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    • Had it been the first post of a user, not in the relevant topic, the link been to a suspicious looking site. Then I would have thought it might be. In this case I don't though.
    • Thak you @stanislas69, we will take a look at mod.io, looks like a cool feature and very useful.  
    • Hey @Vasikle & @Dan The Strategist
        Nice to see you guys back. If you haven't already have a look at mod.io  It's a new way to share your mods  I don't remember if you wanted to go open source or closed source, but let me know if you need help with packaging. Also, keep us updated, post screenshots
    • Well I consider it important, and the coding guys as well. Most of the artist who came along had probably no experience with SVN/Git whatsoever, so they just dumped everything in the folder and made it work. I guess nobody also had in mind that the game would still be in development 18 years later

      If we can make it work nicely, while writing somewhere how things should be and why it was decided so (For sometimes decisions are not always obvious to newcomers) that would be a great progress IMHO. If you haven't already read it there is a naming convention section there: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument Yeah that sounds good, and nothing prevents you from recording sounds in the process which is nice. Like if we don't end up renaming stuff, we will still have the sounds. I guess the naming convention final decision will go to @Itms @OmriLahav, and @Lordgood. Well it's cosmetic anyway so I don't think it really matters. That would have to be decided too. Just an idea, maybe we could make a small paragraph describing the naming convention on a google doc, and let everyone that wants put its grain of salt. (Not that I think there will be a queue doing so but it'd be nice to have it collaborative)
    • Good job Danny for setting up this forum page.
    • Hey, thanks for the post! If that is the consensus, then that is what it is. I am just here to help make things happen- I put in my thoughts and professional advice, we all figure out where we want to go from there. I am happy to use whatever standard; I just wanted to propose a few options I have used in the past to get the ball rolling. How about this- [file_name][type]_[intensity]_[variation].ogg death_horse1_1_3.ogg //if there are multiple types of horses (or) death_horse_1_3.ogg //if there is only one type of horse The type > Intensity > Variation hierarchy is pretty semantic, we can probably get away without using indicator characters so long as it is documented clearly and all (new) sounds conform to the standard. It's semantically the same as the old format too, it just has an underscore to separate the intensity and variation terms, and type is really an optional part of file_name for future-proofing. It's basically what we have already, just with an extra underscore and an optional extra character.   As an aside, no offense meant, but after spending even just a few days digging through these audio files, "consistency matters" is just about the most ironic thing one could say about the naming/organization of the audio files in my opinion. I completely doubt this was intentional, nor do I cast or even consider casting blame on anyone, just, in the natural way these sorts of communal efforts always go, it seems like after the last sound lead left, people just threw some of these audio files in whatever folder they thought was best with words in whatever order made sense to add their new feature to the game. I know if I have to spend the next several years trying to figure out if it's "death_horse_10.ogg" in /actor/fauna/animal/ or "horse_death_1.ogg" in /actor/fauna/death/ that I'm looking for, I will probably go insane, and I sincerely don't know about the next person who comes along.  Besides, if we're going to be doing all the reorganizing, replacing, and new sound recording that's been discussed so far, we're going to be mostly looking at additions over the next few years, especially if we factor in the current amount of sounds still missing. That's why we need to affirm or update our naming convention for sound files before I can get to implementing sounds or, if it is decided, restructuring to fix/document all these inconsistencies so if someone else comes on board to work on sound in the future, they don't have to spend a week digging through the sound files and opening half the XML files in the entire project just to figure out what is actually connected to what. I re-read the patch record and that makes sense now, thanks. Thinking about it more, I think we can make this work quite well if we can get it implemented, although if it is at all possible anyone would ever want to implement variations/multiple takes of each line per voice in the future, that might cause some trouble. I think we also should consider standardizing (as I have alluded to above) whether it should be [action]_[object], or [object]_[action] for the name of the file in the actor and voice folders. I think [action]_[object] is my preference since most folders are actions and most of the resources and much of the actor folders already are that way (the voice folder is a major exception), but I don't care either way, we just need to make it consistent, I think.
    • Doesn't seem like spam to me.