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    • @fcxSanya :The new error occurred again: root@tom:/home/tom/usr/tools/XpartaMuPP# python3 --domain tom --login wfgbot --password 123456 --nickname WFGbot --room 22 2017-05-29 21:31:43        ERROR    Could not connect to Socket Error #111: Connection refused   I find it strange that there is no such information: INFO     Negotiating TLS
          INFO     Using SSL version: 3
          INFO     Node set to:
          INFO     XpartaMuPP started   BTW: Should I uninstall python2?
    • and is posible restriction game normal in more wars  no wonders and no walls?  
    • Every option is designer's failure to make it right. Imagine, you want to play a game, you don't know much about the rules, you just want to play. So you start a game and screen with 20 options appears. Now what? Should you check this one or that one? Is it better to play for 30% or 80% of something? How long the timer should be? Try to answer these with only basic knowledge of the game. The game should provide only few options without unnecessary details. If the victory condition should be "control majority of land", then you as the developer or game designer, should figure out what "majority" means and how much it is for the best game play. If there is a timer, you should test how much time is needed to save the day. Don't be lazy, don't leave it to users. For advanced players and developers, there should be a custom mode with all options available. You, as the developers, will need theese options to test the game. But these options should be hidden behind an "advanced options" button, configuration file, or something like that. From the implementation point of view, it is a very good idea to keep all these values as configurable parameters. Even better is to keep them in a separate file (one file per game profile/mode; presets are loaded from two directories - game defaults and user's profile) which can be easily shared and discussed between developers/players. This way you can avoid the "advanced button" as you can edit/create a config file with many many parameters and tune them over time and switch between the files/profiles easily.
    • I think the current idea is to refactor the "helper" Library functions so that they can be called from arbitrary places in the code, then create proper encyclopaedias and trees everywhere needed. It's basically planned, but progress is slow and steady.
    •  A list would be perfect I prefer to work that way. It's easier to keep track of everything that way as long as the list is maintained. Also if done properly it could work as a roadmap. Moreover if some props like scabbards and stuff can benefit the main game it's great.  
    • Couldn't the skirmish formation be used (when it is implemented) also for melee units? They would approach, hit and retreat automatically for a while before repeating. This would end up being effective only for the slower attacking but fast moving units (like the Spear Cavalry). Of course, there is always the choice of using other formations and do the micromanagement.