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  1. by the way... the elephants are kind OP, you can hardly kill them from a distance.
  2. Yes, that change is annoying. All Army camp gamelay, It should be reversed.
  3. I love this Spirit. it is good to have proactive and enthusiastic people.
  4. in fact, there were not even 2. My country would be the nightmare of Hitler and Lenin. The colony, even the British one, brought slaves. Natives lived here and hated other natives. And one day the Spanish arrived and they hated each other too. And then the descendants of Spaniards hated those of the peninsula (Spain) and finally independence came with French and British help, a great role from Argentina and Mexico. Then the conservatives hated the liberals. And the liberals to the conservatives. But they were all Catholic.
  5. I think the same of the Bolsheviks ... a pity that the hammer and sickle are not prohibited.
  6. Europeans are sleeping right now. Itms has the same hours as Stan.
  7. @Stan` you are the VIP here, how we can access to the "boss" of the project?
  8. First of all make it functional. Use some new models to fix historical inconsistencies. It's will be hard for me to learn to do Wacky and Alexandermb's work. But I will make props for the units. that would be good
  9. That is why I say that he should take advantage of rendering.
  10. @Yekaterina you forgot the Lancer (cataphract). Is the cavalry "pikeman "
  11. These did have armor in the advanced and elite rank and a little shield. Especially the Greeks. Eastern archers like Persians and Mauryas had no shield or armor.
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