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  1. Thanks for you job @causative. To be honest I disagree on you in some parts of your text, not in others. But I am curious in how did you develop that ''eficiency formula''. Could you explain to me please? Greetings
  2. How can be missmatched borg and jc?
  3. Hello everyone! Stockfish here. I write this post to announce that this evening I will run Sunday Pro Games at 21:00 CET becouse MarcAurel is absent. All results will be posted by Marc in his post as he always does. Also I would like to tell you that new stuff is coming to 0 A.D. Thank you for reading.
  4. Btw Helicity, be careful with those tools you share here.
  5. You guys are breaking the game completely... and of course, you are breaking the community and the privacy of the players. If someone is mad at this and reports it to the judges, a lot of fun things will start to happen... You all should stop this and start enjoying the game again, like we all did before.
  6. @Stan` @user1 @JC (naval supremacist) DoctorOrgans quited a rated match. Thanks
  7. @Stan` Isn't possible to change the menu design after one update? What I mean is that i think it would be good to put that mod into vanila game.
  8. @Stan` What do you think about implementing the menu mod inside the actual game? I would like to know what you all think too, I think That Menu is very atractive.
  9. Put me in Mr. Feld! - I would prefer max 16 players. - 1 Game per week. - I don't mind at what time.
  10. Hello, only 3 teams registered so... i canceled it i feel really sad becouse i put a lot of effort on this, i guess until 0ad team doesn't support it won't be made
  11. Hello =) Yes, in rules it says biome random
  12. Hi all, competitors! Before announcing anything, I would like to apologize for the delay in the already announced competitions, but I have had some technical problems with the website and your registrations for the competitions did not arrive. Everything is solved now! I've thought about it well and for now I'm going to open two competitions to see how RTS Tournaments is received. As more people join our competitions, new competitions will be incorporated until reaching the Grand Champions League, with a start date of 07/02/22. - Champs Cup (2v2) : https://www.rtstournaments.com/0ad-competitions-2v2champscup This competition is a 2v2 league that will last 4 weeks, playing 2 games per week. Each match won will add 3 points. - OPEN RANKING (1v1) : https://www.rtstournaments.com/1v1ranking This competition is a 1v1 league that will last 16 weeks, playing 2 games per week. Each game will add 3 points. This competition ends the last week of June. The 3 players with the most points will qualify for the first CGL of 0 A.D. The other players must qualify in the respective qualifying tournaments. Registration will close on 13/03/22 and will begin on 14/03/22, good luck to all of you! Stockfish.
  13. at 16:00 cet the competition starts, at 16:15 all games should have started.
  14. lorenz, i didn't recieve any request to register on the tournament, you sure you sended it?
  15. GCL qualifier #1 starts at 05/03/22 Ranking 01/03/22 Champs cup 2v2 at 04/03/22
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