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  1. I'm locking this thread, seems like it's just attracting insults and rudeness. Please try and be nice to each other. It might seem innocent to you, but you never know how others react, especially in an international context like this when not everyone has got English as their first language.
  2. I would say it's more a matter of making things easy for oneself/doing something that works in most cases than ignorance, the places where people use latin are probably fewer than where people would deem the modern meaning of those letters/sounds to be inappropriate. Sure, that's pretty mild even if used as profanity I would say, so I'll remove it from the censored words.
  3. feneur

    Civ: Incas

    Done. I put it into the Art Dev forum for now, you may or may not want it somewhere else.
  4. I'm locking this thread. It just seems to cause trouble and conflict, without rendering any benefit to anyone - rather anger and hatred. I'm sure there are aspects which can be discussed in a meaningful way, but most of this topic has not proved to be very meaningful. Let the forums be a place where we discuss the game and its development, and related topics where it might be relevant. But please try and stay away from more controversial subjects, even if they are meaningful to you, the likelihood that you will influence someone else is very slim, but the likelihood that you will make people a
  5. It's not that easy, and not really about greed either. In this case I'd say it's probably fine, it's just showing that the video is of the game 0 A.D. but there can be situations where it's not as obvious. Especially if the WFG logo is used on something that is not officially sanctioned by the WFG team, if it's something bad people might then think that we are supporting that. So it's not just free for everyone to use the logos. Better to ask even if it seems obvious, than not to ask when you absolutely should have.
  6. Most of what I can see is in posts where there already are more on-topic discussion going on + now @marius4 has posted the links in that thread already, so I've just hidden the Colossus-only posts, and if people want to edit their posts + post in that thread instead that would be good, but in either case I don't think what is posted as part of other posts really add enough of value to go through and split up individual posts
  7. I might be missing something, but I can't seem to find where it says, ok, now I see, you mean 2018, not 2008, that makes a lot more sense Did he post his post on that date? Because if so it works as supposed as far as I understand things. If he made the original post at some other time it's not working I guess.
  8. Hmm, not sure I understand what you mean. Could you explain in another way what it is you are talking about? And what it is that doesn't work?
  9. Is there a way to make it gradual, and only promote a smaller number at a time? Seasons rarely change instantly in the real world at least, so it would make sense from that perspective if nothing else =)
  10. (Edited the title cash-->crash + put the crash report inside a spoiler.)
  11. Sure, could you suggest a title for that thread?
  12. I'm assuming they registered for the in-game lobby? Are they using the same network to connect?
  13. @implodedok Any idea what's behind this?/Something we can do? From a quick googling all I can see are things on the server, but which should affect all users I would presume, and this is the first time I've seen this
  14. Or rather try @Stan`'s updated bundle, but feel free to at least click the Torrent link to see if it works for you now or if we need to investigate further
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