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Community Answers

  1. Skiritai. They're your fast flankers and ranged-infantry killers (give them extra pierce armor, with less hack armor), while the Spartiates are your tanks who kill melee things (uber hack armor).
  2. Not a bad idea, but I think there's a "catch-22." A large cash tournament like this would bring a lot of new interest and expand the multiplayer community, but at the same time, since the community is so small, there is already a small group of top players that would more than likely monopolize the top 3 cash-winning slots.
  3. I can agree with this. "Is there anything that can be done to buff the other slightly under powered civs?" is an equally valid or even better question.
  4. He does function similarly to Han Ministers, doesn't he?
  5. I guess the point is the gameplay element. One could rationalize it in any way necessary. lol
  6. Could have Mycenaean/Minoan ruins for Greek maps. Assyrian ruins for Middle Eastern maps. Etc.
  7. You're okay. I think "control point" victories are fine, as long as they're a game setup option (and not on by default). "Shrines" could still have a gameplay effect (in DE they could trickle glory, for example), even if the control point victory is not enabled by the host. I think biomes could have different "shrine" models. Sahara and Nubia biome shrines could be based on the current Ptolemaic temple actor. Those actors are based on sacred complex "kiosks" anyway, not actual temples. In an Italian map, the shrine would be based on the Temple of Vesta. In a Greek map, I think the shrine would look like the Temple of Athena Nike or the "Athenian Treasury" at Delphi.
  8. I don't think "too much turtling" is a problem with this game.
  9. I will see what they say. Thanks for the replies. Ill get back to you.
  10. Got this question on mod.io. Any ideas?
  11. Tavern was thought to be apocryphal. Rotary Mill was thought to be inaccurate. Edit: Not by me, though. Lol
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