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  1. Thank you for the quick fix. There is still another error: the "Dipomacy" button throws an error, even on a new game or a saved game. I've attached the log file. Pyrogenesis Log.htm
  2. Hi phosit, with this fix P27722 it's the same - same errors as in the first post. When i detect this error (or others) after an SVN-Update, i have a strategy to find out which fix causes the error: i use the contextmenu of "TortoiseSVN - Update to revision...", update (in my cases it's downgrade) to the next smaller revision, clear the game cache, start a new game and look for errors. This way after dozens "Update to revision...." the error disappears after "downgrade" to revision 27721!
  3. Since SVN-Revision 27722 (Pull Diplomacy out of cmpPlayer) you can't load a saved game. interestinglog.html mainlog.html savegame-0001.0adsave metadata.json commands.txt
  4. I've send an email to Stan to ask him about licensing. When he gives me an ok, i'll upload the mod ...
  5. Hi, first video in 2022 ... By watching it you'll noticed many errors at models, but i'll solve them ...
  6. First you have to click on the "Move/Rotate Object" Button in the top-toolbar, then, for actors, you have do select them with the "Alt-Key" and mouse, then you can delete them with the "Delete-Key"... You can select actors with "Alt" and Click" or "Alt" and Doubleclick to select all of the same actors or "Alt" and draw a box with the mouse around all actors you want to select. Maybe this helps ...
  7. All the best also from germany @av93
  8. Indeed, it seems to be solved ... Thank you @Freagarach
  9. After a while, the "athener" have build 13 siege-rams ...
  10. Hi, i've started a new game (the same as above) after applying D4184 and it seems to be ok with siege-ram and elephants. The max count i've noticed is 9 siege-rams from the "iberer" and only a few elephants. And, for the first time as long i play 0ad, i've seen that a faction ("kushites") build "siege-tower"! Never before i've seen this. Warships are still produced tons.
  11. I've noticed, that the game is ignoring the >Limits>settings in the "player.js" and/or in the "player_{civ}.js files. As a temporary workaround for me i wanted to limit the ships. <Ship>1</Ship> <Warship>1</Warship> <Bireme>1</Bireme> <Quinquereme>1</Quinquereme> <Trireme>1</Trireme> <Dock>0</Dock> But the Ai ignored this settings. For testing i've limit the dock to zero, and no faction build a dock anymore. Maybe the Entities (Ship, Warship etc.) aren't correct named by me?
  12. Revert the game back to 25583 and apply rP25600 it works well, no tons of warships ... All very hard and aggressive
  13. Running the game with version 25599: many warships. The same when running the game with version 25600. Maybe i should revert again to 25583 and then apply only the patch 25600?
  14. Maybe or maybe not: after reload the game again, it run over 1 hour without a crash. Then it crashes again by the try to save it again. the attached files are always the same game: savegame-0144.0adsave,savegame-0145.0adsave,savegame-0146.0adsave P.S: the mapsize isn't "giant", but "Sehr groß"
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