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  1. Mh, you're probably correct on that, though the name is not the most important. The distance is still a circle as we approximate range checks for auras, it's just "diagonal size of the obstruction + aura range" instead of "aura range". So yeah, you might need a radius close to 0 for passable obstructions (in fact, it's possible we might want to look at negative aura ranges). I'm going to make a diff adjusting SVN auras, I don't think it'd be too practical at the moment to treat auras specially, but you'll likely have to adjust your ranges to account for "√(width^2 + depth^2)"
  2. I think we should consider this on a per-civilisation basis. Our "women / citizen-soldiers / champions" distinction really mimics a typical greek city-state, and then again not perfectly.
  3. Hello everyone, I have just merged SM68. To compile the game, you will now require the Rust compiler. You can follow instructions here: https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install It should be mostly straightforward. I am now working towards SM78 which I hope to merge soon. I will detail this thread with what the changes mean later
  4. The upgrade is officially complete (has been for a few days).
  5. That's kind of "by design", but it did change things. I'm not certain that it's better for auras to just be a radius with a centre or a radius around edges? Do you have arguments for either choice? I'm going to make a diff adjusting aura ranges, which ought to mostly move things back how they were.
  6. Did you recompile the game? I do not have the autobuild reflex (yet), sorry...
  7. Hello Gameboy I just tested the installation script and everything seemed to work fine. Can you make sure that you run it on a clean SVN ? What exactly are you doing to start it?
  8. Hello everyone, As said in the "Spidermonkey 52 upgrade" thread, we will (very soon) be moving from VS15 to VS17. This upgrade is necessary to support Spidermonkey version 68 and 78 (our target at the moment), which require newer versions of the standard. The Windows autobuild will soon be switched to this compiler, so please report any issues you might encounter. If you were compiling 0 A.D. yourself on Windows, you will need to download VS2017 Community Edition. VS2017 comes with its own dependency installer, you ought to be good to go with the "Desktop development with C++" op
  9. I think I'll try to recap the changes after C++17 too. I expect to be a little shamed by the amount of detail @Itms provided in this initial post, though That being said, what Angen said is correct.
  10. Hello everyone, I have just committed SM60. I'll be around for any bug report should I have missed something. The most interesting thing about this upgrade was that we now compile the game using the C++14 standard. Now, I will work towards using Visual Studio 2017 (I'll make another forum post about that), and once that's done, we can start looking at SM68.
  11. They aren't actually removed yet You need to set the Realm creation option "SetToSourceEnabled" : https://github.com/wraitii/0ad/commit/08fe2e8e86a671228c3cffac6734e16b0b896087 I do think it'll probably be removed entirely in a future ESR, but in the interest of going fast I'll tackle that problem later. (BTW thanks for noticing the JS_PUBLIC_API thing of structure clones)
  12. You were right, previews don't have a size, and my original fix was further buggy. This is fixed now, I'm running the windows auto build. Sorry about the gameplay disturbance.
  13. Indeed I had made a mistake on that commit, and as you noted, we fixed it (in fact, the fix went in before you posted this topic, but the auto build was this morning ) Thanks for playing SVN !
  14. Hello everyone, as promised above, SM52 is now merged in SVN. If you experience issues with building the game, please drop by #0ad-dev on IRC or create a ticket on trac (or, if all else fail, write about it here ). Work will now continue towards SM60.
  15. Rejoice everyone, for this is coming to svn (soon™) I've got a branch up and running on SM78 here: https://github.com/wraitii/0ad/tree/sm78 (with stops at SM60 and 68). Work is ongoing to upgrade svn to SM52.
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