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  1. Organic units can't be captured. You can only lure an elephant by attacking it with a ranged unit, which makes the elephant to follow it to wherever you want. Then you can kill the elephant with other units, provided that you keep the luring unit in a safe distance.
  2. You might better notice the flaws with this strategy when you play against good human players.
  3. Hello there! A badly planned expansion can really cost you the game. In biomes with lower tree count, you'll be forced to to expand for wood. Specific civs also depend a lot on metal (Ptolemies) or stone (Athens). It is very often enough to have one extra mine of those, so if you do, and if wood isn't the issue either, it might work well to only expand later (and attack the enemy expansion first). If you play with the AI, trading is a good alternative. In games against real players, it's harder to keep trade protected though. You might not have enough time for the investment to return eit
  4. Oh, look who is commenting? It's Boudica herself, the best performing heroine to have in your champion army. I'm sorry, but it kind of offends me how you imply that it's a good thing to "reduce the impact of early cavalry rushes". First of all, many types of rushes have already been made less powerful in the recent alphas. Not so long ago, cavalry used to be cheaper, stronger, tougher, faster and more accurate. If you want to be an eco bot playing the same 20 minute start every game, there Sandbox Petra AI is still there to serve you (funny enough, the AI is a female too).
  5. Trust me, it's better not to know. Actually, you could get a good estimate by going into the Replays menu section and summing the game durations of all games. This could be an interesting value to compute in a mod and show to the user. For a quick estimate, I'd just try to guess an average game length and multiply it by the replay file count. Anyway, due to lag, pausing and long setup time, the actual time could easily be twice as long.
  6. I remember that some games were called in a way that suggested that it's an automated host. It's quite a long time ago though, and I thought it was mostly a joke with no real automation. Is there something I missed? We wouldn't even need someone to let his PC running to make this happen. A cloud instance running a hosting bot probably wouldn't be that expensive to run and it could be more reliable. I've considered making something like this, but it seems there would be a lot of work with the interface to allow setting all the parameters via the chat (so that the user is not required
  7. I regret to hear that... but I understand. I hope you're gonna check A24 when it's released. You must now have way too much time, don't you?
  8. I've been thinking that it's been long since I uploaded a nice team replay. Today we played with my favorite player @SarahT and then this guy indio1515, whom I happen to remember from about five years ago when I was quite new to 0 A.D (five years newer anyway). I only saw him once or twice since then, and he didn't seem to forget how to play, so that makes the replay worth uploading. Let's not spoil more, here is your replay. Best served uncompressed and interpreted by the 0 A.D. program, but who am I to tell you what to do? This is a free game, so do as you like! Enjoy (if that's part of
  9. Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. This problem has been discussed many times. The short answer is that the victory attribution rules can't be reasonably improved unless the rated games are hosted by a trusted 3rd-party server. Your suggestions imply that either the host or the client could forge the result because the rating server would only have information from either of those. If the current rules are reworked in the way you suggest, you could not only deny the enemy the points he deserved, but you could forge your own victory. The way it is now, we at least know that any of the po
  10. If I remember well, some of the teamwise values used to be computed wrong, but I'm not sure if that wasn't just the previous alpha. In this column, the value sure would make sense to compute. I'm just thinking if it wasn't better to make just a Military ratio and show the percentage with regards to the total points. Actually, isn't this column added by fgod only?
  11. Not a big deal, @mysticjim, that just came in handy to make a joke. I believe that this game was a hard one to make commentary for because there was quite a lot of going on at times. I wouldn't even dare to try pronounce some of the names myself, so I guess did a pretty good job.
  12. Quite a fun game here. @Dizaka is pretty OP even when not playing.
  13. I didn't have this feeling that we didn't understand what you were saying, @m7600. Dizaka was also trying to explain why his comments can be off-putting, and I think that he did that in a pretty neutral way. Regarding my comment, I understand that it was too long to actually read. But I went quite into some of the details of this topic, even though I didn't name vinme specifically to make this more general and less personal. This could be viewed as another way to avoid giving harsh feedback. A TL;DR version of my previous post would be: You better think more about the future reader.
  14. The main takeaway for me is that I'm your lobby buddy. Yay!
  15. Thanks, Dizaka, for remembering me in the context of language skills. You wouldn't be saying the same if you heard me talk. But I guess this is a good reason for me to follow up with a large offtopic post all about why I'm so good at life. So where do we start? Just kidding. There were a few things I wanted to say about the writing style though. I'd probably agree that this is more about the effort one puts in to make his posts easy to comprehend. The lack of capitalization or interpunction as well as the use of unnecessary shortcuts might all be a sign that the writer prefers his ease of
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