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    • i don't know what games he joined, we're both new to the game and site, all i know for sure is he joined two games and left them in a hurry, then couldn't enter the game lobby.  Will he have a game record?  I looked for my profile after having played one game yesterday (roundly thrashed) and there is no record of it.  How will he be able to give the points to the winner? Should this be in the help section? thanks jnr lg
    • Thorky used this tactic on me but I don’t mind because this has been used from since couple of alphas already and the devs are either can’t fix or think that this feature is fine.  Imo it’s not really good for the game as in MP will keep the gaps between players skills more wider in favor of the micro quick ones and the competitive essence might erode. To me this feature is an annoyance that could add to the reasons why players could dislike the MP games.  
    • Could you submit a patch for those that I could commit for A24 ? Unless someone has really big concerns it should be a transparent change.  
    • I'm totally against the people who say that micro is cheating. As @(-_-) said, I personally think that 0ad has to fix some unnatural moves, like horse and elephant dancers ones, or that a single unit can dodge 100+ shots. Anyway, I think that the movements of a infantry hero are more natural (a man is able to move himself really fast to dodge some shots).  But I think that many player confuse the word "Dancing" and the word "Micro": dancing is just use (as I said before) innatural moves of a unit with no effort, just clicking the patrol control. The good micro is when you pay attention (obv when you have a quite low number of units) to the single units that are rushing or attacking and you move the attacked ones, to save them and make the enemy lose shots against them (not dancing, just moving): this is a very complicated tactic and players that use it are just very good in the game. If you are moving large masses of units, instead, on the battlefield you can use the tactic I already talked about with more units, or use the hero to run near the enemy units, making them missing shots (but the hero will die if he continues too much)
    • The game must be 1v1 rated to break a rule. In this case now he just has to to give the points to the winner player. 
    • Hello everyone,   I'm taking the liberty to apologise for my son's behavior in a couple of games he joined yesterday.  He has obviously broken the terms of use by quitting the games (at my insistance as he wasn't allowed) and he is now devastated.  I will make sure he reads (properly this time) the terms of use and make sure it never happens again.  Once again, I'm sorry, especially to the other players involved.   jnr lg
    • @dmzerocold do you have any comment on this?    Well that portrait can be not just portrait or icon but if you make it into layers it could be main menu background as well. (when you get to first screen when  you start 0AD)   BTW very nice portrait. @stanislas69 I believe also Kushites do not have portraits. Sorry just noticed that they are also in your list. @dMAthena Also if you would like after you finish these for 0AD you could also take a look at heroes in our mods Terra Magna, Millennium AD and so on.