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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/2020/12/03/battle-middle-earth-crunch/?_gl=1*svgc0z*_ga*MTg4NzAwMjQ1OC4xNTkzMDU5Njgz
  2. I'd love to see a mod where heroes are replaced by these types of support units.
  3. At the "scale" of the game it's best to depict institutions rather than granular details like the relative strength of the average man and woman. So, the roles of the lower, middle, and upper classes might be ripe for depiction, while family dynamics could be best reserved for an RPG game or something similar (unless worked into the game in a very broad sense). Dunno, I haven't quite pinned down the working theory yet.
  4. While all of that may be true, I personally don't see the need to depict sexual dimorphism in an RTS game. We're not building an anthropology simulator after all.
  5. I think regeneration of resources would work well for groves/forests. Just have it by default, no need for a tech (you don't own trees, they're Gaia). About ambushing, yeah, I think it could be a bonus for some civs to be able to "garrison" units or battalions into groves and then they woukd attack any enemies battalions that march through, with a temporary "surprise" bonus.
  6. Perhaps a new kind of aura or range type: "edge distance." "Radius" to me implies a center point. I noticed the incongruity playing DE and I saw the "Underbrush" aura affecting units outside the radii of the Forest Groves. The aura is intended to only affect units passing within the Grove. With the current aura range issue, it would seem I have to set the radius of the aura range to 0 so that it matches the edge of the footprint? Again, the definition of radius causes confusion of its actual effect.
  7. ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/components/Fogging.js line 113 cmpMirageVisualActor.RecomputeActorName is not a function Fogging.prototype.LoadMirage@simulation/components/Fogging.js:113:2 Fogging.prototype.OnVisibilityChanged@simulation/components/Fogging.js:228:3
  8. I believe the latest range changes have possibly messed up aura ranges. Ranged Auras "radius" now extend from edges instead of from the center as a radius should.
  9. Yeah, they are properly monstrous now, but not grotesquely so. Driver leg position may need to be adjusted a little bit, or their driver prop point moved upward a touch.
  10. For stupid people like me, can you list some pros and cons to these improvements?
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