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  1. It has been like... 10 years? I clearly remember the first prealphas, and then the first alphas. How the game started to grow, Civs, AIs, MP. I was 18 at the time, holy jesus. I did a trip around my country that year, I remember checking 0 a.d progress when I was bored in libraries. The thing is that I got older, I'm trying to spend less time in front on my computer, AoE have been remade (and now I have money to buy it), and I feel that 0 A.D got stuck on the gameplay. Anyway, I think is one of the most amazing open source videogame projects, with a lot of potential and hard work behind. As you noticed, this years I have been less and less active. I put that everything because I spend a lot of time here, and have some emotional value. I probably will look from time to time to the new versions, but overall I'm saying goodbye. Stay safe, enjoy what you like. PD: rename that Skiritai Commando to Skiritai runners or ekodromos, "commando" is a modern military notion! Just for real now, logging out!
  2. About the OP, I would say that better to have different bonus for every civ. If Han have to be implemented, the bonus could be given only to them (China have places with good climate, and rice have more calories than wheat)
  3. My inspiration would be Dawn of War "Dark Crusade" and "Soulstorm" grand campaigns. The empires have different territories and the capital If you conquer the capital, you win a special bonus and disables the ability of that enemy to move and attack Capital scenarios have special features and objectives, and usually are hard and scrippted. Additionally, there' could be neutral territories with some civs that doesn't belong to any empire, but you have to still conquer them. Nice job!
  4. Nice to see this kind of news again
  5. Well, I could help with some history but without an high deep academic profile, more on the pop side. I'm thinking what kind of XX century gameplay could provide 0 a.d engine, and suspect that squad and cover system would be minimums
  6. There's a lot of discussion regarding the artstyle of AoE4. I read some comments that made me think about 0 a.d: now that LODs are implemented, what about a feature that makes all the actors the same variation, just for easier identification of the unit? (IDK if is it what the Medium level of LOD really does)
  7. I had to see them played by pros, but probably they have to be nerfed. They seem very gold dependant for anti-cavalry.
  8. Keep in mind that they showed angles that normally the player won't see. I agree with others about the arrows, both the movement and the size have to be tuned. Otherwise I'm optimistic about the game and the saga. In the other hand, the RTS that I play more, AoE 3 seems to be power creeped with US with a lot more of unique features than others civs, and probably will be pretty OP. Good news that we will have an African xpack, with Ethiopians and Hausa people (the second one I don't have any knowledge about them)
  9. Chilhood game. Barely historic, but great memories. Seems that they aren't remaking the graphics, they aren't bad but it would be nice a new coat of paint
  10. Little offtopic, but this is a major milestone!
  11. What about naval system? It could be Boarding Ship> Siege Ship> Arrow ship, but if you stick historically based, not all civs had siege ships. (Maybe they could use "mercenary" at least in name, ships)
  12. that breaks all stereotypes, interesting.
  13. Mental Health is one of the most important things on this live, take care!
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