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  1. I think this is much closer to the previous one. A baked round cardiopylax could be added over his padded cloth armor.
  2. A baked texture similar to how he baked the new cardiopylax texture, so the whole armor set would look neat. Thanks! Almost done incorporating most of the textures that you baked. If you have time maybe you could bake the belts too, I will leave them so that the full Italian armor set would match perfectly.
  3. A actor file concept for Caros, one of the heroes of the faction. The texture and props for the unit are outdated. Tagging @Genava55 and other individuals who might want to help in updating the hero actor file.
  4. Tweaked the chainmail and added spec map. Also organizing unit actor files to help visually identify each unit of the faction unit roster.
  5. I was wondering if @Alexandermb could be crafting something so I left it out for now.
  6. Note: some of these texture files use the prefix illy_ (Illyrian) and I just added/borrowed it in the Thracian actor files texture distributions.
  7. Thanks!! I am about to commit several textures and actor file updates within this week or the coming week, giving you a heads up so you can update your mod once the new ones are in, lots of new linothorax variants
  8. I also have another question regarding adding new Atlas unit only units, do we currently have a standard on this one? I am asking because I have several ideas for Atlas only units which again I deem to be quite controversial, so I am hoping to find clarity with it. So far, historically relevant, I have the following for special unit work drafts. 1.) Scythian Horse Archer 2.) Illyrian Marine (Pirate) 3.) African Veteran (Punic War) 4.) Slave rebel (Servile War) which I actually added the last time I committed the unit textures for gladiator units (another special unit
  9. The only solution that I also see, but it also left a question in me, will reforms really be especially during mid or late game? Say if city phase reforms tech brings infantry_pikemen_b-e to Sparta, could it influence gameplay? Skiritai and thorakitai will also add conflict, the same with thureophoroi and Thracian peltasts. We have a more viable option left, to consider adding mercenary camps as capturable map objects. DE had a good mechanic for this one, it does not take population point but you can only train certain numbers of mercenary units for each camp, so you need to cap
  10. This is a proposal for a new unit for the Carthaginian faction. African Veterans Generic Name: African Veteran Specific Name: ? Class: Champion Infantry Spearman? or Swordsman? Hacker Armament: Spear? or Sword? Ranged Armament: None. Appearance: Armed and equipped with looted Italian equipment Garb: Tunic and lorica hamata Helmet: Hellenistic era helmets Shield: Roman scutum painted with Carthaginian symbols Figure(s): - History:
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