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  1. you could put the iber fire cav, raise the attack time from 1sec to 1.25 as a normal horseback javalinero. and reduce the spear cav time from 1,25 to 1,15 or 1,10 which is too slow and not very useful compared to the rest of the cav.
  2. the champion chariots need a function similar to the total war distance/ mele, using something similar to what the Lusitanian women use.
  3. pikemen are tanks that can hold any unit, even champions. elephants take 360┬║ damage and are not useful. chariots should have the melee and ranged option/upgrade catas and bolts need friendly fire catas tech or option to solid and multiple projectile, normal/area damage
  4. the castro is 10 I love it and the market is really well done, reminds me of the ruins where I live. very good spectacular designs, I am looking forward to see the civ in an alpha.
  5. Wouldn't it be more useful to do something similar to the supply lines in total war? that as you get closer to the population limit things cost more?
  6. the idea is fine, if one has a military bonus and another one a naval or production bonus, but the only hero that has a bonus for non-naval maps is that one, that comes in arid or icy climates is nothing remarkable and does not even give speed to nearby units, the heroes are not important or decisive in most maps, it is a shame. and since women can be soldiers, it would be nice that this hero with economic bonus would give some buff to women, since their use is mostly to produce food and with the improvement of the corrals there is no reason to have so many women. I see it more like if you take away the major utility of women, give them a bonus so they can be a soldier: defense, attack, speed and / or tanking.
  7. hello i like the faction a lot and i love the buildings of 10,it is a bit faster civ than the iberos and can be used aggressively quite fast, i would like to see how someone who plays more aggressively than me uses it. now the things that don't work or should change, 2 heroes are naval and 1 livestock, but if you can make the women soldiers then it's not the ├▒aaaa I don't love it. invisible and non-existent troops . I miss the guerrillas and the iberos the soliferrum that gave this mod. the veton castro, doesn't give vetons, nor mercenaries, nor different units, before it gave cavalry with sword and something else I think. the little that gave an advantage of rush or early attack was gone, without mercenaries, nor the guerrilla loses enough, also has disappeared the monument and the Phoenician allies also disappeared, I liked it better before, I had more variety and options. The manual battering ram retains the classic sound, it should have a different one. the previous version of the lusitans I loved, with this is weaker than the previous in several ways, to see if you find something in between this and the previous version, has the possibilities of being one of my favorites when it comes out.
  8. I'm going to try the mod, see if my pc supports it, a hard drive died 1 month ago T.T, I think I'm going back to multi in a long time T.T
  9. the only problem with the damage area and the linear damage is that it does not have friendly fire, that would be a way to avoid making balls of units so that the catas or bolts eliminate everything.
  10. There are certain special champions, whose function is like that of the rest of the champions, for example the Murian, Celt and Seleucid cars. They would have to have ranged and melee attack ...
  11. In two weeks I'll be back, I work more hours than a clock If they are easy to hunt where the problem is, too much damage, then they attack a little slower, I consider them made of paper, even though in this version the arrows are not op, it is not that it is very difficult to kill iber fire cav
  12. for iber fire cav, it would not be easier, put a little more attack time or a little less precision, which are designed for buildings and support, they were not a unit for direct combat (since they keep falling like flies vs any other champion cav)
  13. for now what I see that needs to be adjusted (by the mod) and add in phase 1 women, slinger, spearman, cavalry javalier phase 2 swordsman, javalier, cav spearman, cav lanceman mercenary cav sword and ambusher/guerrilla (only javalryman and melee) without defense upgrades scales? phase 3 sword champion, mounted champion cavalryman (fire cav) siege rams, (catas/onagro, bolt, Sertorius) heroes: Cauceno, Viriato and Sertorius team bonus: 1: metal cost to be reduced to champion troops. (less op) 2: that technologies and phase change have a reduced cost. (plus op) add Frisian fields to Iberians and Lusitanians, to make enemy troops slower and damage the siege. mercenary blade cav vetons to iberos and soliferrum more or less is the summary of what i would like to see in the next version of the mod the theme of unique technology, that is related to metals and that name the mineria del rio tinto plz it is possible that the translator troll me ....
  14. for iberians and lusitanians I would put: vetone cavalry with sword then for Iberians: heavy javalier soliferreum champion (similar to the one the Athenians and Spartans had in the A24/24) for Lusitanians: ambusher, light javelin, faster than the "regulars", with a small melee attack. with a small melee attack and not affected by defensive technologies. seems to me the most appropriate due to the description of each one.
  15. fire should either be initiated manually or when taking damage/attacking and should do burn damage like the Iberian champion cavalry. they are expensive and too easy to escape from iberian ships, they are slow T.T.
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