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    • mkay, the number is referring to the oarsmen, not the rows of oars. Looking at various articles/schematics, I don't have an idea what the Carthaginians' oars were actually arranged like. Searching on the forums didn't show me what source was used for our model. So I guess I just gonna live with three rows of oars in a triangular positioning (and not two rows, and not positioned directly above each other or offset diagonally).
    • that reconstruction of quinquiremes is discredited. they had five lines of rowers but multiple rowers handled the same oar, so that in fact there were 2-3 lines of oars and no more.
    • I'd like to come back to my first question from the opening post: I can only make out threes of oars instead of fives. And from how I understand it, even for a trireme the position of the oars are wrong:       So, is the current model a placeholder, a convention, or what?  
    • Hi guys. please read the post and give good feedback! I Hope devs will read your feedbacks and select the best choice. 1-      add a active mod for lobby not a mod that only his account is present. 2-      Add private message and ignore options for lobby. 3-      Add email varification option for making account . Currently many  players are spaming smurf accounts and its very annoying. Also with a email a player able to reset his password in case of forgetting it. 4-      Make macdonates a better civ. Have you ask yourself why don’t people spam macs’ cav cham? And why they and the hero that give bonus to them are kindda useless? The answer is because jav cavs need metal! Its hard for players to spam jav cavs and cham cavs at same time then a player would never do such thing. If devs give normal jav cavs (100 food 50 wood )to macs then people can easily use mac cavs for fighting and use cav chams and their hero as well. 5-      Any civ has fast antirams but macs. why swordmen of macs are chams? They should be merc. Then players can make fast antirams. 6-      Mercs are very imbalanced. But why? Because they don’t need wood. In maps with low wood, civs that can spam mercs will rule! Fix this problem by decreasing metal and adding wood to them. 7-      lets mercs work but with lower gathering rate (something like skiri). It lets peope spam mercs in phase two. 8-      Do you know why people often hate playing noval maps? Because ships are annoying. People spam strong cheap ships and kill troops easily with strong arrows of ship. Especialy when you have to make eco near beach ships can be more annoying. I think ships should not able to attack people same as real life. Ships just atatck ships its all.
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