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  1. people does that. some players use multiple accounts for whatever reason, without even hiding it. some other try to hide who they are, but are honest about their level.
  2. high level play is the following: - do not garrison anything before attack - ranged troops are faster, so put them to gather the resources farther behind - if a tower is next to the opponent's border, keep some military presence next to it, so you don't risk losing the tower. soldiers should br gathering resources nearby, but if there aren't any, or if it's too risky, you can keep the tower garrisoned, it won't be a huge loss to keep some 3 units idle. - when an attacking force shows up, retreat your forward forces (supposing the attackers are in majority) and at the same time, call forward your back units. a good way to retreat is to hide your units into buildings until the rest of them comes to help, if a defensive building next to the troops can't take them all, call them out from the back of the building while others are coming in from the front, this way you will make units teleport from one side of the building to the other. - when you finally face the attacking army, be sure it's with all the men you can dispose of, and empty all buildings as well. soldiers fight better on the open. - if you lose a fight (supposing you don't want to resign) hide your units into buildings to save the units , the buildings from conquer, and to shoot arrows on the enemy too, if possible.
  3. player behaviour is the main driver for every game development, I don't get what are you suggesting here. how can a new feature create an imbalance that is already there? it's two different things altogether. AoE4 is ugly for a lot of different reasons, and light up neon arrows don't help when they awkwardly steer mid-air to chase enemies, but I don't think that's necessary in 0AD. right now in 0AD an arrow must land between someone's feet to hit him, so I don't think anyone will complain if we make it so that damage is dealt independently on where's the arrow landed. you'd hardly notice the change.
  4. I've been advocating removing randomness from missile damage for some time. please don't talk to me about immersion because if you are not distracted by seing a health bar above people's head, you shouldn't be concerned by something that is so easy to conceal like damage mechanics for ranged fire. I bet most players aren't sure about how that works anyway. besides, in 0AD it's quite hard to see missiles at all. another pro for that: no lag-fest range queries.
  5. I still miss how you could train everything in one building in a23, most definitely not going to enjoy this if merged.
  6. another thing that was discussed and I think should lead to a rebalance better sooner than later, is that CSs who reach level 2, tend to snowball very fast to level 3. level 3 should require more experience points I think. for some units this is a lot more apparent, like with priests, who hardly stay any time at level 2 before upgrading.
  7. I liked the closed box better. but with even line width.
  8. great work @maroder on this triky task .
  9. I think that macemen are little walking rams, and that's stupid but is a somehow sensible role. before changing units' stats one should decide why we need them and what role should they fill. I do not think we need to give any more power to units against buildings, the game favours aggression more than enough already. @Stan` please move these last three posts to a now thread.
  10. I liked the proposal of putting a fee on tributes between players. really worth taking into consideration for next alpha.
  11. persians should have a 'hunting hut' buildable by cav in neutral territory: a dropsite for hunt only.
  12. gates logic could indeed be better. I suggest that instead of having them either 'blocked' or 'unblocked', which is clunky and inconvenient, you could have them 'always open', 'always closed', 'open for all allied units' and 'closed for all enemy units'. the difference between the last two would be that when you have both enemy and allies next to the gate, it would stay open with the first instruction, and closed otherwise. this second setting should be the default.
  13. it's not only that. the fact that territory expansion is so expensive makes the game meta dwindle between turtling and aggro, because you basically only have your starting base anyway. no other strategies are viable.
  14. corrals have some competitve use. in a24 they had quite some more, because matches lasted longer.
  15. we just played a ffa game with that mod. there are still bugs: ranged cav can't hunt, also because of building ai, units fire while moving, but without showing up. ranged cav is op in that mod, iber fire cav passes trough armies and it's insta-kill, they don't even need to stop to tear down buindings. that part needs to be fixed for sure.
  16. I did a fully recursive update (can't find this checkout option) and it still can't find that file.
  17. It' s just missing, apparently. It doesn't appear to be deleted, and updating the repo won't download it. it seems like tortoisesvn is totally unaware of the file. I don't know what make clean is.
  18. pikemen role is weird indeed, they shouldn't be losing against all melee inf, and they shouldn't be winning against all ranged inf. I'll say it once again: gameplay updates should follow a much shorter schedule than engine updates, ideally, some two months.
  19. I can't compile because I seem to be missing the file 'glad/gl.h', required by most projects.
  20. Agree here, very good idea. giving res to teammates is currently OP, should be important but not this effective. the ptole nerf seems eccessive though. the persian bonus idea seems fun, but is problematic as it's no use in 1v1 games. if team boni only affected allies like in A23, this wouldn't be a problem.
  21. when it came to melee, persians did actually rely on hoplites more than on their own, at least from some point onward. it would feel weird if a persian player relied on melee on the first place. if it did, it would make total sense for him/her to use greek mercs.
  22. why wouldn't you want persians to spam merc hoplites? btw they need not to be ionians, mercenaries came to persia from all greece, and identified as greek.
  23. the problem with hindsight is that it always work, even when it shouldn't. you can make everything out of hindsight, depending on your own biases. Truth is, gameplay changed enourmously from A24 to A25 too, in a large variety of ways. But I agree of course that small changes are more predictable, that was kind of my point too.
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