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  1. the iberian fire ship, deserves to have the fire damage as its champion cavalry ...
  2. this theme gives more options to certain factions, especially Carthage. what if when Carthage: captures an Iberian, Roman or Celtic barracks/stable, it can make mercenary troops from those buildings, instead of regular troops or both? with elephants unless it is a hero or special troop, capable of capturing GAIA elephants, in team games, it can be very OP...
  3. holap, I haven't read all the comments but well, here are my ideas the system of running without a system of: stamina, morale or radius of action/charge I don't think it can be implemented in an easy or safe way for balance 1 stamina: that the units have a formation to run and have a bar, with its recharge time. 2 morale that the units: have a morale that depends on having troops nearby and being in their terrain, that gives them security and knowledge of the terrain, but I think it is too difficult (imposible) to balance. 3 action/charge radius, that certain formations have a radius and depending on that radius they can charge/run or better support a charge or projectiles for example, I think it would be a system similar to AOE 3 and the use of formations to use the secondary/special attack of some units.
  4. that elephants can break trees (to open roads and in case they get stuck) Iberians and Lusitanians with Frisian fields, to jam battering rams and break infantry formations. that the siege towers serve to be able to capture and the Macedonian siege towers can carry artillery inside them. what more than one wants, a way to detect the last troops of the enemy, that requires some condition, like that the enemy has less than 10% of maximum pop or has no zone of influence. also make it so that mercenaries can take resources or give a raise to the workers, like women used to do T.T.
  5. to be a phase 2 upgrade or for elephant archers, the option to fell trees and take them as treasures.
  6. the working elephant should have a bonus for lumberjacks or an ability (with upgrade or coldown) to fell trees and allow to collect them as if they were big treasures.
  7. will the bellum mod be used for the A25? that the greeks and iberians have champion units in phase 2 is very interesting and different and rome castra is more important, like see onagro in game will be made differences between horses and camels as you said @Yekaterina
  8. add another resource it takes a long time to do the balace in the AOE 3 WOL mod: they added an extra resource and it took 4 versions to make it useful and balanced the resource could be coins, generated by the trade routes or faith by the temples with people in them but it would be a phase 2 resource and for what upgrades or what troops? we don't have metropolis shipments, nor do all civs use mercenaries or champions in phase 2.
  9. that champion tanks can be converted from ranged units to melee units the use of shields (directional shield mentioned above) as in total war (bronze, silver or gold) that ranged units have minimum distance and switch to melee or do like in AOE 3, using a formation switch to melee that you can't see behind the walls and that catapults can shoot blindly wherever you choose. add the onager or shrapnel shot. system of marking targets/tactics on the map like in total war mark on the mini map a zone like in AOE3 have the summary on a border of the mini map as with FGODMOD
  10. Did you find out what causes me to get an error in the bellum mod?
  11. put more trigger maps that the AI (gaia) can create units in the captured buildings, that the buildings captured by the gaia are always full of troops. that the siege towers are used to put siege machines inside or to capture walls, towers and castles ... balance of champions and specific stats as in AOE or Total War. wonderful to have another upgrade option (defensive/offensive/economical) apart from the population bonus and that the upgrades have to do with the civ "or the catafract of the civ". add more civ: chinese and lusitanian my favorites, i need crossbows Frisian field for iberians and lusitanians walls should work like in total war or make it impossible to see behind the walls, to force the enemy to knock it down and avoid catapult sniping.
  12. and only mord wants to play danubius T.T. as much fun as it is. i,like munber 6
  13. for the iberos I have 3 ideas for viriato 1 that can create swordsmen champions 2 he should be mounted on horseback and have a bonus like (antiochus IV) structures, ships and siege engines -20% health 3 he should be mounted on horseback and create iberian mounted champions.
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