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  1. user1 requested for replays, it might not be a ddos attack, even if it is...investigations starts from somewhere right?
  2. There's a lot of games that mostly 'disconnect' these days. Dunno if its a host problem or general game server issue. Just today 2 or more games 'disconnected' simultaneously , other players believe its coincidence. what can I say? "Prevention is better than cure" so im uploading two replays so you can use it as investigation lift. Replay is attached below! Reporter: Defc0n These are 2 different games that 'disconnected' today per what I witnessed. Happy investigation! @user1 commands.txt metadata.json commands.txt metadata.json
  3. @user1 1v1 quitter, replay attached. TY , my userid: defc0n commands.txt metadata.json
  4. @user1 @Stan` ZOMBIEMAN just quitted a 1v1 game, please I need rate dispute cause this is why I do not normally play 1v1, everyones quitting and its kind of annoying. please do something, replay is attached commands.txt
  5. Hello, I just downloaded the software on my MacBook but anytime I wanna enter into lobby the game crashes! help me fix this; here's the error code generated by apple.. Process: pyrogenesis [1131] Path: /Applications/0 A.D.app/Contents/MacOS/pyrogenesis Identifier: com.wildfiregames.0ad Version: 0.0.X (0.0.X) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: pyrogenesis [1131] User ID: 502 Date/Time: 2020-05-07 00:54:11.568 +0000 OS Version:
  6. i have same prob, @user1 can you help me
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