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  1. To simulate a combat, in theory, as in Total War, not the entire formation would be disorganized, only the first units of each formation would fight. they would have to move little bite but without disorder. This is how it works in total war. In 0 A.D it continues as a classic RTS and it is still very buggy On many occasions, under certain circumstances, for example mixing it with civilian units or giving orders to build (etc). I speak about what is already in the svn.
  2. @Yekaterinawe need your wisdom and help. @wackyserious we need make q list of work to-do.
  3. how interesting it would be if they became skeletons.
  4. the first Empire Earth towards that. Game mode: surprise? Evolve?.
  5. the mechanical concept? It becomes asymmetrical, it's good. It is what is trendy. — Don't forget the old school taste —
  6. with the variety of troops we are falling short and following the AOE2 formula a lot. It has already been shown that the AOE2 formula is boring in games that are not AOE2. AoEIV did not innovate anything. For me the game fails in the late game. Between phase 2 and 3 everything is going very fast. The other thing is more variety of units that balance those of the traditional units. The so-called tribes could use incendiary units. And quite a rush.
  7. You could make some generics, like the pegasus. This is how it is used for new factions.
  8. what a good idea. I'm going to practice.
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