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  1. This is an Iberian fortress (northeast Spain), not a Lusitanian..
  2. Well, in AoE3 trees aren't passable, just the forest have dispersion and the units can pass through, and the collision box of trees are very small
  3. How garrisoning works? just like a wall? or the groove it's not an obstruction?
  4. About why there hasn't been a release for this time, pointing the things that you said
  5. Maybe a public announcement on social media and homepage would be cool
  6. Ambigatos, Vae Victis and Montefortino makes great synergies as a rush civ, good design. Take care about a farming bonus, to be different enough to Ptolomies, the civ that should have the greatest bonus to farming In contrast, Britons suggestions are more all round and defensive oriented. Weren't more decentralised and not so tech developed (so they could fill beter the "barbarian" rush trope? (I would give them also a skirmisher champion, instead of the not historic double sword man. (they should be the ultimate javelineer faction, because Iberian ambushers fit more Lusitanians rather than
  7. out of historical time of the mod
  8. In reality, Skiritai have spears, and fought as runners (ekodromos) but also could do a phalanx
  9. As you know, I've been almost unactive in this forum, mainly because it has been like, darn, 10 years, now I have not so much time to play, now I have money to buy games, and the gameplay didn't come as expected. BTW, you have www.projectceleste.com to play the dead and revived AoE Online. their quest are very grindy with not really scenario trigger design, but still fun. The thing of this post, after the things that I wrote before, are also to explain some great points that I really like are: - Very Unique civs, with very different mechanics - Very fast Age I, resource and trainin
  10. Is not the pathfinding, is the new defensive stance + attack move
  11. This is photoshop, or it's already implemented and working?
  12. I think it's better to say that devs have talked about it, but IRC there's been no much work on it.
  13. Sorry If I didnt explain myself, I was pointing that it would be cool to have different breast sizes for all female units.
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