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  1. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4448 So, I made a patch that adds the Practice Range (aka "Archery Range") as a buildable structure. This patch: Enables Practice Ranges for all civs, which train Ranged Infantry Adjusts costs for the Barracks, Range, and Stable to compensate for the new building Recreates the relevant technologies from the Barracks over to the Range Moves Archery Tradition to the Range (and Hoplite Tradition to the Barracks, as a mirror) Some other minor things Please playtest with multiple civs. Look for and critique: Fun Design Balance Bugs
  2. He meant the back rim should follow along the sides. See:
  3. I think Athenians and Spartans feel pretty unique, at least DE's versions. Scythians just need their Forge tech tree revamped (they currently use the Persian forge techs). Dunno.
  4. Contemplating the life choices that lead him to this moment: Cross-cultural Exchange:
  5. Agreed. And then have an "Officer" unit right in front of him. Officer would be double attack of the type of unit he commands and the Standard Bearer would always be behind the Officer.
  6. Wow's one here has some nice lines. I'm a sucker for Art Deco though. EDIT: I prefer the 0 A·D· logo though, as opposed to one without dots.
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