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    • I like this proposal a lot. I think battalions make a lot of sense and I really like the emphasis on formations. Working formations are absolutely essential to a "finished" game IMHO. A few thoughts: Military buildings: I say have ground troops from barracks (ranged and melee) and cavalry from stables. No need for an archery range, IMO. If one feels ranged units need something else, what about adding the proposals like "ranged units are unlocked from the barracks after "fletching" or "missile building" techs are researched from the blacksmith."  Military unit training: since citizen soldier battalions do not gather resources, is it possible that they could be "tasked" to train and gain experience without fighting? They could lose some stamina (if implemented) or HP in the process so that it isn't as if they level up for free. Capital Phase: is this automatic too? Seems like since it costs significant resources, it should be the one phase upgrade that the player must click. Trading: What about trading with the economic docks? So markets, CC, and docks for land based traders. Lastly, a concept that I think is sorely missing, but probably too hard to implement well, is logistics. Supplying armies in the field with food, water, and coin. All the primary sources I've read from the Hellenistic era constantly talk about the need to supply troops and how this would make or break a campaign. You think of Xerxes sending his advance troops to make supply depots along the coast of Greece, the Athenians gathering lumber and supplies in Italy for their expedition to Sicily, and the importance of Alexander taking Darius' royal tent, his family, and baggage train at Issus. 
    • 1... Yes . For more aggreageted forests. But still maintain some few single trees spread about to give more natural environment. + Single trees should get wiped out when placing building foundations. Also similar thing needs to be done with huntable animals. They should spawn in groups. And move in herd, when anyone is attacked. 2... I'd say 3. Since there are a lot of trees. There's no need to have more than that to get clumped on a single tree. Also many times at the edge of the map or edge of forest, the gatherers get idled waiting in line. since there is space for only one or two gatherers around it. The more spread about gatherers will chop through individual trees slower and the gathering speed (depending on drop distance) remains fairly constant for longer time. 3. I'm not sure what this means. Is it same as 1? 4. No. Should put this off till very late. Try with other changes first. Since this might not be needed. More wood will mean gatherers can be kept in a defensive location for much longer period. And to balance if the number of trees is decreased on the map, then the game environment will lose its current natural appeal and would appear plastic. 5. No. not needed. Doesnt make sense. And creates problems with carrying capacity upgrades. Only place where a different carrying capacity is suited is for cavalry while carrying meat from hunts.
    • This was to make players having option to build barracks to allow defense in phase 1. or being greedy with faster and boomy age up but vulnerable to enemy rush. Also since military is being trained from barracks, it would make sense citizens get arms and armor from the same building. Also rightfully make the citizens out in open be vulnerable. This would require barracks shifted in phase 1 with atleast 2 soldiers being trained. This is not that important requirement if you feel it changes your design too much. This will be similar to the limit. Only there would be a soft limit. Why I'm against it is because- The traders going between markets or CC. Are always more defensible than miners outside the territory. Also traders are infinite source. So they should be less efficient in gathering, to balance. If you only add hard or soft limits without addressing the above issue. Their would only be one build order- Build max number of traders as soon as possible. and focus on outlying mines later only if necessary. While adjusting efficiency only without any limits. Gives player option to transition to traders early or late depending on whether he is going for a long term plan or early play. And allows enough infinite source of economy to make a smooth late game experience after natural resources run out. While maintaining the superiority and importance to secure natural resources in early and mid game.   Edit- I can only help with xml or json stuff currently. Some of the major JS and C++ changes could maybe wait till it gets incorporated in the main game. And a workaround can be used to showcase or test the feature, where possible. But ofcourse any effort made would be useless if the mod doesnt get more visibilty. and gets played by most people in lobby, to test and refine.
    • i think he was exaggerating a bit.   but you get how champions make all other units redundant..
    • With simple micro is impossible to lose 200 units against 40
    • I assume you are talking about Champion units. This is less because of the inflated stats. and more because of the armor. They take very less percentage of damage as compared to normal units. It needs to be rectified by limiting the increase in stats to about 30%/40% increase and only 2 point increase in armor.
    • Already implemented in the game. Hmm, maybe, maybe not. Depends if there's some kind of overpowered militia rush in phase I. Can just make them get more expensive the more you make too.    A lot of the stuff can be implemented without any C++ or big JS changes. But some crucial parts do need some programming.