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  1. For me the best troll is @bbgotbanned and @Pudim.
  2. Don't forget Aqua level. xD!
  3. I am retired. Don't list me pls. ty
  4. I don't know maybe wrong doubts from myself, maybe the fonts could be more shiny then and the zero ad logo at the top or something ... don't care about that talk much im just wondering around and grooming a little ... love
  5. Yeah that's true just I am missing some balance in the whole picture because it seems that there is some gradient at the bottom of the screen what I really like but its missing at the top. Maybe adding it as a slight idea to the top panel too in some manner? Not that I wouldn't like the flat design just as an idea to get more perspective depth ;-). much love <3
  6. Maybe the logo without the grey background halfoverlapping the background in the upper Bar? or is in design terms depending on the background image that maybe a mismatch? just curious. i love that design man. jesus
  7. How about an epic sound for hero death? Btw the sounds now are very nice! Also I am currently not sure if the game code makes it possible to have more dramatic sounds in areas of fighting or when attacked... there is however of course a sound when attack... This would be a nice extension on the game atmosphere.
  8. How about a starting sound to notify when the game starts in game setup/loading screen? Or notify when a player joins the game in gamesetup would be awesome.
  9. Agreed, I dont like same techs all over the civs. I guess we need to diversify for next release. I guess it's mostly a balance task to make cute balanced civs
  10. this is called market normalization. Now we can go for rush op again in a25. eae.
  11. tomorrow again a nice round of matches? i would be if we u have no errors and can play 20 pm ECT
  12. Boudica can you come to https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev pls
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