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  2. Ok my apologies for taking so long to do this. Here is the error after doing: extract all to mods folder within 0.A.D folder. All of this is installed on an SSD since bootcamp takes up much space on the computer.
  3. I didn't notice I was too focused on the action and did not inspect individual models carefully.
  4. I think that slowing archer infantry could work this way, but I think it could also suffer from effects as I meantioned. The catapult splash damage might not be enough and we just don´t know what the effects will be. I think it will have both positive and negative effects and I am not sure if they cancel out or which one will be dominant. So betting on that would be a risky move, in my opinion. Also there is still the snowball effect in 1v1s: if archers get a good fight, you can just mass more of them and you can snipe the inferior numbers of your opponent from range, which I dislike from
  5. There is only https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers It would be really great to improve it and expand it. If you're interested of course
  6. If economic parity is adopted as a permanent fixture of the balance design, then yes, adding this feature to the code base would be a good investment of effort. However, my expectation is that this will only be a temporary condition. I'm hopeful (perhaps delusional is the better word) that in another 12 months or so--around release 28 or 29--the core archetypes and balance philosophy will have been refined to the point that they are broadly accepted as finalized. At that point balance discussion can productively move on to civ balancing and economic diversification. And then the skirmishers an
  7. You can use the upgrade feature to make unit switch between melee and ranged. DE does that. @Freagarach worked on turrets to make the chariots a bit more smart but it's currenrly unused because it is missing stuff.
  8. chariots and options could the tanks have a special technology to change them from ranged units to melee units? it's a pity that the murian and celtic chariots, especially because they are champions, don't have double function the persians being regular troops, it is understandable that they only have one function, but the specialists ....
  9. 1: I can't argue with this except with: not everything that was historically accurate will make the game more fun to play. Example: WW1 fps games. 2: All ranged units could have the same resource gathering speed that is no faster than any of their walk speeds. I don't know about the programming situation, @Freagarach did not elaborate about it being impossible to program into 0ad. 3: making them slower would lead to them being unable to defend a huge area, meaning that archers would need to be closer to the place they want to defend, reducing the total area that is impenetrable in
  10. reduce the attack of all ranged units. That way melee units become more important and the difference between ranged units becomes less important. Also it make people think in reverse: how can ranged units support the melee army instead of how melee units can support the ranged army. 1. historical accuracy. 2. To give them equal value as economic units. 3. making them slower might lead to more defensive play, which might only stabilizes the game more. 4. I don´t think it solves some real issues, among them that they are too good at defending a fortified spot and the
  11. Suppose we have a sandbox fight in which a number N pikemen supported by N ranged units face of against N infantry swordsmen supported by N ranged units of the same type that supports the pikemen. In this assumption the pikemen march to the swordsmen and fight in the middle while the ranged units do damage from behind. In my view, the fight would be balanced if the swordsmen die as fast as the pikemen do. In a simplistic model we could say that the damage the pikemen receives per second is (5.5/0.75+P)(1-0.65), where P is the DPS(damage per second) of the ranged unit before taking armor i
  12. Is there a wiki for how to make campaign maps? There are so many commands in the other javascript files and I am not sure if I understood all of them correctly.
  13. @PyrrhicVictoryGuy Thanks for the info, I think I ought to change my cav selections. @LetswaveaBook I say it is ideal because most of the time armies fail without at least some melee, preferably with enough to pressure other armies archers. I have also been seeing armies of 1/3 ranged to 2/3 ranged infantry where in alpha 23 it was more like 80% to 100% ranged. What are some other ways to balance ranged infantry? I observe: add armor to skirms and slings (most people dislike this one) decrease accuracy of archers establish minimum range for archers
  14. I think i was not very clear, sorry about that. I meant to say that spear cav do tend to fair worse against ranged infantry than sword cav, in that way they do outperform in the traditional cavalry role. As you seem like a sceptic, letswaveabook provided a few tests:
  15. This is a hand waving argument if you never say what you mean with ideal. This is no logic reasoning. This only holds if there are no other changes that impact the meta, which seems unlikely. Having a higher DPS than achers is a strong point. This is not impactful in current meta, but it is a strong point. The thing what we should do in my opinion, is shape balance in such a way that is can be impactful.
  16. Well the usually when generating a map you know already which civ it's gonna be, here @nwtour removed it, so... it broke.
  17. This micro is only possible in early game and with 2-5 units. Players would probably wind up slowing down eco because of misclicks and neglect of other micromanaged eco opportunities like hunting. I am not suggesting to discriminate ranged inf in eco walk speed, I think I may not have been clear earlier. If all the ranged inf were the same walk speed as archer when gathering, then this would negate any eco advantage that skirms and slings would have over archers, and mean that no ranged unit is faster when gathering res than when walking to battle.
  18. Kind of. As noted by @LetswaveaBook, having different speeds for different tasks makes for a hard time. It means you _have_ to micro your units to keep up with a high APM player (if they walk slower when gathering, just task them to walk next to a tree and then gather, task them back to the storehouse and then drop off). It is also hard to sell to players. Why are archers slower when gathering, but other (ranged) infantry not? It has been proposed several times before, feel free to look up those posts.
  19. If you like the way ranged infantry are balanced in a24, then what are the the strong points of skirmishers currently in a24? I can only think of one: de-garrison quickly from fort or temple to kill an ele.
  20. Please don't mock me mate. :I I think I mentioned in my post that the gathering movement speed for all ranged units would never be faster than their normal movement speed, so this would not be abused to make any unit move faster. Why not? is it a programming constraint? My main point is that ranged/ melee balance is fairly close to ideal, and that further adjustments to that balance should be careful and slight. If ranged infantry are to all have the same speed, then something must be done to limit archers' mobility in some other way, otherwise skirmishers will neve
  21. Okok i replaced few times a24 ==>a25 in some JS-Source (in autoCiv mod). less error and space to click all buttons. But was not able to use my user.cfg . not helped: Anyway i copied ~/snap/0ad/201/.config/0ad/config/user.cfg to ==> .... /0ad/binaries/data/config/user.cfg but autoCiv used shortcuts from the default.cfg rest of it works quit great UPDATE: created+copied local.cfg put all of my user.cfg into. ==> not errors, everything works !! :
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