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  1. 0 A.D. 2022-08-09 17-17-37.mp4 Maybe time to pay a visit to our artic friends? I dunno if there's a report about the artic animals that are already being worked on but since i started playing the game I've made few reports about our friends in the snow, can't wait to see them run and die like buffalos in a26 @Stan` . The seals too
  2. Exactly, for a mod - why not. But in general like I explained previously before I deleted, Icons speaks more louder than texts in-terms of UI UX design. Aside that, icons + texts together is also kinda bad practice, preferably icons + onHover tooltips or solely texts. @Sevda im not a pro UI designer but text on button works much better in forms ( example ; in a case where we need to submit a form - we cant use an icon to represent it, it works better with a button + text ), but in a grid list like this, icons + tooltips should do the magic. If its for a mod, why not - go ahead use your imagination
  3. i bet that should work, if this process is not about forgotten password but to allow an active user session to be able to reset their password ( whiles logged in ), then i guess it isn't a big deal. Thanks for clarifying but i guess it will be much better to focus on users who are logged out of their account since those who can already access their accounts are less likely to reset their passwords @smiley. And aside that, allowing users to change account passwords without any further verification (either there's active session or not) will just promote more stress on the server since i can change my password 10times in 2mins, unless maybe we think of adding something like throttle middleware or password reset cooldown to the whole process
  4. @Dunedan i tried to do what I can about this feature but i have a question, to avoid someone else resetting other person's account password. Is there a need to make some sort of extra verification to confirm the account really belongs to that specific user before allowing a user to go ahead and reset the password?. For example, "i forgot my password, i made a dummy ui which shows "Forgot password?" at the login screen, when a user clicks that, passwordReset.xml (a sprite to handle the reset inputs )should open which should then have 3 input fields, username , new password , confirm new password. But what if i enter a username of another person, it will just ahead and allow me to reset so if there a need to confirm the identity of the person before even allowing to reset password? If we had info like email linked to all individual account we could just send something like OTP to verify users and would be easier but in this case that we don't. Even if i decide to use data from user.cfg and disable the username field with a default value from the config file, it can still be modified , what do you suggest?
  5. which os? ach linux? sudo pacman -S net-tools
  6. you tried playing with size="22%+5 2 12%+33 30" ??
  7. if I'm right, when observers use their flare, actual players shouldn't see it yeah? If the flare is solely needed for observers excluding players then why not. I understand sometimes when observer are watching a Tg they want to point to exactly where there is action or where they are talking about in the chat ( this should be helpful ). But i guess observers seeing players flare won't be cool because first of all you are able to see all players POS ( since you are observer ) so there's no need to see players using their flares unless you wish to see what they are up to, example planning an attack or something. If this feature will be added, i guess the host should be able decide whether to enable or disable it, what do you think?
  8. nice map but there fluctuations in fps when moving the camera around the map. Some cpu might burn .I guess maybe cause of the default size and the amount of resources. That's huge. More like an OW map
  9. function (eco, trade, unit production, defense etc...) is pretty well and seems organized.
  10. @Darkcity if im right, the other time you were talking about the "TotalGames" not related to just the ones that is recorded for 1v1 matches but overall games including TG, 2v2 etc. yeah? I don't think there is such data ( summation of all total games played including TG and other games ), and its less likely to record those data since its not completely necessary because some players prefer to play with bots and all that. But i want to say this can be implemented into a mod where whenever a match is started by a player ( all aspect or maybe if players != bot ), It gets counted simply by adding a +1. but one problem is that, even if we are able to get this working, all players including the currently smurf will be the same level since all will start from 0 matches played or maybe + the alerady total number of games played (1v1). Just like how local rating works, these info will be saved locally Engine.ConfigDB_WriteValueToFile and displayed to people who has the same mod. So i guess we can join forces and figure out a way to make a mod for this and update it progressively whenever there's new idea or logics. I'm pretty sure it will work out well. Aside that, since everything is saved locally, someone can just decide to open the file, edit it and that wont be fair too :/
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