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  1. Wrong chinese translation, perhaps not the only one. Starting rP21907. Could be detected by D1674. You can help fixing and translating on https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/ if you want.
  2. Actually it looks like I made a rebase error. Perhaps I was the one who didn't delete thier cache file? (-> D2273)
  3. Tried deleting the cache? Unrevisioned files? It really sounds like running like old gui/ JS (in particular following rP22676).
  4. It works for me, any mods active? Or leftover mainmenu.xml? I suppose windows? I suppose that is the outdated menu.js copy. The commits after July 27th are missing. Your only change is this: --- /tmp/menu.js_orig 2019-09-07 01:04:59.261486333 +0200 +++ /tmp/menu.js_de 2019-09-07 01:03:29.124822542 +0200 @@ -849,7 +849,9 @@ }); }; - barterButton.Buy.hidden = isSelected; + if (g_BarterSell == "coin"){ + barterButton.Buy.hidden = isSelected;} + else {barterButton.Buy.hidden = resourceCode != "coin";} barterButton.Buy.enabled = controlsPlayer(player); barterButton.Sell.hidd
  5. What was the expected behavior? Perhaps one could also update the paths during mousemove events (essentially doing the current mouserelease processing on mousemove) (but that sounds laggy).
  6. That's what we always wanted. The problem with that is that you have uneven grounds. Consider the passage between two steep mountains as a worst case. There is a 32*32 texture repeated over the radius, one can do more with it than just a blank line. The feature was introduced in D238, somewhere should be some more alternative textures. I suppose if the visualization is very small in diameter and depending on visualization it wouldnt appear that badly if its a 2d disk, but it wont allow displaying the actual aura range until adding that code as a feature (break down the texture i
  7. You mean the units should start moving before the mouseup event? The idea of the feature is that you can draw an arbitrarily shaped line and the units will spread evenly from start to finish. It means that it has to know start and end before it can do the computation.
  8. rP22854 rewrote the main menu code. Mods that wnat to specify their name to be displayed in the main menu can easily do so by adding a new file instead of rewriting mainmenu.xml. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Your mainmenu.xml contained this diff to svn: and I would recommend to delete this file and put this file under pregame/ProjectInformation_DelendaEst.js: g_ProjectInformation.productDescription.caption = setStringTags(translate("Delenda Est v0.0.03"), { "font": "sans-bold-16" }) + "\n\n" + translate("Notice: This mod is under development and many features have not be
  9. Someone who leaves a rated 1v1 without resigning will be warned or banned for more or less time from the lobby. The problem is not what to do with the information that someone left a game, but how to obtain it. If I mention it in chat that you are left a rated game without providing any proof, you get people accusing each other incorrectly resulting in wrong bans. The real problem lies in detecting when someone left. If you trust the host, then the host can send the same packet and also cause others to be banned under his wish. For example banning the opponent from wit
  10. Looks like bush_medit_me.xml, there is a second bush with a similar name and the same issue.
  11. refs #4119 better would be not crashing instead of deleting corrupted cache files in the menu (after it possibly already crashed), and deleting the invalid file automatically.
  12. For reference, according to the according PM conversation (9954): So it sounds like a mobile connectivity issue, dunno.
  13. You compiled 0ad but not the glooxwrapper library, fixed by the last glooxwrapper autobuild.
  14. On the positive side of the cursed wolf being a domestic animal, the OP slaughter attack being used is that it makes the map so easy that people dont complain about it being too hard. That diff to have these regular wolves controllable was committed with the first revision of the map but was reverted directly as it was seen that animals should not receive orders because they are animals, unless they are domestic animals, then they should. I think it would be better for mod freedom if there was a "Controllable" boolean property for UnitAI to make it more abstract rather than hardcoded one
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