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  1. @rossenburg can you explain reason you hidding real purpose of gamesetup.js ? it looks to me like nasty code or hidding something... this is not my cup of cofffe for GPL software, but more for backdoors. same applies to gamesetup_mp.js var _0x3ff338 = _0x2a74; (function (_0x1fef81, _0x2c7a59) { var _0x2e4ed7 = _0x2a74, _0x36a32c = _0x1fef81(); w
  2. Hello, I would love to know if is possible to see how I played 1vs1 or other player (to my understanding it is the only way to get rating score) in the past. In fact list who play against whom + result and proabably date. If no such feature exist, is there way to create mod for that? If so please can you point me to specific API documentation ... i would love to try write it.... if not exist such possibilites is there any plan for 0ad developers to enhance game in such matters? Currently all I can see in game is just leaderboard with ratings but and summary without details. With such level of details it would be easy to see additional statistics. Last question is why there is no something like overall score for team games? Do you consider that only 1vs1 battles are showing real player exprience in game? I spotted some statistics at the end of the game per player from many perspectives (economic, army...) I feel such data could be easily used to calculcate it. Many thanks for answers.
  3. just give cav same amount of HP as infra units and you got issue resolved. Cavalery should be fast for providing quick support and retreat. Anyway should not be the only army... Lowering HP will do the work.
  4. To be honest @Stockfish your website might look good graphically but it is not dynamic, not visible who registered, who joined to tournament at specific date (it looks you are editing it manually) and there is 0 interaction between (no chat - just to support).. People won't join because there is 0 transparency
  5. Putin lost 1vs1 against Zelenskyy and did not resign, he is using cheats all the time. Can you please ban him forever?
  6. @mysticjim frozen lake comment is great - you can spell kushites player name just Coca Cola
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