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  1. the times of Jesus and the second temple is one of my hobbies to investigate and read.
  2. It is the temple of Jerusalem but the art is a mixture and can serve as inspiration.
  3. Las opciones gráficas como las tenés activadas? Que versión estás jugando?
  4. Slaves can get a bonus gathering stone. Nobles could get tax (trickle) bonus. The others are basically Freeman, citizen and tribal members. That's the idea in Imperator of Rome. I know that it is another type of game, basically they have the factions that we have. Even more. https://imperator.paradoxwikis.com/Population but it is historically correct.
  5. sounds like some problem with the account, you should check. Sometimes they change the login form.
  6. they could have economic bonuses. Similar to the aforementioned game ( Imperator - Rome)
  7. what am I missing? Charging feature? For real?
  8. apart from coins there are very few primary references.
  9. There are mechanics that can be brought from their game and leave them as passive, that is, in off mode. That they are not activated.
  10. I can imitate and recreate a new one using multiple CC0 images
  11. I mean, if you could agree about the texture design. The current one can be improved in several ways.
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