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  1. As far as I know some leaked account publicly were not banned for long time. If you need someone to act fast/er, shall I have a ban ability? (just joking) Changing password is great step forward. I want to publicly thanks to developers, we hate them more often, but they also deserve respect!
  2. So many good ideas, but no real results yet? banana world... no money involved = years to come to get bananas (fruits) Maybe we need some lottery winners to get moving... Best solution would be 0ad lobby server based... adding smurf tag to client @rossenburg is nice feature but still lacks the rest things around - at least make report smurf and sent it to somewhere on lobby server for further action... just waiting and believing moderators will inspect it and do something will not work, if they have also bad habbits... - can we get date of registration NOW? or WHEN? or not "available"? from communication above it is totally unclear - win ration is useless if smurf does not play rated games Scroll back there was great ideas already spoken, but execution is not here...
  3. @Yekaterina or who you are if you detected some errors in my list I would appreciate sharing it. Regarding DDOS - I never pointed to specific person, is there reason taking it "personally"? There is many users having many smurfs, so I'm just curious how you made assumption it is you. How many zombies is needed to take down 1 host hosting 0ad game? 2,3,4?... so few brothers and sisters around the world can do it. Anyway my main purpose is tagging smurfs. I would love to see some systematic Smurf Tag in game...
  4. Why do you play with me? I even don't play it your game Anyway you play my game very well... Thank you You contributed to some changes that will for sure come... I'm nobody and achieved nothing. So probably lost all games anyway.
  5. Would you mind to explain "was hacked" there is curently no way to change game passowrd so even you shared it with someone else... such would be always accessible.. or meaning you hacked it trying same passowrd or so? if the case well done! such player deserved it. Thanks for reporting, I will definitely do some add-ons.
  6. @Stan` @user1Frinsong Timur1996 for ban - check logs you will know Any reason it takes so long?
  7. so which one is yours? it is in blue text - means unconfirmed Anyway I beliave there is many players who just lost password and created new account. Such person would you mind just simply report yourself here? and i would add you to the list with some special marking.. Maybe it will help developers to see where is also one issue area to fix...
  8. @Sevda How reliable these data are I will not comment, developers are aware how it was collected What it seems to be pointless for you make some kind of transparency for public = other person different opinion. (yeah others if you like it give me LIKE, THANKS) Am I asking for somethings? I have not noticed at all. I provide some intelligence if will be used/monitored/watched in some cases or not is not my thing. G.O.A.T here does not mean same account in game right? so really pointless point. Last, you are concluding that nick in the list of smurfs i provided (in bold and underlined is the main account or something like that? I never commented it and it is just first nick in my output) Also I never said such list is 100% accurate, but very high probability there is a match. I really don't want to elaborate on reasons why smurfs exists (many already did) so there are legit reason and toxic reasons. I guess you know what class I would assign to you and few others...
  9. You made huge answer but you are number one of smurfs created, it is funny Look to my profil "About me" list updated... thanks to all who contributed and contributing
  10. Any activity from developers related to smurfs? and don't forget look to my profile
  11. Please monitor all smurfs same way. I guess issue is not chat text as full story is that someone used network attack to ddos Wercinlitorix and it was just his response to most probable attacker he detected. Further from all past history it leads to one player who using lots of smurfs (person who performed/ing DDOS attacks when dislike someone) Let me also remember last time i reported smurfs accounts of berhudar nothing happened, and further forum topic was deleted (can't be done by creator anyway). So to just review: AlbertBorla DoctorOrgans Wercinlitorix - smurf #1 of DoctorOrgans here berhudar Hakan-BEY- JayCay Yafes Catherine G.O.A.T Janissary_tr Unknow_Player whim xZen - smurfs of berhudar maybe they can just handshake... Further I would also recommend forbid accounts sharing as recently happened with felixix (hi S...Rdz hi berhudar hi others..... to hide true owner) I would say banning is not enough for both of these players .-) let them live.. @user1 @Dunedan @superflytom @rossenburg @Stan`
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