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  1. They're probably not 100% ready. Some art, audio, music, etc... may be missing. I don't know what time period dalenda est covers, It could be something related to this too, not all civilizations are in the period of 0 a.d. Anyway, we are already working on the idea of adding new civilizations, probably for a28.
  2. Hakunamata a little bold I would say, but brave.
  3. These changes are not part of the proposal and style that 0a.d seeks.
  4. @Stan` I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the support and encouragement you have given to the project and to each of us here. I'm sure you'll be successful in whatever direction you decide to take from now on. I hope to continue seeing your presence here on the forum.
  5. Balancing is not under discussion here, but since you mentioned, the shield is just visual, it has no armor or increased health. Women gain a little more movement speed, vision range and a good attack, in compensation they decrease their ability to collect grain.
  6. That's exactly what the technology does, just with some visual appeals, like shield and sword. If you change the name to loom 2, then we don't have any more problems
  7. Taking advantage of your historical knowledge, I have been working on a patch so that Britis can build towers in neutral territory, the objective here is to bring some gameplay different from other civilizations. The name of the bonus is "great towers". I don't know if this is historically correct, could you help me here please?
  8. Thank you for expressing your concern about this and taking some of your time to share your historical knowledge with us. Well, I believe you misunderstood what I wanted to express. I didn't give you the responsibility to prove it, if it seemed like that, I'm sorry. Before making the patch, I read some Celtic characteristics and women warriors were there, of course, it's not scientific at all. I always try to respect the premises of 0 a.d, and perhaps the main one is the historical factor, so if this really cannot be proven, so I think it should be removed. Well, I'm not a historian, so I won't have enough arguments to debate this, and I don't really want to. I don't mind that much, I just thought it could be an interesting feature for the gameplay. I think the name "warrior women" might sound bad, so if we choose not to remove that, I think the name could be changed.
  9. Do we still have the kennel model/actor? I couldn't find it to make the patch.
  10. @FreagarachIs there a possibility of a general aura for formations?
  11. Hey guys, We on the balance team are working on some gameplay improvements for the next alpha (27). Our main objective is to bring some elements to differentiate civilizations from each other. We want to provide some incentive for players to step out of their comfort zone and usual strategies. Work is progressing and we appreciate if you can help us. We would like to hear your ideas about unique technologies. Be creative here and remember that the characteristics of 0 A.D. must be maintained, therefore it is necessary to respect the need for a correct historical context. Remembering that technology can also be for more than one civilization, as happens with the "Hoplite Tradition", for example Don't worry at first about the issue of balance, we can balance things, just focus on the idea at first. I look forward to reading your ideas. Thank you everyone and stay well
  12. Well, we're working on some gameplay improvements for the next alpha, and yes, I want to hear some of your ideas for the game. Could you please list me?
  13. The big economic problem of 0a.d is that you can obtain thousands of resources without having expand your city. You can literally reach 300 pop with all the upgrades without needing to expand a single inch. A simple solution without the need for new developments would be to change the standard cost of units, add metal to all infantry and cavalry units, except slinger which already has its stone cost. It would also be necessary to reduce the game's initial mines to perhaps 1000 resources for metal and stone. I think that this way the player really needs to expand his territory and look for new game alternatives. Of course, this is just a vague idea, it would need to be worked on better.
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