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Community Answers

  1. Map format was changed between A24 and A25 you need to convert your map.
  2. Hey thanks a lot for the donation Get in touch with @Lopess @Trinketos for precolumbian. For the other mod aristeia about ancient civilization I don't know if anyone is currently working on it. @Zophim changed the way it should be a lot and I think people got lost/frustrated.
  3. user1 is the last person. Dunedan was supposed to be a new one but I never managed to get him enough rights to make a change.
  4. You only give your IP when joining a match, because you need to connect to the host computer. In A23B you would give it when joining the lobby.
  5. Well sure but if no one works on it that means you'll never have A27. I believe there is even a100$ bounty on that feature.
  6. All my attempts to increase or change the lobby management have failed so far. But I keep on trying.
  7. Hey, what OS are you on? From the date of the build I suspect linux. You might have something to do to make OpenAL use Pulse Audio or Jack or something
  8. Don't you really have much on your plate? Also it's a 800 MB mess with files all over...
  9. I actually now have all the assets just didn't find the time to put them back together
  10. I must say I'm really fond of it. The width of the logo border seems smaller than the other border. You might also make the top square extend to the top instead of a closed box.
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