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  1. that palace was a texture pack proof of concept, and was never really meant to be used as a building. A Maurya palace would have to be made from scratch if we wanted one
  2. Adjust your workflow as you see fit, however the amount of effort needed to create your own 'building blocks' is minimal in a lower poly setting and worth doing to prevent blatant repetition in most cases.
  3. To start off you generally start from scratch, maybe import a model from the base game for comparison to get the scaling correct. Afterwards I tend to keep like buildings in the same blender file so I can borrow elements off of it, it aids in set cohesion when you can compare things side by side All the my flora is in one file as well, but the only things to borrow between those are leaf planes, tree trunks to edit slightly. its better to start from scratch so you have a deep familiarity with the meshes, as a project space can get quite hectic even with that in mind cheers, and good luck
  4. I've wanted to do this for a while now
  5. A few things, the texture density on separate parts of the roof are different on the right model, which looks unnatural, there was some consideration for the ridges of the roof on the left that is lacking on the right. the left model also uses parallax maps which let it interact more convincingly with the light source
  6. your mesh needs to be selected and unwrapped in edit mode, in order to get things to show up in blender, use nodes to apply an image texture to the material so you're not working blind
  7. You have loose geometry, floating edges or vertices that need to be removed
  8. It's lookin good! gotta rebake those AO maps!
  9. Kinojo and Jiayuguan are recent reconstructions, not ruined at all
  10. you're a godsend genava, its a pain in the ass to find examples for any of these but Ive found it fascinating 7 days to die used to let players build castles out of compacted earth but they since removed the feature, but it got me exploring these fortifications lol
  11. cant wait to see units getting stabbed through buildings xP
  12. its not arbitrary if it looks good; and thats sorta my thing
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