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  1. @Stan` the first. is very similar to aoe concept and simple.
  2. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameplayFeatureStatus Is more interactive than mission maps.
  3. Isn't even a year old... Is normal seeing topic like this still active.
  4. The difference is the following. Basically both are "cambio" or intercambio (exchange). But Trueque is more specific.
  5. Check this terrain texture, we need improve this.
  6. De hecho es trueque pero suena raro seria truequear. Aun así no se como quedaría.
  7. that's why we don't add many civs is hard make a maintenance.
  8. Spanish (latinamerican) <Player> cambiado/Canjeado <A> por <B>
  9. I need check which units available in your mod. Your Seleucids for example dont have Galatians.
  10. Mainly mercenaries that aren't avaible. So the troops that you have is poor. Is there a way without mercenary camps?
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