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  1. I tried leaving an inline comment on Fubricator but got an error about permissions I do wonder if another string would be easier to translate. "Shared Vision", "Shared Teammate Vision", "Share Vision with Allies"... ? But any of those may still required a translation comment. What's the format for adding one?
  2. Has anyone else experienced this? After I capture a building, with my units selected, hovering the mouse over the building that needs repairing, the one I just captured shows a harvest icon (wood) instead of a repair (mallet) icon. I experience this about 95% of the time. left-clicking on the mallet on the dashboard works. I've noticed this since a23, and probably in earlier versions but I don't remember for sure. Also see it on a25. My OS is Linux (happens on either Manjaro or Debian), and usually I'm using a self-build. (I took a screenshot but the mouse pointer wasn't captured.)
  3. There's now a patch to add this to the game at https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4191 but it will need feedback and review.
  4. A version for a25 is now available for download on 0ad.mod.io (v0.0.25) Thanks for your work on that, @Jammyjamjamman!
  5. It looks disabled to me. It can't be changed in the case I mentioned (see screenshot in first post). Therefore, from my point of view, the tip should not state that it can be toggled.
  6. Or hide the tip that states that it can be toggled, in cases like that when it can't be toggled.
  7. At the game set-up screen, local match, custom map. No option to turn cheats off, even though on the left, it says "toggle the usability of cheats."
  8. @LangbartIt's been suggested before to add this feature to the game, but it was rejected. There was a ticket created and then closed The link you gave is on a fork of the main repo. There's an open pull request for it at https://github.com/andy5995/CartographyMode/pull/7 . We've been side-tracked for a couple weeks but were planning to do some testing of that patch very soon, then merging it, probably within the next few weeks. After that, I'll submit the update to Itms and mod.io Anybody who wants to test the code as-is and leave feedback on the pull request is encouraged to do so. We'll take any comments into consideration before finalizing the patch. Thanks for your suggestion. I'm glad you like the mod.
  9. The menu shows up correctly when I set to 1.4, which will work just fine for me. I set it to 1.5 before I had cataract surgery last October, so I can see things a lot better anyway.
  10. I'm at revision: 25402 (a25) I'm not able to click the exit button on the main menu. It appears, but not clickable. In my user.cfg, I have gui.scale = "1.5" which I'm sure is related. I'll attach a screenshot... This is how it looks in a24 (which works) And in a25
  11. @wowgetoffyourcellphonecould you open a ticket on the repo and ping "Jammyjamjamman"? He does all the coding for it.
  12. Thank you for the offer @SSplat. That's just a pic I found with an image search. My intention was to post an example, but I didn't have any specific bridge in mind. And I see from this thread that the engine code used to find paths would not be able to distinguish from the top of the bridge and the ... underneath of the bridge
  13. @LopessFirst use the python script as mentioned in the first post. Then use the 7 scripts I've attached, that are based on the 7 patches mentioned by @Nescio None of these 7 scripts require an argument. Just use sh D????.sh Each script will look in a "maps" directory relative to your current directory, and change all maps it finds. There will be no messages output by the scripts (unless there's an error). D1009.sh D1010.sh D2234.sh D2254.sh D2774.sh D3012.sh D3097.sh
  14. I tried migrating this map for a24 but there are still some missing unit/structure messages when it loads. Here's the (incomplete) update... @SSplatYou mentioned bugs in your OP, what exactly are you running into? YingYang.xml YingYang.pmp
  15. As Atlas is a 3D editor, can a bridge over land be made using Atlas? Something like this?
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