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  1. Don't say that. I had perfect corral only strategy in a25. Now in a26; it's very slow and hard to pull off all becasue cows are not availble in p1. Besides if they are not affordable in P1 then we can add them back in p1, so, people can decide if they want to train or not. Becasue other animal food is collect so fast then you need too many corral to sustain food eco with corral but cows you can suatain with less corrals hence more useful. Honestly I didn't understand the logic behind removing cows from p1.
  2. ++ @Boudica. Not sure if plays frequently but I think It will be inetretsing to see him play again.
  3. Add: @Player of 0AD, berhudar , @Havran , Wally in the list. New 1800+ players and good players as well. I believe @FrizaCan also put good effort againt 1800+ players. I can also try 1v1s although I haven't played 1v1 for so long. (last good match was against @ValihrAnt in a23 :p)
  4. Whichever works. Point is to show the info selected by the user. Right now it is not shown, and user have to check each settings again just to check what he has selected.
  5. I think one of change we should introduce is dynamically changing player name and player placement values while chaning the AI diffculty level. Example Scenario: You are playing 1v7 againt AI and you have selected 3 AI as hard and 4 AI as very hard. Currently we show: Instead of this we should show: Right now values are selected in background but no value is shown on Front-end side. @rossenburg FYI. Should be a feature in your mod.
  6. Yes. We can use axe icon there probably. for better interpretation.
  7. It is not a necessary feature but good to have feature. More from asthetics and UX point of view.
  8. Thats why we have wood icon instead of hammer (build) icon for the tree. If tress only purpose is to give wood and we should show only wood icon then for hunts as well we shouldn;t show animal and only meat icon with food value. But showing the exact animal provide better experience to user and also user can relate to it. if fields only purpose is to add food tick and their no need to differentiate beetween rice field and normal 0ad fields, apple trees and other type of food source. This new design point is to show what tree he has selected and gives identity to the selected entity with right info. Now for wireframe I just took atlas image to show the same. It can be designed better way.
  9. @rossenburg FYI. You can also incorporate these changes in your mod.
  10. Make it for the community . I think @rossenburgwould be able to help in making the same. He is working on enhanced UI mod for 0ad.
  11. Can we change the UI for color selection? From vertical line to some square format (4x4 grid) just like any other UI. @wowgetoffyourcellphone CC: @rossenburg for your mod as well.
  12. I was wondering if there will be TG 4v4 Tournament? Last time it was hosted by @Unknown_Player . Maybe host a parallel TG tournament ? :p
  13. One point i wanted to highlight is pathfinding problems with boats when you selection some units and garrsion in the boat. Context: I select a ship doc it at a shore. Now i select some units standing a little further from the ship. When I give garrsion command to units, ship also starts to move. Problem: It take too much effort to doc a ship perfectly on shore becasue it moves here and there for its path finding. Now, when I do garrsioning, it moves to some different location. The ships either will standing somewhere far from the shore or it is going somewhere (game knows where). Becasue of this issue I can't garrion my units, they either doing their own path finding to find the ship or stuck at shore becasue they can't reach ship. Gameplay issues: You won't be able to garrision units, becasue ships get stuck to each other and when they start to move own their own , its hard to manage. Solution: Just don't move the ship. Move units only when given garrion command. If ship is far then it is far, try to bring closer to shore. Give square geometry (analogy for solution) for garrion so, whether ship is stright or left faced or right faced to units, they should be able to garrion. I understand that some player might want ship doing pathfinding as well. So, maybe we can keep it cofigurable with defualt value is keeping ship path finding on.
  14. I think we requested for chat moderator in another threads . We can extend the lobby moderator chat bot to in-game chat as well. Something that can be done easily and fast. Now coming back to Shyft_sierra, sometimes he does trash talk a lot. I can't upload gameplay videos whenever I'm playing with him becasue too much abusive language. I did upload last game while playing TG with him, only to realize how much trash talk he does during game. Although, I don't trash talk to anyone including him, but I think he went extreme to some players in some cases. To prevent such cases, we can work towards extedning lobby bot support to in-game chat. The next level of moderation can be worked upon accordingly.
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