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  1. maybe level the surface when someone start building, so it will not look funny :p
  2. My suggestion would be experiment for FPV for Heroes, as you will have 1 target which you can choose, also he has high health so won't die so fast; so camera switch will not happen too much automatically. This will allow you to test FPV without massive computions or lag.
  3. I believe @Emperiorwas talking about some in-game bot. Maybe a bot that check profanity in in-game chat can be first step toward this from dev side. Although proactivate steps from hosts can help this casue.
  4. Hmm, If no issue for windows 8 and above then I think should be fine.
  5. @Stan`, I think we should mention these in our system requirements on our 0ad download page that player needs to have certain software above certain version so they don't face this issue. Or share the link on the same page, so, they can download if they face any error. I think such cases are low % (maybe 1% user), but we can list them from our side.
  6. ========0. A.D. campaigns as new engament for users================================== In my opinion we need some campaigns in-game or as a mod for new players. This will esure the engagement with the game but also going forward, we can utilize the same. Can we request the modders to work toward the same?. I was thinking if it can be done in phases if possible. Phase1 - Campaign stories designs We can create a new thread for each civiclizations, where people (interested in historical context) can contribute in creating end to end story of campaigns. Someone from project governance team can collect all the relvent piece to put together the story. Aksing commuity to create video for the story fianlize and upload it on 0ad official channle and accross multiple channle to show intention to new players that we are coming up with campaigns in upocming alphas More balanced scenario and few cutscene intro in the game. Launch campaign for atleast 1 civilization. Phase 2- Hero-wise complete camapigns including civic campaigns We can again upload vidoes for the same. and I can run in-general SEM campaigns. I think we need to put a little more focus on non-competitive game part of it. Which we can take to new users and play 0.A.D. ==========================0. A.D.gameplay content======================= This is good idea. But we will need some to moderate it. It can have following category of videos. Top -level classification based commetry or not Second level classification type of game - 1v1, 2v2, .... AI game plays. City building and so on. ===========================Gameply videos of upcoming changes====================== We release alpha after alpha yet we get only 1 video about it and we get 0 video of what dev is working on. I think we can do 2 things here. Make the video of upcoming changes. 0.AD will make one and request all 0.ad you tubers to do so and circulate on all channles. Behind the scene is a big attracton as of now. be it movies or game development. To attract new devs and excite the 0ad community we need some behind the scene dev work videos or dev hsaring their dev session on official 0ad channel. @Stan` Please try to arrange this atleast, i tdon;t think it will be too hard :p. These are my points on what we can do as of now. Of-course we can continue of our regular activities to increase 0ad visibility overall.
  7. I woudn't say too automated. the feature is as simple as this: While alarmed from baracks the units will garrsion in unit training builings (like baracks and CC), and alarm is closed, the units will return to their normal work. Now, from pros point of view - It's a waste, no one will use it or it has no use. They can manually garriosn and will do barack teleport and stuff (which will be the opinion of most of balancing advisors here). From a normal player point of view handling units is too much. They either enter into the formation and let the unit die, or they click on unit to garrion but well 1 barack can garrion 10 units so other dies. In all the cases they loose the fight and units and well game is over for them and they either resign and leave the game. Why this hypothesis? How many pro players use current alarm feature? Only in case they absolute need to do it; else they do their pretty tricks of moving units here and there or teleport using bulildings - so probably 5%. How many newbies/normal 0ad player uses it? Most of the time - like >50% cases. Now to answer @chrstgtr. Can this feature be abused? I doubt it. It garrioning only. Ungarrioning up to you to handle. People who know how to use teleport trick of gariron/ungarrion doesn't need this feature and still can do it. Normal player will just unrung the bell and keep playing.
  8. Why not add this in unit training buildings as well? Example - Baracks?. It's not like you only garrsion women on eco, most of the time you have to garrion other units as well. So, barack bell should work for units, so they can garrison in nearby garriosonable building or get in formation or something. Anyways that will be a new feature and discussion all together.
  9. Why does ptolemies store house and farmstand has alarm feature? Isn't it supposed to be functionality of Civic centers? Is this intended, @Stan`?
  10. I was thinking if we can replace the current UI design of tree selection from To (wireframe) Some reason we should do it. The in-frame pic shows which tree have you select currently. Wood icon instead of build icon tells that this tree is not for building but for wood collection. Extend use case - If we ever implement the idea of planting forest, then this will be good for diffrentiating platable trees and non-plantables. @wowgetoffyourcellphonewhat do you think?
  11. It seems like a backlog kind of issue, when someone is not working on something important they can do this patch. But, not a issue that need attention becasue no one really bothered about it. Its good to have kind of thing.
  12. I got one good insight while surveying random new player on how they heard about 0ad. It seems local channels are more effective (in regional language) to convert a viewer into a player. For example a polish channel has high probablity of converitng a polish viewer into player than a english channel. Maybe we can request small regional channels to give a try to 0.A.D. I have tried a campaign for 0ad on linux and ubuntu game channels "Commenting on videos to try 0ad". But results are not as good as I thought. Maybe we can request these such regional channel then it might work out.
  13. You can always do city buildings and using deploymacy you can decide not to attack other player. Other things can be introduced when we have campaigns introduced in the game. But as of now you 0ad is not the game for that.
  14. Do you know? For people who are playing 0ad since many alphas, 0AD indirectly gives many new civics and remove few civics each alpha due to rebalacing.
  15. I think we can ask most frequent well known (un-baised) players to help with this task. I would say @rossenburg/ Defcon , and @SaidRdz can help. Probably @Havran too.
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