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  1. Hello, only 3 teams registered so... i canceled it i feel really sad becouse i put a lot of effort on this, i guess until 0ad team doesn't support it won't be made
  2. Hello =) Yes, in rules it says biome random
  3. Hi all, competitors! Before announcing anything, I would like to apologize for the delay in the already announced competitions, but I have had some technical problems with the website and your registrations for the competitions did not arrive. Everything is solved now! I've thought about it well and for now I'm going to open two competitions to see how RTS Tournaments is received. As more people join our competitions, new competitions will be incorporated until reaching the Grand Champions League, with a start date of 07/02/22. - Champs Cup (2v2) : https://www.rtstournaments.com/0ad-competitions-2v2champscup This competition is a 2v2 league that will last 4 weeks, playing 2 games per week. Each match won will add 3 points. - OPEN RANKING (1v1) : https://www.rtstournaments.com/1v1ranking This competition is a 1v1 league that will last 16 weeks, playing 2 games per week. Each game will add 3 points. This competition ends the last week of June. The 3 players with the most points will qualify for the first CGL of 0 A.D. The other players must qualify in the respective qualifying tournaments. Registration will close on 13/03/22 and will begin on 14/03/22, good luck to all of you! Stockfish.
  4. at 16:00 cet the competition starts, at 16:15 all games should have started.
  5. lorenz, i didn't recieve any request to register on the tournament, you sure you sended it?
  6. GCL qualifier #1 starts at 05/03/22 Ranking 01/03/22 Champs cup 2v2 at 04/03/22
  7. Yes, that's what i am trying! i think this ones are a good award for ppl who plays dayly
  8. Hi! I would like to offer a mobile version too, but it would be too many work for me but im sure in the future will be a mobile version!
  9. Thank you so much! About the YouTube channel... It is a secret!! =D
  10. After a long time of hard work, I have the honor of being able to show you this great initiative which I am sure will give a new life to 0 A.D. and to the world of Real Time Strategy games. I present to you RTS Tournaments, a website expressly dedicated to creating competitions for RTS games, among which, of course, is our 0 A.D. RTS Tournaments was born thanks to the innate spirit of competition in this type of game and how it is wasted due to the fact that there is no decent organization that organizes game competitions as competitive as RTS. COMPETITIONS: RTS Tournaments will create various types of competitions (some more competitive than others). The first version of RTS Tournaments will feature the following competitions: -Weekly Cups: This type of competitions will be small tournaments (with no more than 16 players) with free registration. At first they will not have any prize. They will be small snacks to kill boredom! There will also be for teams! - Qualifying Cups: These types of competitions are more important! They will serve to classify you to high-level competitions. - Open Ranking: This competition is somewhat special. Once you register in it you will have to play two games a week until the end of the season. The top 3 ranked players will immediately qualify for the Grand Champions League (GCL). -Grand Champions League: In this competition the best players of the game will fight to prove who is the absolute champion of 0 A.D. It will be a league made up of 8 classified players. In this first season, the competitors will have to qualify by playing the GCL Qualifiers (8 in total), but from the first GCL the players will be classified as follows: The last four players Open ranked players + the winner of a single GCL Qualifier will be selected to compete in the GCL. (I thought about doing a team GCL, but I think more players are needed than those who currently play 0 A.D. so it is not ruled out in the future.) COMPETITIONS WITH MONETARY PRIZES: From RTS Tournaments we think that the existence of competitions with monetary prizes would be a great success, since this would attract the great sleeping players of the game as well as other titans from other RTS. a) FREE COMPETITIONS WITH A MONETARY PRIZE: It would be great to do a weekly competition like this, but for now we can't afford it. But without a doubt, we promise to do it when we have the necessary financial resources to do so. Right now RTS Tournaments only generates expenses, due to the fact that we have to pay for web hosting, domains, designs, etc. But when we have a stable economy we promise to do it! EVENTS: RTS Tournaments will organize various events for the community such as: - Challenges! Where a top player who wants to can spend an afternoon playing live annotated games on twitch against community players who request it through twitch chat. - Prizes for the best 1v1 player - Best tg player awards - etc. SOCIAL MEDIA: At RTS Tournaments we don't want to limit ourselves to being a mere competition portal, but rather we want to go one step further, which is why we have social networks like YouTube and Twitch where we will upload a large amount of quality content. We want to commit to uploading a daily video at least! We will also have twitter where we will be posting the latest news. -YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RTSTournaments -Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rtstournaments -Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTSTournaments BADGES AND TITLES: From RTS Tournaments we propose a system of qualifications which are awarded to players based on their skills and performance in competitions. Our proposal: LM (Lobby Master) Obtained by having a score of 2100 or higher in the 0 A.D. lobby. NM (National Master) Awarded for being among the top six players in the GCL in any of its seasons. IM (International Master) It is obtained by being among the first three players of the GCL in any of its seasons. GM (Grand