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  1. hey @GunChleoc thans for the tips. I am actually a bit tired, it's been busy days. and I have gone throughout an application to toptal and other jobs which I didn't succeeded this time. and yeah, maybe I will find a job soon, and when I recover some sanity and energies, we will have some further mind-blowing contributions to 0 A.D. thanks for everything. by now I am needing some resting. I am extremely tired. cheers. tiago
  2. these guys asked me for like a couple of audio assets about a year ago, because I had applied for their company. I didn't know who they were. but yeah. I didn't even remember of sending them the assets. but it looks like my game is on the credits of the game
  3. my name on the credits of Turing test only checked this now (additional sounds: Tiago Morais Morgado)
  4. one more contribution. now I will be uploading the variation of this track
  5. two more contributions on the way 1_3-Audio.mp3 2_3-Audio.mp3
  6. here is the mp3 version of the previous one 0001_2-Audio.mp3
  7. and coolest thing, rather then costing. a fortune, it only costs around a couple of hundred dollars, so in mean time I will be able to buy this stuff
  8. you sort of get an idea. these are really high quality samples, they turn out to work out pretty fine, they have already pre-builtin music phrases and gestures, harmonized for different root keys and pitch classes so the only thing I actually have to do is to sort of map them to simple harmonic progressions, and record the phrases I wish to get into the music. a really cool example can be found here in the following demo (a friend of mine has some of the sample libraries, and he will allow me to copy some of those by the end of the week, or put them in an ftp server)
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