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  1. The very basic question we need to answer is - How it all started? My understanding from observation is that there was multiple issues from @Yekaterina public sharing of accounts on this forum multiple accounts in lobby flooding and spamming lobby. misusing lobby multiple accounts on forum and lying (includes supporting your own answers/responses to make feeling of full support) Moderators come into play - it looks every discussion failed. Punishment did not have effect. @Norse_Harold came with idea of restorative justice (it looks there was some mutual agreement to get @Yekaterinakarma back). It sounds very logical that when someone want to follow such path it will be under supervision with strict rules. I feel all failure is in this point. @Yekaterinahad different point of view what is restorative justice vs @Norse_Harold opinion. There are also some good stuff @Yekaterina did for 0ad (a few mods) but it is not about it rightnow. @Atrik that is my EQ hope it helps to see the things....
  2. if @Norse_Harold doing his job bad, I would volunteer to replace him. Anyway I'm not sure if situation would be even better for "these toxic minority players"...
  3. That a great question from @MarcusAureliu#s I was also thinking to attend such tournament, but I don't own G.O.A.T credentials (anyone would donate it to me?) If such rules would be written - how would be enforced, as far as I know there is no such ability at this point of time. The only way to enforce specific mods to be used - some control checksum of specific control js files would need to be generated and regularly sent to host of the game. This way you would avoid "replacing files" on the fly or even putting things to "public mod only" so user would not be spotted in listing of mods. None of these is implemented - and currently there is no enough workforce to do that. We can only rely on fairness of players - If i look back to smurfs wall project... we can see it was even hard for players to avoid it (many had different reason some good some questionable)... we can conclude cheating is essential element of the game. There for maybe 4v4 make more sense.... expecting not everyone will have access to best "tools" I truly respect coordinators who put effort to organize tournaments and anything 0ad related. Why people have such hate against them? Because some people cheats? or setup their environment to get better response etc? The whole world even in financials looking for "better approaches", in the end it leads to addressing issue, innovations -> better lives... Respect to Stockfish, and disrespect to all haters... Nobody force you to play it...
  4. Ego and way of talk tracking is something not covered by GDPR, or yes?
  5. to moderators: maybe consider lock this down - it was answered and it looks it goes offtopic
  6. You are putting words which are not mine at all. to clarify i opened this topic because suddenly I could not find user Sevda on this forum anymore and just wanted to get some explanation. Further I never pointed to WildfireGames to be doing anything bad. If they are forced to access private data because there is violation they are fully in control and they need to follow law (I guess in case of criminal acts it is possible to do that). It is only you who has hate speech me. Maybe because I exposed your smurfs accounts (what else reason right?) Well, you deserved it G.O.A.T
  7. Dear ooo, you are off topic right? Either make own thread with appropriate text, or sent private message to devs. PS: Please stop spreading false private statements of me -> age, either prove it or act accordingly (remove it - I don't really want ask moderators...) G.O.A.T
  8. Hello May i know what happened to this forum user @sevda ? We had some private chat and now I can't see this user.. Someone is trying to break my privacy or can I get some explanation? G.O.A.T
  9. I already gave interesting ways how to strengthen security. Interesting - people just interested in personal attacks.. yes it is very normal to overlook important thing and focus on bias.
  10. Understand security by obscurity - for fools to feel safe...
  11. Decrypt password? The communication to lobby server is secured via TLS layer. User password is by default encypted. or we are on different level of understanding?
  12. @HelicityYou are almost there. Next step is to close source code otherwise any changes won't help. That said It is impossible to expect 100% security. There is still possibility to read data directly from memory... If you have access to your pc there is no way to hide it.. The real problem is network stack / no encryption of exchanged data. No trustworthy HOST of the game. Only if wildfiregames would host games it could ensure some level of privacy is kept. Otherwise some G.O.A.T will arise (not talking of me, it was just funny hypothetical example) but could be easily YOU.
  13. Reading chat while playing game directly in-game is definitely different approach what @Helicitypresenting at his case. On screenshot it is clearly visible that player responding to ally chat. I'm not here to defend @rossenburg, he just could be honest and admit he has ability to read it in-game. He did not and his answer simply tries to move your focus to different topic even very similar. I can confirm that is very easy read players (even enemy) chat by simply changing single condition in specific file. I would call for messaging in-game redesign as developers already knows for many years it is not secure. as workaround (not always possible) you can try use voice chat with other 3rd party apps.
  14. I publicly claim just with this sentence (and also one before you responded) I do not support weirdJokes suggestion you are "Shyft Sierra". To the smurf list - It is collaborative list from multiple sources and people - sorry I won't reveal any of them. You can try suggest fixes in the list if you want. If you read that list you probably noticed there are some records with different coloring and text style. Also explanation that list can contain wrong entries. I never called weirdJokes a rude person - it is just your imagination. He claimed not being PhyZic in public and we are reviewing it (we are slow, but soon to be resolved)
  15. @YekaterinaI have nothing against anyone here. I just catch smurfs and report them. You are correct, comments related to smurfing. It is not just you whom I revealed => no personal interest. I never mentioned your mental health issue. Alter ego is just another wording for impersonating to someone else or pretending to be someone else. Simply smurfing from my point of view. as @Lion.Kanzenwisely advised "don't let the opinion of strangers on the internet affect you." It is just opinion.
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