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    • I believe the similarness between the Greek civil is mainly due to the fact they were split after being created and not created independently like the Seleucids now if you provide me sketches I can make new buildings. 
    • Is the basis that some civilisations have Greek architecture to be one to make the game's aesthetic intentionally historically inaccurate?  The Seleucids have a unique look despite the obvious hellenistic influence, and the other Hellenic cultures could have much more diverse styles.  For that matter, I'm a bit discontent with how uniform the Spartan and Athenian styles are.  Yes, they have different Civic Centres, but that doesn't seem to be enough to me.  Spartans should have a more simplistic, practical set, simply extrapolating from Plutarch's Life of Lycurgus in which he states that Spartans could only use particularly unwieldy tools to construct their houses.  That would be the same as saying that there is a samishness due to them all speaking roughly the same language.  On the contrary, there were distinct dialects with unique phonologies.  I would personally love to see differentiations in these matters since that would give each part of the world a unique sound.
    • nomad is posible similar at aoe2 or 3 naval start in the boat and one cc caravan  and posible new unit  estoa royal for mace ... is good idea ?   corrar free meat .... chiken            
    • I think the style of the colony would work. Half ptol half Greek sounds fair.
    •   There is indeed something which need to be clarified. In we have the non bracket syntax for specific affects. We have it in the code doc. (so we need to write some tests for that part of the code).   EDIT: I checked, indeed the bracket syntax is not handle in specific affects. In that case, you can just use strings (where 'spaces' are 'and'). If you want an 'or' in a specific affects, you can't neither use "+" in the string. I guess the only solution is to split it like that: {"value": "Cost/BuildTime", "multiply": 0.1, "affects": ["Storehouse", "Farmstead"]} should become
        {"value": "Cost/BuildTime", "multiply": 0.1, "affects": "Storehouse"}, {"value": "Cost/BuildTime", "multiply": 0.1, "affects": "Farmstead"}   EDIT: Though I am not sure we could have the same key :/
    • That is a feature I actually would use. Would be awesome to not know how big a map was or how many players there were. Obviously, for the player count you would know that it was greater than or equal to the number of human players, but you wouldn't know if there were going to be some AI players sneaking about. I hope this gets implemented someday.