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  1. Agreed, I dont like same techs all over the civs. I guess we need to diversify for next release. I guess it's mostly a balance task to make cute balanced civs
  2. this is called market normalization. Now we can go for rush op again in a25. eae.
  3. tomorrow again a nice round of matches? i would be if we u have no errors and can play 20 pm ECT
  4. Boudica can you come to https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=0ad-dev pls
  5. Boudica make "svn revert -R ." on linux on main dic
  6. guys we have to reschedule the weather is too nice and dont have time
  7. nope its instrumentialized sorry look it up
  8. The Title is already the instrument of the Deviding Part. Pls dont use it. We all equal No Matter what. Thank you!
  9. i advice using discord for abuse screen sharing during no vision and using mic for team communication with tested sound for good communication and cam for direct view of person. eae
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