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  3. Malvinas Island were under the control of the Argentine Confederation after the independence of Spain until the British invaded and occupy it by force. This is the official map of the Argentine continental shelf approved by the United Nations, as a result of the 1995 Convention on the Law of the Sea. The main argument of the British for not even sitting down to negotiate with Argentina is the self-determination of the people. In international politics it is very important to be consistent with certain basic principles to which one adheres. Unless, of course, you're a military superpower. In that case seems like you do whatever you want. For this sets a precedent for the future. For example, in our case, we do not adhere to the principle of self-determination precisely because of the Malvinas issue. In 2022, the United Nations Decolonization Committee again considered the issue of the Malvinas Islands as "a case of colonization" that must be resolved through dialogue. Same applys to many many countrys. Can get your point here. I agree it's not the same by far. But still don't understand. What's would be the difference if Scotland would like to rule as a monarchy or whatever and not join EU/NATO?. I notice that here you hint at a certain value judgment about different political systems and alignments with different countries/military alliances. The whole point was double standard to defend self-determination in one case and not to apply it in the other case. About the donbass, many details, and endless discussion. But I can agree with you at some point. A typical argument in which democratic countries should not answer for the actions of their companies as if they were only matter of individuals. Governments can influence their companies' decisions through regulations, agreements and sanctions. And it is not true that Western democratic countries do not carry out this type of agreement with their big companies. Only weak governments of the underdeveloped countrys do not have the power to manage it. This is not the case in Japan, nor in England. And also, in the case of Malvinas, they operate in the maritime extension that is projected from the Islands, so from the British point of view it is territory under their control. In that case there is less excuse since it is their own competence to regulate the illegal and indiscriminate fishing carried out by their companies. This is like the example of the British Raj in India and someone saying that "one thing was the company and another the British monarchy" and that the government could control "to some extent" the atrocities committed in Indian territory. It was a territory colonized by the British. Are they going to take responsability of something or just look the other way?
  4. Unfortunately the script code has already been published so anyone can access it and use it for better or worse. It would be good, at some point, to be able to create a patch on further releases that prevents certain information from being accessed only by the corresponding clients and not by everyone in the game. Btw, you don't even need this script. U can get same info with tail command under linux or similar software under windows
  5. Random question: I was told that people can somehow install cheats. I know for option in lobby, but can they do it without that option? How can I prevent that?
  6. If the script can do this it needs to be changed to not do this.
  7. yes and to raise awareness of what its capable of
  8. hey @BreakfastBurrito_007, it's no different and its not accessible from replay storage unless you don't know anything about coding. Your chats are logged on your local storage, the code extracts the chat and display it on a console. @Helicity didn't make it intentionally to display enemies chats but my point is once we are logging observers, allies and public chats, anyone that uses /allies ( allychat ) regardless of enemy or your ally will be logged too. The whole point to prove that the script that has been released to everyone has the potential of promoting cheating. I'm not against it , it just needs a little bit of a patch.
  9. This script from @Helicity is different. I think it is only accessible from replay storage, not live. If defcon can do this in game, it is absolutely cheating.
  10. Okay, I've seen your profile. Are you defc0n, right? I didn't knew that. So you saying you were actually testing Helicity's script
  11. The falkland/malvinas islands were uninhabited prior to the Spanish, British, and French colonial battles to control them. War and force are the only methods that have ever decided who controls falklands/malvinas, not peaceful indigenous habitation. I wouldn't hold the referendums in Scotland and Donbass to the same standard. Also I would not consider the idea of secession of donbass and scotland to be similar outcomes. The one in Scotland was a democratic process, while the one in donbass was a sham, happening only after the territory was under the control of Russia. If the Scottish one was successful (if Britain didn't stop it), Scotland would likely remain a democracy in close partnership with Britain (or I guess just England and Wales at that point) and potentially join the EU/NATO. In the case of Donbass, there would not be an independent country but a province taken over by Russia. About the fishing, the difference between the Chinese and Japanese and Korean illegal fishing is that the Chinese fishing fleets are largely encouraged and directed by the government to fish aggressively and illegally.
  12. hey @rossenburg I think I'm not following you. I read the other thread. U mean this answer?: "i think it does on both sides. When enemy or your teammate uses /ally both the Net messages are logged so it's kind of literally reading enemy messages too. I'm not against the whole idea but telling you so incase you can make a patch around it before giving it out to everyone. Won't be fun to see enemies messages" In that case I agree with you. Are you saying defc0n was testing Helicity's script?
