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  1. Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. This problem has been discussed many times. The short answer is that the victory attribution rules can't be reasonably improved unless the rated games are hosted by a trusted 3rd-party server. Your suggestions imply that either the host or the client could forge the result because the rating server would only have information from either of those. If the current rules are reworked in the way you suggest, you could not only deny the enemy the points he deserved, but you could forge your own victory. The way it is now, we at least know that any of the po
  2. If I remember well, some of the teamwise values used to be computed wrong, but I'm not sure if that wasn't just the previous alpha. In this column, the value sure would make sense to compute. I'm just thinking if it wasn't better to make just a Military ratio and show the percentage with regards to the total points. Actually, isn't this column added by fgod only?
  3. Not a big deal, @mysticjim, that just came in handy to make a joke. I believe that this game was a hard one to make commentary for because there was quite a lot of going on at times. I wouldn't even dare to try pronounce some of the names myself, so I guess did a pretty good job.
  4. Quite a fun game here. @Dizaka is pretty OP even when not playing.
  5. I didn't have this feeling that we didn't understand what you were saying, @m7600. Dizaka was also trying to explain why his comments can be off-putting, and I think that he did that in a pretty neutral way. Regarding my comment, I understand that it was too long to actually read. But I went quite into some of the details of this topic, even though I didn't name vinme specifically to make this more general and less personal. This could be viewed as another way to avoid giving harsh feedback. A TL;DR version of my previous post would be: You better think more about the future reader.
  6. The main takeaway for me is that I'm your lobby buddy. Yay!
  7. Thanks, Dizaka, for remembering me in the context of language skills. You wouldn't be saying the same if you heard me talk. But I guess this is a good reason for me to follow up with a large offtopic post all about why I'm so good at life. So where do we start? Just kidding. There were a few things I wanted to say about the writing style though. I'd probably agree that this is more about the effort one puts in to make his posts easy to comprehend. The lack of capitalization or interpunction as well as the use of unnecessary shortcuts might all be a sign that the writer prefers his ease of
  8. Interesting, I haven't checked the manual but the dot key (.) does that for me with the default configuration. Pro tip: Also try the Alt + . shortcut to select all idle units on the map. Edit: I've done some more testing and I realized what the problem could be. So first of all, the manual says that the forward slash key (/) selects idle fighters. There is a difference between those two hotkeys when both of them select idle citizen soldiers, but the dot also selects idle women, and the slash selects idle champion units too. I've noticed that the slash hotkey doesn't work when I
  9. Hi Edgar, I'm sorry to tell you that there is not a specific bug making the map laggy. This is just a larger map with many choke points (hills, water, default buildings) that make it more CPU intensive to find a path for unit movement. This belongs to the known problems listed on the download page. I believe there will be small improvements here and there in the next version, but till then, you'll probably just want to pick a smaller map or one with fewer obstacles. I think that many new players neglect the wide choice of random maps because there is not a nice preview with them, but they offe
  10. I wouldn't like to come off as a naysayer, but I wanted to remind you how this specific type of tournament went the last time it was tried. First, ValihrAnt teamed up with Feldfeld, so it was an instant turnoff for anyone who likes to have a higher than zero chance of winning. Second, it turned out to be hard to find a good time when the scheduled games should take place. So when chrstgtr and me played our series of imbalanced games as scheduled and turned in our replays, we were just told that the tournament had gotten cancelled. It was neither fun, nor worth the effort. I'm now here to
  11. Hi @Joep1802, thanks for reporting the problem. I confirm that the behavior you've been observing is known. Arrows or other projectiles are not currently blocked by obstructions, that means that walls help prevent the enemy from walking farther, but your units behind the walls aren't shielded from the arrows in any way. There is only this small armor bonus that units get when you put them on the wall (using Ctrl + right click). More has been written about this by @fatherbushido there: We could talk about if this behavior is wanted or correct. It sure is easier to compute the trajec
  12. I think that the question of whether to go on with the league is already pointless because today the last officially scheduled games should have taken place. I suggest we just evaluate the results and perhaps a new league can start soon? According to the schedule, our team, Centurions, should have played two games on Sunday 28 July. One against Los Gringos and the other against eae em. I hereby present a lobby screenshot showing that neither Los Gringos or eae em were present on time with at least two members as required. Our team was present with at least Wendy and me. For this reas
  13. The ability to add some more info to your username might be a good alternative to creating a new username. Maybe if this is possible to do using a mod, it might be good enough.
  14. I understand that you see the victory in the attached replay as a matter of luck, @JC (naval supremacist), and I see that as a sign of your weak understanding of what happened in the game. An experienced player can guess the probable outcome based on the initial state of that game. Don't worry, the problem isn't with me not understanding what you mean by "luck can happen". I actually made my conclusion based on that statement. Perhaps it was you who didn't understand that we aren't using just the binary end result of the team game to compare 1-vs.-1 skills, but rather how the players did withi
  15. To be fair, you effectively got roughly three times as much thanks to the Iberian bonus (my fast approximation), and PhyZik only received the resources late, when it barely made a difference. The civs were clearly imbalanced and you seem to also have gotten extra berries. I mean, Persia can be a good civ in team games when you have or are able to buy extra the time to develop. No one considers it to be any match in a situation like this. Not sure if it's worth reacting to @JC (naval supremacist)'s comment, but I feel I should. It's funny how he misses the point entirely, and only uses you
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