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  1. You realise that's what they do right now, right ?just more than a minute
  2. @av93 What do you need ? I suppose you've hears of the now defunct project to update the design docs?
  3. @borg- correct building animation should be possible, but might need extra work, will look into it when accepted. Created little mod actors are courtesy of @wowgetoffyourcellphone although I had to extract them scout-mod.zip
  4. Maybe that we have the same material for most of terrains, like 300/470.
  5. There are at least three things involved here. Pathfinding is the biggest Then there is rendering (lots of fancy meshes) Then there is the fact that until the blood disappears the units are still there below the ground.
  6. That's because I think you are missing a piece here. You looked at shaders, you looked at materials, you looked at the C++ code but I believe you didn't look at the actors and their props using such materials. (Files in binaries/data/mods/public/art/actors/**/*) Those files can use the most advanced material (e.g basic_trans_ao_parallax_spec) with all the defines but also the most simple (default.xml) And the shader slider only decreases quality it doesn't increase it. So if a model uses default.xml it will use that no matter the quality. If you use the fancy material above at 10 it
  7. It removes blood. I don't have control over it
  8. Not that I know of https://code.wildfiregames.com/D406 (Long story short, patch is not perfect and nobody hasn't taken it on since then) Maybe @wraitii will.
  9. basic_trans_ao <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <material> <alpha_blending/> <alternative material="basic_trans.xml" quality="2"/> <alternative material="alphatest_ao_parallax_spec.xml" if="CFG_FORCE_ALPHATEST"/> <define name="USE_TRANSPARENT" value="1"/> <required_texture name="baseTex"/> <required_texture name="aoTex" define="USE_AO"/> <shader effect="model_transparent"/> <uniform name="effectSettings" value="1.0 50.0 0.0075 0.85"/> </material> If quality is lower or equal to 2 it will use basic_tr
  10. Do you think there is a big impact on performance for arrows? Well that's what they do with or without the patch when they aren't removed by force albeit very much slowly. I took 5 to make it obvious but in theory it should be something like 50. A slider is not possible because it needs round values and we don't support steps.
  11. I don't think it causes recompilation for the simple reason that those flags are set for a game. You don't play with the slider during the game.
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