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    • the number are indicative ( i simply swapped spear cavalry walk speed and swords cavalry walk speed) in order to define the role of the 2 type of cavalry and give to the countered one (swords cavalry in this case) a chance to escape / bait. I guess that having a type of unit being able to counter another one and being better under any aspect would  kinda be an about-turn.   this is the intent. Managing the resources is as important as choosing the type of unit. Actually cavalry role is to raid for a sure advantage more than scouting which could lead to later advantage (f.e.  knowing that the enemy is training the unit X, i will train and eventually upgrade the unit Y which beats the unit X as long as the enemy doesn't know. Otherwise, by scouting, he could train the unit Z which counters my units Y).
    • I tested Roman Champion cavalry against all champion troops of the Hellenic factions in the scenario editor. The result is : they beat almost every champions excpet elephants. They even beat fully upgraded hypaspists (silver shields, spearmen champs). That's complete nonsense.
    • The so called pros complain too much of the skirmisher cavalry. The game is much much better than A21 as there are more activity with the cavalries early on compared to boring resources gathering for 15 minutes.  If you noticed the last couple of days there's much nice and beautiful games by decent people. A lot of so called pros complain because they don't play what the new features offer.  The OPness of skirmisher cavalry only affects Romans and Macedonians. Random maps that generates less hunts could just be fine for all civs. More hunts don't even assure you to gain much advantage especially on team plays which are very common.  A little tweak for melee cavs, pikemen attack rate could be just fine. Put it to 1 second or maybe just slower than a slowest infantry spearman attack rate.  Bolts and catapults are just becoming OP when deployed Im going to try to test it seems like there is a file on my tools/mods. Hope it works. 
    • @fatherbushido You didn't so I thought it might help. Apologies.
    • I guess that I could have done that myself?