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  1. Ohh interesting ! Yes the code is not clean yet, I will follow your suggestions and do all these optimisations very soon. For the merge to vanilla, it would really be nice but the code need to be nicer first in my opinion. As I have already said, I will try to do the needed improvements and come to you very soon In addition, this dictionary is really awsome to perform the mod ! I will take a look ! Thanks and cya !
  2. Hello ! I have recently written a very little mod which provides asciimojis for 0ad chats, and I found it good to share it :) The mod can be found on github at https://github.com/Atepir/AsciimojisFor0ad (please follow this link to get the latest versions) or here as attachment. All the download, installation and usage instructions and implications can be found on my github repo https://github.com/Atepir/AsciimojisFor0ad. If you have suggestions, I would be happy to improve the mod :) Kind regards, mod.zip
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