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  1. On the battlefield, the Seleucid cavalry arm was often the most successful in the army, often driving off the enemy cavalry in order to turn and make devastating flanking and rear charges into the enemy center.
  2. Yet, nearly always defeated on the battlefield in this era.
  3. Yeah, Scythed Chariots could be a melee suicide unit, basically. Brit and Maur chariots are basically missile platforms. We can figure something else out for those, like that old Briton video I posted a while back.
  4. @ChronA I agree it's difficult to create a role for chariots with the current game mechanics. So without having to add a bunch of features, I'd say turn them into some kind of melee glass cannon. Kind of like Petards in AOE2, but only against units, not buildings.
  5. Now you understand the anguish of design by vote. :*
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