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  1. Technically all you'd need is the lobby STUN server, you don't have to be using the lobby itself (I don't think we authenticate people anyways)
  2. The feature can be disabled individually for ships if people prefer so. I _believe_ this is incorrect, as an arrow that hits its intended target only its the intended target and not any other target that may overlap it.
  3. My take for now: Units overlapping is not a desired outcome of the pushing logic However, it is quite a bit harder to prevent it and actually make pushing work and/or pathfinding work. The pathfinding benefits of pushing outweigh the cons of units overlapping I don't know if I'll have time / how much time I'll have for A26. Possibly little. So I wouldn't expect this to get much worked on. It's possible that there could be tweaks to pathfinder.xml to improve things. Do you mean that e.g. A24 already had problems with this or are you talking about the A24-A25 SVN version?
  4. I think it's left-click for actions that you click such as clicking the Patrol icon, and right-click for hotkey-triggered actions, such as attack-move (or using the patrol hotkey)
  5. For what it's worth, my opinion is that this will never work Looks cool nonetheless. IMO there are a few basic problems: - If you want 'realistic' ship movement, you either need to have only rowing ships, or some notion of wind. Players do not want to have to care about that, and some maps could be basically unplayable if ships aren't able to go sufficiently into the wind (which, as square-sails, they might not). - If you don't want fully realistic movement, you would still need some sense of inertia: acceleration, stoppage, turn-rate. This is a rather complex problem, but it's made worse by the sheer size of ships. They are already completely unusable, so making them more awkward is not the move. Part of the problem is that our maps are much, much too small. You'd need to make them at least 10 times bigger. The engine can't support it, unfortunately. - The simplest solution is to make ships 'AoE2 like', which seems to be the direction AoE4 takes (haven't played the beta), and I'm not surprised. Basically all RTS of this specific sub-genres have done that.
  6. I've noticed that too, on _some_ maps, in _some_ cases. I absolutely cannot figure out what's happening, profilers show nothing... My best guess at the moment is that it has something to do with how we limit frame time, but I'm just really unsure.
  7. (I'll ask the usual question -> are you using formations?)
  8. Caesar III used birds to highlight fish areas, which I think is a decent and semi-realistic option, if water cannot be made transparent / people don't want jumping fishes.
  9. There's other solutions: add some flying birds, more fish that jump out of water.
  10. This was done on purpose: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D3706#161503 The choice can always be reverted, but IIRC we had reasons for it, see convo there.
  11. Thanks for the report -> this was actually a bug in the C++ height map loading code, hence why it happened there.
  12. mh, if anything we fixed the code. it's plausible that there's still some issues that make the AI able to ignore restrictions though.
  13. Maybe, maybe not, but it was bugged in A24. The default settings are that those orders aren't executed in formation, so most players will probably not notice.
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