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  1. I believe I committed these heads in SVN, this is a numidian head improvement
  2. I am currently volunteering for the opposition political campaign here in our country against the son of a former dictator, who himself is a known habitual liar and a relentless coward. I was there singing with the crowd "Liwanag Sa Dilim" (Light in the darkness) while hoisting the pink flag that I made the morning before the rally, for we cannot stand the lies and the disinformation that clouds the Philippine society. I will check back here from time to time to catch up. Left to right: Imelda Marcos (The extremely lavish wife of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos) Joseph Estrada (Former ousted president and a convicted plunderer, he was ousted during the Second People Power Revolution) Bongbong Marcos (The current presidential aspirant who himself is a credit grabber, a habitual liar, and a tax evader, among many more immoral acts) and Juan Ponce Enrile (A turncoat Marcos crony who himself changed cloaks to the opposition in ousting Ferdinand Marcos in the EDSA Revolution, more known as the First People Power Revolution, Enrile is also faces plunder charges for his involvement in the Congress Pork Barrel Scandal) Included among their corrupt ranks is another plunderer in the name of our former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The corrupt, oppressive and fascist Duterte Administration is in a way also with them, his daughter Sara Duterte is running for the Vice Presidential bid, although Duterte's political party is in a torn state for their values include the opposition and being critics of the corrupt Marcos family. We progressives stand by with the opposition in winning the campaign against the coalition of the country's peak corrupt politicians. But we are being targeted by the corrupt coalition including the Duterte Administration themselves. We are being red-tagged as a whole, associating the pink campaign with the left movement, because we progressives are targets of red-tagging here in our country even decades before.
  3. What about player colored linen cuirass? and colorful tunics with player color accent? I made these before as prototype concept for the mercenary hoplites
  4. What about adding fallen fruits and decals? Or adding fruit meshes as props?
  5. Noted, will add it to my work list
  6. Ohh the dreads, I improved the head textures but I'll see if mesh variations can be done for the dreads too.
  7. Let me see if I can do something with the helmets
  8. https://michaelweinert.artstation.com/projects/VgDEE5 Other depictions
  9. Was thinking of using this for a healer or a trader, I'll wait for the opinion of others on where we could use this concept
  10. Player color carpets on the roof can help, and yeah some shields too
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