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  1. Stan, I thought hope dies last. Well, with you going seems like 0ad may not live for long. Sad too see but also signs has been given. I have talked in the past about lack of moderation and the main issue was lack of trust in some of us. The cheaters, should be excluded by giving the hosts to allow and disallow hosts to allow external modifications or sort of a plan to fight it back. Thank you for your time and work which you have done for 0ad. Regards, Emp
  2. Read first post. Comparison from nowhere of how hans food income is much better than any other civ. Hans are struggling with eco, slower build. He has also claimed that hans are using less women for gathering food - not true, they always have extra farms needed, especially when you suicide.
  3. There is no bonus, simply he took women to gather wood on the right hand side. There was no ministers. He struggle with food and wood because he was making cavs. The first post saying that 10 farms are so super op, now he is using 20 while not managing to have good amount of food. also, there was ptol in game on his team too. so extra food income would come from ptolo civ.
  4. Insane hans food opness. Having 20 farms while having 2k food only XD user has taken all women from farms to get some wood. just saying... it was xpert ( @hamdich ) playing
  5. @real_tabasco_sauce 90% of players doing 8-9 farms for infantry while playing other civs not 10 or 50 as xpert claims. If you make 9 u will be fine with food even more than fine, ofcourse if you are not suicider. Which he often does. Anyway, nerfing whatever you thing to nerf about hans, there is nothing except nerfing overall cavs in the game. For hans to actually spam units, you require around 13 farms not 9. You also need big bag of stones for barracks, and plenty bags of metal for at leat making 1 or 2 buildings for champs. Anyone who claims crossbows or archers are op, are the players who has met a player "sniper", who simply snipe his ranged units while he focusing on meatshield. Xpert doesnt do sniping, maybe time for him to study and learn to snipe? Who knows what the future brings. Xpert (Hamdich) making more farms as he is abusing cav as often jav seems stronger too. I need to ask @Philip the Swaggerless to stop sniping xpert when he plays or me, nerfing anything else of han you will break them and no-one will use them. Last unit which is amazingly op are fanatics, due speed and capturing possibilites. Stop claiming that they cost a lot of eco, eles cost more and people do spam them. Athenians are broken too. Sword cav vs spear are doing great, any merc rank 2 cav seems amazingly op. I will give you solution to the balance as I already give one to @borg- when he did balancing of the game. Unfortunately, it will not sound nice. give back balance from a24/a25 where cavs were op, thats how u will make xpert more happy than he is now, also as borg never added u can add extra flying eles or ponies so other can have something else than just spamming cavs. I just logon to say this before you "fix" anything. @real_tabasco_sauce before releasing with xpert ideas for fixing balance please let me know, so I can start playing gauls again. Please do not send message on forums, unless you must. I do not wish to be part of the forum anymore, so I login very rarely on forums. Thanks.
  6. ooopsy , I forgot about this topic. I am barely using forum account anymore. Good luck everyone.
  7. You can count me in. Depending on times etc. When would be the start
  8. I do understand that you are helper, but it feel like you have missed a lot of topics , posts for the past few years which basically tells you that even if user ban one specific player from the host, he will make new account, show he can play then play as new account. Basically it's like getting fed by the host. Again, as far as I remember there isnt many skilled level player which means that if they ban 1, the other one will host and the host will ban the other one for banning the toxic player. You are blaming hosts for everything, it's fine. We survived so many years, i doubt it will change any time in future. I am sorry to say that, but I doubt that what I say here it will get to you if it didnt get from 2017 when I always been saying the same over and over. Doing nothing as lobby moderators you are putting hosts with tied hands. Thats all. There is nothing else to be explained here. If you want to keep pushing on your kind of studburn thinking hosts are the blame. Here ya go: write an article in one post, so I at least I wont have to read 3 posts of the same person rather than one post including everything what that person want to say. One, more thing. That what is happening it is because it been let by lobby moderators, starting from smurfing, then toxicty. That is only my opinion. It can be wrong or good, can't judge but you are trying hard to push the fault on hosts which are not the fault here. It's bascially "you exclude , we exclude from the game. " To get players from your host, we'll ddos you. = Ask Havran why he gets dc if he hosts. Anyone can tell you that. Sadly, I doubt you seen anything from what's been happening as you were barely around from 2017. This is not to offend anyone. That;s the way which I talk/write. // This is my last post in this topic and probably on the forums. mods have seperated my answers to another topic? No reason. Anyway, @Stan please advise me how to delete any data from the forums with this account as well. Won't be creating new one. Thanks.