  13. You may want to check https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/106621-chat-extractor/#comment-547846 before considering this cheating. If it's not fair then i guess that mod needs a patch or somehow be removed? I already made a comment about exposing enemy chats and a patch was needed before being distributed to everyone
  14. I translate spanish parts of the chat so everyone can understand. I'll just put the important lines (Ally) <mr.michael> juarca(1341) 1337rtslegend(1039) is a good player, just need good communication with him (Ally) <mr.michael> anyway, I will attack your border first <s0loooy0(404)> [...] <defc0n> anyway, I will attack your border first? (Ally) <mr.michael> how does he knows? I sent it privately <defc0n> how does he knows? I sent it privately <s0loooy0(404)> [...] I publish these images with the express permission of mr. michael because he does not use the forum and does not speak English well. So he asked me to do it for him. Somehow or another the known player defc0n was reading the private chat of the enemy team during a game while he himself was playing. In principle, we can all draw the conclusion that this is cheating. It remains to be understood why at the same time he published the messages he was reading in the public chat of the same game. He just was jokin? Disturb his rival? To point out how easy it is to read these messages? Maybe prove it to a third party? It is clear that the real solution to these problems is to improve the game's information transmission mechanisms. Until then, how should we proceed? I think at least defc0n owes us an explanation. Idk if he's active on the forum.
  15. After about 5 months of this thread. The Independent International Criminal Court, the same Independent International Criminal Court wich kept silence about the war crimes committed by the US in Iraq (and from European NATO members in the middle East over the past two decades) accused Putin for the war crimes commited in Ukraine. And paradoxically, Antony Blinken urges ICC member states to arrest Putin. Some brilliant freethinking beings call this whataboutism. When in truth only the hypocrisy of guys like this and the entire political establishment of the Western bloc headed by the world's exceptional has only been pointed out. This march 20th the US Ambassador in Argentina, Amador Sánchez Rico, from the UE, Hiroshi Yamauchi, from Japón flew over Argentina's international maritime boundary to denounce illegal fishing. The local press aligned with Western hegemony usually publishes stories about illegal Chinese fishing in this sector and always omits Japanese and other nations' ships. Interestingly, there was another person on the flight: Mrs. Kirsty Hayes from Great Britain. The United Kingdom has maintained an illegal occupation of the territory of the Malvinas Islands since 1833 and carries out illegal fishing and hydrocarbon exploitation in the area. It has ignored each and every one of the recommendations of the UN to sit down to negotiate with Argentina and appeals to the principle of self-determination to justify the illegal occupation of Argentine territory. However, the British justice denied the independence referendum of Scotland. Nor has it recognized the referendums held in the Donbass by ethnically Russian Ukrainians. There is a missile base, a military airport, submarines. And recently it has come to light that military weapons carried in the framework of the 1982 war remain in the Malvinas. So why do we care about illegal Chinese fishing and not British, Japanese, Norwegian illegal fishing? Denouncing this double standard of the Western powers is not whataboutism. It is to point out the hypocrisy, the ambiguous rules, which demand to be complied with when they are convenient but which are ignored when they harm. I do not believe in the legitimacy of international institutions. Not because it doesn't want a higher international order that allows conflict management between countries. But because they have proven to be totally partial and controlled by certain powers. There is no universal right. It is power that grants rights. Unfortunately, the militaristic escalation is increasing.
  16. I appreciate that you have good intentions and are trying to support a non-profit open source organization. So far it doesn't seem like you're making an offer to donate the domain names with no strings attached. Realize that simple redirects are still not secure, as they can temporarily redirect to malicious sites or inject JavaScript that then modifies HTTP content served by the legitimate site. This can change the links for downloads to malware-containing install files. A way to prevent this risk is if WFG has ownership and control of the domain names.
  17. It's a simple redirect, it hosts no files, it simply redirects to our current domain, play0ad.com (which sends it to stans auto-generated page) If there is malware in the download files, those come directly from WIldFire Games, so that would be a WF problem, would have nothing to do with the domain im providing.
  18. @MarcusAureliu#s Do you have the source files for this anim?
  19. Not sure why the back of the lower floor is made of stone then. I think it might be better to use the same texture all around, since I don't think they used stone for buildings in that period.
  20. Creepypastas are horror-related legends that have been shared around the Internet.[1][2][3] Creepypasta has since become a catch-all term for any horror content posted onto the Internet.[4] These Internet entries are often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intended to scare readers. The subject of creepypasta varies widely and can include topics such as ghosts, murder, zombies, rituals to summon paranormal entities and haunted television shows and video games.[1] Creepypastas range in length from a single paragraph to lengthy, multi-part series that can span multiple media types
  21. It is simply incomplete on the back (which is pretty useless).
  22. Are those two different versions or is the back of the building made of a different material than the front?
  23. Thanks for releasing the source code for mainlog_extractor.py. What license do you choose for it? The FSF suggests using Apache License 2.0 for small programs. I hope that players will have integrity and not use this to cheat during gameplay. And, I hope that people will use this program for good purposes like reporting in-game verbal abuse by others.
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