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  1. @wraitii , indeed versions are not game changing, however, don't underestimate the importance of it for communication. When bumping the ebuild locally for the rc the first thing I had to do was to come up with a version that can be parsed and sorted properly by the package manager. So assume other packagers have the same issue and so we end up with every other distro having a slightly different version from upstream and from each other for the same release. Also there are crawlers maintained by distros or third parties checking if new releases are available and automatically inform m
  2. I don't want to nag, just point out few things that might help improve the release process in the future. Take it or leave it. As you said alpha of alpha is bad, the rc just released going by file name is actually an alpha of an rc and not the rc of an alpha, so rethinking the version scheme should be done before a26. Looking at the commits after FF you could pretty much do away with it. Just CC would be fine, forcing people to commit early. The terminology used is rather custom and I wouldn't be surprised if I asked all devs separately I'd get different answers, might be worth
  3. At a glance It isn't obvious to me what the objective is or what balance and garrison are about, move vs attack etc. A help button popping up some sort of manual would be nice.
  4. I largely disagree. While translation freeze means it's completely fair game, the chances that we do major change after feature freeze are low, and as it turned out for A24, translators usually have quite a bit of work to do anyways. And if tweaks are made, they'll usually be small tweaks that Transifex helps with fixing. Well, string freeze is the moment I'd send an email to translators asking them if they could take out some time out of their schedule. As this may take a few hours giving sufficient time seems a matter of courtesy. Could it be the reason tweaks might be necessary is
  5. String freeze means translators can now work without worry of it being invalid the next day. So working on it prior is mostly pointless unless there isn't a somewhat mature translation already. To give translators a fair chance to translate give them 14 days between string freeze and translation freeze. RC1 is the first time you can reasonably ask people to test, be it players or packagers. What's with the controlled environment? The purpose of an RC is to release it into the wild What is commit freeze when commits obviously are still permitted later?
  6. You should be well aware https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/6085#comment:2
  7. Now I see what you are up to. However this is a marginal improvement as you still need all those values to compare the units and the "hint" might actually be misleading. I don't mind negative armour (room example above), but then I don't mind an elephant building houses either. The real issue with changing HP is screwing over the current healing rates. Tripple HP meant it takes trice as long to get HP back to full. Same for building and repairing. Imagine needing 30 minutes to repair a ram due to current 50 pierce converted to HP. As for what is shown, well that can be changed
  8. This logic only works if the unit has same resistance for all damage types and if there are no hard counters either. So you could give all units 100 HP for 100% healthy instead.
  9. The amount of damage take seems to be 0.9^A, where A is the armor value. If it is indeed that exact formula, then negative values won´t be a problem. The issue is more of the sort: In a room you have two people, three leave, later two join, now you have a single person in the room ...
  10. It's rare around here that someone actually wants to understand what he is about to change and whether it's a good thing before committing to it. Asking if in doubt is never wrong, though you might not get a decent answer. Finding the commit might be difficult, renames for aesthetics, commit messages like "fix" or "update", etc. Even if you find the commit you might end up with a link to the discussion returning "sorry, insufficient permission"... Why not 0? There are possibly technical reasons, like division by 0 or simply 0 having a special meaning like invulnerable.
  11. It's not new, already in A24, just less visible there. Actually that you only now noticed it means it's an improvement UI wise. If you want options for gui layout not even 100 would be enough. Better just think of the corresponding xml as the config file.
  12. And / or reduce gathering rates. As some people complain EA to be to be to spamy reducing gathering rates is probably better.
  13. @wraitii I also thought about it a bit more and while there are cases that aren't that hard to handle they all need additional data beside a type specifier. Even if implementing them one probably still wants a pass par tout boolean to bypass the compat check. checksum_compatible might be a bit of an unlucky name though, checksums are also referred to as hashes. Also a user or first time modder will ask himself what it refers to. Maybe call the boolean skip_mod_compatibility_check instead.
  14. The most fitting ones are where you reenact historic military campaigns of the 0ad heros. But if you want to send a centurion with his man on an odyssey to go save the princess from the evil dragon that's fine as well (finally a use for the dragon ). As for difficulty, make it so it's fun for you first and foremost.
  15. Gather rates are high compared to carry capacity, making shuttling more important in 0ad than most other games I'm aware of. If you want to reduce importance of shuttling you have to make units spend more time gathering instead of walking, not the other way around. I think it was AoE III that does away with shuttling altogether.
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