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  1. I wondered this too. If the schema at that section allowed me to adjust animal numbers as sometimes they seem quite inadequate. Also having just 2 possible huntables severely limits a biome such as Savanna which has a large variety of herd animals. Biomes also don't let you choose dangerous animals?
  2. Ban them? No. Just remove the default pop bonus for these civs.
  3. Indeed. I feel like whatever bonus a Wonder gives should be automatic or free. The worker downtime used to build the thing, plus its cost, justifies the notion that whatever the benefit of building a Wonder, it has already been paid for.
  4. Any way we can make it account for biome? The option is already there in each biome json.
  5. Also, "Decoratives" "Tree" doesn't seem to be used, at least not by Mainland.
  6. @Angen @wraitii When I try to make this happen for the India biome: "chicken": "gaia/fauna_peacock" It doesn't work. It always defaults back to fauna_chicken. It doesn't matter what animal I put there, it's always overridden to fauna_chicken when the map is generated. Any ideas?
  7. Working on improving biomes for Random Maps. @maroder has also helped. Mainland with an updated temperate biome:
  8. In history, pikes were used en masse to pin down enemy formations so the skirmishers and cavalry could pick the enemy apart with flanking maneuvers. Without hard battalions or formation fighting, the only way to simulate this is to make the game's phalangites very very tanky ("meat shields", "damage sponges"). And to prevent them from being OP, their speed and attack has to be unusually low.
  9. BOOM https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est/commit/5bebda22855a8efcca4a066447617c9045e17348
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