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  1. Even if the words by themselves, or the language could be considered completely inoffensive by some, the meaning is clear and clearly intended to be offensive, antagonistic, or troll-like. Even if you put those points aside on the basis of cultural differences, that server text is just completely off-topic for a server list, not at all descriptive of the game being hosted, and can be considered spam.
  2. D4303 and the Mainland TG map I mentioned includes a "random" team placement option that Frontier and Ambush has as an option now.
  3. And for those who aren't familiar with the "Beside Allies" placement yet, @Palaiologosis displaying that in the 3 examples on the left side of this graphic. It's available using the Mainland TG map from the Community Maps 2 mod, and submitted as a patch for a26 in D4303 So if you like the new "Beside Allies" placement, please let the devs know in this post or on the patch itself.
  4. Cool. When you're done, feel free to submit a pull request.
  5. I think a quicker and easier solution would be for a lobby admin to ban a player hosting a game that uses language which violates the TOS or COC
  6. There's a working version of this map in Community Maps 2, but is there an updated version?
  7. I did some checking with unmodified Frontier and Ambush from A25. Looks like sometimes the bases might wind up on on the border Results: Frontier 4v4 Medium setup - ample space between player and border Ambush 4v4 Medium setup - ample space between player and border Frontier 4v4 Medium (2nd try) - player on border (see screenshot below) @Stan`Do you think a ticket should be created for modifying how stronghold team placement is done? @Palaiologos I created a ticket for that.
  8. Some extra info: Mainland TG in community maps is using the stronghold code that's currently in a25. Me and Jammy haven't modified it, just appropriating it. Only Frontier and Ambush have the stronghold option in a25 (that I know of).
  9. Just chatting with @Palaiologos, he's suggests the distance from the group to the map border may need to be increased. He tested using a patch (on Mainland), but the stronghold placement is currently available with Frontier and Ambush on a25. Anyone else ever had a problem with the distance?
  10. This is now in v0.25.5 of the community maps 2 mod available on the Mainland TG and African Plains TG map (with the exception of the 'Circle' option, already provided by stock 0ad). The D4303 patch for 0ad will include this if it's accepted.
  11. You're welcome. I've pushed the change to the repo and I'll edit my OP. Thanks for the suggestion @Ceres
  12. I created a fork of the Balanced Maps mod by @badosucalled Balanced Maps 2 Description: A collection of balanced maps that are especially designed for competitive play Releases The first version I released (v0.25.0999) I just tried to get *some* maps to work. Some maps are still not loading depending on the biome selected. Temperate seems ok. I've done very little testing myself so far. Open a ticket if you notice anything serious
  13. Actually nevermind. @Freagarachsuggested using something like what's done for team placement in the Frontier random map
  14. So I'm working on this patch but I have no idea how to get the value of "EvenPlayerSpacing" from mainland.json for use in mainland.js. @nani or anyone know?
  15. I moved this map to the Community Maps 2 mod (v0.25.4) I also submitted a patch that would add this map to vanilla 0ad.
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