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  1. @LopessFirst use the python script as mentioned in the first post. Then use the 7 scripts I've attached, that are based on the 7 patches mentioned by @Nescio None of these 7 scripts require an argument. Just use sh D????.sh Each script will look in a "maps" directory relative to your current directory, and change all maps it finds. There will be no messages output by the scripts (unless there's an error). D1009.sh D1010.sh D2234.sh D2254.sh D2774.sh D3012.sh D3097.sh
  2. I tried migrating this map for a24 but there are still some missing unit/structure messages when it loads. Here's the (incomplete) update... @SSplatYou mentioned bugs in your OP, what exactly are you running into? YingYang.xml YingYang.pmp
  3. As Atlas is a 3D editor, can a bridge over land be made using Atlas? Something like this?
  4. Thank you for the feedback everyone! @badosuI made some changes to the map, chief among them: widening all the paths. I've added a 2v4, 3v4, and 4v4 version to the GitHub repo (Cliffs_of_Carnage_xvx_xp.xml, etc)
  5. Practicing more with Atlas, I made this spiral mountain path. Ideally it would go around the mountain 2 or more times... but this is good enough for proof of concept, if any map-makers are looking for ideas...
  6. What do you think about adding Roman turtles to the Romans civ? This is an example from the MegaGlest game.
  7. Now moved to it's own directory on the trunk branch https://github.com/andy5995/CartographyMode/tree/trunk/a24 and also available from the 0AD mod center and on 0ad.mod.io
  8. This video shows a lot of rams bunching up around houses, not destroying the houses and ignoring a nearby CC. Seems as though they are a bit confused trying to destroy the tower. This was a game me and Jammy played against the AI. The rams around the houses are the AI, enemy combatants. I'm blue, the houses are mine. Video and replay attached. 1315217833_rams_a24_AI_2021-03-0614-20-39.mp4 2021-02-26_0002.zip
  9. A ticket I just opened (6084) I wonder if it would be a nice or interesting feature if buildings could have an extra attribute set. For example, a Roman military camp could only produce siege units if it is fully garrisoned, or the speed of unit production were based on how many units were garrisoned in the building (i.e. unit production is faster if fully-garrisoned, half the speed if half-garrisoned). I don't think it would be a good idea for all buildings, but maybe it would be a good compromise for units such as the Roman military camp?
  10. @mysticjimIn your user.cfg file, you can add `gui.scale = "1.25"` to increase the size of everything, including the icons.
  11. I've noticed too that when editing the xml directly and removing the civ names, everything is fine. Then I open it in Atlas, make no changes, and click save. The civ names return.
  12. I ran all of these scripts. So far the only things I've noticed are a missing bench ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'other/bench' ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/other/bench.xml" (which I couldn't figure out how to fix) And the civs can't be changed from the game setup menu. When I uncheck the player name and civ from within Atlas, changes to the civ name are not saved.
  13. Thanks. I also want to give it some thought and see if it could be done with something like find . -name '*' -print -exec sed -i 's/gaia\/tree\/cretan_date_palm_tall/replacement-text/g' {} \; to fix all the files at once. I'll take a closer look later.
  14. When I reported on IRC that my skirmish maps weren't working, @Stan`gave me a link to this script https://code.wildfiregames.com/P232 I've attached the python script it to this post. python3 <scriptname> <version> <path> The correct version to use is "7". For the path, I used "." (single dot) while in the directory containing my custom skirmish maps. After that, you may have to edit your xml. I still get errors such as the following when opening most maps into Atlas 0ad-map-upgrade-20210222-01.py
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