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  1. Hello go2die, I think the lobby needs more active moderator's. Anyway, noone can be active a lot due having own life but currently, at least for past quite few years there is no moderators of the lobby. Smurfing, toxicity been growing and growing. Not sure what is the reason for mainly dev's being the lobby moderators but feel's like they cannot cope doing both at the same time. That's my point of view when it comes to lobby moderation. There is one player who has been insulting, smurfing for the past few years. Noone ever done anything with him. Have fun all.
  2. Do you know which folder would be mainly for that? Biggest issue would be with cpp.
  3. Hi, Sorry for the newbie question as well as possible wrong category for my specific question. It should be here or for modders or something. If someone would like to implement a bit of fixes for the rating system are there specific files for it? Total newbie question.
  4. a23 boom finish at 9/10 min, a25 boom finish at min 12-15 (15 especially if someone wants to spam cav champ or any other op unit.) So, no turtling? Maybe by 2 players out of 8. In the best case 4 due rushes too
  5. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Sorry for going a bit out of topic a bit as well but my answer to your question would be: yes they should be produced in special building or castle. Hero should not be trained in cc for most civ's. been here for the past few alphas except the a24 due knowing the balance been just bad, even tho I have warned about archers way before. Production of hero's and champions as well rams was very good as castle was important. Now u get p3, get workshop, take whole army and gg. Basically who first get p3 usually will win his side and the game simply over, unless it is the fight of rushers. Spamming mines all over map made trade useless. Removing the attack vs units for cata and rams has made them more useless than anything else. Cata in a26 seems lik we wont have too go out of the territory on small map to kill enemy cc ! Great . xD Romans had that specific bonus to have camps where they could build rams in camp. Maybe do requirement for workshop to be build after castle up? Han civ currently amazingly op eco wise as well as defense and fight too. edit. btw the speed of ranking units in a26 (svn currently) without changing will make champs less usable anyway. Many other, just too many issues seen in a26.
  6. Sun-dried Mud Bricks - ptolo houses doesnt cost stone which should. -40% wood cost and health. most of buildings of ptolo should use stone not wood with such price. at the moment ptolo eco is just op even if u downgrade health, meaning building is faster too.
  7. No offence but your post looks like an article of best top TV show which do flip flop with the words of others. Anyway, I will keep it short and sweet. Do you really think people are checking who's specting lobby? Seriously, are you joking here, right? I doubt I ever played with you or saw you in the lobby (nickname on forum), so at that point I see no point to discuss that anymore. Thanks. Just to let you know 90% of speculations happening in spectators ingame. I didn't see any at least in the games which I am playing in, which is simply good. At that point I should stop reading that post. Do you know that only moderators see the IP, also very important note for yourself. Multi-accounts are not getting banned right now even if all of them were created from 1 IP. So, what has an ip to do with smurfing if 1 person can create 10000000 accounts under same IP? How do you know both were correct? How do you know if any of them were not correct? are you lobby admin? or talking trash here? 90% people in 0ad repeat same moves over and over so it gets boring, spam women, get rushed gg, spam women, get good eco, die like nub, spam women and say you re pro in spamming women by calling it booming. Same civ (up to 3) as other civs are unknown to that person or just dont like them. I am player who started in a21, I doubt I ever seen that happening but hey, it's fine to think like that or say, I can't prove you wrong due possibility of not seeing this. 3. No point to comment, I think you are smart and know reasoning for this one. So her created and used accounts which she does have has been deleted / banned from last thursday or you just wanted to say something ? Must be a magic trick. Exit game > switch on game > create new profile > fill in and accept > you can now log in. IP doesn't matter as far as I remember. On the 15th of January said: Just because someone doesn't use their smurf account for few days or weeks, doesn't mean he /she doesnt smurf. In game Chat Yek said: Just let me relog on my smurf account. That was quite few weeks ago. Your're right here. Congratz.
  8. Hi everyone, 1. I am wondering how a player who wish to play strategy as inf can deal with cavlary which is much faster than inf. Cav archer and jav are amazingly fast to be catch by inf. are there any fix'es so inf can deal with cav too? I know they can also train cav but if 1 person already have 20-30 cavs, so you either lose the men while trying and ranking up the enemys cav or you delete own troops just to make cavs? 2. Will merc cavs be nerfed? Made more expensive due rank2? 3. Currently, ptolemies as a civ are amazingly op due bonus, eco speed, heroes bonuses and finally pikes. Are there any plans to nerf these? Why ptolo houses cost wood but those are looking like stone houses but there is only 45 wood requirment for the houses?
  9. @Yekaterina so you are trying to complain here about known fact that you are making multi-accounts, bascially smurfing which is the only reason why people do assumptions of "who is that person"? darn, I never though I will read something as sad as this topic just because the creator of the topic has caused the issues after which the person still creates about that topic... Sad. You always say that you do smurf, so accept that people will not trust in other players. Yes, exactly. You are one of the reasons why people do, jc is another one. There's plenty of people who do smurf. So the only way to fight smurf is : find out, ban smurf accounts in matches as there are no moderators of lobby online. (User1 isnt robot yet, so doubt we can blame him for that.) Until the smurfing won't be dealt with by the devs like @Stan`the issue will occur more and more. You dont like when people assume, people also dont like smurf's.
  10. I am trying from yesterday, is it still under heavy load?
  11. After downloading some stuff via turtoise i am getting an error just at the end of the download: Error running context: An error occurred during SSL communication
  12. Hi. I had to reinstall svn. When trying to checkout the svn via tortoise I am getting validation certificate failed. Any info what I am doing wrong?
  13. so make the civ special by allowing peasants to take up a weapon = crossbow and defend own base lol. sounds actually unique for that civ.
  14. I don't know whats wrong with all balancing people who think that giving any unit rank two, especially for a small fee will help or make them just unique. SImply making op civ. Let's take current merc cavlary, what kind of outcome you got there? OP unit. Skiritai were strong in a23, then someone decided to debuff them and again one more time lets buff them due being weak civ. Good tactic: rush p2, get upgrades, rush another player. Player usually dies as skiritai from start has better dmg, better hp, etc. basically even if enemy do upgrades of p2, still will have weaker units. More eco damage. Every unit should cost more of metal, 200+, then metal on the map should be reduced especially the one in the area of cc's. Basically reduce amount of spawned resources, except trees. Starting res of metal should be 2k rather than 5k. People should be forced to make more cc's or actually use traders. Didn't play your mod, just quick tip while balancing as many forgets about rank 2 being just unfair. RANK 2 units should be allowed to build any buildings or do any eco. They are buffed to the max and mostly these are the mercenaries (hired to do specific job, not to do your eco or building ur stuff)
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