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  1. Do "top players" really think a 0.4 second firing rate for Scythian Archers is cool? I hope not.
  2. In DE this would be countered by javelineers. But EA? Dunno. Bolt Shooters?
  3. No, it doesn't have to be done with every unit. Just try it.
  4. This is an alpha release (after 2 years), not a monthly gameplay patch for a Gold-released AAA game. Expect large changes.
  5. I want human players to be able to play them, but if you set Petra AI to random there is a chance they are chosen and Petra doesn't play them very well. Same with Scythians.
  6. The Delenda Est repo is fully compatible with A24. I just haven't finished hero selection for all civs yet (I have a few civs to go). And I'm debating removing the Noba civ for now until there's a way I can remove them from Random selection.
  7. Not only that, but in Atlas you can uncheck the civs and save the map, but Atlas bugs and assigns default civs anyway. Quite annoying. Yeah, I've had to do this as well.
  8. With these errors you can just use Notepad++ or your favorite text editor and do a ctrl-H replace all gaia/tree/cretan_date_palm_tall
  9. I would really like to change this for A25. EA should really adopt DE's forest groves. You don't even have to adopt DE's grove auras and traversability in case you're too scared of changing gameplay.
  10. I agree with this one. A bad change. Maybe give back outpost vision and just make outpost cost 1 pop.
  11. @DanW58 Honestly, at this moment a lot of what you post is overwhelming for a lot of us. You go into a lot of (exquisite) detail that will (eventually) be very useful if you continue on your course and improve the renderer as you plan. I like your "fall back" ideas so that we need fewer materials and map types "default" lower to a 1 texel image. That will be very helpful to us modders and artists, your documentation. Please continue and I encourage you to try the IRC channel and join other discussions regarding other aspects of the game. First and foremost, recognize that in this developm
  12. Delenda Est, correct? I will be honest in that I am developing the mod for my selfish aims---developing the game to my own liking, and then hoping other players and fans enjoy what I come up with. So far this has been relatively successful, but I agree that there are a few blind spots, such as the UI. My plan is to continue on my current course and once the game reaches beta or a more complete state focus more on compatibility issues such as what you bring up.
  13. as you said, you either need to wait for the Linux repos to update or downgrade to A23. Downgrading to A23 is definitely an option if you don't mind upgrading again once the repos are there.
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