems with 1v1 games till now at the moment) But i guess here you only then will see that i stoped playing commands.txt metadata.json
  10. i use for building this config: he 3 top features of the intuitive-Projile are: ALT+FirstLetter of the Creature / selects Creature or Creatures Ctrl+FirstLetter of the Building / selects Building or the Buildings FirstLetter of the Building (press several times for toggling) / build the Building and some more details about this AutoCiv - Config, if you wont, details look here: https://github.com/sl5net/0ad-TTS-speaking-population/blob/main/0ad_tts_data/intuitive_config.json
  11. yes. its there already for many years maybe you just net to config your autoCiv examples: hotkey.autociv.selection.nowoundedonly = "K" hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.health.wounded.by.class.select.(Cavalry|Infantry|Soldier|Siege|Dog|Elephant|Support) = "J" this for e.g. is aready integreated here: https://github.com/sl5net/0ad-TTS-speaking-population/blob/main/0ad_tts_data/intuitive_config.json
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