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    • Rushes are usually countered rather than prevented. Women are too weak. Spearmen counter them, but are too slow to catch up (a pros/cons thing). Archers? Win by tactic. Setting up 2 wood sources earlier on is a much better move. Just in case 1 woodline gets attacked, at least you're getting wood somewhere else. Even if your enemy manages to know that, he'll be forced to divide his forces, weakening his rush. When it comes to a generic build order, almost everybody builds a storehouse and clicks the wood upgrade immediately. The Wicker Basket upgrade is debatable. Some prefer upgrading it when there are more than 1 Bush packs. Corrals are established to be the most efficient food source at the cost of being more micro-intensive (Farm fields are the  opposite). So your strategy depends on which you prefer. If you think that you're gathering too much of a certain resource, it doesn't hurt to shift your workers to something else. In fact, it's more beneficial. By the strategy you're trying to employ, looks like the Iberians will be a great faction for you. Early Co + Late Game Strategy.
    • Hey I've been trying to figure out a good BOOM build for antirush and late game economy.

      I've been struggling with some skirmisher cavalry rushes, I really want to take advantage of corral farming with cavalry.

      Maybe I could work in a skirmisher cavalry rush myself... but maybe there is some kind of fertility festival farming build that works much better;

      Therefore I wan to divide my build order in two distinct categories; Farming and corralling, than maybe I can determine the best economic/anti rush mix that will enable me to be able to hotkey a barracks or town center; And still produce units while I harass the enemy with my skirmish cavalry. My main problem is mid game, storing up too many resources and not knowing where to spend them... I almost always start off with 4 military and 1 female villager on a store house, upgrade wood mining, and start adding female villagers while I save up for my first few archers to mine more wood.

      I think upgrading wood first is not the best approach, so what's your build order?
      Is it better to start with corrals or fast farms, and how should I go about it?

      Those are my big two questions.
    • Yep, pretty much like that. I think would help the Youtube casters. Agree? I don't watch many replays myself. Just thought it would help others and made sense.
    • So here's what I believe should've happened:
      Yellow uses Rome Lancer Rush against Red Sparta. Then Blue follows up with Slinger Rush. Boom! Purple Sparta will sweep with his Skiritais. Iberians aren't much of a threat until late game.

      But what happened was:
      Carthage provoked Sparta into attacking prematurely. Red Spartan was left happy to boom and employ his Rush. Then Iberian went for the sweep.  
    • Like this?: (Just hacked together atm )
    • 2 animations shows in this video Rec_2017-06-28_14;28;11.mp4