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  1. Balancing cannot be done using the reference fun. Fun is subjective. I don't think it's fun at all to have 80% of the players choosing ptolomeus all games, cuz some buildings are free.
  2. I am part of the balancing team. Rams can no longer attack organic units. Some "new" units like maceman and axeman can make a good dmg vs siege units.
  3. Congratz and tnx for you hard work
  4. Patchs risk 0: D2950 D2939 D2856 D2493 D2951 D2992 Patchs risk 1: D2972 D2866 D2843 D2853 D2863 D1762 D2886 D2993 Patchs risk 2: D2494 D2815 D2801 Patchs risk 3: D2507 Risk 0: Can be committed without biggest problems. Risk 1: Slightly change the balance. No greater risk of damaging a new alpha. Risk 2: Units or civilizations can benefit more than others, enough to make a new alpha boring. Risk 3: It can completely ruin the current gameplay.
  5. It would be interesting to have a limit of possible characters so that it doesn't happen again.
  6. Can't we reset the lobby? To countless inactive accounts and players with more than one account. Part of the rank is for invective players as well.
  7. +10 since it doesn't give any bonus on dropsite or any other building. Only for CC. Reducing of 5 food is ok. P2 tech. +10% infantry move speed? CC, tower, walls and fortress. No, it's not a good bonus if you compensate with increase time. Give a smaller stone reduction but without compensation. Too strong. Can be lamme on tg. I like this. I will think of something.
  8. GAULS: - Ambigatos. Interestingly. It can give Gauls a great rush capacity without having to build houses anytime soon. - Vae. Similar to "ambigatos". Can give a great rush capacity and "boom" later. - Headhunting. I wouldn't choose this among the 3. - Invented the Reaper. Can give + 10% in grain gather per phase. BRITONS: Celtic Epic / Mabinogion. Would put this as just a brit bonus. Masters of Earthwork. Also for fortress and towers. Britanni vitro inficiunt. Move speed. Very interesting for surprise attacks or boom. Inis Mona.I don't like this
  9. I don't like too. I like bĂ´nus Idea by @Genava55. I think all civs should be like 3 civ bonus + 1 team bonus.
  10. No, this is common error in multiplayer games. It seems to me to have something to do with spectors. When the game is started and a player in the lobby tries to join the game during the loading screen, the freeze seems to happen.
  11. @Stan` I think Maurya and Cleopatra can be replace too. Currently they are in game icon. Tnx!!!
  12. I think trottin is only valid when the cavalry is in formation with infantry.
  13. In alpha 24 the champion cavalry has a movement animation different from the citizen cavalry. The reason for this is that the champion cavalry is faster, so it is more realistic to have semi galloping animation, however with the current balance changes, champion cavalry has the same speed as the citizen cavalry now. I was talking to @Alexandermb to also implement semi galloping for citizen cavalry, because in my opinion it is a more beautiful and real animation than trottin. He told me to open a voting thread to see what other players think. As you can see in the video, champion cavalry
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