  9. Stop making hunderds of topics, just to be ignored. Simple as that, this issue isnt going for about a month. It has been here in 0ad for months as nothing has been ever touched. Spliting, creating new topics/post will help nothing here. I can create 10 more and put in each of them 1 sentence and ping all of them to @Stan` @user1 but in the end mostly will be ignored. So I doubt if it matters which topic or where it should be, there should be 1 topic which invole smurfing, toxicty, racism, profanity, smurfing etc as all of this connect to each other like a rope to the ship, and the other end to the ground. It doesnt matter.... Rather than looking for moderation in the forums, start maybe from lobby?
  10. I think you should read everything, not half, not just my post but all of them. That was commented in my post @Norse_Harold I think @maxticatrix was away for quite long time as he has not much information about ddosers who will ddos, gather ip to ddos after, etc. Quiting early by some are done daily, not many good level players are in, if not they just smurf. Often happens by those who are toxic, game lobby, doesnt matter, it happens everywhere. Smurf not getting fixed, host has hands tied with everything which has been set in these rules.
  11. @maxticatrix Welcome back, happy to see you again. Especially when alpha 26 mostly bad balanced alpha will be released very soon. (Please be advised this is only my personal view of the current balance of a26 as I have logged in and tested mainly han civ. I really do hope, I am wrong after so many alphas at least once. ) When it is about profanity, this will be at the moment very small issue with whatever has been said. There are known players who are extremely toxic, use a lot of profanity but not just that. Please come and see by yourself, it is a bad film to be watched, but there is noone to deal with it . Some of the senetces could be counted racist etc. Not mentioning here any nicknames but any of them reading this, will know this is post about himself. The main issue is: its already been happening in the main lobby even tho I have pinged @Stan` and @user1, nothing has been done. Not sure if they just didnt notice, or simply ignored it. @Darkcity BOT can deal with half of the things, the other half would have to be done by actually ingame moderator but there is no such function as this as well as appriopriate function for detetecting and baning so changing IP wont help.. Again, and again I see a post where the task is given to the hosts with little power.
  12. @user1you said: Could you please let me know how does the host know if the "new player is actually new or it is a smurf?" It is easy to judge the hosts of the game, but host cannot kick out every new player from the game as there is possibility of him/her being a smurf. Even if hosts would be doing the way which you are telling them to do, how many of new players would be staying to play 0ad? Basically such decission would make more people leave, even when there is not as many new players coming to the game. There is nothing for hosts to know that this person is a smurf, asking yourself every time is wasting time due games starting already for about 20 minutes which will last 10 due bad balance of the players.
  13. How the heck you planning to catch then javelin cav? Did they add flying eles? Inf units cannot catch cav, makes the javelin cavs already op in a25 vs units , spear or anything. Now you are quite happy for them not getting as many hits as before?
  14. Are there any rules? Expectation from the helper, such as hours per week or something? Does the player use same account or has access to new one where he does only help with lobby?
  15. Hello everyone, We all know that 0ad has a bot which logs in to 0ad and dealing with profanity or giving out the points to players for 1vs1 rated. Is there anywhere a copy of that bot so I can play around with the code and see if I manage to make the bot enter every single 1vs1 which is rated? Writing it from scratch could take me a long time.
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