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  1. There is only https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers It would be really great to improve it and expand it. If you're interested of course
  2. You can use the upgrade feature to make unit switch between melee and ranged. DE does that. @Freagarach worked on turrets to make the chariots a bit more smart but it's currenrly unused because it is missing stuff.
  3. Well the usually when generating a map you know already which civ it's gonna be, here @nwtour removed it, so... it broke.
  4. Was answering this ^ Which is what the post was about before it went to formation.
  5. Well don't ^^" If they are missing they need to be fixed, which is the whole point of this thread...
  6. Unless something changed we don't use rice fields as it's not historically accurate... I had one for non sloppy terrain.
  7. It's possible we need to rebuild that AtlasUI.dll
  8. Modern crossbow usually have pulleys, and scopes and are not really comparable to such crossbows. Pretty sure cavalry archers don't fire blindly upwards
  9. Nah nvm. I'm dumb. VCRUNTIME140.dll!745dcf5e() Inconnu Code non-utilisateur. Impossible de trouver ou d'ouvrir le fichier PDB. VCRUNTIME140.dll![Les frames ci-dessous sont peut-être incorrects et/ou manquants, aucun symbole chargé pour VCRUNTIME140.dll] Inconnu Aucun symbole n'a été chargé. nvtt.dll!nvtt::Surface::Private::Private(const nvtt::Surface::Private & p) Ligne 63 C++ Les symboles ont été chargés. nvtt.dll!nvtt::Surface::detach() Ligne 307 C++ Les symboles ont été chargés. nvtt.dll!nvtt::Surface::toGamma(float gamma=2.20000005) Ligne 1314 C++ Les symboles ont été cha
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