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  2. I can't find any tutorials out there about how to create a new civ. I downloaded Delenda_Est Mod and look through it's files. I saw a civs folder within simulation/data/, I copied one of their civs into my mod and modified. I can open the game normally but when I press Singleplayer > Matches, it stuck in "Loading map data. Please wait..." and with bunch of errors on the top-left side.
  3. @Angen Thx, I figured it out. The resolution of the picture is too big. I cropped it and then it worked.
  4. Tag @user1 Please state your lobby username and the lobby username of the offending player. my name: weirdJokes username of offending player: tato98c He just quit in a lost situation. What's the point of not counting matches where the opponent has left - since more than x minutes - as won? On the chess website Lichess it goes like this, it's essential rule on the site. Shouldn't it also be applied here? commands.txt
  5. @Stan` Please help, My friend.
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  7. That's a rather evasive title for an article that is basically just throwing a bunch of flak at EA. Eye-opening all the same.
  8. Do you mean the “Elephant Roundup” as displayed on the Mauryan Civilizations/History page in game? Unfortunately the civilization overviews contain a lot of misinformation. There is a patch for that ( https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2720 ), but it needs to be reviewed before it can be included in the development version. Information displayed in the Structure Tree is correct.
  9. Organic units can't be captured. You can only lure an elephant by attacking it with a ranged unit, which makes the elephant to follow it to wherever you want. Then you can kill the elephant with other units, provided that you keep the luring unit in a safe distance.
  10. How to capture elephant?
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/2020/12/03/battle-middle-earth-crunch/?_gl=1*svgc0z*_ga*MTg4NzAwMjQ1OC4xNTkzMDU5Njgz
  12. Last week
  13. Hello, I'd like to report a rage quitter here as well His name is Lubacca98. Please find the replay, can you please rate this game ? Thanks for the amazing game ! commands.txt metadata.json
  14. the server certificate could not be verified or the TLS handshaake did not complete successfully when he tries to enter the lobby
  15. Had a lot of experience with this around late August and early September. Only time I get DDOS/latency/connection issues is after/during launching 0ad. It had happened when chatting aggressively with other players. Either DDOS person was reading/policing chat or on receiving end of aggression and didn't like it. (Edit: Aggression was a response to being ddosed multiple times previously and trying to figure out if it is a player element or a 0ad element. It's definitely a player/griefer and not the game.)
  16. https://www.mediafire.com/file/00lxxtdmsu64nrs/0ad-0.0.23b-alpha-osx64.dmg/file
  17. @Prodigal Son@Itms@Stan` Are there any news on this? I don't know about your internal plans (though I would like to ) so thought it would be a good idea to encourage you tackling this before entering Beta, otherwise I fear there won't be a major reform to overall gameplay of 0 A.D. ever. Just referring to the post of feneur when announcing the switch at the project leader position, because already at that time it seemed Beta is on the horizon - however I have the impression that I'm not the only person who prefers the necessary overhauls before going forward...
  18. Hello hove is possible do, fixed bundle, what I need to do, where Ican fix them? Thank you
  19. Hi, Your categorization of the types of attacks is very interesting to study because it is representative, at least in appearance, of what we can find or feel in the game. Nice job !
  20. Hello, could you please zip your mod and upload it here ? From the look of the error, it looks like your new texture has incorrect format. First thing that comes in mind is, that resolution of your picture needs to be power of 2, like 128x128 and not e.g. 153x153.
  21. Ok, I can understand your reasoning, though I think depicting differences would still make it more interesting. Vanilla 0 A.D. just seems quite plain to me regarding unit variety (at least compared to AoE II with 35 civs with special units, unique techs etc. or AoM with a lot of choices through primary and secondary gods). The factions could profit a lot from fleshing out more differences, but that's another topic. In the context of this thread I assumed equalizing the stats of women and men was proposed in order to address sexism which is not the best way IMO. Simply because women and me
  22. I followed this tutorial ->How to Mod #1 Mudando a Tela Inicial | 0 A.D. Alfa 23 Ken Wood - YouTube and when I open the game it showed this error.
  23. You might better notice the flaws with this strategy when you play against good human players.
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