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Community Answers

  1. I'm fairly certain the range manager already does this in a way. The problem is that you do want to send _only_ the right units to JS, because doing further filtering in JS is super slow.
  2. You should specify that on the merge requests as comments then, maybe we can clean them out
  3. Created with the relevant requests right now. We are also interested by people coming forward to get the rights to merge requests on your own, as a reminder.
  4. It's a bit difficult for me to know what should be merged here since there the forum discussion is long & not many people are voting on gitlab. How about I make a forum Poll with the different merge requests and people vote there directly ?
  5. I'll look into that at some point, but I don't believe you can see it from inside the game anyways ?
  6. No, to make a release one has to: Increment the mod version Run the 'release' CI job Run the 'sign and upload' CI job. The latter two tasks can only be done by Maintainers, aka me or Stan. Mh, I think that's because of the CI pipeline, but you should be able to create the merge request without it, no ? I'll give it a try with a newly created account to check how things work. We definitely don't want to force people to verify a credit card...
  7. Mh, it's working for me. Are you sure you restarted the game with the new version of the mod installed?
  8. I released 0.26.2 hoping to fix a bug quickly (though it seems I might've messed it up) but the idea is to release a bit less often that that. Thankfully, it's fairly easy to know if you haven't got the latest version from the lobby. I've created the merge request for siege: https://gitlab.com/0ad/0ad-community-mod-a26/-/merge_requests/9
  9. It's done now, if you Have 0.26.2 it should work out.
  10. Sorry, the fix isn't yet in the community mod. I'll post an update soon to fix it.
  11. We have some merge requests: Nerf heroes Iphicrates and Ptolemy Move tier 2 blacksmith technologies to Town Phase Rebalance healers by making them cheaper I would like some more opinion before potentially merging these, though they all seem like good examples of things we could do in the mod. Edit: Also, just as a reminder, anything that is merged can also be removed, the idea is to try some things out as well.
  12. As Stan said, the idea is that you use gitlab directly. Just make a Merge Request, you can do this online via the web editor or using git or using the gitlab app (I think). As for 'What standards are used to determine if a mod is suitable?', the idea is that the community will self-manage, but so far only the 0 A.D. teams are maintainers so we would merge things. Ideally people will react to changes here or on gitlab directly. At the moment, I'll probably merge simple changes that are widely agreed upon, as for A27 essentially.
  13. Err, not really. It was created to make the job of balancing the game easier and allow the community a more obvious place to contribute gameplay effort. It happens to be an obvious place to fix some issues that we've missed as well, but we don't intend to use it as an auto-updater, because it cannot be one. The main problem is that we currently have no automatic download of the latest version of the mod. -- Anyways, for now it remains not super useful -> I am looking forward to gameplay balance and contributions there, though possibly Alpha 26 is perfectly balanced
  14. To be honest it seems to me like AoE 4 (our main competitor lol) is doing quite similar to us in terms of unit overlap. But we can always experiment further.
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