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  1. Hi! I am glad you are enjoying 0 A.D. You should ping stan to make sure he knows someone new wants to contribute. I hope to see you and your friends on Mainland Team Games! Good morning!
  2. It looks very nice, and a very good project, as I read it's not possible to upload replays directly, but maybe it could be fine to add a "upload to pallas" on the replay when you watch it from your game. Are you @Stan` going to use the site for something else?, it has good design tbh. By the way, any recent new about A27?
  3. We must create the games calendar. I like the idea of 5 members each team, and make different kind of games. I would like to colaborate to organize it
  4. Good propose, but, I would make it 3v3 to make more teams If you don't it will probably be 4 teams as max. You have my support!
  5. Man, what in the hell are you doing. Sniping is something everybody can do or learn, and also a part of this game. With this mod you are destroying the game absolutely. What's next, if you dont play good install this mod to make everybody equal, if you don't know how to fight download this mod to fight only winning fights, if no runs. I am destroying my fingers sniping and trained for so long and now everybody will snipe perfectly? What in the hell is this.
  6. I hope you are back soon leopard. I hope you find a better job
  7. Op donation to leopard? Any rich wants to make leopard happy? Btw @leopard i hope you are back soon
  8. Count with me! Thank you so much for the event! Stockfish (1835)
  9. Thanks for you job @causative. To be honest I disagree on you in some parts of your text, not in others. But I am curious in how did you develop that ''eficiency formula''. Could you explain to me please? Greetings
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