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  1. My wishful proposal for ranged units differentiation (motivations below): - Slingers: longest range units, very precise, very low damage, very low armor, but quite fast. Instantly get shredded by whoever reaches them. used for harassment more than anything else, like archers in A24, but somehow lower damage. Not too much though. - Archers: heavier units equipped with a shield in their back, and slower. Good range and decent damage, but inaccurate, they are the best ranged unit if in big enough numbers. Decent also against light-medium cavalry, they are countered by heavy infantry. - Javelineers: Fast moving, with some armor (similar to archers), they have a range short enough to make them struggle when massed. They are particularly good against heavy infantry, but not against cavalry (hard counter? maybe a trigger that makes the javelin "miss" at random against nimble enemies) and they beat archers when the numbers are low enough. - Heavy javelineers: javelineers with big shields could have higher armor against missiles, they would be a strong counter against archers, but they would be bad against lighter javelineers, because the latter would have the "nibliness" bonus, while the former not. - Longbow archers: nubian and indian archers are depicted with no shield or armor in the game, so maybe these should have less armor but more accuracy than regular archers. While writing this "proposal", I realised I didn't have many motivations after all, I'll say just a few things about slingers: there is a number of sources saying they had greater range than archers, and even now you can take a long sling and learn in no time to throw rocks for hundreds of meters, bows take a LOT more exercise. Difference in accuracy between slings and bows is only introduced here as a mean for differentiation. In general though, I tried to make a "realistic" proposal overall.
  2. well you coulddo that. and you could use that data to retro-test modifications to the rating algorithm. I guess it's still possible with old data alone.
  3. archers suck, the only good thing about them is that archer civs usually have +10% pop, so you can overwhelm your enemy. the only use case where I managed to leverage smaller numbers of archers was while rushing with nubia, and using archers to negate starting mines, but only after taking the upper hand with jav cav and using that as a fast reinforcement for archers as they were chased. always keep archers next to safety, use them as an extension of fortresses.
  4. f$ck, how would someone dump ratings history now?
  5. remember that all lobby chat is available on discord. downloading it is also possible through external tools although not totally ok with the terms and conditions of discord.
  6. I'm curious to know why is that. Personally I didn't experience A26 much, but it seemed to me it was an enhancement compared to A25. Also I loved A24, but it seems I'm in strict minority. At least they just won an Oscar, lol.
  7. I'm not sure that's an accurate depiction of ancient warfare. It is true that with heavy infantry javelins were often used in the way you say, in particular I know it is attested for cavalry javeliners. But skirmishers would often fight other skirmishers, either on - you know - skirmishes, or at the side of heavy infantry formation, and foot skirmishers would try to preserve their ammunition, while faking throws and trying not expose theirselves too much. Also they would stop to pick up javelins thrown at them, and have bags of spare javelins to get back to, and in general the battle would be a lot less intense than a bunch of 0AD skirms throwing a stream of volleys. There is no way to create a perfect ancient battles simulator, but raising javeliners repeat time seems a good start to me, and it would make battles look better. Also it would be an interesting differentiator, changing the role of micro between different ranged units.
  8. I believe this can be handled by just increasing repeat time.
  9. wow. the game could already use these for a lot of things, like loot, promktion, and also gather and trade. btw loot is such a needless part of the game, we should remove it.
  10. also you would need to double the number of arrows for each unit garrisoned, or something like that. by the way, you should try the turbo mode by freagarach.
  11. just double health instead of resistance. that should work.
  12. this is actually already quite agreed on, there is a poll somewhere in this forum.
  13. well at least I tried to defuse flame.
  14. they are adding a new feature to the game, not announced, not explained. typical wildfire games, those rascals!
  15. make the AI dependent on stances and take the best of the two options. personally, I like how bildingAI works now in terms of its effects on gameplay, and I don't even think rushing next to the cc needs nerfing, but I don't play the game anymore. If anything, I think units should act more like buildings, not the opposite.
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