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  1. Just came to say Hi @Edwarf. XD Emperior should be tagged as "Nub level"
  2. Does anyone playing 1vs1 rated anymore? Current rating as well as the topic idea for 1vs1 rated games has no point to actually fight for rating. Most of already don't even do rated games as the rating means nothing in the game. you can't decide about someone's skill level if game is not balanced, so at that point the rating system is already useless "point system works so well like game isn't lagging at all". stockfish or someone else rated 2k+ lost vs vinme, vinme (1540 something like that) got maybe 40 points while 2k+ lost maybe 15 points? - seems like no logic here Ac
  3. It changes a lot for eys. Current maps aren't too nice looking. I really like the images added to this topic, hopefully performance will be good.
  4. All images added from 0ad in this topic are the new changes to maps for a24?
  5. @Boudica @Pudim @R4PT0R adding our gameplay here commands.txt metadata.json
  6. Hi everyone, Like some of you know that I used too be hosting most of the games every single time before I had huge break from 0ad. Today, I have joined several times Lodbrog hosting as I never had issues joining his or even hosting myself. Each time lodbrog hosting had full list of players, drop. Again, drop and drop. 3-4 times like that. Every person in the host had "losing connection". So I decided to host as I had no issues with connection (strenght of the connection: excellent) . Ofcourse once all joined i lost connection. That isn't issue with my or lodbrog broadband's. Ma
  7. Yes, i did that counter a lot of times. Issue is: person who does dancing has less work, so once noticed he swap units and issue is back. You may kill some of them, new will come "shift quene will end with that", so we come back to the same issue as before. We lose more soldiers than our dancing enemy, which equals to upgrading his units to rank 3 and having more units than we do. Dancing doesnt require a lot of work. You can shift quene moves as well.
  8. @bb_ For dancing you need to do really small distances with manual dancing. From 1 up too 2 steps. left, right, top bottom = dancing, spaming. Once patrol removed there is no other way to actually dance. Manual dancing will kill the units.
  9. Script which calulates moving clicks, once noticed as spam kills the hero? Ofcourse switch off patrol for mp.
  10. What assets are you using? Own? What textures for ground are you using?
  11. You are glad because your unit getting promoted but your enemy troops are trying to kill person next to them which often happens they are shooting person who is getting promoted: "bullets has been wasted". Instead of that they could've kill way more people around the person getting promoted. Imagine also your 5 troops getting promoted. That's a lot who canno't be killed. That is happening a lot during multiplayer matches.
  12. I did play first one. I dont remember 2nd. Last two unknown. (could be lack of advertisment as each year i am checking strategy games which are coming out. ) I played the "normal ones": age of empires, stronghold, settlers, warcraft 1, 2,3 etc. Sparta (or something like that) starcraft a little bit but not big fun about it. Anyway, I hate Ancestors Legacy for having so beautiful graphic but destroying game and all fun with battallions. Simply we all have different taste in games. Currently from A21 ( from start till now 0ad never been using battallions). Instead of the
  13. Imagine: 1 ele stands and attacks, cav run hit , run hit. Cavlary won't stand in front elephant and ask him "how are you". Anyway thats not the topic about that.
  14. We all have different wishes. I created this topic about current build of 0ad and current gameplay. If would be changed completely now i would do whatever i said before.
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