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    • You can press ungarrison button in middle panel, the unit will be ejected.
    • @elexis is correct. There was no clear decision on this matter (meetinglogs at 19:20:37 +). I see other problematic areas but for now assume this holds true for 0 A.D. as well
    • You'd be surprised if you knew more
    • Thanks, @Lion.Kanzen. I suspected this was a 'not yet implemented' but wanted to check.  I have found the 'garrison troops to prevent capture' but it is a pain when I want to ungarrison in a hurry.  I need to garrison 4 and 1 so I can ungarrison the four quickly.  Never mind, nothing is perfect and I am enjoying the game as-is.
    • No implemented yet. You can prevent that garrisoning units in your buildings.
    • Thankyou @GunChleoc, @leper.  But I wont have the attention span while the weather is good enough to be outdoors.  Best I learn the game and its ethos first anyway - it is a long time since I played anything similar.  Cant have a developer who cannot play the game.   I was playing as roman again and could not find how to access some of the features.  This may be because they are not implemented yet and if that is the case then no problem, but if I am missing some trick/technique then maybe others are missing it too. "Special Techs or Bonuses: Roman Logistics (Army Camps and Siege Walls no longer decay), Sibylline Books (greater vision for units and buildings), Marian Reforms (unlock the Marian Legionnaire), Testudo Formation (a slow formation that is nearly impervious to ranged attacks), Citizenship (armor bonus for fighting in home territory), Socii (allies gain armor bonuses when fighting in Roman territory)." I found Sibylline books, but no logistics, no marian reforms.  Nor did my temple prevent my buildings being captured. Oh, and I laboured mightily to create a wonder and then activated its special.  I got a 50 bod boost in population max, and felt underwhelmed.  Maybe it becomes important when I get better at playing.
    • Nah, making it easy would be linking to the Getting Started Programmers wiki page too.