Master) Obtained at a special event every 6 months. These badges would appear in front of your name in RTS Tournaments and probably in the 0 A.D. lobby itself. so that all players can recognize the skill of that player as well as motivate others to achieve it. EX: (LM)ValihrAnt (2372) These are our proposals but they can be modified to suit the community. FUTURE EVENTS: In case RTS Tournaments achieves its goals, we have great ideas in mind such as making a world championship by country or region. COMMUNITY ASSEMBLY: At RTS Tournaments we want the community to show us the path to follow, so every Monday we will upload a post so that, the community can propose changes within our website, modifications to some rules, new ideas for competitions, etc. Later we will upload a small newsletter where we will inform about the news about RTS Tournaments, the changes proposed by the community and the changes made, as well as some statistics that may be interesting for our users. DO YOU WANT TO BELONG TO RTS Tournaments?: We are currently looking for a person who wants to create content in English for our official YouTube and Twitch channels, so if you are interested, have a good microphone and feel like it, send me a private message through here to chat more in detail. We also want to have affiliated content creators, who if they wish, can upload videos to the official RTS Tournaments channel explaining strategies, balance changes, etc, so if you, as a youtuber from 0 A.D. would you like to upload videos from time to time to the official channel send me a private message. Finally, we are also looking for RTS Tournaments moderators to help me in the lobby to answer questions and resolve conflicts that may arise within the competitions. ECONOMICS OF RTS Tournaments: RTS Tournaments is an organization made by and for the community, for this reason we do not have funding of any kind beyond what I as a natural person am putting so that RTST can become a reality. RTS Tournaments will be financed in several ways: - Donations: Being a community project, at first, we will not have more funding than that given by the community itself, therefore all donations are appreciated, and will be used to improve the services of RTS Tournaments, in addition to allowing the existence of monetary prizes in competitions. - Social Networks: RTS Tournaments will upload quality content to social networks such as YouTube and Twitch. We currently have a channel with more than 7k subscribers on YouTube, so we think we can monetize that channel in order to generate at least 30 or 50 euros to use in prizes for competitions. While we receive donations, RTS Tournaments will make their expenses public so that all users can see how each penny is spent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RTS TOURNAMENTS LINK: https://www.rtstournaments.com/ Without more to add, I hope you have loved this project and enjoy playing competitions of this wonderful game. =D - Stockfish ¡Lea el documento en español!: PRESENTACION RTS TOURNAMENTS ESPAÑOL (1).pdf
  11. Hello everyone, how are you! The reason for this post is to ask you what you would think of the implementation of a dynamic lighting system in 24-minute loops (one minute being equivalent to one hour) in which the lighting changes little by little, darkening and lightening the lighting of the game depending on whether it is day or night. It would be necessary to implement night textures for the buildings, with torches for example. I think this would be great for 0 A.D. and it would significantly increase the strategy of the game since you may be more interested in attacking at night when there is less light, sacrificing a little the speed of your boom. ^^ What do you think? Good day
  12. How can i play those boosted AI?? I even didn-t know about them.
  13. ohhh OP , i have a few questions, first, what the hell are those graphics and second how you can watch the game so high with cam. Nice video, you play very nervously what makes you lose some important secs, if you plus all of them you got maybe 1 min each 10 =)
  14. Hi letswaveabook, then you're not me, and i am not you??
  15. The thing is that it gets traduced without me wanting it, and when i awnser your message, it becomes to spanish hahah
  16. Don't worry Boudie, that low must be awnsered
  17. Guys, i only wanted to make a funny and interactive post, non a continue argument
  18. Hahaha, i meant to be 10 the Maximu n
  19. Hello everyone! Recently, I had an idea that may be funny an interesting, and it is to rate the TOP PLAYERS in some areas to get a final conclusion about all of them. The 6 areas where we're are gonna rate them are: MULTITASKING (How many task is this player able to make at same time) BOOM (Hell, you all know what's boom) MICRO (Capacity of managing units meanwhile fighting) DEFENSE: (Capacity of defending when attacked) ATTACK: (I think i won't explain how to clean your a*s after shi*ting) and the last one IQ&CREATIVITY (Making big plans, nice plays etc) The way to valorate them is from 0-10 (being 0 the worst and 10 the best) Example: borgfish MULTITASKING: 10 BOOM: 10 MICRO: 10 DEFENSE: 10 ATTACK: 10 IQ: 10 Let's make it with some top players and let's see what does everyone think of them as players! I propose: borg- , feldfeld , ValihrAnt , Stockfish , DoctorOrgans , chrstgtr , ElDragon , Schweinepriester , superPOSITION , Boudica , PhyZic If you want you can make a little comment of the ones you choose to rate!
  20. Hello everyone! I hope you all are fine Today, im making this post to inform you that i made a YouTube channel in the one i'll be uploading matches, strats and tips to improve in this game In first videos i'll be speaking spanish (i think that could be nice that someone makes videos in spanish) but i don't discard to make videos in english too. I'll try to puut subtittles in videos to make it understable to everyone With no more to say, i send you huge greetings The name's channel is: Stockfish0ad Link:
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