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  1. It sounds nice, but that's a lot of extra work for me...
  2. I feel like we lack the visual tooling to do that. It's mostly text editing outside of Atlas. And even there for triggers and stuff.
  3. Well yeah and that would work, but @vladislavbelov said it should only be grayscale in the game, and instead the shader should get the diffuse color to do the computation. Indeed. @Alexandermb used baking extensively. For baking reflective material it's usually nice to use an HDRI. setting color to environement texture. Mmmh it should be under actors(all); to be under entities you should add a template. If it's not maybe you didn't load your mod.
  4. Still using the civ.json file for AI Names, which haven't been updated accordingly it seems.
  5. Don't think it has ever had one. Inverted roughness should work IIRC. Probably leftover or confusion between diffuse and albedo.
  6. So some kind of a mod trailer? For all mods at once?
  7. That's because newer pipelines use PBR. So they have roughness and metallic or roughness and glossiness and no longer specular. Changing this would require redoing all the textures. But it might happen someday. Diffuse would become an albedo, and we'd need to get rid of all the light information Optimization. Instead of having one diffuse, spec and normal texture per model, you have one per civ. And not all of them have AO.
  8. You can't, what if the mods edits the lobby page ^^"
  9. Performance would be a concern. If many of those fancy units are moving around, you're going to hit some frame drops. Depends on the mesh polycount Note that those models aren't rigged, so you'll have to find a way to use our rig, or you will have to redo every animation. License. Those are not open source.
  10. Sounds like a bug @wraitii @Freagarach @Langbart
  11. I think so yes. @wraitii Template hotloading would be nice yeah. The problem is you have to rebuild the whole virtual file system respecting the order of the mods, and whatever the JS code might be doing.
  12. You just ask me and we migrate your repo there Some people just like their independance so I don't force them to go on 0 A.D. mods under the council of modders. which I guess isn't really a thing anymore.
  13. Oh right missed a step. You need two UVs, one for diffuse, normal and spec which you obviously used here, and one for AO. That's the image window I was talking about. Also known as image editor, and uv editor (Shift + F10) (You can switch from one another by pressing Shift F10 another time) So you need to add another UV map. Then you need to select it and mark it as active Then bake again. Important: You need to regenerate that AOMap uvmap, every single time you add or remove faces from the building. Using the smart uv project tool works file, but sometimes you need some manual edit. e.g Versus The second one is better because it maximises the texture space usage. Margins are important because of mipmaps.
  14. Yes. https://github.com/0ADMods Mods should be packaged sadly, some Linux users compile the game without NVTT so they cannot put textures in cache for instance. I'm not sure, but you can probably access mod.io from the lobby with some GUI modding (ping @rossenburg) Do note you still have to accept terms and whatnot. I see it as follows, you try to join a game you don't have the mods, it prompts you to open the mod selection, you download the mod there, restart the game and join the lobby again. We sadly have to restart the game to add new mods, files or whatever.
  15. I mean I keep promoting mods I keep retweeting when people tag me, we have mod.io and moddb, I talk about mods at events, I even showed @maroder 's new UI at the Japan Tours Festival. My issue right now is I'm maintaining too many of them. Warcraft Themed one, starcraft, wwII, american civil war, MLP etc...
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