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  1. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I am again updating this textures and have renamed them to match the current naming scheme for most textures. I have removed the chain mail sleeves for all textures as @Genava55 pointed out that it could have not been a possibility.
  2. We do have quilted armor versions of that protective vest.
  3. Some of them are clipping with previous textures. I believed @Stan` relayed some .png and raw files of this last month through private message. I will see if I can work with these next week.
  4. Removed the fur, animal pelt would better be a prop, I suppose. I placed a sword belt, in case this texture would be re-used in other units. With tattooing, I guess other more advanced units could go topless to emphasize their tattoos. Also planning to change the assigned textures for the Elite Gallic Cavalry Skirmisher. More light armor and the chainmail would be assigned for the Sword Cavalry, similar to the old designs.
  5. Thick cloth armor with animal skin shawls? @Genava55 opinion on this one?
  6. Shifted to the Monte-Bibele type, any suggestions for the shield boss?
  7. Some modifications, and trying to correct the issues with Brennus, specially with the helmet and shield. Here is a proposal.
  8. What about the limed hair for some of the units for Gauls? Should it be replaced with a regular ones?
  9. Thank you for clarifying things. Here are some old light armor textures that are not yet incorporated.
  10. Took inspiration from this Bannerlord mod asset. Shawl armor shape was inspired from the circular chain mail shoulder pads seen in some contemporary illustrations, I used padded cloth instead. What are your thoughts on this? @Genava55 and others
  11. This looks very awesome! I would probably play this civ first when this mod gets released.
  12. Try to reduce the colors, maybe a monotone or dual tone, colors when mixed together tend to blend when viewed from a distance.
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