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  2. -Tanto "galaicos" como "Lusitanos" pertenecían a la cultura Castreña/castrexa o de "Los castros" de influencia Atlántica y en la zona entorno del Río Duero hubo tal grado de mestizaje entre "Galaicos-bracarenses" y Lusitanos que la sub-cultura de ese área se llama "Galaico-Lusitana" ; -Las fronteras suelen varias (también porque los mapas son entre el 400a.C-138 a.C), pero se percibe el área . Disculpen las molestias*
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  4. I am going to continue posting the information I find about Lusitanians here, but as far as I know, there is very little and in general the experts base their investigations on what was found in the Galician area, although the degree of relationship between Galicians and Lusitanians is not entirely clear. Viriato's burial by Carlos Fernández del Castillo. We can see some Lusitanian warriors wear equipment spoiled to the Romans. Weaponry of the peoples of the peninsular interior around the 2nd-1st centuries BC according to literary sources
  5. -Las hice recientemente , porque estuve remodelando todas las texturas para la facción, me está ayudando @wackyserious , le estoy pasando todas las nuevas texturas ,y yo no se como aplicarlas , así que será wackyserious a quien deberías preguntar las próximas veces. Muchas gracias por las referencias @TKogumelos. Disculpen las molestias*
  6. Gracias ¿No la has aplicado a ningún modelo? No distingo bien los detalles.
  7. Buenos días o tardes @TKogumelos; -Estuve remodelando las texturas para los auxiliares vettones y la de "lancero vetón auxiliar en fase 3 ", a lo mejor le gusta , me inspiré en referencias similares; Texturas remodeladas , (Infantería); (la túnica gris cambiaría de color según la facción) Disculpen las molestias*
  8. -Buenos días o tardes y muchísimas gracias , disculpe las molestias*
  9. In article of 2011 Quesada said about Lusitanian weaponry: "Most of Viriato's men would cover themselves with the heavy woolen cloak or sagum and carry weapons such as a spear or a circular shield, in addition to perhaps a short antennae sword or a dagger. The typical falcata of the southeast of the peninsula was a rarity in the Lusitanian area." Reconstruction of a Lusitanian warrior of the 2nd century B.C. by Marek Szyszko.(*his shield boss was proper of the vettonic area during the 2nd century BC) Vettonic knight of the 3rd century BC reconstructed by Carlos Fernández del Castillo. (*The Lusitanian weaponry is not well known but it is believed that it would be very similar to that used by their neighbors the Vettones.)
  10. Archaeologically there is hardly any information about the Lusitanians, so it is difficult to reconstruct their panoply. I have seen the tricrested helmets reconstructed in many ways, like this (in some very unreliable works of art), like Montefortinoes... I have sometimes thought that if Diodorus Siculus said that the Lusitanians used the same weaponry as the Celtiberians and the Hispanic-Chalcidic helmets have been very widespread in the Celtic area, perhaps with "three-crested helmets" he refers to it, but it is only a theory and I do not have any type of evidence to support it.
  11. Since there has been some mods made recently which change the territory dynamics: I thought this might also be something that could be used for more differentiation. So just to put the idea out somewhere: What if we would group the civs into different classes who have different ways to claim new territory? These classes could be based on their history ( or at least what most pepole know them for ). I was thinking of something like: the 'Imperial/ conqueror' civs - they get only one CC, but every building of them has a larger territory influence and they have buildings like the theatron. So they are constantly building outwards or are trying to capture the buildings of the enemy (possibly with a higher capture rate?) the 'governor' civs - they also only get one CC but can build build cheap military colonies / satrapys of some sort who give less territory compared to the starting CC the 'tribal' civs - multiple regular CC to represent the different tribes the 'nomad' civs (yet to come) - territory doesn't matter As you can see the only thing that would change are the imperial civs (and the nomads).
  12. Strabo. "At any rate, the Lusitanians, it is said, are given to laying ambush, given to spying out, are quick, nimble, and good at deploying troops. They have a small shield two feet in diameter, concave p73 in front, and suspended from the shoulder by means of thongs (for it has neither arm-rings nor handles). Besides these shields they have a dirk or a butcher's-knife. Most of them wear linen cuirasses; a few wear chain-wrought cuirasses and helmets with three crests, but the rest wear helmets made of sinews. The foot-soldiers wear greaves also, and each soldier has several javelins; and some also make use of spears, and the spears have bronze heads. "
  13. Personally I think they both look great, I'm partial to that shiny metal look. But overall the shape of the one on the right looks better.
  14. I am from India, so GMT+5:30, In my place people call cool people "leopard" in local language, so I took this nickname. also it start with leo, I am fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.
  15. I think this is where @Duileoga got the inspiration for the "Couro/Leather" labelled helmet in the props?
  16. @Genava55 @Ultimate Aurelian @TKogumelos Can someone provide a context behind this crest? I recreated it from the current Lusitanian art assets but I have no knowledge of its background (also don't mind it being placed on top of a Ciggaralejo helmet, this is just for testing purposes )
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  18. I will let you guys decide if the helmet I made is worth to be commited or if we should just retexture from the Coolus on the left, but we will definitely have a iber_helmet_ciggaralejo with its own texture which is an iron with a hint of shade of brown, similar to my helmet. This is the final piece and the major Iberian rework will be committed, followed by the Lusitanian faction mod rework
  19. Actually i was thinking here on a more abstract skale, defining targets for each civ, where they should become strong or weak compared to other civs, more then giving actual exact numbers. Specific values should follow after and will need to be defined in relation to other civs numbers.
  20. Unfortunately that messes up the layout, you should be able to open it with Excel/Open Office @LetswaveaBook I can upload it as a pic though
  21. I kind of like the idea. More logical would be to do this for archers i think as they generally came in larger numbers than skirmishers. But gameplay wise i think doing it for skirmishers is better.
  22. To simulate a combat, in theory, as in Total War, not the entire formation would be disorganized, only the first units of each formation would fight. they would have to move little bite but without disorder. This is how it works in total war. In 0 A.D it continues as a classic RTS and it is still very buggy On many occasions, under certain circumstances, for example mixing it with civilian units or giving orders to build (etc). I speak about what is already in the svn.
  23. @MarcusAureliu#s, could you convert it to PDF? Also I have been thinking about differentiation and what I would consider interesting is giving Persians skirmishers that cost -20 wood and have 20% less attack. It would symbolize their larger infantry numbers that were not their main force. The skirmishers have -20% attack, but with +10% population space you will still have a potent force.
  24. I was about to ask about the Coolus helmets from you guys, so should I reuse that prop or maybe like make a recolor for the Iberians?
  25. Eae. While the game is more balanced overall in A25 there are still generally strong and rather weak civs. Therefore i started a table to outline possible ways to give more individual character to each civ, which should make some historical sense and also take into account Balance by including targets of relative advantage compared to other civs for each phase.This is a work in progress and could be expanded and discussed, to eventually give an overview and provide a pool of ideas for future developement. I hope you find it somewhat useful and intresting. Civ Differentiation.ods
  26. Hi i'm Vrayer on the lobby Pangea quit without resigning... commands.txt Thanks @user1
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