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  1. Sorry for the mistake In the film's opening credits, it should be "gifts" and not "presents" ...
  2. Yeah, ithink so, but how to fit the UV map to the grid? This is what i doesn't understand. On the following example the Model is correct painted, but the UV map is totally out of the grid. it seems to me that this is and scaling problem or some other wrong setting.
  3. What is the correct way in this case to do that?
  4. I'm not sure whether or not you mean this: Ich habe die *.fbx datei dieses Models in blender importiert, dann nach Material getrennt. Ist dies die UV-Map die Du meinst? Ich habe auf dem Bild alles markiert und nicht die einzelnen Objecte.
  5. Hi experts, another problem: i seperate the model by materials, export each as *.dae and create related actors. All textures doesn't match the models. There are for each actor base, norm and spec maps. Can you tell me what's going wrong? Thank you in advance for your efforts.
  6. And finally, in the actor file, adding them as prop with attachpoint "root"?
  7. Do you mean, export every piece as *.dae?
  8. So what have i to do in the "cottage" example above?
  9. Hi, thank you for the quick reply. All the things you say, i've done dozen times. Please, can you take a look at the files i've added? Please, just import the "cottage.obj" into blender, export as *.dae and attach the *.dae temporarly to an simple actor of the Main-Game and try to show him in Atlas. Thank's again in advance for your efforts.
  10. Hi all you experts, since a few days i started learning the use of Blender to create models. For that i'm downloading several 3D-Models and tried to make actors for the game. In Blender i import the *.fbx, *.obj or *.dae files and export them as *.dae. There are game-ready models or models with according UV-Maps and so on. For some created actors there is no need of uv-maps, so they became the <material>objectcolor<material>, others with "spec", "AO" or "norm" Maps became the other available materials. In only the half i got a more or less acceptable result:
  11. Sorry for the long, black end. I didn't see this before ...
  12. With revision 122 stan made several changes: Most likely i would make a pull-request, but if you don't see, what's wrong and if you don't get errors, there is no need for that, then only i have this problem.
  13. Although i was sure about the reason for these "smoking cc's" i've disabled all mods and got a clean "han_china_mod". The result still is the same as described: han_dust_civic_centre.mp4 After changing "civil_centre.xml" to this: and "cicil_centre_no_towers.xml" to this: all things are as they should - no dust.
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