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  1. Disabling the delete function when there are enemies in a certain radius/distance is a good suggestion, I like that too, I think Stronghold had that feature. Scorched-Earth strategies were done before hostile forces enter the area to deprive them of the resources in the area, not the other way around when a hostile force have already conquered the place.
  2. Detail as intricate as this would be hard to integrate in a 256x256 px texture, in 512 px maybe this is possible with good results
  3. This could be a submod, I really imagined this mod to be a very generic one, something that won't be complicated to update. Thank you very much for taking interest in this mod! Maybe something like XIII Century AD - Expanded, where there will be nation specific factions and everything else
  4. Neck cloth seems nice to add to give variety to the unit textures, it could be player color along with waist cloth and abdomen cloth.
  5. I remember Warcraft III LARP maps with these, where they had in-game trigger spawners and scripts that can easily alter, the size color and other tweakable variables, good old WC3 days..
  6. This is now available over at mod.io https://0ad.old.mod.io/xiii-century-ad just make sure to run it with the latest alpha! Enjoy everyone!
  7. Krita is also somehow useful it have minimal 3D effects the last time I used it.
  8. I remade the officer helmet earlier, but this will have to wait until A27, it didn't made the cut for this alpha.
  9. I second this, correct me if this may be wrong but, this is still culturally manifested in modern times right? Like how Southern food and consumption culture leans more to rice and sea food while on the other hand, Northern cuisine has more of noodle and bun? Is this correct?
  10. I kinda like this variation where it is a little rainy, I guess one with a river could be done on another take where the weather is kinda fresh. Here are the files for those who want to test it. Guizhou Plateau_2p.zip
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