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  1. I think that an option for making charging a balanced mechanic would be having people move with randomly different speeds (by a limited degree, not too variable). I've been pushing this idea for some time. This would allow some kills when melee pursues fleeing units, but not all of them. Btw I still think the game would be better without running.
  2. Cavalry is much more nimble than before, thanks to the new pathfinder. It stacks in worm-like fast moving columns and reacts faster to orders, also camel archers can more easily evade spear cav, ignoring any chokepoint. They are still quite effective. Will meta still shift towards melee? Something to try next time: archer rushes.
  3. If you want to see it, you have to download release candidate 3 of A25 (already outdated). so you see how "charging" was.
  4. lol. no. charging was the fancy name of a bug. It was introduced in the development version of the game a couple of months ago, and it came out some weeks ago. It just got fixed. The replay attached cannot be played with a release version of the game.
  5. batches of men during booming, single men spam from barracks during battles. In this second case I sometimes use autoqueue (from autociv), but you need to deactivate it as soon as the battle ends, to return training in batches.
  6. I think what is often overlooked here is the scale of naval battles. Quinquiremes now have a line of sight that is approximately two times the whole lenght of the ship itself, then, there is the dimension of the maps and the seas in the maps, that can only host this many ships before being strategically saturated. So, if we want to differentiate vessels so that there is a satisfactory new balance involving rock-paper-scissors mechanics and such, I don't think that ships this big will do. This is the reason why most RTS have disproportionately little ships. The games I know that do have ships proportional to men, only have one class of warships doing both the fighting and the ferrying.
  7. if turrets (people on the deck) is implemented for ships, they won't need to turn for attacking with arrows from the marines.
  8. lol. that's a bireme, isn't it? on a quinquireme it should look a lot nicer.
  9. Pikemen are not that OP with charging, spears, swords and skirmishers benefit more than them. in the game above my army was mostly skirms, and they were like a vacuum cleaner for enemy troups.
  10. I don't know, it shifts the balance of the game towards attack, like crazy. A25 will have a very aggressive balance already. If only there was some more strategical limitation to movement of some sort, archers wouldn't be so penalised... (I actually dream of movement penalties given by terrain)
  11. that's it. very nice. of course a limit is necessary, like 5 spots for a trireme, 10-15 for a quinquireme. if a siege engine is to be considered too, that would make it a lot more interesting, but I don't know if it's currently doable.
  12. this proposition poses one big problem, which is that many civs don't have ramming vessels. Also, I don't know how satisfactory could be a combat system for 0AD ships that revolves completely around ramming. Not to mention the problem of implementing it.
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