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    • ive been playing against the AI for a few months now and am interested in playing multiplayer matches bc the AI has become so predictable that the games are starting to get rather boring. i dont know anyone personally who plays the game and when i try to log into the game lobby the game just automatically quits. im running alpha 23 on OSX, let me know if anybody can help out, thanks so much
    • THANKS..now i wasted more of my energy looking up GPT-3 understanding like 30% of what the programer guy explaining it has said,wondering wtf a watermelon means in coding,tiring my already exausted brain by thinking in moderate intensity for 7 minutes and now im even more terrified of the advancements in programming,technology and human capabilities that are incoming..and no this isnt the same shlt as 1990s when pp wouldve thought of flying cars coming in 20 years this is some real shut..and its like we have a magic sword that if we swung could cause alot of fuced up shut and now thinking about all that and that for past 5-10 years each year something retrarded couldve been caused now i wonder why wasnt it caused? and as well all know large governments are ahead in tech compared to generally avalible stuff by around 20-80 years depending on the specific subject can you imagine what they know now if they knew this shlt 20-80 years ago? this following parts for anyone enjoying my harder to comprehend rants: i tried making it as ambiguous and abstract as ever but as always with a clear goal in mind of expressing some opinion: also theres nothing wrong with ebing confrontational,rude or in any way improper in relation to scared ppls outlook on behaviour and their moral values stitched up from spit and cobwebs usually resulting in something aproximating optimism and every horrid thing being fine as long as fault isnt theirs. also yes a serious amount of what i write is wrong,not thought through completely or just sketchy and that might seem intimidating to some "people" whos patter of thought is to try to defend themselves from ideas and its hardly possible to see patterns in my functioning let alone constructing some sort of a psycological barier (not including blind ridicule or any response pattern completely excluding analyzing information largely with the lense that their decisions are based on) but that cant take away from my credibility if i was viewed by someone who sees the world apropriately as a mine to take the raw material and extract somethign valuable and to consider that the waste product can also be of value if properly utilized.anyway i am an artist and i dont mind not sounding all cool by speaking only things that make sense as its far more productive to just try to express everything in there to show my thought pattern at the moment of the realization to show potential values and in the end this provides alot more than being clearer would.    
    • A few suggestions: The Reform pair upgrades should be removed, like in @borg-'s mod, so the Romanized Thorakites can only available to Antiochus IV. Any thoughts for mercenary/champion swordsmen if you choose the other two? Visualization for the Parade of Daphne (if you want to add/make a change for some units): If you want, there can be a second elephant unit, an un-barded tower one, which costs food, wood, and coins, and extremely vulnerable to javelineers. Then the armored war elephant can add metal to the cost.
    • Oh wow. Thank you very much. I've been wondering how to make my buildings not hover in the air. I'll try this tomorrow.
    • Wait if you are not gonna animate it , you can add props another way   less annoying ^^  
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