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  2. its not the traditional type of gambling as it's based on skill on who will win
  3. Hi @user1 My user: micahg offending user: jacket23 Jacket23 then claimed not to know me Thank you for your help commands.txt
  4. You could also try to zip your attachments, especially for text files that would compress them considerably.
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  6. In fact, the problem was the maximum weight limit available for a single Topic. By publishing the 2 maps (2 XML files + 2 PMP files), the other day I had almost reached this maximum, leaving no possibility of posting an image. But today, it seems possible to upload images, so here's a global preview of the "Kushite Bay" map + screenshots of the "Duel in Iberia" map during a Petra vs Petra game.
  7. Unit design from an older mod for Barbarian Invasion. For further info, please visit Total War Center Restitutor Orbis mod.
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  9. Maybe he's played the map before. Usually after I've played a map maps several times, and usually I learn where everything goes.
  10. In the replay, this guy who destroyed everybody did something strange. Before even minute 2, he sent a batch of women to the border of his area. It was unexplored. It turned out that there were berries right there. What might be an explanation for this?
  11. Nice. I meant to link the FAQ here yesterday, but as trac was down...
  12. Thanks for doing that. Trac is working now, so far. No, but the Internet Archive does hold a "backup" of most of Trac. It's at this link. Choose a date to access the archived version of the site.
  13. I'm helping Bearithra troubleshoot the problem via IRC and Element. For anyone else facing a similar problem, there is advice in the FAQ (backup link here) about it, or you can talk to me via IRC.
  14. You mean large screenshots? If you want to do that you can try resizing the image to a size that can be posted here.
  15. My ally lost their marketplace and built a new one; when I selected my parked trader and clicked on the new market it remembered its origin market and automatically selected the new one as destination. Is that the intended behavior or shouldn't it be treated as a completely new route? (The trader was just outside my ally's territory so I wanted to use their market as origin; using the old origin meant it took off on a futile trip back home. To change it would require several additional clicks I did not expect or welcome.)
  16. My memory may be wrong about this, but I think it was mostly new players complaining about it not being logical. This made the feature discovery easy but it confused new players coming from other RTS.
  17. Hello! I have just set up a mitigation attempt against the DoS attacks. Let us see if it holds over time, if it does, I'll close the ticket. Thanks for your patience PS. News are coming soon about the migration project, but it's unrelated to the attacks on Trac (the mitigation I am setting up will have to be kept in the future)
  18. Note: it's pathetic, but I can't figure out how to show large images of the maps here... (without attaching them to the message, which would saturate the Max total size).
  19. Thanks Diyakaruza! Yes, for "Kushite Bay", I tested the creation of very steep slopes, following a great gaming experience discovering the magnificent "Buttes Sahyadry" map; this map has a very high plant density in addition to the beautiful, highly worked mountains. For "Kushite Bay", I left a sort of central rocky peak, topped by the Kushite statue of an ibis; this peak allows the camera to get a quick overview of the different islands on the map.
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  21. I like that concept that is similar to medieval Europe full of clashing kingdoms.
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