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  1. I noticed many bot accounts are pre-made, about five daily, and then start spamming within a day or two. It seems either manual or the captcha isn't effective. Nonetheless, we're doing our best to remove them promptly, so please keep reporting them.
  2. -> https://play0ad.com/category/game-manual/ Willkommen an Bord! Fühlen Sie sich frei, das Handbuch zu erkunden; es ist derzeit in Englisch, aber Sie können es in Ihre bevorzugte Sprache übersetzen. Zusätzlich stehen Video-Tutorials zur Verfügung, die Ihnen helfen könnten.
  3. it's a long journey, but taking the initial steps now will help equip us to combat cheating in the future.
  4. lmao and someone else hosts and he joins, doesnt show for u?
  5. mods are manually checked before its signed. also mods on mod.io can always be taken down whenever needed. Even if there's a slip-up and a cheat mod accidentally gets approved and reported, we should have the ability to remove it. Once it's removed and the player logs in again, the system should check the active mods against the ones signed in mod.io. If there's an active mod on the player's side that isn't signed in mod.io, it should automatically become incompatible, just like how mod versions are handled with every alpha. dunno if its too much to ask, but this idea could really push us two steps ahead in fighting cheats. Also, we've got to consider the scenario where a player directly modify the main game - another sneaky way to bypass
  6. Here's an idea to ensure fairness and block cheat mods: why don't we consider permitting only verified mods through mod.io? These mods undergo manual checks before being signed. If a mod isn't listed on mod.io, its not compatible even tho it can still be used in single player games. This approach ensures fairness as any mod used should be available to everyone. if your mod isn't signed, it won't be usable in multiplayer games.
  7. Hey, you're not obligated to always be available. If you don't spot @Norse_Harold in the lobby due to time differences, and you're online, feel free to reach out to either me (defc0n) or @Palaiologos for assistance with your concern. Should you see either of us online, don't hesitate to inform us to get this resolved for you.
  8. Your dedication and leadership have been instrumental in shaping this project over the past 12 years. Your decision to step down is both respected and understood, and your contributions will always be remembered and appreciated! Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors Stan'! We may have never discussed it before, but now is the perfect time to make it happen! Let's break the tradition and have that 1v1 match.
  9. Thanks for the report! There's been numerous reports about him, we will keep an eye on him. Happy gaming!
  10. the best and easier way to stop this gummies seller bots is captcha on login form too, you won't believe how easier it is to make a script that can navigate , login and even perform certain actions like posting or liking by simple headless web crawls or selenium. Spam bot reports were very lower the past two months as compared to current month, the more we ban the more they come.
  11. Similar to the main forums, why don’t we use captcha in the login form? There’s at least 5-10 spam bots every single day.
  12. There’s a special brit dog kennels purposely for training war dogs. That’s what I was referring to, dunno if it got removed. Max is 3 or something of that sort.
  13. How about the ability to heal dogs instead?. Garrisoning them inside dog houses heals them or somehow, some units should be able to heal them cause early phase as a Briton player, you can get 1 or 2 women kills with that one dog but later to find out there’s no way to heal it. I believe killing a dog counts as a kill so we should somehow be able to heal them . I’ve been talking about this feature for a while now. Hopefully it gets integrated.
  14. I believe the official is https://instagram.com/play0ad.official?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== @play0ad.official
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