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  1. About myself, I played a23 quite much, and I'm a 100% team player. You know what I think. While something like this has been wished for a long time (not just for ranged units), it's not so simple. Soldiers can go all the map to gather whatever you ask them to gather, I hope for a better solution. I can see that it would make for a decent patch though. [edit: I just saw @Freagarach's post, well scratch this part] In general, it seems that although archers have longer range than all the other units, you want them to perform at the same level, by making them slower (you say that they
  2. I noticed today that han fields look... mmmh, let's say they look weirder than some stone wall. I'm guessing that's impossible to create buildings that go under ground level in 0ad, but it would be much more logical if rice fields looked more like square patches of low terrain, circled by simple embankments on their sides. Something less eyecatching, it's just fields. Now they look like some kind of hot springs. Of course if fields are built on slopes, than the current model are much better.
  3. a change in the role of pikemen or elephants, DE farmland or bushes, bonuses for formations, are just examples of things that may be changed, or maybe not, but are relevant for the present topic. I'm not saying new assets block the development of the game, and I don't believe that, I was just expressing a sincere worry I would have if I were to create a new asset myself.
  4. Why not a campaign teaching multiplayer principles and standards? That's something you can do better than others. The only problem is that it could be made obsolete easily, by changes relatively small changes in the game. But the game is accumulating some inertia anyway, with all the new assets.
  5. Elephants are now the only counter to siege towers, which would be riddicously OP if they were faster. I am against turning 0ad in a tank battles game.
  6. I never said that your observation was wrong or out of place, and I never attributed the statement that archers are faster than other units, that's what @BreakfastBurrito_007 said. There's no need to get offended.
  7. It's not about the weight of a sword, light infantry is understood to have been more mobile than havy infantry in general. My biggest problem with @BreakfastBurrito_007's idea, however, is about gameplay: slowing down archers would kill their defining tactics, which are hit and run and archer rushes. Those are what make archers so fun to play, and if we slow them down they will be heavily crippled. What BB wants is to reduce their effective range around defensive positions, and that can be achieved in many ways, not only lowering archers speed. I think reducing archers damage at higher di
  8. but that doesn't happen currently. My idea was lowering attack range of other melee to see if it helps it. Maybe with unit pushing if not with a24 engine already.
  9. This I agree. It's not going to make a real city anyway.
  10. how is it plain to have an administrative center of a "something" without houses, production, anything really, just eight chickens?
  11. those won't make the game feel more realistic though.
  12. I don't know how reliable the poll is, as many options were added later, but if I'm to say what I think, it's that it makes no much sense to me to try to take farms away from the cc. It's not going to make the game more realistic because the cc itself is not realistic. A defendable dropsite/store makes a lot of sense in itself, unfortunately though, that is no way related to the meaning of the words "civic center" or to they way the building is depicted. If I start a game with just a defendable dropsite, I will of course make fields around it, while civic centres were built by cities tha
  13. love it. I had in mind to try to create a mod like that.
  14. I like the proposal of @Dakara of disabling the rank system for mercenaries. It's a good idea because makes them an instant reward (good warrior, fast train), but not a long term investment. That would be even more evident if combined with @wowgetoffyourcellphone's proposal of negating loot collected from them. Pushing it a little more we can even make that they are not cured by garrison or temples, so they are 100% expendable. Making them builders maybe, but not gatherers, would also help in this same direction. For better distinction, we could give mercs a selection circle with a square
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