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  1. Now works, cool. Looks I can also change reserve limit of resources during game in options and it works. I will test more. Thx a lot, now we can test the game more
  2. I made full reinstall of mod, looks like in skirmish map it works (or its because its start with 5 workers to do that infinity i dont know yet), but on random map nomad doesnt work, can it be ? I tested also in random map and it not works when its nomad otherwise works, where is problem? I even collected more food but still not works after nomad start.
  3. If its stopped by houses its continues working, if by food not, ending with "Could not auto-queue unit, deactivating"
  4. I have all the settings (i added all into one picture), but simply i start infinite queue and it never blinking , just is there checked red crossing (btw should it be vice versa it is now showing status or demanded status, looks like demanded status right, so if it with red crossing it doesnt mean that is infinite off but that is on, but ok anyway i saw that infinite number of units appear, then when food is not enoug is showed message that is infinite off and nver will start when food ready, tried multiple times). I can maybe even try make video.
  5. I did it, i see it in settings .. enabled mods, i see it in settings/options/resize qeueue but looks dont work, once i had feeling looked it blinked and really started again after food was again, but tested more times in single player (it works same way in single as in multiplayer?) and mostly it writes that unlimited qeueue was stopped and then is not runned again when enough food for example. What i am doing bad?
  6. Well its why i started this topic as option what is part of rules and all see it. But among friends all can have mod, so it is not important, we play it for fun and to try focus more on creative strategic and tactics thinking more than master mouse and keyboard moves. Especially with childs who btw likes the great graphic. PS. thx for info about all typical using of keyboard we will try
  7. It could be our dream realized to let AI do economy and focus just on macro decisions and battles (and only in critical moments change macro values or do micro management even in economics. Clicking by mouse now 30x on idle units and sent them somewhere to do something is really necessary evil now to play strategic part of game for control resources and important strategic points what is real fun playing in multiplayer). But maybe it should be called realtime strategy decision making game or so.
  8. Sorry for stupid question, but how to install this extension exactly? I tried Download Mods in game but cannot see there any mod with similar name
  9. I would just like to point out that unlimited resources model is bad for interesting game. (but when somebody in some time/situation frame achieve fluent unlimited like income of set of resources, good, but to achieve it is a battle for ) A limited number of resources but randomly even asymmetrically placed on the map (by combining several larger and more smaller occurrences of resources in combination with the terrain and obstacles, an unlimited number of variations can be achieved if we also include (at least at a greater distance from the starting positions) an asymmetric distribution.) will create a plenty of development options and scenarios for controlling which parts of the map to fight over. All the more interesting if it requires exploration to find out information about where what is, which way to go, etc. If certain types of units require more of this and that resource the number of possible scenarios and windows of opportunity given the available resources grows exponentially ... A hugely variable universe can be assembled from small, well-functioning elements. PS. Fear for what will be left of the game if you don't have to click unnecessarily on trivial things that you just have to think once and next time they happen automatically. If someone finds a game so boring that they fall asleep to it like a train driver and therefore want a button to press to stay awake, they should ask themselves why they fall asleep and how to make the game more interesting, right? And here is plenty of possibilities which can easy be made to increase variability of game. All of them are the opposite of symmetry, the opposite of the ease of substituting one resource for another. Thanks for mods, we will try it, i hope it will be easy somehow.
  10. I tested it now more and good news is its is half way working, it allows even mixed units, good, Thanks for tip much better than nothing I will test later more in detail, looks like in some moment it will stop produce and never will start produce again even if resources are already again available.
  11. First of all I would like to thank you for the good work that was done in the creation of the game, we installed and tried the game over a local network for two and it worked smoothly :) And now the fundamental question: for years we have been struggling with the fact that you have to constantly click too much economy in RTS games, and then the game is more simcity than a realtime strategy or realtime tactics game. In doing so, here is one simple solution: The option to (turn on/off) to check that enough resources to produce a unit are evaluated just before the unit production starts, not when player clicking 20 units into the (future) production queue. Together with the option to turn on an infinite unit production plan (or large quantities) if I have sufficient resource extraction I don't have to deal with micro production and can enjoy strategic and tactical battles elsewhere on the map. Please would it be possible to implement this in some simple way ? (No need to even implement production priorities, it is quite sufficient to take the next unit in the order, evaluate if there are resources and start production or stop and do another check in the next second or 10 seconds). Thanks a lot for answer. SKAcz
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