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  1. If taking this as a fact we should conclude any mention of OP is either to have an excuse when loosing or an attempt to hamper any play that doesn't fit into the narrow scheme of what should be legit in the individuals view. If imbalance were an issue we would have mirror matchup settings (civ/map) seen implemented long ago. Also usually cries of imbalance start the day after a release, making it clear there can hardly be any substance to such claims. If balancing was taken serious, ranked games (and maybe others) should be collected and the data evaluated properly. I'm sure statistics will show a different picture in many cases than what people expect. I also second @vv221 claim that all civs playing the same reduces the replayability of the game. This should be obvious to anyone. I would even go as far as to claim imbalance may be desirable for you can easier find an interesting matchup if you can have civ selection slightly favor the weaker player. Well, ofc, if there are millions of players this point becomes moot.
  2. user.cfg is a generated file, based on default.cfg and overrides in local.cfg and later in-game changes of those properties. You may edit user.cfg but honestly backing up or deleting for a reset are the only actions I'd take on it.
  3. The square ones look like rice fields to me, the eyecandy version to me looks more like fish farming ponds designed by Botta. And gravity will always be an issue, maybe restrict rice fields to flat terrain as a malus?
  4. Well, #1554 is marked fixed and #1553 not reproducible, either by @Itms as stated on the bug nor can I. My distribution installs ActorEditor as 0ad-ActorEditor alongside pyrogenesis as 0ad. That line, wherever you came across it, should be deleted me thinks and the bug closed as no longer reproducible.
  5. Hm? Blender and Gimp? Or are you talking about ActorEditor which is part of pyrogenesis and runs on Linux as well? Anyway if it's Linux all you ever need is a text editor.
  6. Of course contributors are more of an investment than getting things done quickly. Experienced opensource coders are not the norm. But there is no need for hand holding either, which you tend to fall into all to quickly.
  7. Just watched the video doing the testing, the obvious result if you throw a one pound stone it will best guns and slings. So we can conclude NO weapon is most powerful. Science the American John Doe way... Anyway, ancient slings were seriously dangerous, just needs quite some practice.
  8. Trusting people to try their best is certainly good. Trusting people are born fully fledged coders and knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the project is bound to not work. The first thing about git is branches are very cheap, commits are very cheap. To test or review I don't need anything committed to master to reduce workload, so there is no need to commit anything to master either. At one point you will have to look at what was done either way, so commits to master can't reduce your workload only increase it unless you don't care about the master branch in the first place. Anyway good to run into such issues now, so you can ponder a workflow for in case of migration.
  9. Not easy to say without testing but sounds like it might be an improvement, the extra computational cost in most cases should be limited.
  10. Propose an alternative algorithm to pick target. And as @Player of 0AD stated, some intelligent behaviors might well be costly, but could be cheaper than current on as well.
  11. What about the obstruction? Can the enemy still build on top and it's about who starts building first? Could also deduct some resources, like the foundation already costs x% of the total or such.
  12. What do you want to replace and why? Anyway, all I needed was to mogrify some assets and run fontbuilder using always colour in render options and have now a working replacement for nvtt, so no longer restricted to releases respectively already packed mods. Also created some tickets with compressonator to see if what we lack we can get in a future release. I used a somewhat brute method to get compressonator support, I'm sure @vladislavbelov had something more complete in mind For instance I don't offer modders dozen of options on how to treat their textures. For my layman eye they look better on average anyway. I'm not even sure what all those available tuning parameters are about, so everything default. So now I can build 0ad for windows from ground up using mingw, the only things missing are wseh and stackwalking for dumping crashes. Other than that it's fully functional as far as I can tell. If there are bugs they need first be found.
  13. So a zip (ignoring the errors) was created and I ran 0ad with the "new" textures. Some font(s) got messed up, some of the textures auto resized to dimension 2 from 1 look like zebras but otherwise the textures seem of better quality, less washed out. Quality setting used 0.5 (0 lowest, 1 highest), maybe 1 looks even better, might just take forever to compress. Stumbled over another issue, some textures have png and dds in tree, the dds should probably be deleted in this case. binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/cape_hd_black.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/kart_sail_2.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/kart_sail_3.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/gaia/tree_cypress_a.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/kart_sail_1.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/iber_sail_b.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/gaia/farming_barley_harvest_a.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/gaia/farming_wheat_harvest_a.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/gaia/farming_wheat_harvest_b.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/terrain/types/desert_forestfloor_palms.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/celt_prop_1.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/terrain/types/road_roman.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/structural/rome_ram.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/structural/kart_trireme.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/structural/iber_struct.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/structural/hele_trireme.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/structural/hele_struct_b.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/skeletal/pers_isp_e_1.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/skeletal/rome_ijv_e.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/skeletal/mace_bronzeshield_pikeman_a.dds binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/skins/props/head/celt_caratacos.dds
  14. So works on macos, could it be broken on linux only? Will try the update-workspace et al path. Not using mingw for my compressonator experiments. Also 0ad installed by package manager has the same issue. Compressonator is fine with those. Also compressonator is working as replacement already. The issue I face is I can't build public.zip due to skeleton xml files not being found / not readable for some reason. Candidates for issue are pyrogenesis, fcollada, libxml first and foremost. But thanks anyway.
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