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  2. There is also https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/parsehpersepolis-3c0b8c6410cc486a98841f6685784e0b , which isn't perfect, but allows one to rotate and view the Persepolis terrace from different angles. No. Various Persian structure actors (apadana, civil_centre, gardens_struct, hall, palace, pers_ishtar_gate) are rather problematic and ought to be redesigned at some point, ideally. However, that's a lot of work.
  3. Thank you, they look nice! What you can do is put your meshes (e.g. knife_01.dae) in the correct location (art/meshes/props/weapons/), insert them as variants in the (existing) art/actors/prop/units/weapons/knife.xml file (cf. xiphos.xml), open Atlas, select a female citizen or infantry, switch to the actor viewer (bottom left), select the attack_slaughter animation, and click “Slow”. By the way, in the future, could you upload files as a .zip? .rar is a proprietary format and not available on all operating systems. Also, how do you want to be credited (see gui/credits/texts/
  4. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3018 While I can propose patches, make suggestions, and raise concerns (anyone could), I don't decide what makes it in and what not. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2815 would give all civs rams (kush would reuse the pers (i.e. Assyrian) ram actor), and multiple people are in favour; however, others have pointed out it would make civs more similar to each other, so I don't know what'll happen eventually. Actually something has to exist before it can be enabled, i.e. art has to be created first, unused assets are fine; a gameplay patch can follow
  5. Obviously the iconic Scythians should be really appealing. It is just more difficult to render a nomadic culture in the game (because historical accuracy). But I think Han China is in the most advanced state currently for an upcoming faction. So... yeah maybe there is the time to include it for A24.
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  7. Yeah, Intel Graphics are pretty troublesome on this gam
  8. For the (Han) Chinese, see the mod Terra Magna, available through the in-game mod-downloader. https://0ad.mod.io/terra-magna For the Byzantines, see the mod Millennium AD, also available through the in-game mod-downloader. https://0ad.mod.io/millennium-ad For the Etruscans, there's already a small reference thread: They're pretty cool, and definitely fit 0AD's timeframe. But development of this civ is honestly still a long way off, in the best scenario. The Hittites and Minoans are Bronze Age civs that predate 0AD's timeframe by more than 6
  9. Sorry, my inbox was/is a mess I just read the last mail. I really hope the man is ok... What about @LordGood? Any spare time/interest in this? No problem man... I've seen it associated with Piye before myself, so it's an innocent mistake... Yeah, it might be. I think it's ok for a reference. A bit unique, which is good. For now only limited to Amanirenas. We'd need another "less-royal" chariot texture for a general chariot unit. But it would require consensus in the balance department to actually get in-game, which isn't straightforw
  10. I'm not really sure that would help... The goal of social media is to keep people interested. If we start claiming that, I think it will do the opposite ?
  11. Make sure it's running on the right GPU and/or you are plugged in:)
  12. Since there will be more than one type of cavalry archer for the Parthians, think this should be high time to implement the camel stench aura like in Delenda Est. Suggest that the unarmored cavalry (axeman, skirmisher, archer, and camel archer) can be recruited from the Corral, like the Xiongnu faction, while the cataphracts from the Stable (a City Phase building). The Persian Kardakes hoplite, Persian archer, camel cataphracts, and Hindu War Elephant from the Fortress. Had the Parthians actually recruited Roman mercenaries? Thought Rome was one of their traditional enemies. If not,
  13. About why there hasn't been a release for this time, pointing the things that you said
  14. Most of those civs do not fit the time period for 0AD which is 500 BC to 500 AD. Enjoy the Choice
  15. @Sundiatadarn, I made a huge mistake. Really sorry. But either way, is possible that was(or not) the inspiration for the Kushite ram. Either way, playing as Kush is really hard when countering battering rams. However if @Alexandermbhad the time, it will be helpful, if the Kushite rams could be modeled on the Egyptian ones. But @Sundiata does Kush have a Chariot unit? Or is only limited to their heroes?
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  17. yes i do, but like i said when i first played the game it ran smooth (50-60 frames a second) but now im struggling to get 3-7 frames. My laptop is still the same, and so is everything else, Its still in good condition.
  18. it ain't, i even turned the graphics to the lowest settings and still the frames remain the same. When i first got the game i could run 50-60 frames, but now its barely giving me 3-6 frames a second.
  19. I'm sorry to disappoint, but it's not Kushite, but Egyptian. It's from Beni Hasan, Tomb No. 17 (BH17), Oryx Nome, Middle Egypt, 11th or 12th Dynasty/First Intermediate Period. The tomb belonged to Khety, a local governor. https://digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/newberry1893bd2/0116 Similar to 2 other scenes from Beni Hasan (probably depicting some kind of civil war): Definitely valuable towards understanding early Egyptian siege warfare, but not a primary reference for Kush (though some of those warriors are undoubtedly Kushite
  20. @NescioHere is a depiction of a Kushite battle ram during Piye's siege in Egyptian cities. Is there a way to get this added to Kushite military in the upcoming alpha 24 update? To me their battering ram looks similar to the in game rams used by the Greeks. Perhaps we can get Kush something similar just like we did with the siege tower. I think something like this is in-game. We can simply give the Kushites one too.
  21. @jesper I think there are mods for the Chinese, Mongols and Byzantine. Don't know about the rest tho. However, if any of the civilizations listed could be added to the A-25 update, I believe the most likely choice will be the Chinese. There is enough historical information about this civilization and they fall within the timeframe of 0.AD. I'm sure someone is working on adding the Chinese sometime in the future.
  22. oh and i forgott the mongols in my text!
  23. hello i have some ideas for new nations in 0ad. 1. the minoer 2. the hittite 3. chinese 4. etruscan 5. byzanthines i think its very cool to have this civilisations in the game. is that possible to add tis to the game? sorry my english is not very good because iam a german!
  24. Hi I create map of battle of termopyle... why not introduce this map in game? I know is not a good map, im not very able to create map but this should be a very good map created by map creators
  25. @user1 My Username: DerekO Offender: LeBlanc He left right before I destroyed his CC and killed his troops. I'm pretty annoyed that people do this kind of stuff commands.txt
  26. So... Does the current model of the Apadana is enought for the wonder? It's was a bit on the small size.
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