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    • badosu commentary  
    • Remember to make the first floor doors and windows (even if the structures have more than one floors) are to scale with human actor. Also extend the bottom parts (foundation, stairs, wooden posts, etc.) if they are going to be built on uneven terrain such as hills.
    • Update on the house. Still need to make other 3 variations.
    • Well, I'm trying to follow your recommendation of making the civic center, tower, walls, barracks and fortress in the Gondarine style, and making everything else vernacular.   Yes, I ran into the same problem while searching for references. Although I'm not sure if this is due to lack of archaeological references, or simply that we haven't been searching thoroughly enough. There's also the theory of that scholar that I mentioned before (I can't remember his name), about one of the rock churches being originally a fortress.
    • It looks like a mix between Gondarite and flat buildings from medieval middle east, interesting. Also for such a important kingdom i am surprised how little is known about medieval Ethiopian architecture, between Aksum and the 16th century there are no surviving buildings other than the rock churches.
    • Update on the civic center. Still a WIP, it's far from being finished.
    • @balduin Maybe we can reach a compromise regarding the timeline, if we both meet each other half way. There is another fortress in Ethiopia, called Guzara Castle, which was built circa 1572. That's almost 60 years before the foundation of the city of Gondar. It is generally agreed that it has a "Gondarine" style despite the fact that it was built in the previous century and in another region (although one could make the case that it's style is more Ottoman than Gondarine). Here are some images of it.      
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