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  1. I too don't think it makes sense to ise ruins of ancient places of cult, as the fact that they are now ruined doesn't make you think they are quite sacred. Also mounds aren't properly sacred, and they don't seem like something you would conquer to claim victory. I would also exclude completely developed temples and such, as they would look out of place in maps otherwise deserted or almost so. I think what would make most sense are little shrines around particular features that could be considered as sacred places to the ancients, somewhere worth building big temples to the gods, but before such temples are built. Like how could it be Delphi when the first oracle established there? How may have been Olympia, when it first came to someone's mind to keep an eternal flame burning there? If you like this line of thought, wishing trees would also fit in pretty well, sacred sources also are a common feature. If we are making these various sites though, I think something in common among all of them shoud be adopted so they can be easily recognized. A circle of stones around them for instance should be enough.
  2. IMPERIVM series has supply vagons, I loved that game. Rise of Nations also has something like those, but not really fun in the way they work, I think. In alpha 24, battles would generally last a lot more than now in A25, and a constant stream of reinforcements was often important for victory; this was not very different in practice from a supply chain as being asked, and I liked that strategic dimension of the game. This kind of things doesn't have to be forced into the game, but can be "made happen" in the way that feels more natural for the game.
  3. probably because they actually deal more attacks. also there's the random number generator for the spread and the rendering of the projectiles. In any case, the attack/damage routines are those that suck the most resources it seems.
  4. that's the idea. the whole appeal of horse archers comes from there.
  5. kings mounds are the single thing that make most sense for xiongnu to have as wonders. it has been considered that mounds would be pretty bland as a wonder, but the fact that only earth survives now doesn't mean there weren't other decorative elements: a good wonder may be a mound with a series of eyecandy elements taken from modern ovoos.
  6. if that was to be added, I'd make it for all champions. sele for example have access to pike champions, who are much more effective meatshields than eles (spear champions are too, although I must reconsider: eles are also quite good meatshields). massing champions has been an issue in this alpha. I wouldn't think that massing mercs has been an issue in itself, because sword cav is usually massed by gaul players too. it's just that sword cav is OP, and that mercs are too strong for their price.
  7. your AI is a lot better than Petra. you should consider merging it into the main game.
  8. "Whoever is playing sucks, because they never make it past the Stone Age." LOL.
  9. you don't say. eles are not particularly good meatshields. if you have the right spare resources everything is easy to produce. btw carth and ptol are both ele civs and very popular in this alpha, as well as sele as you said.
  10. you managed to get your cavalry circled by elephants? it's like turles outmanouvring rabbits. Seriously though, I don't think this is a fight you'd think elephants should lose, in general. Elephants are nicely countered by ranged troops, more so than the equivalent resource value in champion infantry, for instance. Since in MP games you generally see a lot of ranged troops (especially OP javeliners), competitive player almost never use elephants in this last alpha. I guess eles could be nerfed, but ranged troops should be nerfed first.
  11. Weren't sheeps used in the A25 trailer to show unit pushing?
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