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  1. its impossible to tell who does this because at most you can get IP of hacked/used machine you would have to then investigate such machine personally to search for malicious software or get court warrant to make policeman do this. doubt you can do anything else with just IP of hacked machine
  2. i have same issue. same machine and internet can host game servers 24/7 (of not 0ad, other game) yet if im in 0ad lobby or 0ad game (mostly game, but lobby too it happened) my wifi will stop working for a while, after a while (after random,short time) could be ddos but its hard to believe someone does this stuff regularly to different 0ad players each day
  3. theres only very few players in lobby and they ar afk
  4. does e.g gauls,ptoles,brits,roms are most often played civs and they win more often than other civs
  5. major factor that makes players OP in majority of games is mastering one of stronger race/character/civilization/class/whatever this is true in any game that exists, Dota, LoL, 0AD..
  6. @itrelles @JC (naval supremacist) @vinme @H_Barca @ffffffff @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded @Dakara @elexis @borg- @Friza I tagged these whose names I remember feel free to try my game out your warmly welcomed
  7. People asked me why i no play 0ad anymore why why and the answer is i was making my own MMO.
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