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  1. Hi Teiresias, this is very interesting! Our use of C++ unit testing to run JS tests is really subpar. If we can use jasmine through spidermonkey it would allow us to have a better tool for testing JS code. Would it be possible for you to demonstrate how to run, for instance, simulation component tests (in binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/tests/), using jasmine? Those tests rely on "Engine" methods which are defined in the 0ad engine, so I'd like to see how that works out. Coverage information would be nice to have. I wouldn't say it is mandatory (we have engine coverag
  2. Itms

    NSIS error.

    You must run ./update-workspaces.sh without adding any option. Using the system spidermonkey or nvtt will not work.
  3. Itms

    NSIS error.

    @gameboy You must first discover how to build the game on Linux. You must use the Terminal (see https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/command-line-for-beginners) When you understand how the Terminal works, you can follow the instructions on Trac to build the game a first time: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Linux If and only if everything works, you can run the packaging script in the terminal: cd source/tools/dist/ ./build.sh The last step should fail because nsisbi is needed instead of makensis. You should then copy the export-win32 folder to Windows and
  4. Itms

    NSIS error.

    Ah that is good, we will definitely use nsisbi from Linux if it works, instead of switching to Windows for the last step of packaging @gameboy 我的中文不太好你是对的,我们必须使用英文。为了packaging 0ad,你必须使用Linux。如果你没有Linux,不可以 ! ! 如果你不是 Wildfire Games member,你不需要作packaging, 你不需要有Linux !
  5. Itms

    NSIS error.

    I never knew what was your mother tongue, gameboy. If you can share it, we can try to resort to this whenever we have a serious misunderstanding, like here.
  6. Completely agree. The only questionable thing we find in a few mods is the code that removes the mod itself from the list of enabled mods. Players should be aware that their opponent is using autociv or any other mod (in theory: as I said, they can't know if their opponent changed the code locally).
  7. Itms

    NSIS error.

    In this situation, it's you who doesn't understand me: for the last time You need to use Linux to run the packaging script BEFORE using nsisbi on Windows. I believe there is no problem in the code, it's just that you don't use or don't have the correct tools. I could test but I'm working on SpiderMonkey at the moment, and however much time I loose repeating things to you it's still quicker than packaging the game, which takes a couple hours. If you make the effort of understanding what's blocking you, then I can answer your questions if they are clear. No problem with that.
  8. Itms

    NSIS error.

    No, it doesn't need any update!
  9. Itms

    NSIS error.

    You need to run source/tools/dist/build.sh on Linux, then you can use nsisbi on Windows (instead of makensis on Linux) to create a Windows installer. What do you not understand? Can you stop pinging people all the time? Can you formulate questions instead of harassing us?
  10. Maybe but why do you say that? The big difference is in the unlogged code. at first sight it could be anything, no?
  11. I agree it's going out of topic. In the staff forums we have been saying that I will stop signing mods that change the mod detection code. For instance autociv "hides itself" from the list of enabled mods, specifically in multiplayer. I can't "unsign" it, but all mods will need a new signature for A24, at which point autociv and others will have to remove this hiding feature in order to appear on mod.io. As odalman mentions, this is not going to fix the underlying problem. Players can install non-signed mods manually, they can even modify the engine code if they have the skills. Out of sy
  12. Itms

    NSIS error.

    gameboy did you run the packaging script on Linux first as needed? NSIS is only the last step of packaging.
  13. I think mistakes or inconsistencies can be easily fixed by just adding Balancing as reviewers manually.
  14. Sounds good. I suggest not touching the O11 code ownership. Code owners are sufficiently complicated as they are. I think we should keep restricting code owners to team members @Stan` I will create instead a Balancing user group with the Herald rule Nescio proposes
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