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    • Hi! Is that something you would consider for future versions? The advantages of having theaters, wonders, additional civil centers, libraries, fortresses,etc. is tremendous. I will hopefully have more balanced version available on Monday morning. Currntly, in a 2 vs 2 between Upper+Lower Egypt vs Sinai+Siwa, Siwa has the hardest start. For reasons unknown to me Alexandria directly expands to Giza while Thebes and Sinai just play agressively but don't expand early. Siwa does expand but gets crushed first often, so i intend to give them either additional supplies or another civil center. I will report asap. Tomorrow morning I will host a LAN-party at my home, which will yield further inside. This s very interesting information.  I would love to implement that! But the Kushites are not planned for this release, are they? Greetings
    • I have removed SVN a while ago from my computer so I'm a little reluctant to redownload everything just for one single commit (and prolly remove it afterwards again...)
    • Here is an A22 binary with the fix applied (you just need to replace your standard A22 binary and rename that one): pyrogenesis_a22fixed.exe
    • Nice! Both the dress, and the model   
    • Well we have a fix but you need to be a bit tech savy to test it. Can you download the source, compile the game in release, check it still happens, download a SVN patch apply it to the game, compile the game again and see if it fixes it ? If yes you can head over to Trac.wildfiregames.com and get started
    • Well, Kushites were active as far as Thebes during our timeframe, and were quite influential politically and religiously in the Thebaid region in general. They even built temples and monuments in Southern Egypt, like the original temple of Debod in Philae (currently in Madrid, Spain) built by Adikhalamani and the original temple of Dakka built by Arqamani. These were built in periods of Kushite supported revolts against Ptolemaic rule in Upper Egypt and Lower Nubia, against Ptolemy IV and Ptolemy V. Even the massive Kiosk of Taharqa, in the first courtyard of the temple of Amun in Karnak (Thebes) was built by... Taharqa, in addition to other monuments like the Edifice of Taharqa by the Sacred Lake in the precinct of Mut, in Karnak.  Admittedly, the Kushite heartlands were significantly more South than this map. It's an amazing map though, can't wait to play it    
    • Please excuse the silliness of the question but I'm new and can't find any. What I was hoping to find in one of these forums was a simple page full of user created scenarios and campaigns. Can you please direct me to such a place?   I really love the game by the way. I've seen a lot of reports of other people having problems but it plays flawlessly for me until populations start to get too large. Best answer to that is to go and reduce someone else's population.   Build 23 running on Fedora 27 straight from F27 repository Core i5 6500 builtin graphics, 16 Gb ram.   Cheers,   Andrew