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    • @elexis How to solve this problem?
    • Hi alekusu! First of all: Don't really think there is one that is best. Mauryans, britons, gauls, spartans, macedonians, athenians, carthaginians, romans, iberians, persians seem to be the best ones, i.e. all but ptol and seleucids X)
      - What is the worst civ in Alpha 21 and why? Not particularly happy about ptolemians not having infantry champions, but ptolemians much better this alpha since elephants got buffed much and they get infantry champions in alpha 22. Wouldn't really call any of the civs bad. Seleucids are slightly slower to train champions and you have to decide between chariots and swordmen champions. Phase 2 faster than in alpha 20 now, maybe minute 8? Depends on how much population you want. Phase 3 should be done reached at minute 12-14 maybe.
        Slingers, skiritai, elephants if done early, spear infantry champions, roman cavalry champions is what I recall. slingers, skirtai, spear infantry were nerfed in alpha 22. Iberian fireships, naked fanatics strong too.
        Not that much. One measurable change is that arrows aren't as accurate anymore at range.
        If they don't it's their own fault. Corrals are (still) really good to replace females on fields later on, since one cavalry gathers food much faster than a female (5x without upgrades, 2x if females have all upgrades IIRC), and the cavalry can be used to fight too. Fish still 2x faster than women on fields and you can train fishing ships from a dock simultaenously with women at a civic center, so if you have fish close, there is a significant advantage. Much stronger, catapults too. But you need to guard them, back them up with citizen soldiers too
        More useful after they were buffed by causative, but depends on the situation. Temples are still more useful, but you can't build them in enemy territory.
        That's a major change in Alpha 21. It's economically not useful anymore to destroy buildings with infantry and cavalry, since they have much more armor. Also champions more expensive and much slower to train.
        Still quickly, the old "300 pop in 16min" thing should still work.
        Probably borg- Delenda Est is nice, but you might want to ask niektb for a greater list
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    • Today, I tested the latest SVN19457 and found a map of the puddles in the game I tested the map is: African Plains. savegame-0150.0adsave
    • can be great things  together,