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  1. so no read-only access all under registration?
  2. nice play @vinme would be great to see replay directly to know your side. Only final stats visible saying you were late in eco all the time, but realyl would like to see your permanent push.
  3. If you took regular backup try restore it from there otherwise say bye bye to your replays. You can also try to ask other players to share some plays with you if provide your name in game.
  4. gaming mouse 4 times faster click... such cheating.. just 100 euro
  5. Dear @Stan` You've been our last standing man, driving the project forward in its darkest hours. Lack of developers, unpaid work, and your commitment to listening and addressing issues defined your legacy. I wish the project will go on, carrying your spirit. Sincerely, sanafur
  6. sorry? I was there 1 hour before given timeslot... I have no idea what are you talking about...Even my post confirm that in this forum... look timestamp
  7. I'm in, my rating is probably 1700+
  8. It seems some people are detached from continuous game development and considering new features as cheats because it trully enhance gameplay and equalize some parts - look to 0ad vision Please focus on important things: - 1) secure communication - 2) revealed map cheating - 3) start hosting wfg games (to provide achieve some goals above) - 4) allow only specific mods - 5) allow players to send private messages(even limited lines per minute to avoid spamming to enable password proteced games) - 6) reading enemy stats Now we can discuss thousands days why "it is not possible"... feel free to join 0ad devs team instead to make it possible I recommend stop attacking Atrik for what his great game updates and I would try focus on "getting" great pieace of code and enhance 0ad itself... And if this is not "possible" let modders make mods and let them be passionate and helpfull. You can still use your horse and compete to cars, it is your decision. Still both are on the market and available.
  9. I'm stepping off of tournament.
  10. Answer is here School holidays 2022-23 to lack of players https://www.myskistay.com/date/en-schedule-of-the-school-holidays-Europe.html
  11. get mouse with multiple buttons and try use autohotkey... all you need to make repetive stuff more automated...
  12. Guys, where i can download that auto-snipping mod?
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