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  1. Nice ! I will get involved into this so. Will post my remarks and suggestions there soon. And thank you for the precision Have a nice day !
  2. Hello everyone ! Sorry for the late. Yes, I'm obviously interested in joining the testing team ! What are the procedures please ? Should I simply play test newer A25 and send here my remarks ? In addition, I have heard that this A25 will be the last version with features adding, so I guess it must be the best in terms of completion, right ? I'm listening to you, thanks and all the best !
  3. This will be a great starting point to reestablish a good game-play feeling. The next step will be to correct units state machine according to those newer changes and according to the snapping addition (which still have not been addressed).
  4. Those are informations, for instance, developers have never told us (since we are complaining here at least). Thank you, I and others will follow this way.
  5. Right. Have you token a look at the attached match in my original post ? If so, what have you thought about ? Haven't you seen the broken state machine I'm talking about ? Haven't you felt the game poor in term of enjoyment ? If not, all this topic is then useless and we are just discuting for nothing.
  6. And also, if we say for instance that the units state machine is broken, it is to tell you that there is a problem to repair. Is not that a kind of suggestion ?
  7. Right. But developers do not even let us à room for suggestions as they mostly sweep with the back of their hands everything we say. I understand the solidarity you have for each other but when the time comes to see the truth, see it. We all want the same thing : a great game.
  8. So, should we be blamed because we did not know its existence ? I mean, did we haven't the right, even the duty to give our opinion ? Or should we just agree with just everything ? No reviews ?
  9. I did not even know the existence of this subforum till today.
  10. Thank you for this showcase of simply the reality.
  11. Nice ! A great idea I agree with ! On my free time, I will get the basis of pyrogenesis and will help on this aspect. Your suggestion can really change the things because it will help as well to speed up the development process as well as it will be the basis for future great improvements. Thank you.
  12. And it seems that game-play have not been token much in consideration for creating the new alpha. Yes. As I am telling since the opening of this thread, I'm not much talking of balance but of a broken game-play (often resulting of balance (improvements ?)). From what I see, balance has been to the center of the priorities in a24 and game-play (which makes the game enjoyable) considerations have just been forgotten.
  13. 0ad is not all about balance. The game must preserve an interesting game-play overall.
  14. In addition, I see that most of the development team seems to be on the defensive, trying to find reasoning lacks in the words of we who are showing what is not great, or at least what we do not find great at this time of the development process. I want to say you that we are not here to judge you or blame you or your work. We are just showing here the things we think should be improved/modified for a better result, trying to show you, from our perspective what we think wrong so far. So, please, instead of making a kind of war between developers and the community which does not agree totally with some changes, listen to us and try to take some recoil. Instead of turning around the subject, face it. Anyway, we are just writing words. Do not be that much on the defensive. I also understand that you are proud of the work you did so far, and trust me, we are for you too. But taking another perspective on your work could eventually help you improve it. Again, we are not here to judge you, we do not even have that power. So, please, at least, just listen, and take some recoil. (Do not count on me to further discuss if you still that much on the defensive) Kind regards.
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