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  1. This should be very good! Thank you! I will try!
  2. Make 10 horsemen and 20 infantry attack and prevent the development of civilization is not a sign of intelligence and stupidity! Let win, but I want to build a civilization and army. Live players do not agree on the attack for 20 minutes or more. Then they will just stupid.
  3. Impossible to play! 10 minutes of the game and is already beginning to raid! Why do that?
  4. I think capturing is craziness and useless The enemy captures the structure faster than enemy can kill.
  5. Excuse me. Problem because the keyboard layout change.
  6. Remove capture buildings it breaks the balance!
  7. I join these words!I am very upset by this behavior of the game! The developers have added a lot of useful features - it's good! But breaking battle management order - this is a very very very bad! Đ•his is a very very very bad!
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