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Community Answers

  1. Are you using A25 or A25b? The former has issues with mods.
  2. Hey everyone, Last month I had the opportunity and the privilege to be interviewed for Scott Hanselman's podcast. You can now listen to it: https://www.hanselminutes.com/810/building-0-ad-a-free-open-source-game-of-ancient-warfare You can subscribe to them. The podcast is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or can be downloaded as MP3 Transcripts are available here
  3. See https://code.wildfiregames.com/D4155 ...
  4. To use Korean you need the Korean language mod.
  5. Well yeah we could definitely use more spotlight. But usually those things cost money and or a lot of time that no one has been investing so far. Given the recent activity it's a bit hard to showcase stuff.
  6. It's possible @wraitii restricted it when adding the hotkeys, I'm not sure.
  7. Yeah because of historical reasons. It was sad for me cause I made those.
  8. The problem is that attack.js is linked to so many components that you would have to freeze them too (eg, health resistance unitai and possibly others) rendering the game a lot less moddable not just a bit. I'm hoping there is a better alternative but mayber there isn't. What's slow when Units are dying are the onownership messages and another one. You can see it pretty clearly using profiler2. Making the messages faster might help a lot. Could even be threaded maybe.
  9. Pretty sure they have servers and are not relying on P2P. We're only giving ips when you start a match.
  10. One could rewrite them in C++ but with regards to moddability and amount of refactoring, it would be a no-no
  11. Stun indeed doesn't require authentication, but lobby games do IIRC.
  12. Because for most people it's too complicated Also you can't use Stun without the lobby IIRC.
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