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  1. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat! (Merry Christmas everyone!) Hoping that the next year will be productive for all of us, I am still a little occupied with academic stuff, I still have texture WIP which are not yet committed and will add them whenever my schedule becomes more loose.
  2. Pelte for athen_cavalry_javelinist_e? I also equipped the advanced rank with uncrested Boeotian and Pilos helmets and giving the elite rank crested versions of it, plus the pelte shield. What do you guys think?
  3. I lost it sadly, I was just exploring it a little while working on a school work. :\
  4. Sadly I wasn't able to generate .svg files for it, I copied it directly to a raster editor and form there saved it in a fairly good resolution .png Plus some of the images there have been post-processed, like I just assembled some of the items above from existing images by downscaling some of it.
  5. @Genava55 would the shield designs above be alright to use? Or do you have design suggestions for their thureos shields?
  6. Recreated the 128x128 thureos texture in 256x256 size and created two new shield textures for the Thracians.
  7. I just downloaded Blender 2.90 to use it with course work, I would say that the whole package is much more user friendly than the old one that I used, which was 2.77 I am currently exploring this software again and will see if I can make things that could be applied here. I also managed to use Adobe Illustrator some weeks ago and I would say that its features are also very helpful with texture making. Some variations that I made with Illustrator
  8. @Ultimate Aurelian any reference for the possible tattoo patterns they used for their arms?
  9. Does it also imply that the headgear worn in the depiction could also be some sort of organic head protection?
  10. I did saw images while searching depicting solid tattooed forearms.
  11. I thought it was some sort of animal hide, like another form of protection. So that was fabric, let me change it and lighten it a bit, more like a cream toned fabric.
  12. https://twitter.com/wackyserious/status/1321505657162330118/photo/1
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