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Community Answers

  1. Aztecs (Mexica), but still interesting:
  2. Wolves are good. Lion and Lioness need remade.
  3. I'll take it from here. There are a couple of other minor fixes I'd like to make, if you'd indulge me.
  4. Also, pers/champion_infantry_archer template is missing.
  5. Perhaps: Agoge unlocks a tech pair: Pankration vs. Krypteia. Pankration adds health, while Krypteia adds attack speed. Must choose.
  6. You have to add lines to the syssition's template. <BuildLimit>
  7. Perhaps a "Krypteia" aura for Spartiates, which boosts the gathering of nearby Helots.
  8. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/26997 Mechanical Innovation for the Macedonian team bonus^
  9. I kind of considered their Military Colonies to already be a bonus (one that they share, as Successor Kingdoms, with the Ptolemies; a bonus that ties them together conceptually). Perhaps the Seleucids have the ability to upgrade their Military Colonies to full-fledged Civic Centers? So, you can keep the merc training aspect of the Military Colony and accept the lower territory effect and less health of the structure, or you can choose to upgrade it to the Civic Center and get the extra health and territory, but lose the merc training aspect.
  10. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4729 Patch will appear here shortly^
  11. Vancouver Island is part of North America, right? Japan is a part of Asia.
  12. If it's added to the game that dropsites are buildable in neutral territory, it then becomes a fundamental feature of the game.
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