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  1. Yes, reforms sounds good. Sacred band units vs. Hannibal veterans and elephants
  2. Or just a standalone Sengoku Mod
  3. Yeah, but we lack other props like weapons and helmets. :-(
  4. What if scouts have an aura that give units speed and vision bonus?
  5. Brighter but more toned down colors? Large shield and cape marks player color but the colorful tone could still cause a little distraction for some, feel free to discuss the idea below. Older files that I have: Also this, could we potentially use it for something? Like a hero?
  6. @Genava55 Yes that is a torc, it could still be modified, it looks kinda wide in the picture
  7. I think @Alexandermb did some cape variants before for the Greek units?
  8. Leather vest and patterned woven cloth armor. @Genava55
  9. scyth_psd.zip Haven't worked on the specs map yet but here are the psd files for the textures above
  10. scythians.zip @wowgetoffyourcellphone here are the files
  11. The guys are already packing things up for the release and it will be out real soon. I am taking note of this and will add this to my list for the next alpha development! Thanks!
  12. Ohh, alright noted, that was fast haha, I guess this will have to wait until next alpha dev @wowgetoffyourcellphone let me just zip some files for you
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