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  1. well then it simply means you didn't understood the code you wrote yourself @Helicity. The code extracts chats from mainlog.html file and display it on a console. In mainlog anything observer, allies or normal chat it logged and anything "/allies" (regardless of being enemy chat or not) is also logged. Everything is in real time unless you close the game, mainlog keeps logging as far as the game is opened. In python you can simple clear a file by opening it using "write" mode and immediately closing it or simply truncate, so if you want to clear mainlog without closing the entire game that's the approach to take. Overall , i do know the intention of the whole script wasn't for promoting players to be able to read enemy chats but that's the current situation now. I'm sure @Stan` and other devs are well aware of
  2. i wouldn't say there's a specific language that is classified as "best" for game development. It largely depends on the type of game you want to create and the platform you want to target. It is always a good idea to research and try out different languages and game engines to determine which one will work best for you.
  3. hey @BreakfastBurrito_007, it's no different and its not accessible from replay storage unless you don't know anything about coding. Your chats are logged on your local storage, the code extracts the chat and display it on a console. @Helicity didn't make it intentionally to display enemies chats but my point is once we are logging observers, allies and public chats, anyone that uses /allies ( allychat ) regardless of enemy or your ally will be logged too. The whole point to prove that the script that has been released to everyone has the potential of promoting cheating. I'm not against it , it just needs a little bit of a patch.
  4. You may want to check https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/106621-chat-extractor/#comment-547846 before considering this cheating. If it's not fair then i guess that mod needs a patch or somehow be removed? I already made a comment about exposing enemy chats and a patch was needed before being distributed to everyone
  5. i think it does on both sides. When enemy or your teammate uses /ally both the Net messages are logged so it's kind of literally reading enemy messages too. I'm not against the whole idea but telling you so incase you can make a patch around it before giving it out to everyone. Won't be fun to see enemies messages
  6. Another invention to read enemy chat? as far as its /allies either enemy or your ally it will be logged
  7. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide
  8. Hey @e.v action was taken by a moderator, thanks for the report
  9. Fortunately, action has been taken on his account, and I can say that it was a good decision because things have cooled down for a while now. We are also taking a closer look at another situation involving "Basiliskos".
  10. i guess only quickstart does that? There's a possibility to always check for idle units and assign to work automatically so you never go idle at all or maybe its going too far?
  11. It Will be a little hard to prevent these kind of things as far as there's nothing like anticheat. Most top players that knows coding do have scripts they use for their own advantage and nobody knows cause they never shared or published. It's also a bit hard to say this mod is a cheat because it doesn't really make any prior changes just like autoqueue helping automate certain tasks I agree. But if someone have a cheat and hasn't made it known, nobody will know. that's my point. There are some modifications like reducing prices, faster training, faster units, increasing tower ranges etc that should be considered cheating and luckily these kind of modifications will only result in OSS. Aside that, this mod doesn't really make any difference like doing it manually because you are the one to set which units should be autotrained or something like that. I just checked it recently without paying much attention to it. Imagine @Atrik didn't post it here at all.
  12. soon we shall automate everything, sit back and win all games without touching mouse or keyboard
  13. @ffffffff's mod also allows you to hear pings from the lobby even when you are in a game. Maybe someone can forge this feature into a mod since fgod was discontinued
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