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  1. there was never a tide change. just bad balancing. if competitive players complain about a feature, making that feature optional doesn't change a thing for such competitive players (they'll just work around the change trough shortcuts or whatever), but it does disrupt the game experience for newbes and give them a bad impression of what the game is like when you learn how to optimize your performance.
  2. acyually, I was thinking about something focused on the community mod because it could be merged to a27 and then the community mod would become the standard for pvp games.
  3. time ago, I suggested that a massage would pop up every time someone with an outdated community mod joined the lobby. can you do that? the latest version to the mod could be retrieved with a web request.
  4. If that's the case, I would try, if possible, to just disallow audio captchas. I don't imagine many visually impaired people to be interested in a game like 0AD.
  5. keep bulding arrows random is my two cents. you fixed something that wasn't broken.
  6. quite too early for worrying. but in fact I guess the champion units captcha would be a problem for people who look for help because they can't install the game, for instance. too bad, it was a fun idea.
  7. about captchas, something like "which of these is a champion unit" would really work better than anything else, I'm not joking. It's a test too challenging for any AI not spefically trained for it, only thing to worry about would be if we want out the humans who can't solve it as well.
  8. I don't know the melee buff change, but if there was a flat buff to melee damage, it makes sense that swords are more used, even OP maybe.
  9. this happens all the time to me and my friends. it should be just that, it happes when a building switches sides.
  10. I wouldn't even make assumptions about which game they were on.
  11. I don't believe this is true. it's a proven fact that random targeting is more effective than closest-unit targeting - see @chrstgtr comment as well. this patch is going to buff buildings against early rushing, but nerf them against late game armies.
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