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  1. @MarcusAureliu#s Do you have the source files for this anim?
  2. No strong feeling about it, but I feel like this address feels a bit like a scam website. So feel free to use it if you want. Unrelated it's better to update wiki page rather than empty them.
  3. For textures you should ideally use the civilization's texture set. What kind of tips. It depends what would be the trigger ? But in general its a bit too complicated to do
  4. Hey @yoakim, Thank you for reaching out to us and for inviting us to the "libre en fête" event. We are excited to hear about the lan party and the games that will be played. Welcome to our forums! Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that none of our French developers will be available on the date of the event. However, we would be more than happy to provide you with some digital material for flyers that you can distribute at the event to promote our games. Please let us know if you are interested, and we will send them to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we would like to ask if it would be possible for the event to provide us with the replays (commands.txt & metadata.json) files of the matches that will be played. We would greatly appreciate it as it would help us to improve our games and make them even more enjoyable for everyone and some streamers might pick them up for their content. Thank you again for considering us for your event, and we wish you all the best in your preparations. Best regards, Stan` Cher @yoakim, Merci de nous avoir contactés et de nous avoir invités à l'événement "libre en fête". Nous sommes impatients d'en savoir plus sur la lan party et les jeux qui y seront joués. Bienvenue sur nos forums ! Malheureusement, nous avons le regret de vous informer qu'aucun de nos développeurs français ne sera disponible à la date de l'événement. Cependant, nous serions plus qu'heureux de vous fournir du matériel numérique pour des flyers que vous pourrez distribuer lors de l'événement afin de promouvoir nos jeux. N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de votre intérêt et nous vous les enverrons dès que possible. De plus, nous aimerions savoir s'il serait possible pour l'événement de nous fournir les fichiers replays (commands.txt & metadata.json) des matchs qui seront joués. Cela nous aiderait à améliorer nos jeux et à les rendre encore plus agréables pour tout le monde, et certains streamers pourraient les récupérer pour leur contenu. Nous vous remercions à nouveau d'avoir pensé à nous pour votre événement, et nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès dans vos préparatifs. Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance dans vos préparatifs, Stan`
  5. That's no longer the case. The bridge wasn't updated to A26 and eventually got shut donw.
  6. Is there any reason you need to use Hamachi? In theory, you just have to be on the same Hamachini network and send him your IP (probably something like 5.***.***.***) Then it's like a normal lan setup.
  7. It's funny because a lot of people complained that battles felt like dishes hitting each other.
  8. Hello @piergilprando Currently no one is actively working on such a feature. This is something we want as well. We just have not found / fixed the issue that causes AI to no longer act in a deterministic way when rejoining.
  9. Ironically I think I made the last phase icons...
  10. Long story short you can but it's too complicated. One thing you can is either get the development version of download the daes from Github, Gitlab or Trac if you just need a file.
  11. Sure. For all infantry units one needs to add Restricted classes for wall and gates and for siege restricted classes so that it doesn't attack infantry http://docs.wildfiregames.com/entity-docs/a26.html#component.Attack @Freagarach Would be nicer if we supported allowed classes rather but I don't think it's possible yet, is it? The warhammer looks good
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