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  1. Some 0 a.d & mods mechanics in age of empires 4. - Collect food with cavalry/scout - Mongolian pack/unpack buildings - Towers seem to shoot arrows according to the number of soldiers garrisoned. - Can garrison units in ram and siege towers.
  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I like this. This is totally unviable. Without horses, cant hunt, very slow compared to other civilizations.
  3. I would like to share some ideas to differentiate Britons from Gaul and other civilizations. Britons: Bonus 1 - Turos marus. Can build fortress in neutral territory. Fortress has root territory, so it should be possible to build some small attack bases, encouraging the use of chariots (mobility), small attacks and being an aggressive civilization. It also seems like a lot of fun. Bonus 2 - Current bonus. Bonus 3 - Civic centers give +10 pop cap bonuses, bringing back something similar to the bonus we had in a23, giving the chance for an early rush. Unit bonus: Bo
  4. Basically any counter is historically wrong. historically javelin / spear / sword cavalry are the same unit, just like javelins of infantry after throwing darts come to melee fight. Particularly I have no problem adding a bonus for spear cavalry as well, the conception would be that sword cavalry can do much more damage to general units, but more vulnerable, and spear a unit with less attack power but more resistant. about javelin cav, you may not need a counter, because it already has a very high damage, I would just do what I proposed earlier, increase the attack, decrease the range and +2 p
  5. Why not? catapults were operated by people, don't necessarily attack a lot of wood and iron. Anyway i think i will make a patch to increase the attack of the catapults and a little pierce resistance.
  6. Even if you give a bonus vs archer to javelin inf too, not every civilization has javelins, so it will never work. A decent counter system will only work if you remove the collection capacity from combat units. Yes, it is less real and changes the whole concept of the game, but I think it would be a step forward for a.d, because many of the changes are stopped because it also affects the economy.
  7. Yes, it is my preferred system, but it cannot be applied to 0 a.d. For 0 a.d I would use only necessary counter. How I think balancing for the future: Melee infantry with the same movement speed as ranged. This would already significantly help melee units to be more effective. Javelin cav/inf - It must be a unit with extremely high damage, but very vulnerable, changes that I would make: Range 30 > 24, Pierce Attack 16 > 20, Pierce amor 1 > 3. This makes them very strong with some melee unit in front, but the cavalry and also the melee infantry are more vulnera
  8. I prefer the system ranged > melee > cav > ranged. For this to work, the skirmisher cavalry must have a bonus against ranged infantry, like https://ageofempiresonline.fandom.com/wiki/Sarissophoroi
  9. The idea is to keep the tech just for cartage to diversify the civ, rank 3 ofc.
  10. I am not particularly a fan of soldiers changing weapons. Some simple things like pikemen and spearmen hitting a unit makes slow for a few seconds. This would already help a lot to make these units much more interesting.
  11. I like the idea of rams having some splash damage. Anyway, i think catapults should be dmg buffed a bit for a25.
  12. I don't think walls will be a problem in a24, particularly I saw very little walls, what I see most are palisades, and I particularly like that, but it would decrease your hack armor, so that it could be destroyed by melee soldiers more easily. The current "turtling" is more focused on defensive structures such as CCs, towers and forts than walls.
  13. It's not just religion. It happens every day...
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