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    • Fixed a few parent templates mistakes on defense/sentry/outpost towers, also added Dirt 4x6 to temple.
    • /me doesn't want to recolor every unit portrait That's not really a reason is it ? Portraits are 2D art and not used in the 3D part of the viewport Also I believe that's more of a 3D engine reason than a specific application. Red is for champs green for mercenaries and blue for common folks. I get your point but I don't know if that's a good reason either.
    • Not a 2D Artist but i have to agree, purple seems like out of place for that hero. Would fit perfectly with romans as red, but in this case it really looks like missing texture and a colour i haven't seen yet in any reference posted in this forums, best choices could be the red pattern @Sundiata Or Green/blue tartan
    • I agree that criticisms of facial features, make-up, eyebrows or whatever are misplaced, and the portrait itself looks terrific. I wish I could one day achieve that level. I admire the artist dMAthena, and I hope that she(?) continues to make these lovely portraits for other heroes as well! But, It's the wrong color... Fluorescent purple/purple-pink-red/fuchsia or magenta, whatever you want to call it, is not appropriate. I mean, color theory and color psychology are a thing, and that color should throw up all kind of warning signs... It clashes badly with natural colors... I don't think man-made fuschia dyes even existed before 1859. If you insist on using purple, at least use the correct type of purple. As mentioned before, Tyrian purple is more appropriate, at least in a Greco-Roman/oriental context (not in a Celtic one, but I'll let it slide).  The second reason it's the wrong color is because 0AD is a 3D game with assets largely made in Blender. In Blender, as well as Unity, that color is used to highlight missing texture slots, because it's so offensively loud. It stands out like a sore thumb. It literally looks like a missing texture. Fuchsia is also an effeminate color, not right for those otherwise oh so manly heroes (yes, even Boudicca and Amanirenas are both described as "masculine").  In short, if you insist on using purple, at least use Tyrian purple, a color that actually existed at the time, instead of fluorescent looking colors. This doesn't just apply to Boudicca of course, but to all the hero portraits in-game.    
    • That's the easy part. I would be glad to let someone else to work on it for free. Thx.
    • There are also good examples of areas who manage their forest responsibly and because of that have plenty of resources.
    • I would recommend that we could build some lights like making fire on wood for light etc. Weather simulator would be cool I think that camera fixing is needing the map duelling cliff  (3v3) because when we zoom in on the middle cliff it's too high and camera location is bad there.