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  1. I found it at https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26 But it looks like it's not active anymore. No new merges for 7 months, and I see my request for access was never accepted, which I probably sent around the time the repo was created.
  2. I don't know how any one person can. How to rebalance each unit has to be decided by multiple people, afaik. I'm not really sure of the procedure, anymore, tbh. I think it's done with the Community mod now, but I don't know where the discussion takes place, or how its decided what gets merged and what doesn't. I don't see a link to its GitLab repo on the mod.io page.
  3. No, if you have a .pyromod file with the correct directory structure, just rename the file so it has a .zip extension (and remove the .pyromod extension). See Distributing Your Mods If you think something is missing from the docs, you might want to consider adding it. Your script looks overly-complicated imo. This is the script used by the GitHub action: entrypoint.sh
  4. Since your mod is on GitHub, it might be easier to use this GitHub action
  5. Maybe some potentially useful information in this article on Intel's website?: Identifying the Frame Rate Bottleneck in 0 A.D. @inzhu Related forum thread already exists at
  6. Seems like some feedback is needed about the names of player placement options, some that already exist, and some that are planned to be implemented Please see comments by @maroderat line 70 of TeamPlacement.js @Stan` https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4948#change-vhQdafBheTV7
  7. Bos Wars has a feature for enabling multiple viewports. You can select a viewport and scroll through it (The first screenshot is with no viewports). Does 0ad have anything like that and do you think it would be a good feature to implement?
  8. The repo here is still writable, but would need someone to review new pull requests.
  9. You might wanna try the chess skirmish map included in the community maps 2 mod
  10. @Stan`Maybe this thread should be merged with https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/38086-proposal-more-difficult-ai-settings/
  11. With kush-extreme, a pro player *might* be able to defeat 2 Kush AIs, but definitely not 3.
  12. You spelled "t-shirts" incorrectly. You instead used a slang word that means "poop" or "feces".
  13. It would be good if https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4948 were merged before the next release
  14. @seeh You probably want to detach your autocivp fork from the original. See https://support.github.com/request/fork
  15. Indeed it would be nice to have a smarter AI. I'll be sure to try out these changes next time I play. There's also the kush extreme mod available from the 0ad mod downloader. It doesn't change the intelligence of the AI, but makes the KUSH very OP by increasing their armor strength. Existing thread at https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/91251-kush-extreme/
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