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  1. So? what ideology is that? Rude. You couldn't say I'm right wing because I don't support the right I can't say I'm left wing because you don't support your left. Your country is going to get everything it deserves and everything I have done to other countries plain and simple This is not a matter of ideology, it is a matter of justice. The same thing will happen to the Europeans, who are going into recession, because of lackey and sheeple following a country (your country) that is going into the abyss. Mis hijos y mis parientes van a tomar los restos de tu país. Ya lo están haciendo Ya estamos cruzando la frontera ya Estados Unidos dentro de poco va a ser latinoamérica no va a ser más un país anglosajón. Learn Spanish if you want to know.
  2. @Sundiata has been offline for a long time since before the pandemic.
  3. It is that Europeans and Americans have the mind of being colonizers, sometimes pretending that some cultures move our way of expressing ourselves to what seems to them a sensitivity of their culture not the needs of ours. These two vast nations which in turn are made up of small western nations sometimes pretend to see us as barbarians and to be the ones who are always right when in fact it is they who are on the verge of changing their civilization. As you can see before they were complaining that there was no one way to refer to male and female. And now they are complaining that there is no neutral one. Then they wonder why we see them as colonizers. The European mind by being carried away by trends and new things nothing likes to stick to the ways of the past. Fortunately, we are at the end of the cycle and it is time for the current trend to end.
  4. Planned. Check art forum. Teníamos una unidad pero hay que animarla y no es prioridad en este momento así que nadie la ha tocado.
  5. It must use many Spanish expressions and the translator must translate them literally plus the words that the translator misinterprets.
  6. It's just a front for Lucius' illegal business.
  7. On the contrary I love how the Dark age looks almost nothing is visible.
  8. But 0AD does not work with a grid with squares that is a good point to start understanding the game. In fact the mechanics of AoE 2 is 2D and is played with perspective. You can't copy a mechanic of a game that is completely different in some points of view with respect to 0AD. 0AD is fully 3D and is more like Empire Earth. Because simply that mechanic has not been implemented and we have never talked about this until today of a unit appearing to attack. I don't remember if this mechanic was in some games of the saga made with Bang! engine. What will be of it is not made exactly like AoE However much it resembles the style. What we do is to copy or try to interpret the implementation of some feature of those graphic engines. It is not that magically we are magicians of programming and we are going to copy paste something that they have intellectual property. We have to interpret logically within the programming how something works to be able to bring it to the engine that is to say to Pyrogenesis.
  9. I have not finished it 100%, but I have finished most of it. mercenarycamppalisadeblend1.blend I attach the blender file.
  10. На какой карте это произошло с вами? On which map did that happen to you?
  11. Map generation problem maybe (?) @real_tabasco_sauce
  12. The same advice goes for various types of bugs you may encounter. Especially this guy who should learn to report bugs and to differentiate them from the proposals he makes, the bugs are fine to find and report them and tag Obelix. @Delfador
  13. In these cases a ticket is need to be make guys. I'm going to tell to @Obelix.
  14. @wowgetoffyourcellphone is one of the most vocal here and one of those who complains about the exaggerated range of vision that the game currently has.
  15. It says that the antivirus does not let him play. I'll see if I can, I have no experience with multiplayer and antivirus because it has not happened to me.
  16. I say in the main screen not in the tooltips. The same when the production queue is deactivated.
  17. There should be an error message saying the following: it is not possible to create more ministers, you have reached your limit of ministers.
  18. It's Tito Vincent playing 0 A.D. One of the players who makes the most 0ad content even though he is only single player with mods and maps.
  19. I don't understand what the scoreboad has to do with the ministers or with the creation of ministers and the production button.
  20. What? You press the button...right? 8 minister appears...in the GUI? But....
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