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  1. The thing is that it gets traduced without me wanting it, and when i awnser your message, it becomes to spanish hahah
  2. Don't worry Boudie, that low must be awnsered
  3. Guys, i only wanted to make a funny and interactive post, non a continue argument
  4. Hahaha, i meant to be 10 the Maximu n
  5. Hello everyone! Recently, I had an idea that may be funny an interesting, and it is to rate the TOP PLAYERS in some areas to get a final conclusion about all of them. The 6 areas where we're are gonna rate them are: MULTITASKING (How many task is this player able to make at same time) BOOM (Hell, you all know what's boom) MICRO (Capacity of managing units meanwhile fighting) DEFENSE: (Capacity of defending when attacked) ATTACK: (I think i won't explain how to clean your a*s after shi*ting) and the last one IQ&CREATIVITY (Making big plans, nice plays etc) The way to valorate them is from 0-10 (being 0 the worst and 10 the best) Example: borgfish MULTITASKING: 10 BOOM: 10 MICRO: 10 DEFENSE: 10 ATTACK: 10 IQ: 10 Let's make it with some top players and let's see what does everyone think of them as players! I propose: borg- , feldfeld , ValihrAnt , Stockfish , DoctorOrgans , chrstgtr , ElDragon , Schweinepriester , superPOSITION , Boudica , PhyZic If you want you can make a little comment of the ones you choose to rate!
  6. Hello everyone! I hope you all are fine Today, im making this post to inform you that i made a YouTube channel in the one i'll be uploading matches, strats and tips to improve in this game In first videos i'll be speaking spanish (i think that could be nice that someone makes videos in spanish) but i don't discard to make videos in english too. I'll try to puut subtittles in videos to make it understable to everyone With no more to say, i send you huge greetings The name's channel is: Stockfish0ad Link:
  7. I guess you cannot be saying that serious :D Another thing, @Boudica you said that message to me? I didnt get it Greetings
  8. @MarcusAureliu # s I think you didn't understand me, obviously i was saying that Vali and probably other good players would have problems becouse of them ultra OP micro.
  9. I can smell the rageful acusations becouse units got 1% HP becouse of micro
  10. Is very simple, micro is allowed, dance is not.
  11. @MarcusAureliu#s Take a look to number 10 rule. You don't want people reporting @ValihrAnt or others ,becouse of opness with units.
  12. i am having very fun with the ranks haha
  13. @Unknown_Player you finally posted it. Palisades are good like they are. What i did is good, but then i got punnished becouse of space , and it was more difficult to me to do eco after the walls spam. And even to do a strong attack later. Anyway, building walls like that is not that easy, you must be multitasking a lot of things, while moving units to fight. Greetings
  14. Team ''eae em'' Players: @borg- @Vicentesk @badosu @Stockfish eaeeeee
  15. i would change all the laberints of the you can or you can't have tier x , make it simpler.
  16. @MarcusAureliu # s i would prefer a 2v2 tournament, is easier and better to try a first team tournament.
  17. Hi PhyZik, what you mean with ++ = ...?? I like the idea.
  18. What's the point about giving the elephant an aura? Do you want to avoid something? @Feldfeld
  19. I must search the replays with ffm, i don't have much time this days, ask ffm to upload them please
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