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  1. Hmm, with the towers sticking up like you have it, it looks more like a fortress than @Enriques version. He probably used the towers on his to invoke architectural elements from elsewhere rather than to insinuate defensiveness. Also the texturing on the ramp looks a lot better on his (the red player color parts).
  2. The Gate of All Nations was slated to also include the monumental ramp and other stuff. As designed it was quite interesting:
  3. You've not seen the Ptol lighthouse in game? It's mostly good, would just need some tweaks for accuracy and scaled up a bit. Maybe some texture work too. Lol
  4. Look at it this way. 1 single unit has a texture of 256x256 plus multiple other textures: 256x256x3 for hoplite shields, plus a 128x128x3 for helmets etc. And this wonder will be something like 25 times the size of a unit, and will be un-animated and not rigged. Then I think 3 1024x1024 textures would be permitted. What say you @Stan`?
  5. Might have been fixed for alpha 24. I woukd suggest a solution (delete your cache) but someone else might have a better solution. @Angen @Stan` @wraitii @Ykkroshjk
  6. Well, the lumber camps and farmsteads you capture would take a little bigger footprint and be more eyecandyish and detailed. But yeah, I like DEs method but I was trying to find something slightly different for EA.
  7. It has a combo, storehouse and farmstead called the Granary.
  8. OIC, probably an AI error with the Nuba faction. They're a minifaction with not as many buildings as all the others.
  9. I suggest we use recently committed Hero Selection code to differentiate some civs. While non-branching civs use the code to choose hero, branching civs use it to choose a branch, each with 1 or 2 possible heroes. Iberians are the best example for branching for sure (Iberians, Celt-Iberians, Lusitanians). I would preferrrrr a separate civ entirely for the Lusitanians, but the code is now there for branching. There's a lot of ways to present this, and not every civ needs to do it the same way. For instance, in DE the Spartans branch slightly when you choose Cleomenes III as your hero. Choo
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