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  2. @azayrahmad Also the game is not using your Nvidia gpu you need to set 0 A.d. to high performance in the nvidia control panel
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  4. The two actors of the day, the indo-greek mercenary swordsman and the bactrian cataphract that has a small issue: From left to right: 1 basic, 2 advanced and 2 elite. The "small issue", the mask clips through almost every helmet and the new mask model is the one that clips "less".
  5. I do not, though I will try to get a screenshot the next time it happens.
  6. For Delenda Est I would say that is a fair argument; 0 AD I think can afford more granularity. As is the only overall change I am proposing is limiting promotions, which I would say is fairly minor. The point to be understood is why would a perioikoi hoplite fight as hard as an Athenian hoplite who is a citizen? Would they be capable of as much socio-economic mobility? In my opinion no, and this would do a decent job modelling that. Well can I assure you that I have never run for a political office and I would assume that most of my scholarly sources did not do the same; thus the system I proposed is not part of a political campaign. You warn against simplification but give no substantial objection to the proposed system, and if we look at the current game, it implicitly tells a variety of misconceptions about the societies through its labelling of almost everything 'citizen,' which I would say does not have a very different meaning today compared to then. I'm not saying that the proposal I gave that would affect gameplay is the best thing since butter and bread; in fact it's because most people here seem to care more about preserving the meta than experimentation that I said that simply removing the label citizen from descriptors would be an easier solution that deserves serious consideration.
  7. 2 vs 6 fun feat very hard Petra bots
  8. In that way I could say that I'm responsible for the C++ part, yes. IIRC wseh might work with minimal changes. About GL, the most important part is to check GL* types (GLuint, GLchar, etc).
  9. @azayrahmad It's really strange, I never get anything like this whether it's on the release or in SVN... And we did not change anything... Are you doing anything special in Atlas ? Do you have any mod loaded?
  10. I still get this even after installing RC 4, so I guess it's not build issue. A24 has no issue like this.
  11. Is there an option in 0 A.D. to make a map with curvature, even if it's only a fragment of the globe's surface? Howard's maps of the Hyborian Age cover an area the size of Europe and northern Africa. Whatever real-world map he traced over to build his fictional prehistoric geography, the distortions would be sufficient to hamper playability if interpreted as flat. A number of visual examples can be found here: https://theblogthattimeforgot.blogspot.com/2012/09/hyborian-musings-mappa-mundi-secunda.html Is there a game technology available for adding spherical maps to 0 A.D.? If so, wouldn't continually aiming the vertical axis of a unit toward the sphere's center allow easy calculation of forward movement based on the steepness of the climb? Number-crunching-wise, would it be significantly more complex to position units that way, as opposed to merely up/down on a plane?
  12. @wowgetoffyourcellphone At this point, I don't even know what a "full 'game' experience" would entail. Personally, I would avoid pastiche elements like the plague. Many of those you mentioned, though, sound like changes under the hood that wouldn't require new art assets -- e.g., giant centipedes in place of rowers would likely be concealed below deck. @Yekaterina I'll look into the resources you mentioned. If it's something I can wrap my head around, I might give it a shot. @ChronA If you have already laid the groundwork, it would be foolish of me to repeat it. I still don't know what I could bring to the table, but perhaps collaboration is the first step. Regarding copyrights or trademarks, I believe that the question could be avoided by merely including a disclaimer that warns people to not download the mod if it's restricted in their area. At worst, the mod would have to be published by a team member who lives outside the jurisdiction. As for the disparity between Howard's ideas and 0 A.D. unit mechanics, I would say design the armies as per the stories, then let the chips fall where they may. In such an abstraction as a computer game, I doubt there's any serious way to gauge which is more accurate. Alternatively, it would be an interesting task to provide certain heroes with auras that boost surrounding units in ways which happened to work out well in the stories.
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  14. Why Carolingians and not Franks (or Frankish)? Another (possible) hero for them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odo_the_Great
  15. It can definitely be tweaked for A26. I'm not very happy with it.
  16. Eurasian Steppe is a nice biome but its a bit hard to click on the correct bush
  17. and i loove this Flare positions feature. very good. yes fast. i will try to dont set it slower a matter of time just a game. i like it. 2021-0802_0159-12 UPDATE: my win vs Hard AI Petra https://youtu.be/zoLrkdOqWuk looks like I already feel a bit comfortable in 25 sometimes
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