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  2. I'm not so convinced - Why do spearmen do now more damage against rams? Not good for the Seleus that now every civ can make rams in siege workshops - Seleus don't have bolts or crossbows
  3. whole wheat toast. A little avocado (brings extra protein enzymes for the stomach and the Colum) Tomatoes. Mayonnaise or tartar sauce Lettuce. Chicken or turkey ham. To give it a little touch, add a few drops of mustard.
  4. Necroposting... Or I should update and make a new one what do you think? __________ How is it is one of my initiatives with which maps become much more attractive than what we currently have. I propose to experiment with our most boring maps the mercenary camps.(borg suggested this as well). Having said this in passing, we must first of all draw up a list of the most boring maps with no strategic value. I still don't know what those might be. One of the advantages of mercenary camps is being able to recruit exotic troops. For the
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  6. Yes, anytime a unit cannot path somewhere (typically > runs into units) it'll take some turns to find a workaround path, in which it might not move. For A25 it should be less long as the turn length will be reduced in MP. It will also be improved if I end up merging Unit Pushing. Edit -> that being said, I don't know if that's the problem here.
  7. If you shift-click a path leading a unit to go outside the map (in the black area) as you might do when you explore around your territory, the unit will stop at the border for a while, wait a bit, before moving to the following rally point. Is it possible that the same mechanics apply in different cases which could explain why units might seem to not listen whereas they are simply "waiting"?
  8. definitely took months using it to upload content which YouTube censors content that has to do with coronavirus or just conservative content. Another option for those who are not so extreme is odysee/Lbry.
  9. Yes, it is the most functional that has been achieved so far. Even better than the concept I had initially come up with. -The slave appears from the second phase. -That they must have the skill of "forced labor" and that it takes away his life, Especially in mining work. -and that they are worth less than the workers (cost).
  10. Me too. People ask me if I would go to Mars, myself. I say I'd buy a ONE WAY ticket any day.
  11. I honestly like the Delenda Est mod approach with citizen units and slave units both with male and female variation. With slave units being better at hard work.
  12. One problem is the balancing act between making something too easy to capture in Village/town phase (particularly: your starting CC), and making CCs too difficult to fight back in the "territory race". IMO one good option would be to generalise the concept of the military colony. If all civs had a weaker building to claim territory, that could possibly Upgrade into a CC, we'd have more dynamic gameplay.
  13. I just had an idea for how to solve the problem of only having one channel for refractive index but needing separate RGB refractive indexes for many materials. The idea is to organize all materials from the available databases online into a big spreadsheet. Where two materials have the exact same refractive index, use the more commonly found in nature. Sort the spreadsheet by refractive index on the green channel. Then make a texture where the green channel increases linearly across and the red and blue channels represent deviation from the green x16, for better resolution. So, start by p
  14. This thread to discuss capturing in 25 Scope: explicitly not a complete rework of the mechanic. My intent is to address some issues and make it more fun/more tactical to use in A25. Gripes: Here are some issues I note: Capturing a garrisoned building is essentially impossible: the garrison capture regen rate is too high and on top of that it increases the arrows of the building, so it's a real double whammy It's very "instant win", particularly for CCs. This is because control is lost when the last Capture Point is lost. Captured buildings can usually be insta-dele
  15. whats wrong with my comment? substricted balanced forum makes sense anyway. and why do you blame me for it?? LOL
  16. I think the more accurate and civ differentiating approach would be for slaves to be the majority of sparta eco. I'd keep slaves as a new unit just for this case to validate it works and keep the changes minimal.
  17. Excellent. Yes I only proposed the bonuses, however it is still necessary to rework the heroes auras and also my idea is that athenas will be the civilization with more unique techonologies in the game.
  18. Yes haha. Anyway, I think I can keep the idea of having slaves trained in houses for athenas and for sparta it can be slave soldiers.
  19. One thing I would add is that Athens was home to some of the greatest philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Zeno, and Epicurus. Even just a simple technology or two as a nod to them would be nice.
  20. I tested it, it seems to work very well. Great job!
  21. not exactly in 0 A.D article, but if you use an image capture of our game as an preview for his video about history of Spain and I follow this freelance journalist who is also a historian. Last year after reading his two books a world that changes and Jesus more than a rabbi. That C├ęsar Vidal put in the preview, although in reality who does this is his editor Isaac, but that in his YT podcast and on his channel he has an image of our video game 0 a.d. to explain the Iberian culture.
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