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    A small town in south-eastern Sweden
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    Reading, reading and reading =) I do also enjoy being in the forest, walking, painting, drawing, taking photos, playing around in Photoshop and other graphics programs, writing, creating crosswords, spending time with my friends. Playing computer games, mostly RTSs, why else would I be here. As if that wasn't enough I do also have some plants to take care of, and from time to time I sculpt using plaster.
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  1. No idea what might have caused it. I opened the post to edit it and just saved it (without actually doing some edit) and now it seems to work. Weird. Might have been some upgrade to the forum that changed things
  2. Hmm, seems like Paypal handles donations differently to other payments. Not sure what Wildfire Games/SPI can do about it though as it's most likely something to do with e.g. tax laws in India or something similar.
  3. Paypal should work in India, so hopefully it's something more specific that can be fixed. To add to Stan's question: do you have a Paypal account?
  4. @Stan` and the others will need to make a decision for what/how to do, and if they want to include donators in the credits then I would suggest they decide one person who is to be contacted
  5. I'll leave any decisions up to the currently active people, but I'll say as a general comment that it can't just be automatically done as we'd need the permission of people who donated to include their personal information/to ask how they would like to be credited. Should be possible to e.g. ask people who would like to be included to provide proof of having donated + tell how they would like to be credited, but would take some work.
  6. Sorry, the image itself needs to be square (i.e. have equal height and width), but it can have transparency so can look like whatever you want it to. I'm sure it's possible to create a new theme that does that, but it would be a lot of work, and be something that potentially needs to be updated each time the forum software is upgraded.
  7. Ok, I guess I thought it was obvious, so I wondered if you meant something else. The rocket symbol itself is a placeholder, but if you mouseover it you see that it displays what "rank" the person has, and actually how many ranks there are in total, which I don't believe were visible before. Ranks are based on the number of posts and replies a person has posted (currently at least, there is the possibility to add more things that contribute). I think before it just said the name of the rank? (I'm sure there was/could have been images as well, we did use to have images a long time ago at least, but I can't remember if we have had any for a while due to updates to the forum software.)
  8. What does what mean? And yeah, any new changes are most likely due to the forum software being upgraded. I'm sure they can be adapted, but the more changes = the more work to make sure it works as intended when that area of the software is changed in another upgrade. If you have specific things you want to see changed and suggestions for how to change them I'm sure we can look into it. I'm not really around much, so I don't know what things have changed. I do notice the rocket symbol you mention, and I think that could probably benefit from being changed. If someone wants to create either one or more symbols to replace it, then please ask for feedback here. It needs to be square, and should work at relatively small sizes, so not be too complicated. If multiple there should be 14 different ones if we continue to have the same/same amount of ranks as we have now. It shouldn't be too big of a deal, just a fun incentive to keep posting, but I can agree that having something modern like a rocket feels a bit out of place. Maybe it could be replaced by a spearhead or something?
  9. Please respect each other, criticise the game and its development all you want (though if you actually want to increase the chances of your opinion being considered -- doing so in a polite and constructive way is a good idea), but this forum is no place to mistreat other people.
  10. There should be a button/text that says Reveal hidden contents, click that and you will be able to see the image. If not something is going wrong
  11. Done, and for the record, the below comment in a previous post seems to have been what set it off:
  12. I vote in favor, a working server is vital.
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