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    • Can I has the files, so i can make a mod?
    • Hey guys it's your favorite ranger and today I wanted to talk about several ideas I've had for 0ad this includes mechanics animations and even units and factions that I fought would make the game better or at least make sense in a game. Buildings: obviously this is important because buildings sometimes makes no sense, also that they are going to be one of the most viewed and important part of the gameplay to destroy a field the characters should light it on fire and move on, I mean it's a filed it doesn't need a siege engine, siege engines should also not be able to fit a field, it doesn't make sense to and also fields that are on fire can't be used for obvious reasons to capture a building you should send soldiers inside the building (like a garrison) instead of standing outside and waving their weapons around it like some form of alter to the gods, you cam achive this easier by getting an battery ram to break down the door with an upgrade (whichever faction you decide) otherwise it'll still do damage to the building also buidlings that have been captured from gaia should expand you're territory and not go back being with gaia you can walk through and battle for a market.... not sure why you would but ok when you capture an enemy building that has a certain upgrade, you get it automatically, with the cartogrether (I know it's spelled wrong) upgrade you get to see the allies location for five seconds dogs are the only creatures that can capture kennels..... if a man captures it (not a Briton btw) it becomes a place for storage (acts like a store house) if you get an upgrade you can kill the guy/s who is inside the tower with an ability (which ever faction you decide) more come out of buildings when ARCHERS enter it, the building can have a bite back effect when having over unit types
    • Saw that game too.  Not every day you see Viper that far on the back foot.  All said though, it's not surprising with Steppe Lancers.  When Rise of the Rajas came out, Vietnamese were overpowered, and Malay were dominant on water-maps.  Apparently the developers are going to be hitting that unit pretty hard in an upcoming patch.  These are a list of the alleged changes coming up: Gold cost from 30 to 45 Attack speed lower Movement speed lower -2 attack on both normal and elite These changes will make them only 25 resources cheaper than knights but with two less attack.  Add to that fact that their attack speed was already a bit slower than the knight's, and their movement rate will probably be at least the same as the knight now, and the result should be a good deal less effective.  Time, however, will only tell. 
    • https://giant.gfycat.com/ImpossibleGlisteningGiraffe.webm We haven't webm support yet
    • Steppe lancers and kipchaks are great, I never use cavalry archers but what an exception these guys make 30 and 35 gold each respectively? wew take advantage while it lasts
    • I found a way. but it's not perfect... yet For their maps https://github.com/StanleySweet/0AD-SpringMap-To-PyrogenesisMap I'm trying to convert the old perl script of @Ykkrosh to Python for 3Do so I can import them in blender just like s3o 3do_pyrogenesis_importer.py https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/source/tools/springimport The perl script works somewhat, but if it's python it will work in blender.   And yeah it's a shame it's CC-BY-NC. But the goal is to show how good our engine is and to provide an open source alternative to stuff like Company of Heroes I'm taking too many projects at once, but hoping people will join me in this adventure.
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