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  1. If possible cap at 5K -7k unless you really need more
  2. For texturing one needs to use the pers_struct.dds file. And indeed it needs more props including lamassu As for its usage it's supposed to replace the ziggurat. Feel free to take it on.
  3. Since there would be little of them why not, now we might not need that much pixels, we'll see
  4. Cc @Itms (Unit tests) having an idea how much coverage we have would be nice. Also having a transition guide might be nice in case we go that route.
  5. @MrLux You made a mistake in the actor file you wrote <variant frequency="1" name="Mesh"> <mesh>skeletal/europeanBison-bison_bonasus_neutralGeneric.dae</mesh> <textures> <texture file="skeletal/europeanBison-bison_bonasus_neutralGeneric.png" name="baseTex"/> </textures> </variant> instead of <variant frequency="1" name="Mesh"> <mesh>skeletal/europeanBison_bison-bonasus_neutralGeneric.dae</mesh> <textures> <texture file="skeletal/europeanBison-bison_bona
  6. -------------------------------------------------------FMT bug--------------------------------------------------------------------------- The error above is actually a bug it's fixed when @s0600204 or @Itms update FMT the library being the serialization. Basically it's broken when the used locale is not present on the system. -------------------------------------------------------Thread Ripper bug--------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/4b35ac33f7f30e6bb0a674a6996357a8a75cf1a3/source/lib/sysdep/arch/x86_x64/topol
  7. Our problem (On windows at least) is that we trusted the hardware and I guess janwas made educated guesses about it which has worked until AMD decided to mess things up. Also there are two different bugs. Hardware detection which is probably too precise for its own good and for our needs, and the timer code. AFAIK we only use the former to detect the timer then use a custom function for TSC or with my patch QPC which is part of the windows API. I chatted a bit with @wraitii on the SIMD changes and I believe the discrepancy on Linux vs Windows is due to the fact some optmizations are
  8. What do you need help with ? (Running them,. Finding them, writing some ?)
  9. Well we somewhat support ARM, as in the game runs on raspberry pi and we are fixing the mac build for catalina but I have absolutely no idea how and if it will run there. As of financial expenditures nobody is getting paid for working on the game so...
  10. Stan`

    NSIS error.

    Did you edit source/tools/dist/build.sh to point to your current SVN location?
  11. Stan`

    NSIS error.

    Spidermonkey is in the source code.
  12. Screenshots not good enough? You can access the raw data directly in the game's xml files there are actually some python scripts to compare units and whatnot
  13. See What do you mean was not working ? cc @Itms
  14. You can press F2 in the game that will save a screenshot. If you need more pixels you can try MAJ+F2
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