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  1. I guess you cannot be saying that serious :D Another thing, @Boudica you said that message to me? I didnt get it Greetings
  2. @MarcusAureliu # s I think you didn't understand me, obviously i was saying that Vali and probably other good players would have problems becouse of them ultra OP micro.
  3. I can smell the rageful acusations becouse units got 1% HP becouse of micro
  4. Is very simple, micro is allowed, dance is not.
  5. @MarcusAureliu#s Take a look to number 10 rule. You don't want people reporting @ValihrAnt or others ,becouse of opness with units.
  6. i am having very fun with the ranks haha
  7. @Unknown_Player you finally posted it. Palisades are good like they are. What i did is good, but then i got punnished becouse of space , and it was more difficult to me to do eco after the walls spam. And even to do a strong attack later. Anyway, building walls like that is not that easy, you must be multitasking a lot of things, while moving units to fight. Greetings
  8. Team ''eae em'' Players: @borg- @Vicentesk @badosu @Stockfish eaeeeee
  9. i would change all the laberints of the you can or you can't have tier x , make it simpler.
  10. @MarcusAureliu # s i would prefer a 2v2 tournament, is easier and better to try a first team tournament.
  11. Hi PhyZik, what you mean with ++ = ...?? I like the idea.
  12. What's the point about giving the elephant an aura? Do you want to avoid something? @Feldfeld
  13. I must search the replays with ffm, i don't have much time this days, ask ffm to upload them please
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