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    • Cool, I'll try this as well!
    • I will wager to guess their better values will be 0.0 and 0.0.
    • Actually  <DisablePushing>true</DisablePushing> Seems to work for me, whether it's in template_unit or a specific template. And it make sense, I just misread the code.
    • All units have acceleration and infantry takes shorter time to accelerate to full speed. I propose letting infantry have infinite acceleration like now and some very big acceleration values for cavalry so that it does not tip the game balance completely. Sure, but just be aware that the people testing A26 will have a huge range of skill set... You can kill me in 5 minutes in a 1v1 in which case there is not much point. 14 might be too much, maybe we each take our favourite civ and play   And yes, Dizaka, Valihrant and Acero are also very good at Merc rush as well.  
    • Can you try the counterproductive  <DisablePushing>false</DisablePushing> Thoughts behind it // Original code for disabling pushing SetParticipateInPushing(!paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").IsOk() || !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").ToBool()); // No tag auto tagOk = !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").IsOk() // true auto tagValue = !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").ToBool() // true SetParticipateInPushing(true); // Tag present <DisablePushing>true</DisablePushing> auto tagOk = !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").IsOk() // false auto tagValue = !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").ToBool() // false SetParticipateInPushing(false); // Tag present <DisablePushing>false</DisablePushing> auto tagOk = !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").IsOk() // false auto tagValue = !paramNode.GetChild("DisablePushing").ToBool() // true SetParticipateInPushing(true);  
    • what about @Dizaka? in TG's I think he does it better than both to be honest.  Actually, an easy change that we could *probably* all agree on is to make it harder for melee cavalry to break through palisades. Palisades are barely useful to slow down melee cavalry, and if melee cavalry were given a .3x versus palisades then defense against those raids could be possible if you are prepared. I would like to see palisades get good enough to the point where it is useful to build them in p1 to control cavalry rushes (but not good enough to stop infantry attacks).  defenses cost/ value could be another dynamic in p1. Right now, we only ever see offensive action in p1, which makes the best defense against a rush a counter rush, rather than preparation for defense. As for overall balancing strategies I think we just have to consider what make the unit OP: carth merc cav: overlapping balance features: (merc) (cavalry) (turn rates) (swordcav), so the solution should be to address those overlapping features firecav: individual unit features: (fire damage) (cheap with Indibil hero. solution is simpler, just directly address the individual unit. Imo decrease range.
    • Maybe the  OPness has been discovered later, but the  inbalance was clear from the start. A normal cavalry unit costs 150 resources and a merc cavalry cost 80 and is more powerful. So just maybe math can tell something before you start testing. People said skirmishers were weak in A24, which was untrue IMHO. If players bothered to look at the performance of skirmishers against melee units, then poeple would realize they are problematic. Also in A24 there were lots of complaints about metal shortages in TGs, so that blurred the experiences for TGs. It felt really childish to me that people complained about units, when the map was not suited to good gameplay. If the complainers were trying maps with more metal, then they would have found out the TG champion issue in A24. Oh, and that is not the only thing basic logic could just tell you.   14 is too much. Also I prefer 1v1s, but playing a team game would be fine too.   The overlapping is also a major contributor in some scenariors.    I also dislike the entire idea of nerfing cavalry by introducing acceleration. Acceleration would nerf all cavalry in the same way, so that also hurt CS javelin cavalry(who are fine) and CS axe/spear cavalry(who are underpowered). Cavalry as a whole is not problematic to me, merc cav and Iber/Roman champions are problematic.
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