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  1. maybe you should consider adding upgrades to the fort, similar to how stone towers are
  2. I understand why people might disagree as if u micro them perfectly they are impossible to hit pretty much so there should be restrictions on how much the soldier can shoot. Like only until 90 degrees or something and then say ur running away u can't shoot.
  3. I feel like chariots need to be changed because barely anyone actually uses them and they have a much higher hit-point than other units so they aren't the ideal choice of champion. The suggestion I'm proposing is to allow the soldier who shoots to be able to shoot at enemies while the chariot is moving. It would make sense for this to work because the guy shooting isn't controlling the horses dragging the chariot so it's actually realistic. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this as I think it should be a thing already.
  4. Requirement to stream every game played for money and problem solved
  5. Unsure why this is a thing but as we know there is a limit of how many units you can select (limit 200). Although this isn't a problem for most games, in 1v1s, this can affect gameplay as you can't select all your units depending on how much pop you're playing with.
  6. You don't need to be good to play for money. Instead, you can just play with other lower level players. For example, I see @Norse_Haroldfrequently hosting TG's with lower level players so they could all play for money there and then OP players play against each other to ensure fair matches. In relations to your point about player's considering themselves as friends, I agree with that and you will obviously still be able to play the game for free/how it is now but implementing an opportunity to play for money would benefit 0 A.D. as it will motivate players to improve and grind the game to get better. Maybe wagers shouldn't be implemented straight away, instead we should create regular tournaments (on weekends depending on popularity) where we all contribute to a prize pool like you mentioned. To ensure no cheating happens, we can require players to stream their gameplay and if we suspect them cheating, we can review the footage and deal with it accordingly.
  7. You will get used to losing, trust me, but there would be no better feeling than enjoying 0 A.D. and winning money to go along with it. In terms of players skill gap, we can enforce balance similar to how we do TGs but obviously we will make sure its as balanced as possible. Playing for $5-10 is pretty chill and I don't see why anyone would have a problem with losing a game with that and it makes it more interesting as you aren't totally wasting your time playing. In addition to that, players will be more eager to improve making it more competitive thus making balancing easier in the future.
  8. never said it wasn't, but playing for money is a lot more fun i can say from experience
  9. its not the traditional type of gambling as it's based on skill on who will win
  10. increase the damage for sure! i love my elephants! they're expensive as it is and counter able quite easily especially in team games
  11. you haven't mentioned the most important factor, most elephants = win!
  12. people will actually fully balance games and everyone would try a lot more instead of just suiciding
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