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  1. It runs ( ... out of memory) on pi pi has Vulkan support https://www.cnx-software.com/2020/12/04/mesa-20-3-released-with-raspberry-pi-4-v3dk-driver-panfrost-bifrost-support/ opengl 2 is like 15 years old. Text isn't readable on 4k, so in my book close enough to unplayable, but yeah still better than the pi example I linked above Well, there is indeed an undocumented/inaccessible gui.scale parameter which sort of works good enough but 99% of potential users will have dropped the game at that point. Also rtx isn't relevant here as this is about the gui, t
  2. Setting it to 0 in autociv prevents death animation as well.
  3. What even constitutes a toaster? Pentium II MMX? The problem with the must support toasters mentality is it discourages people from actually working on a new GUI or working on the renderer. As for 4k, if the GUI is optimized for FullHD and font scaling is implemented the experience would already be much better than currently. You could also say that to support a couple toasters you loose users of better hardware.
  4. It's indeed not well defined here, but you can think of it as either normal decay or no corpses on the ground at all. Meaning the removal of a single corpse (decay animation) isn't randomized but behaves consistently. Why fixed number of corpses can match on/off is probably because there are already people used to it due to autociv. Guess otherwise the bias would be even stronger towards on/off.
  5. I have in mind a much more cheaper shader for that Real ascii art shader or a pseudo QVGA shader?
  6. In descending order of importance: It signifies the game isn't dead yet. No longer violates security policies in Linux distros and can be packaged again. No longer just broken on recent macs. My pet peeve feature: hot key editor was added. Improved artwork. MSAA / CAS Next would be the first negative so I stop here. Thou overall more changes for the better than for the worse.
  7. Do you think there is a big impact on performance for arrows? I estimate the gain would be of about the same order as for corpses. Less complex meshes but much higher number. Edit: Also less controversial, so less of a headache to get through a review While true, unreliable and rather insignificant. I guess you could ask @nani to add support for a toggle graphics setting hotkey to autociv. So you have the normal/expected decay times during early game and can easily switch to low quality settings once the game starts lagging.
  8. No wonder there isn't a mod for this as it's handled solely by the core (c++). Hardcoding it to 30 seconds is fine I guess, I think the switch should be either use PROJECTILE_DECAY_TIME or remove right after impact animation was played. In the on/off case for corpses the same config value could be used here, thou I'd prefer a separate one in either case.
  9. First of all, thanks for working on this. I guess there will be a noticeable difference in playability for people with weaker hardware. One thing I noticed in the video is you exclude projectiles from this "disappear early" treatment. Projectiles should have a similar impact due to the large number and are less noticeable than corpses. So have less visual impact if they disappear. As for the main question, I'd go with on/off. While this random (intermediate) disappearance is indeed quite odd looking that isn't the only reason. Just playing the death animation without a decaying corp
  10. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildAndDeploymentEnvironment#Futuredesign There is git lfs and when switching to git you rewrite history anyway, so stripping all build artefacts can be done right then. The reminder is hardly an issue for git. But yeah it's some work but long term I see only benefits.
  11. I play since a13, back then to my liking only two major features were missing to make it a complete game, one is the hotkey editor, the other campaign mode. Important is that they are available. Just like hotkey editor needs more love I don't doubt the same will be the case for campaigns. Actually what happened to the git migration that was decided upon many years ago?
  12. Well, how is the name of a24 related to a24? For a23 it's even obvious how it's not related. As for a25 nothing will trump campaign mode.
  13. Not sure this needs fixing, a reasonably known but hardly used easteregg.
  14. There is no point in waiting for months, ideally commit r24939 would have already contained the new name. Then you should have a poll for a26 instead
  15. I have no strong opinion on whether Roman camp should produce sieges or not, all I'm saying is only game play should matter in such a decision on not history/realism. As for the free houses, it's a shame, this is a real unique trait gone with no replacement in sight.
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