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  1. Yeah. This is an ongoing bug for years now. I'm not sure if there's a ticket.
  2. Remember that Replace (if it's implemented for tooltips) will replace a tooltip entirely; it's not an addendum, so you will have to restate that original tooltip text (if any) and then state your new stuff.
  3. The health shown in the UI does not match the health bar shown in-world.
  4. { "value": "Identity/Tooltip", "replace": "Counters: 1.5× vs Cavalry" } @Freagarach^ ?
  5. Base game has capturable farmsteads too. Only for skirmish maps. @Obelix I'll look at it, probably a mixup when I ported the files from DE to EA. I won't have laptop access for a week though.
  6. Also, 2 more I'm adding for A28 is lamellar armor bronze and iron. Very good portrait options for Elephant Armor (Seleucids and Mauryas).
  7. I mean, the poll was extremely one-sided against your view. So, I guess we can discuss it with or without you.
  8. I don't see why not. Should it be able to shoot too? I did this to emphasize cavalry more, but to not hamstring the civ elsewise. Realistically, they really wouldn't have a distinction between "infantry" and "cavalry." For nomads, they are one in the same. They would rarely, if ever, fight on foot, but if they did they would ride their horse to the place of combat, then dismount. Again, this would be rare and 99% of the time they would absolutely fight on horseback. The infantry are included only as a way to fill out the roster with needed classes to keep them competitive. Hmm, I was trying to represent nomadism in the simplest way possible. Also, I thought we were going to reduce or eliminate their dependency on territory. Integrating the Ovoo into their expansion meta could work. Not sure I like the effort needed to pack up a CC, move it, then unpack, then build an Ovoo, then move on, though. About the defense bonus, I believe the Scythian Ovoo already does this. You like? The current Stable/Corral is pretty loaded up, isn't it? I just didn't have a model to work with the distinguish the two, so combined them. For EA, I think the female citizens could maybe be upgradeable to Maiden Headhunters, with similar cost and stats as a mercenary archer. They can also have a ranged attack by default, like DE's Xion female citizens. In DE, they aren't really free, but of course wouldn't cost Glory in EA.
  9. Very possibly. You also see a guy in the background blowing what looks like a couple of dragon antlers, and a woman about to bludgeon a man with a baby. Romantic-era paintings are about 2% accurate and even less authentic to the depicted period.
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