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  1. I can't see how would that serve simplicity, to be honest. It's a fairly arbitrary choice for a subset of all units. Another possibility, that I'm advocating, would be all melee units, and to me that seems simpler.
  2. Do I really have to repeat this? I opened this thread to make this exact point, it's nothing about resources and balance, it's about game experience and realism. Camels have weaknesses, I agree, I never said they are unbalanced, I just said they are part of a notorious combo... everybody knows that. Anyway, noone deploys swordmen to counter pikes. Apart from anti-siege missions, melee units are generally regarded just as target dummys, and that's where pikemen excel.
  3. Yet, it doesn't make any real sense. After so much talk, I hope it's clear: it's a distortion of the game to have swordsmen dealing much more damage to rams and siege machines in general, than spearmen or pikemen. About the difference between spearmen and pikemen: since in the game only ranged units are really effective in inflicting damage, I'm convinced that civilizations that use pikemen have a notable advantage against those who can only use spearmen instead, because they both deal terribly low damage, but pikemen are more resistant and so they make better fodder units, wich is thei
  4. interestinglog.html mainlog.html
  5. THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED the following files were uploaded during irc troubleshooting.
  6. For some reason I can't log in on svn (it says I'm being rate-limited), but I'm following a discussion there and I need a clarification: there is a difference in the game between spearmen and pikemen? I thought they were synonyms. If it's not the case, which civ has wich?
  7. Trying to pick up the point of the discussion as we left it, I'd say there is enough consent on the fact that spearmen and other melee units should have a more similar profile of damage (no piercing), spearmen should retain some bonus against cavalry (the way it is is fine to me, although @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded argued that there should be less difference, I guess there is room for balance tweaking) and that swordmen should have some kind of edge over spearmen where cavalry is not involved. This is only fair, considering the bonus of spears against cavalry, even if it's been argued that t
  8. I tried that already, all solutions still appear "non compatible", although I have to admit I don't really know what I'm doing and what VS solutions are altogether. Language of the screenshot is italian.
  9. found it, but after installing I don't see any change.
  10. I can't find that checkbox. What's precisely its name?
  11. I installed the required version. Don't know about the toolset though. That would be a fine patch, very much AoE-ish.
  12. after cloning the repo, I tried running the game as that post says, and the game actually started, but just the main menu and nothing else. Following this guide instead, the VS solutions appear non compatible.
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