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  2. Yeah I think the young spartan -> spartiate -> champion spartan progression with upgrades, different stats and costs is too complicated while not bringing very interesting gameplay to the table. I agree with @BreakfastBurrito_007 that more simple changes are best for differentiating sparta. We don't need to add unprecedented mechanics in the name of differentiation (AOE 4 style). Here is a list of changes (some of which are already mentioned) that would be straightfoward, yet bring significant gameplay changes: infantry movement speed upgrade and/or hero aura differentiate spartiate champs training aura, upgrade to spartiate champion (sort of like silver sheilds) or single tech pair like @wowgetoffyourcellphone suggested. Some straightforward eco bonus or addition Ex. I liked the "helot worker" idea, with different gather rate stats. No upgrades, just another eco unit other than woman. Some change in available buildings p1 (p2 perhaps) syssition or bring stoa to the spartans. Perhaps the stoa could train helot workers among a couple civic upgrades.
  3. Nah, still possible. The example from @Lion.Kanzen also showed plenty of text editing. Make a montage with pseudo editing capturing and examples of what mods we already have. Cavemen, high fantasy, cheat units, medieval...
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  5. I released Community Maps 2 v0.26.0 today, which is compatible with 0 A.D. a26.
  6. I feel like we lack the visual tooling to do that. It's mostly text editing outside of Atlas. And even there for triggers and stuff.
  7. Well yeah and that would work, but @vladislavbelov said it should only be grayscale in the game, and instead the shader should get the diffuse color to do the computation. Indeed. @Alexandermb used baking extensively. For baking reflective material it's usually nice to use an HDRI. setting color to environement texture. Mmmh it should be under actors(all); to be under entities you should add a template. If it's not maybe you didn't load your mod.
  8. more than all the capacity of the engine. and to modding the game. An example.
  9. I would support some way of upgrading spartan hoplites or some kind of training aura for surrounding units, but I don’t agree with the “young Spartans” system. It seems overly complicated for the gameplay benefit it might deliver. I think this system is straying from the scope of 0ad and I think there are simpler and more elegant ways to incorporate Spartiates’ social and military roles into Sparta as a 0ad civ.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/business/2022/jul/04/europe-recession-risk-russia-gas-supplies what a surprise, nobody could have imagined it months ago. ;). Nobody. but Europe is not Venezuela...yet.
  11. I'm still hoping for a proper lioness portrait. I don't know if our big cats are up to date anyway. Maybe our doggos (wolves) aren't either, but I care a little less about them.
  12. Now we need the other spices of parrots xd.
  13. @Stan`, loosely followed https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Basic3DImplementation Packed it all into a mod but the result doesn't seem to be available in the atlas, must (read-only / owned by root) public mod be edited for that?
  14. Ok, so I followed a tutorial to create a procedural gold cube. Baking the diffuse gives me a black texture as one would expect, stetting metallic to 0 and baking diffuse gives something that looks to be albedo. Roughness should be grayscale, the inverse would still be grayscale while spec for gold should be closer to albedo for gold, right? Guess having an additional shader/material for use with blender baking for modders would be nice even if existing textures used the old one.
  15. Buenos días o tardes. -Tupíes (creados también por @Lopess) Edificios Tupíes; almacén tupí barracas tupíes casa tupí centro cívico tupí colonia marina fortaleza tupí maravilla tupí mercado tupí murallas tupíes puerto tupí templo tupí torre centinela tupí Catálogo de edificios Tupíes; @Trinketos @Lion.Kanzen @wackyserious @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Stan` @Ultimate Aurelian @Genava55 @Gurken Khan @LetswaveaBook @asterix Disculpen las molestias*
  16. You can get off at this station for Imperial War Museum, definitely worth a visit. I saw many cheat units in there.
  17. I don't think they were good soldiers. We know for sure that one of the challenges the young spartans had to face during their "training" for being hoplites was the "crypteia/κρυπτεία". They had to go out in the night and find helots, with the only task of killing them and stealing their food. They were literally used as meat for training, and that makes me think of a more or less null and void military preparation among them. An ancient greek historian, Mirone di Priene, even said that the helots "too physically similar to a spartan in strength and vigor" were killed with no hesitation. As far as I remember, but I can't give a precise source, when called to the military duties helots were usually equipped with a pike but without armor (lol). Sometimes they were also slingers, or simply used to bring food to the soldiers in the battlefield. Hope this can help, finally my 5 years of ancient greek classes in high school are showing some utility lmao
  18. Still using the civ.json file for AI Names, which haven't been updated accordingly it seems.
  19. Don't think it has ever had one. Inverted roughness should work IIRC. Probably leftover or confusion between diffuse and albedo.
  20. I just had a look at the demo campaign. On the first map, Chang Jian, both the enemy (AI) and me start with two ports and a trader, but the enemy doesn't use it. It just parked the trader a bit off the first port. I really hope our AI can do better? @Stan` You didn't reply to my last posts about diacritics, but that unit box (or whatever it's called) at the bottom also doesn't use them, but an alternative spelling of Kurush.
  21. So there is no option to bake a spec map for 0ad any longer with recent blender? Why is there still diffuse then? Makes sense, thanks.
  22. Tnx!! Maybe a rank 2 (advanced) hoplite might be historically correct.
  23. So some kind of a mod trailer? For all mods at once?
  24. That's because newer pipelines use PBR. So they have roughness and metallic or roughness and glossiness and no longer specular. Changing this would require redoing all the textures. But it might happen someday. Diffuse would become an albedo, and we'd need to get rid of all the light information Optimization. Instead of having one diffuse, spec and normal texture per model, you have one per civ. And not all of them have AO.
  25. They did not have anything special, but since they achieve free status after serving in the military, they must be good enough soldiers to survive at least one campaign. I think such a mechanic existed in DE @wowgetoffyourcellphone
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